Soulja Boy Refuses To Share His Condolences For Young Dolph After His Death

In the days prior to Young Dolph’s tragic death following a shooting at a Memphis bakery, Soulja Boy sparked a beef with him, calling into question Dolph’s independence as a rapper. Soulja also claimed that Dolph was lying about making $100,000 per concert. Soulja took things further still, claiming that artists on Dolph’s Paper Route Empire messaged him in defense of Dolph. “Young Dolph if you don’t get your b*tch-ass artists out my motherf*ckin’ DMs, n****,” he said. “F*ck Paper Route, f*ck Key Glock, f*ck Young Dolph, f*ck all y’all n****s.” Now, Soulja is refusing to share condolences for Dolph despite his unfortunate death.

“Let it would have been me,” Soulja said during an Instagram Live session on Friday, according to XXL. “It would have been a whole bunch of, ‘Ha ha ha, Soulja Boy should have kept his mouth shut. He should have…’” He continued, “Let it woulda been me, n****,” he continued. “N****s would have been laughing like a muthaf*cker. ‘Soulja Boy thought he was tough.’”

Soulja also responded to the recent decision to have him removed from two shows on the Millenium Tour after Dolph’s death. “Y’all muthaf*ckers done got me took off the Memphis show like Young Dolph dying got something to do with me,” Soulja said. “What the f*ck Young Dolph dying got to do with me? That’s what the f*ck I’m trying to figure out.”

Soulja recently sampled the theme song for Squid Game for a recent track of his.

Soulja Boy Will Not Perform At Two Shows On ‘The Millennium Tour’ As A Result Of Young Dolph’s Death

Last month, the long-awaited Millennium Tour kicked off in Los Angeles. The string of shows brought some of the most popular singers and rappers of the 2000s to one big stage. Some of the acts include Bow Wow, Omarion, Ashanti, Pretty Ricky, the Ying Yang Twins, Soulja Boy, and more. With just a week and three shows remaining, Soulja Boy will have to sit out two performances after the promotion company behind the tour decided to remove him from them as a precaution following Young Dolph’s death. The announcement was made through a post the company shared on Instagram.

“In response to the tragic shooting death of rap artist Young Dolph, The Millennium Tour 2021 Tour promoter, G-Squared Events, has determined that rapper Soulja Boy will not perform during this weekend’s tour stops in St. Louis, Missouri, and Memphis, Tennessee,” G-Squared Events wrote in their Instagram post. “To preserve the safety of The Millennium Tour 2021 artists and patrons, tour representatives are exercising caution and want to make a smart decision to be safe.”

A message from a representative at the company was also included in the post. “The safety and welfare of our patrons are the first and foremost priority,” they wrote. “We pride ourselves on bringing high-quality concert experiences to our patrons. In times like this, we will stop at nothing to ensure that everyone that participates in these experiences is healthy, safe, and quite frankly having a good time.”

You can read the full message from the company in the post above.

Soulja Boy’s ‘Squid Game’ Borrows The Show’s Eerie Theme Music

Squid Game is still one of the most talked-about shows in Netflix’s history (behind the controversial Chappelle special The Closer this week as the toxic fallout continues to settle across social media). Ever the opportunist, meme-making rapper Soulja Boy couldn’t help but capitalize on the show’s popularity, sampling its eerie theme music for a new single that turns its harrowing children’s game theme into fodder for another of Soulja’s call-and-response dance hooks. As he chants, “Red light, green light,” the haunting choral vocals offer a spine-tingling counterpoint to the hip-rocking 808s.

Soulja’s never one to miss an opportunity for a viral moment, as he recently spent a week trolling Kanye West after being left off the rapper’s new album Donda. In addition to bringing up Kim Kardashian-West, Kanye’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Soulja Boy also demanded an apology on behalf of Taylor Swift, which suggests that he might not be experiencing time the same way the rest of us do. Soulja’s also no stranger to controversy himself; in July, Soulja was ordered to stay away from a former assistant who sued him in January claiming sexual assault, sexual battery, and false imprisonment during her time working for him. Meanwhile, in a separate lawsuit, Soulja Boy was accused by an ex-girlfriend of domestic abuse and sexual battery as well.