Meek Mill Drops New EP “Heathenism”

Philly native Meek Mill has made a return to the hip-hop scene with his latest project, the five-track EP titled Heathenism. It was independently released via his Dreamchasers label. The EP, which arrived earlier today, showcases Meek’s signature gritty lyricism and relentless energy across a series of hard-hitting tracks. The project kicks off with “Came From The Bottom,” a motivational anthem that sets the tone for the EP with its triumphant message. Meek delivers rapid-fire verses over pulsating beats, demonstrating his prowess as one of rap’s most dynamic artists. The momentum continues with tracks like “Times Like This,” featuring a collaboration with Fivio Foreign, and “Whatever I Want,” where Meek flexes his lyrical prowess over infectious production.

Moreover, one of the standout moments on Heathenism comes with “Big Boy,” a piano-laced banger that showcases Meek’s introspective side as he reflects on his journey to success. Moreover, the EP concludes with the highly anticipated collaboration with Future, titled “Giving Chanel,” adding an extra layer of star power to the project. However, Meek’s return to the spotlight comes amidst controversy. Just yesterday, the rapper found himself embroiled in online conversations following allegations made in a lawsuit against Diddy.

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Furthermore, despite the distractions, Meek remains focused on his music, using Heathenism as a platform to reaffirm his status as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. In a series of tweets both before and after the EP’s release, Meek addressed the allegations head-on, vehemently denying any wrongdoing and expressing his frustration with the attempts to tarnish his reputation. Despite the challenges, Meek remains defiant, asserting his right to speak out against those who seek to undermine him.

‘Heathenism’ serves as a powerful reminder of Meek Mill’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity. With its hard-hitting beats, poignant lyrics, and star-studded features, the EP cements Meek’s status as one of hip-hop’s most compelling voices, proving once again that he cannot be silenced or sidelined. As the controversy swirls around him, Meek’s music speaks volumes, reaffirming his place at the forefront of the rap scene. What do you think of the project?


  1. Came From The Bottom
  2. Times Like This
  3. Whatever I Want
  4. Big Boy
  5. Giving Chanel

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Adam22 Says Drake’s Explicit Leak Was Blackmail, Down To Shoot With NLE Choppa

In a recent interview with TMZ Hip Hop, Adam22, the figure behind “No Jumper,” weighed in on the controversy surrounding Drake’s leaked explicit video. He discussed his own role as a judge of male anatomy in the hip-hop world. Adam22 wasted no time in expressing his confidence that the viral video allegedly featuring Drake was indeed authentic. According to him, he had seen similar images months prior, shared by a mutual friend. Despite speculation that the leak was a publicity stunt, Adam asserted that Drake personally denied any involvement. Citing it as inconsistent with the image of his brand, OVO.

Speculating on the motives behind the leak, Adam22 suggested that Drake may have been targeted for blackmail, with the video released as retribution for a failed extortion attempt. However, he emphasized that Drake need not feel ashamed, giving the rapper’s anatomy a commendable “8/10” rating, just shy of the perfect score many adult film stars receive. Amidst discussions about Drake’s situation, Adam22 also addressed his relationship with his wife, Lena The Plug, and recent interactions with rapper NLE Choppa. While Adam praised NLE’s physical attributes, he expressed disapproval of the rapper’s advances towards Lena, emphasizing that she is not an object to be passed around casually.

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Adam22 Speaks To TMZ

The interview shed light on Adam22’s unique position within the hip-hop community, where he not only comments on music and culture but also delves into personal and sometimes controversial topics. By defending Drake and sharing insights into his own experiences, Adam22 provided a glimpse into the complexities of fame, privacy, and personal relationships in the modern entertainment industry.

As the conversation continues to reverberate online, Adam22’s remarks serve as a reminder of the blurred lines between public persona and private life in the age of social media and celebrity culture. Ultimately, his outspoken commentary adds another layer to the ongoing dialogue surrounding fame, intimacy, and personal boundaries in the realm of hip-hop. What are your thoughts? Let us know on HNHH!

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Katt Williams Sparks Controversy With Candid Remarks On The Joe Rogan Experience

Renowned comedian Katt Williams recently made headlines with his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience. He engaged in candid discussions on a range of topics, from government control to Hollywood’s agenda. Host Joe Rogan didn’t shy away from asking blunt questions, leading to some eyebrow-raising moments during the three-hour-long interview. One of the standout moments occurred when Rogan brought up California’s ban on flavored vapes, citing it as an example of government overreach. Williams joined in, expressing disbelief at lawmakers prioritizing issues like flavored vapes over more pressing concerns. He highlighted the ban’s impact on menthol cigarettes, particularly noting its historical significance among African American smokers.

However, it was Williams’ comments on why Black people prefer menthol cigarettes that stirred controversy. When Rogan inquired about this preference, Williams attributed it to cultural factors, sparking debate and criticism from various quarters. The conversation didn’t stop there. Williams delved into discussions about Hollywood’s influence, alleging that the entertainment industry’s agenda extends beyond mere entertainment to spreading propaganda. He spoke about rituals in Hollywood, including actors being made to wear dresses, and even touched on what he termed as the “transgender will be popular movement,” characterizing it as a cultural trend rather than a genuine matter of identity.

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Katt Williams Speaks

Moreover, these remarks garnered mixed reactions, with some applauding Williams for his candor and willingness to address taboo subjects. Furthermore, others criticized him for perpetuating stereotypes and misinformation. Rogan’s response, “G***amn this weed is good,” highlighted the surreal nature of the conversation, blending serious topics with lighthearted banter. The interview underscores the power and pitfalls of free speech in the digital age. While platforms like The Joe Rogan Experience provide a forum for open dialogue, it also invites scrutiny and controversy when sensitive topics are broached without nuance or context.

As the discussion continues to reverberate across social media and beyond, it serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible discourse and the need for a deeper understanding of complex issues. While Williams’ outspokenness may have sparked discomfort and disagreement, it also prompts reflection on the intersection of culture, politics, and entertainment in today’s society.

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Lil Meech Breaks Silence On Big Meech’s Potential Early Prison Release

In a recent interview, Lil Meech, the son of notorious drug kingpin Big Meech, shed light on the rumors surrounding his father’s possible early release from prison. The conversation delved into the details surrounding Big Meech’s current situation. And the potential for him to return home sooner than expected. When questioned about the authenticity of the speculation regarding his father’s release, Lil Meech responded affirmatively. He disclosed that Big Meech had been transferred to a new prison facility located just three hours away from Miami. Describing the facility as a “low” security prison, Lil Meech explained that being in such an institution typically indicates an individual is nearing the end of their sentence and is on track for release.

Furthermore, Lil Meech provided insight into the programming his father is currently engaged in. Suggesting that it aligns with the timeline for potential release. According to him, based on the program’s duration, Big Meech could be eligible for release within the next nine to ten months. The news of Big Meech’s potential early release has sparked widespread interest and speculation within the hip-hop community and beyond. Big Meech rose to infamy as the leader of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). A drug trafficking organization that gained notoriety for its lavish lifestyle and criminal activities during the early 2000s.

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Lil Meech Provides Insight

Following a lengthy federal investigation, Big Meech was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2008 on charges related to drug trafficking, money laundering, and conspiracy. Since then, his story has captured the imagination of many. Inspiring songs, documentaries, and even a television series chronicling his rise and fall. For Lil Meech, the prospect of his father’s early release represents a glimmer of hope and anticipation after years of separation. Despite the circumstances surrounding Big Meech’s incarceration, the bond between father and son remains strong. Evident in Lil Meech’s willingness to discuss his father’s situation openly.

Moreover, as the countdown to Big Meech’s potential release begins, the hip-hop community eagerly awaits any further developments. For now, the confirmation from Lil Meech offers a ray of optimism amidst the uncertainty. Reigniting discussions about redemption, second chances, and the enduring legacy of the BMF saga.

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