D.L. Hughley Hits Back At Mo’Nique Again: “Now I Know What Tyler Perry Knows”

The ongoing spat between D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique caused mayhem over the weekend as social media users refreshed their timelines to get the latest. As the story goes, the two comedy icons were performing together in Detroit but it seems as if there was some sort of dispute over who was headlining the show. A clip of Mo’Nique taking to the stage to berate Hughley went viral, and he responded by questioning why she had a problem with him if she was upset over her contract.

As they both pulled their receipts to prove their sides of the story, Hughley quelled discussions after showing his contract was issued the day after Mo’Nique signed hers. He also called her out for showing the contract from her company and not the final one from the promoters. 

DL Hughley
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The fight itself was a disappointing look altogether, especially considering that Mo’Nique recently reportedly landed a new gig on one of 50 Cent’s shows. For years, Mo-Nique has claimed that she was blackballed from the industry, but this recent back and forth showed Hughley refuting that she is the person making things difficult.

He went on to elaborate his point on his radio show where he questioned Mo’Nique’s methods. Hughley said that he’s worked hard to get to the place he’s at—a place where he gets to dictate who he works with and where he works. He said that he has been offered several gigs to work with Mo’Nique around the country over the years, but he “turned them down.”

“I didn’t think it would work,” revealed Hughley. After several people convinced him that “things were different” now, Hughley said that because Mo’Nique has never done anything to him, it would be wrong of him not to “give [her] a chance.”

“Now I know what Tyler Perry knows, I know what Lee Daniels knows, I know what Oprah knows, I know what Steve Harvey knows, I know what Charlamagne Tha God knows, I know what Netflix knows,” he added as he listed all of those who have had issues with Mo’Nique. “Saying yes to Mo’Nique is an occupational hazard.” He shared his side of the story, saying that Mo’Nique was late while suggesting that she wanted to headline so she thought that the show would go on without her and she could jump on at the end.

“She hasn’t once talked to me. I haven’t seen Mo’Nique in years. I didn’t see her at the venue before, after, or during—I haven’t spoken or seen Mo’Nique,” said Hughley. He asked why, if Mo’Nique was upset about a contractual dispute, she got on stage to speak about him, his wife, Steve Harvey, his family’s support dog, and more. 

Hughley also broke down what he sees as Mo’Nique’s faults and why he claims she’s standing in her own way. Check it out below.

Diddy’s “Friend” Gina Huynh Wants Him To “Live His Truth”

He’s been spreading his message of “Love” far and wide, but Sean “Diddy” Combs got himself entangled in a bit of drama following the Billboard Music Awards. After hosting the coveted music ceremony, Diddy’s ladies—Gina Huynh and Yung Miami—went back and forth in a social media spat over the Bad Boy icon. Yung Miami and Diddy have reportedly been dating since last year, while Huynh’s relationship with Combs goes back much farther.

The scathing posts were slung from one platform to another, but in a more recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, Huynh clarifies—well, sort of?—the relationship dynamic between her and Combs. “He’s just a really good longtime friend of mine,” she said. “Nothing more, nothing less.

“Like, I just want him to be happy. I want him to live his truth, whatever that means to him. I don’t want to control him, I’m not like, a controlling person. I truly want him to be happy.”

After a long pause where “Honestly, I’ve been with him for a very long time, but it was never like, set in stone. Sometimes I felt like it and sometimes I didn’t, but at the end of the day, I really value the friendship that him and I have and that’s the most important thing to us. I don’t really care to be his girlfriend or anything like, it’s just the friendship aspect of…you know.”

“‘Cause like, he did bless me in a lot of ways and I’m always gonna be forever grateful and respect him.”

Check out the clip below.

The Game Dances On TikTok & The Internet Swiftly Reacted

Just when you thought you’d seen just about all you could on TikTok, The Game has entered the chat. We’re in full-fledged rollout season for the Los Angeles rapper who recently announced that his new album is on the way. In just over two weeks, Game will deliver Drillmatic– Mind Vs. Heart, his first project since 2019. This comes not long after Game’s impressive “Eazy” collaboration with Kanye West and it is expected for fans to see much more from him in the days to come as he promotes his forthcoming Hit-Boy-produced effort.

However, it came as a bit of a surprise when TikTok users opened the app to find The Game doing a little dance to a remixed version of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “One More Chance.”

The Game
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

In his TikTok video, the rap icon was wearing his red bandana fit while standing outside of a residence. The clip isn’t very long, but in it, a smiling Game shows off some simple TikTok moves—and his kids may have something to say about it, judging from his caption.

“My daughter told me stay off tik tok…” he wrote along with the video that has gained hundreds of thousands of likes, shares, and mentions across social media. The reactions have gone from chastising to downright roasting Game, but it all has focused attention on the rapper during a season when he wants all eyes on him.

Check out The Game showing off his moves along with a few reactions below. 

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Bruno Mars Pranks Anderson .Paak By Wearing His Silk Sonic Wig During Vegas Show

The dynamic duo has been amassing success since their inception and Silk Sonic doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Audiences in Las Vegas have been shelling out cash for tickets to Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s Sin City shows and this leg of performances ended over the weekend. Mars and Paak joined together to create Silk Sonic as an ode to that 1970s Soul-Funk era, even donning new personas that often playfully fight each other for their moment in the spotlight.

The two award-winning singers wanted to go out with a bang and things took a hilarious turn when Bruno Mars decided to pull a prank that required Anderson .Paak to keep himself together.

Silk Sonic
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff / Getty I mages

Mars shared a clip of Silk Sonic’s performance where .Paak was onstage singing his heart out before Mars rejoins him. .Paak is known for his Silk Sonic wig—or that Ike Turner-inspired mushroom hair—but he wasn’t the only one wearing it that day. Mars strutted back onto the stage to sing his portion of “Leave the Door Open” while rocking .Paak’s wig and matching his co-star’s look. 

It was clear that .Paak wanted to laugh but had to keep things going—and Mars enjoyed every minute. “Had to prank my brother @anderson._paak last night to end this run with a Bayang! #notthebayang Hope to see y’all in August. #LetSilkSonicThrive [stars emoji],” Mars wrote in the caption of his post.

Check out every hair flip below.

Soulja Boy Complains OGs Aren’t “Kickin’ Back Knowledge” To Younger Generation

The discourse involving the divide between generations of Hip Hop artists has a new voice as Soulja Boy weighs in. The “I did it first” rapper has often stolen attention for his controversial comments and internet beefs, and his decades-long career is riddled with plenty of examples. We’ve seen Soulja Boy criticize artists who came before him and helped pave the way, but like others, he hasn’t accepted the disapproving remarks from OGs about the younger generations of rappers.

During a recent Instagram Livestream, Soulja blamed elder generations of Hip Hop for not taking the time to educate those who followed in their footsteps. “Don’t get it f*cked up, you gotta work hard, you know what I’m saying? I feel like in a way, the motherf*ckin’ game failed us because they not kickin’ back enough knowledge to the young n*ggas.”

Soulja Boy
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“They not telling the young n*ggas how to get no money, y’all not tellin’ the young n*ggas how to go out and run up some bands. That’s why my young n*ggas out here going crazy, airing sh*t out, spinning sh*t. ‘Cause I feel like, they failed us in a way, like, all the OGs, y’all supposed to be kickin’ knowledge. Y’all supposed to be kickin’ game to the young n*ggas so they really runnin’ up a bankroll.

“And that’s the problem! I’m trying to tell you, bro, like, n*ggas look back and be like, ‘Where did this n*gga go wrong‘ or ‘What happened?’ I’m like, y’all not kicking back no knowledge to the young n*ggas.”

It’s a controversial take that has caused a debate, but let us know if you agree or disagree with Soulja on this one. Check out the clip of his Livestream below.

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Saucy Santana Teases Twerk-Worthy, Beyoncé-Sampling Summer Anthem, “Booty”

Summer has yet to officially begin, but Saucy Santana’s fans are under the impression that his upcoming single – which he teased on social media earlier today – will become the song of the season in no time. On Tuesday, May 31st, the “Material Girl” hitmaker gave us a taste of “Booty,” a twerk-worthy anthem that includes a sample of Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love.”

Queen B is not one to give samples lightly (remember when she made Fivio Foreign rework “What’s My Name” until she felt it was respectful enough to clear the Destiny’s Child sample of “Say My Name” for his B.I.B.L.E album?), but Santana’s sticky sound must’ve been enough to convince her to give him permission.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

On top of that, the former City Girls makeup artist also teased that someone’s going to be featured with him on the track, and as Uproxx notes, he’s reached a calibre where we might be able to expect a pretty big name to come through – though some are still skeptical.

“I want Nicki [Minaj] but it’s probably Light Skin Keisha or something,” one user wrote. “I need @MissyElliot on this remix the way she remixed ‘Crazy In Love,'” someone else added.


NEW MUSIC ALERT!!!!! FT. ?????

♬ Saucy Santana – New Music – Saucy Santana

Elliot saw the post, and even replied with, “Whoa, lol this a real throwback. And love Saucy,” giving the rising star his flowers.

Other hopeful names tossed around included Megan Thee Stallion, Chloe Bailey, JT, and Yung Miami – check it all out below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more hip-hop news updates.