The Game Pens Heartwarming Note On Son Harlem’s BDay, Name Was Inspired By Jim Jones

Another trip around the sun is being celebrated and The Game is once again sharing the pride he has in his children. The Los Angeles rapper hasn’t been shy about uploading videos and photos of his kids, and right before the world’s eyes, those tiny tots are now in their teens. Today (June 30), Game and his loved ones are shining a light on Harlem Taylor, the rapper’s son, as he is ringing in his 19th birthday in style.

To help celebrate, Game penned a lengthy message on Instagram where he detailed what it was like learning that he was about to become a father. “Took me hours to stop [Aleska] from crying by telling her everything was going to be fine & that I had her,” he said. “Honestly, I didn’t even know if I could keep that promise but I made it anyway.”

Harlem’s mother, Aleska, was concerned about how they would make ends meet, and Game said he assured her that “by the time [Harlem is] born, I’m going to be a rapper with millions.”

“I hit the streets, recorded my demo, slept in my car on melrose, passed out my cd’s & did everything I could to get signed & it paid off because by the time June 30th, 2003 came… I had a multi-million dollar record deal with Aftermath/Interscope,” Game revealed. “Happy Birthday son (@harlemtaylorr) you were & always will be the motivation I needed to alter my lifestyle & become something better than I ever was before your birth. Thank you.”

Game also shared that Harlem icon Jim Jones was the inspiration behind his son’s name choice.

“That’s the 1st place @jimjonescapo took me my 1st time in New York when I landed at JFK. You are the best son, person, older brother that I @calidreamofficial & @kingjusticetaylor could ever ask for. Thank you for letting me teach you the way & also for becoming all that I raised you to be. You are my best friend, my world & an absolute better version of me.”

Happy Birthday to Harlem! Check out The Game’s post below.

Halle Bailey Hugs Oprah Winfrey On “The Color Purple” Set: “That’s A Wrap”

As her sister etches out a successful solo career in music, Hally Bailey has been hard at work, herself. We have watched on as Chlöe prepares for the anticipated release of her solo debut LP, and with each new release, her sister Halle has been her biggest cheerleader. However, that doesn’t mean that Halle hasn’t been putting in work of her own, as she has completed filming The Little Mermaid and now, The Color Purple

Her role as Ariel in the live-action Disney classic stirred up dust, but her addition to the updated musical adaptation of Alice Walker’s famed classic isn’t expected to cause controversy.

Halle Bailey
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

Over on Instagram, Halle shared a few photos and videos of her time on set, giving her followers a sneak peek at what it was like behind the scenes—including posing for a photo alongside Oprah Winfrey. The media mogul starred in the 1980s iconic film The Color Purple in one of her earliest acting roles as Miss Sofia.

“And that’s a wrap for me on the color purple,” Halle wrote in the caption. “I’m so very grateful to have had this experience, my second major motion picture complete in the last year and a half God is so good  here’s a few of my fav moments without showing too much.”

According to Entertainment Weekly:

“Quincy Jones and Scott Sanders are also producing the Warner Bros. production alongside executive producers Alice Walker, Rebecca Walker, Mara Jacobs, Carla Gardini, Kristie Macosko Krieger, and Adam Fell.”

Check out a few highlights from Halle Bailey below.


Mandy Moore Cancels The Rest Of Her 2022 Tour Dates Due To Her Pregnancy

Towards the end of 2019, Mandy Moore announced that she would hit the road for her first tour in over a decade. The string of performances would follow the release of her sixth album Silver Landings, which arrived in 2020 as her first project since 2009. Unfortunately, thanks to the COVID pandemic, Moore was forced to cancel that 2020 tour. Fast-forward to this year, and Moore is just a little over a month removed from dropping her seventh album In Real Life. Just like Silver Landings, that project was set to be followed by a North American tour, and while it got underway earlier this month, Moore was once again forced to cancel a collection of dates.

Moore announced that the rest of her 2022 tour dates, which is 14 dates in total, were canceled and it’s for a good reason. She recently announced that she is expecting her second son with Dawes lead vocalist Taylor Goldsmith, and it’s this pregnancy that’s made it very difficult to continue touring, as she explained in a new statement. “Friends, It is with a heavy heart and much consideration that I have to let you all know that I am cancelling my remaining show dates in 2022,” she wrote on Instagram. “It has been an honor and an absolute dream to return to the stage again this past month, performing for all of you.”

She continued, “When we booked these shows, I wasn’t pregnant and although I truly thought I could power through, the way we are traveling (long hours on the bus and not getting proper rest) has caught up, taken its toll, and made it feel too challenging to proceed. I know that I have to put my family and my health (and the health of my baby) first and the best place for me to be right now is at home.”

Moore ended her message by thanking fans for their support and noted that “all tickets will be refunded at place of purchase.”

You can read Moore’s full message about the tour cancellation above.

Michael Jackson’s Nephew TJ Hints At Family Possibly Producing MJ Biopic

We may be receiving another film about the King of Pop but this time, his family plans on being more actively involved. Michael Jackson’s legacy in entertainment and beyond is unmatched, and while there are several debates regarding other artists being more talented than the late icon, no one will ever fill his shoes. Still, there are some who believe that Jackson’s legacy depreciated due to his child sex abuse scandal.

Singer TJ Jackson, son of Tito Jackson and Michael’s nephew, recently told the Daily Mirror that a biopic about the King of Pop may arrive. It is hoped that in this film, the world will have an alternate view of the singer.

In recent years, the Leaving Neverland documentary stirred up controversy after two men alleged that the superstar singer abused them at his home when they were children. Although they have been confronted over incorrect timelines, both men insist that they are telling the truth. Unsurprisingly, the docuseries didn’t sit well with the Jackson family and they hope that their film project will cast a new light.

“I think it’s awful, to be honest. I think it’s very sad,” said TJ. “I think it’s in a way disgusting because what sells in this world is negativity. People like to gossip, people like scandals. My uncle is not here to defend himself, so he’s an easy target. He was always an easy target, because he was always quiet.

“But now that he’s no longer with us, there couldn’t be an easier target. Everyone knows who Michael Jackson is. So it’s an easy story to sell. But I truly believe truth always wins out.” However, any film that the Jackson family would share wouldn’t be hyperfocused on any scandals, but on Michael Jackson’s life.

“The importance my family had in Black culture first, Black people, and allowing people of all nationalities to idolize a Black family or Black figures is something I think gets lost,” TJ added. “To become, you know, sex symbols for our huge band and number one in the early ’70s as Black kids is an incredible accomplishment. That story needs to be amplified in my opinion. So, I think there will be a Jackson story, a biopic.” 


Chuck D Defends “Jeopardy” Contestant Who Got Public Enemy Answer Wrong

Hip Hop has once again made its way to the Jeopardy stage, and a contestant has found herself on the receiving end of jibes for not knowing the correct answer. Jeopardy has always allotted space for Hip Hop facts and more often than not, contestants get the answers correct. The long-standing trivia-centered series has been a staple in homes of all backgrounds, but seeing Hip Hop highlighted is a treat for the culture.

On a recent episode, a category of “Chuck D” was featured, and it hosted questions about notable figures including Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, and of course, Public Enemy icon Chuck D.

Chuck D
Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images

The hint was: “In the 1980s Chuck D began fighting the power in this Hip-Hop group with Flavor Flav, a man who always knew what time it was.” While this answer may seem simple to most, the contestant responded, “The Funky Bunch.” This, of course, was the name of the crew with Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg back in the actor’s rapping days.

A Public Enemy fan took to Twitter to disparage the woman for giving the incorrect answer, but the Rap icon was quick to react in her defense.

“Everybody don’t know everything… it’s why I introduce myself wherever I go and whoever I talk to,” he wrote. “It’s just courtesy. But the sad thing is not knowing those other Chuck Ds.” Another fan added that if this was a Jeopardy hint about a more recent Pop artist, they wouldn’t know that answer, either.

Check out the Jeopardy moment, and Chuck D’s response, below. 

Filmmaker Randall Emmett Accused Of Offering Jobs To Actresses For Sexual Favors: Report

Another filmmaker has found himself at the center of a scandal, but Randall Emmett insists that the allegations against him are false. If his name sounds familiar, it might be because of his messy custody battle with his exfiancée, Vanderpump Rules reality star Lala Kent, or it could be because he was once facing off in a vicious social media spat with 50 Cent. Emmett became Fif’s target after Kent tried going to verbal war with the Rap mogul, and soon, Fif came calling for debts after drawing a line in the sand.

However, that controversy is the least of Emmett’s worries. This week, The Los Angeles Times published an explosive exposé with claims that Emmett used his position as a film producer to coerce and manipulate actresses.

Lala Kent, Randall Emmett
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

The L.A. Times reportedly spoke with several sources, poured over court documents, and reviewed multiple allegations against Emmett. He is said to be under a mound of debt and is facing a number of lawsuits. Of the accusations set against him, Emmett would allegedly promise to hire actresses for roles in his films in exchange for sexual favors. It was also suggested that Emmett made shady business moves.

Following the article’s release, Emmett reportedly responded to the controversy via Page Six. His spokesperson stated that “this stems from one allegation dating back from 2012 that Randall denies,” adding that this is all a part of some smear campaign launched by Kent.

“Lala Kent has lied and manipulated others in her desperate attempt to win full custody of her daughter, keep her name in the press and remain relevant in reality television.”