T.I.’s Son King Speaks Out After His Recent Arrest

T.I. has transformed from a Rubber Band man to beloved TV father and actor right before our eyes. On his hit VH1 show, Family Hustle, we watched the self proclaimed King of the South school his children on the game of life and how to play. Over the Summer, he came to his 18-year old son King Harris’ defense after the teen got into an altercation with a Waffle House employee. “We were perplexed by his necessity to go back and forth with a short order cook,” Tip said. 

Just two months later, King found himself in trouble once again. This time around, the young reality star ended up behind bars. No word why King was arrested. However, according to the video he posted after his release, a young lady in the vehicle with him received a violation for not wearing a seatbelt, while King stated he “got four.” Tip and Tiny’s son also had a message for folks claiming that he’s “trying to be gangsta.”

“Everybody that’s say n**** tryna be gangsta. I ain’t ask for the police to pull me over, y’all b**** a*** n****,” he shared. In a follow-up photo posted to his story, King gave the middle finger while sharing, “I’m bacc. F*** 12!! A lil minor set bacc fa a major come bacc.” T.I. has yet to speak out about the arrest, but fans of the Harris family sure had something to say. “You’re PRIVILEGED bro chill, it’s nothing wrong with that,” one commenter wrote. 

More details to come. 

Burna Boy Shades Jack Harlow Over VMA Wins

Jack Harlow’s big night at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards ruffled the feathers of viewers and artists alike. After taking home four moon men, and winning the fan favorite Song of the Summer Award over Beyonce and BTS, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts. “A white man winning over Beyonce, BTS and Doja, VMAs be serious,” one fan wrote. The uproar from Harlow’s wins didn’t only come from viewers. The “First Class” rapper’s industry peers also seem to feel slighted by his winning streak on Sunday.

Burna Boy, who usually stays out of media drama, took to TikTok to share a video of a parade of people singing his hit song “Last Last,” at the top of their lungs. Aside from the touching video, it was the Nigerian singer’s caption that made fans assume he was shading Harlow. “Wow so many heartbroken people #LastLast #Songofthesummer,” he wrote, adding, “When #MTV Says Jack Harlow Had The Song of the Summer [yawn emoji].”

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“Last Last” is Burna Boy’s first song to make the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo or lead artist. It’s also his highest charting song, sitting at number one on the Billboard US Afrobeats Songs chart for the eighth week. The vibrant track, which sample’s Toni Braxton‘s 2000 hit “He Wasn’t Man Enough” now holds the record of being the longest-running number one song in US Afrobeats chart history. Fans seem to side with Burna Boy’s views. One commenter shared, “Never have I got in da car and said yo throw on that new Jack Harlow but I did say put on last last I need debo and shaloy or w/e he say.”

Which song do you think should’ve taken home the moon man for Song of the Summer?

Steph Curry Gets His Own Graduation Ceremony At Davidson College

Congrats are in order for Steph Curry!

The four-time NBA Champion is no stranger to celebrating success. Months after taking home the trophy from the 2022 NBA Championship finals, Steph has earned another title that reminds folks of his greatness. On Wednesday, the Golden State Warrior returned to his alma mater Davidson College, where he was given a one-man graduation ceremony. Curry attended the North Carolina college from 2006 to 2009, the same year he was drafted to the National Basketball league. 

During his visit, the 34-year old star was also honored for his athletic achievements. As part of the ceremony, Davidson retired his no. 30 jersey, making Curry the first player to have their jersey retired at the school. The eight-time All Star spoke about his strong relationship with Davidson College in a video, sharing, “Davidson College is where it all started for me, and it no doubt prepared me for leadership and service. I’m forever grateful for the unwavering support from the entire Davidson community.”

Last Summer, Steph and wife Ayesha Curry launched the Curry Family Women’s Athletics Initiative at his alma mater, aimed at “helping close the inequity gap in women’s sports.” The father of three shared that the initiative hits home, adding, “The reason I am who I am today is also because of strong, powerful women that have poured into my life all these years. Now as the father of two girls, I want them to grow up without any boundaries on their futures.”

Check out moments from Steph Curry’s one-man graduation ceremony below.