Evan Peters Net Worth 2023: What Is The “AHS” Icon Worth?

St. Louis, Missouri, witnessed the birth of Evan Peters in 1987, a talent soon to grace our screens with unparalleled enthusiasm. Peters’s early days were marked by short films and commercials, modest beginnings for someone who’d become an eminent figure in the entertainment industry. His leap to stardom was as unexpected as it was meteoric. As years turned and roles multiplied, Peters’s prowess became increasingly evident, making him a staple in many coveted productions. By 2023, this dedication was not only mirrored in his list of credentials but was also reflected in a net worth standing at $4 million, as reported by Fresherslive.

Career Highlights & Accolades

evan peters
Evan Peters (Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images)

Evan Peters, for many, is synonymous with the anthology series American Horror Story. His multiple characters in the series, each distinct and demanding, showcased his adaptability and depth as an actor. But his oeuvre isn’t limited to horror. Peters’s portrayal of Quicksilver in the X-Men series earned him widespread acclaim, especially the memorable scene set to the tune of “Sweet Dreams.” His roles, though varied, consistently demonstrate a commitment to depth and nuance.

Personal Life & Highlights

evan peters
c, NOVEMBER 08: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) (L-R) Actor Evan Peters and host Nikki Novak at the Young Hollywood Studio. On November 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alyse Gilbert/Young Hollywood/Getty Images)

Away from the lens and scripts, Peters leads a life rich in experiences. His relationships, notably with co-stars, have often garnered media attention, a testament to the intrigue he commands. He’s also been candid about his struggles and triumphs, showing fans the man behind the many faces. An avid surfer, Peters often finds solace riding waves, a passion that’s been a constant amid the whirlwind of Hollywood.

Business Ventures & Philanthropy

evan peters
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 19: Evan Peters, winner of the Outstanding Supporting Actor. In A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie award for ‘Mare Of Easttown’. Poses in the press room during the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards at L.A. LIVE on September 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

While Peters’s primary domain remains acting, his footprints can be found in other avenues of the entertainment world. He’s also dabbled in production, contributing to projects in front of and behind the camera. Regarding philanthropy, Peters has lent his voice and resources to numerous causes. From mental health advocacy to supporting initiatives that cater to underprivileged children, his altruistic efforts underline a commitment to leveraging his platform for the greater good.

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Jessica Lange Net Worth 2023: What Is The “AHS” Icon Worth?

In the constellation of Hollywood stars, Jessica Lange gleams with a luminescence all her own. Born in Cloquet, Minnesota, in 1949, Lange’s early aspirations were distant from the bright lights of Tinseltown. Before embracing the allure of the silver screen, Lange traveled extensively, soaking in experiences that would later add depth to her on-screen personas. The 1976 classic King Kong catapulted her to international fame. It set the tone for a career steeped in excellence. As her roles diversified and her mastery over the craft became evident, Lange’s stature in the entertainment industry grew exponentially. By 2023, her illustrious career mirrored not only in accolades but also in a notable net worth, standing at $20 million, as reported by Fresherslive.

Career Highlights & Accolades

jessica lange
American actress Jessica Lange on the set of King Kong, directed by John Guillermin. (Photo by Dino De Laurentis Company/Paramount Pictures/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

To detail Lange’s career is to traverse a path of iconic performances. From her haunting portrayal in Frances to the intricate layers she brought to Tootsie, Lange showcased an enviable range. Her collaboration with the renowned TV series American Horror Story only solidified her prowess further. It won her acclaim from newer generations of viewers. Awards naturally followed her path. With two Academy Awards, three Emmys, and a Tony under her belt, Lange’s place in the pantheon of acting greats is indisputable.

Personal Life & Highlights

jessica lange
LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 25: Actress Jessica Lange poses in the press room during the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 25, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jeff Vespa/WireImage)

Off the screen, Lange’s life has been a tapestry of experiences. A mother of three, her relationships, particularly with famed playwright Sam Shepard, have often been the subject of media interest. A voracious reader and a skilled photographer, Lange’s artistic inclinations aren’t confined to acting alone. Her published photography works, including 50 Photographs and In Mexico, reveal a keen eye for detail and a deep sense of empathy.

Business Ventures & Philanthropy

jessica lange
HOLLYWOOD, CA – DECEMBER 07: (L-R) Actress Jessica Lange, writer Ryan Murphy and actress Susan Sarandon attend The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast in Los Angeles at Milk Studios on December 7, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter)

While acting remains her foremost passion, Lange’s ventures aren’t confined to the world of cinema. Her foray into photography revealed another facet of her creativity and ventured into the business realm with her published works. Philanthropically, Lange is a force to be reckoned with. Actively involved with the Children’s Health Fund, she’s championed the cause of providing healthcare to America’s disadvantaged children. Moreover, her efforts towards raising awareness about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo underline her commitment to global causes.

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Here Are The Musical Guests For ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ This Week

After 148 days, the Writers Guild Of America strike is over. The most immediate apparent change in light of that is this week’s return of late-night TV shows. That also means the return of late-night TV musical performances, so here are the artists taking the stage on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this week.

Louis Cato — Monday, October 2

Cato, who took over as The Late Show‘s bandleader after Jon Batiste’s departure in 2022, was a natural choice to perform on the show’s first night back. He delivered a rendition of “Reflections,” the title track from his latest album.

Boygenius — Tuesday, October 3

This performance is perfect timing for Boygenius: The trio (Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker) just announced their new EP The Rest and they’re playing at the Hollywood Bowl later this month.

Japanese Breakfast — Wednesday, October 4

Michelle Zauner became a literary star over the past couple years with her successful memoir Crying In H Mart. Her latest Japanese Breakfast album is 2021’s Jubilee, so a song from that feels likely for her Colbert performance.

Thursday, October 5

As of this post, there is currently no musical guest listed for the Thursday episode, per TV Guide.

Friday, October 6

As of this post, the guests for the Friday episode have yet to be announced, per TV Guide.

DaBaby Wants To Act Alongside 50 Cent Someday

Besides 50 Cent’s widely successful music career, he also is a great actor as well. The 48-year-old rap mogul has been a part of quite a few productions during his time in the TV and movie business. Recently, he played the role of Easy Day in the fourth installment of the Expendables film franchise. However, his most notable efforts have been on the silver screen. 50’s STARZ series Power received some solid praise from casuals and critics on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. That chapter closed but a few more have opened and DaBaby wants in on it.

After the final season of Power in 2020, the New York icon created some spin-offs since then. It gets a little confusing with the titles and the seasons, but he is continuing to develop more stories from it. There have been three new additions to the franchise. Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, and Power Book IV: Force have all been released in a short period of time. A new season of the third book will be premiering on December 1. Fellow NY rapper Joey Bada$$ has already played a character in the show, so why not DaBaby?

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Would 50 Cent And DaBaby Be Good Fit On TV?

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A post shared by The Neighborhood Talk (@theneighborhoodtalk)

In the IG post from theneighborhoodtalk, they reshare a clip from 50’s account hyping up fans for the new season of Book III. His acting is very cold-blooded and menacing and DaBaby saw the video. He proceeded to comment under it saying, “I gotta play a role on the screen wit you before it’s all over bruh.” He has never acted before, but, he has directed plenty of music videos in his career and it could be a cool moment. Fans are seemingly in agreement, with one saying, “Yes ! Da baby looks like he can play a tough role well ! He already theatrical & creative asf.”

What are your initial thoughts on DaBaby commenting under 50 Cent’s Instagram post that he wants to act with him? Do you think he could be a good actor? Are you excited for the upcoming release of 50’s new spin-off of Power? We want to hear what you have to say about all of this. With that in mind, be sure to leave all of your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest breaking news around DaBaby, 50 Cent, and the rest of the pop culture world.

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Malika Andrews Seeks Restraining Order Against Man Who Allegedly Targeted Other ESPN Employees

Malika Andrews is someone who has been having an amazing career over at ESPN. In just a few short years, she has been able to advance her standing within the company. Overall, she is the host of NBA Today and she also gives her talent to a myriad of other broadcasts. Unfortunately, she is someone who has taken a lot of heat over the last few years. This is due to the fact that she is not afraid to bring up the troubling pasts of certain players and coaches. Although some argue it is her job, others seem to find it offensive.

Recently, however, Andrews has been dealing with an incredibly scary situation. According to TMZ, she has a stalker who has been making threats on social media. The alleged perpetrator is Ahmed Abubakar from New Jersey. As she claims, Abubaker began sending her messages on Twitter which eventually became way too much. He was even messaging her on Instagram in a threatening fashion. Consequently, she wants a restraining order against the man.

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Malika Andrews Wants Protection

LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 13: Malika Andrews, ESPN sideline reporter, during the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers games at Crypto.com Arena on January 13, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

As TMZ also reported, Abubakar has a history of going after on-air personalities from ESPN. For instance, he was doing the same kinds of things with the likes of Stephen A. Smith and even Molly Qerim. Furthermore, he reportedly went to Qerim’s house in Connecticut, which goes to show what kind of person Andrews is dealing with. She is currently stationed in Los Angeles, and her hope is that she can get Abubakar out of her life, forever.

This is an incredibly scary story, and we hope Andrews is able to get the legal precedent she wants. Let us know what you think about all of this, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the sports world. We will always keep you informed.

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Mona Scott-Young Net Worth 2023: What Is The “Love & Hip Hop” Creator Worth?

In 1968, New York City, a metropolis known for its unstoppable energy, welcomed a new dynamo into its fold: Mona Scott-Young. Born amidst the chaos and creativity of the Big Apple, Mona was destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Growing up, she was exposed to the vibrant tapestry of cultures and NYC’s ever-evolving music scene. This environment also nurtured her passion for music and honed her business acumen. Mona was ready to challenge conventions and redefine paradigms when she stepped into the professional realm. As the timeline sprinted to 2023, Fresherslive shed light on a number that speaks volumes of her journey – an impressive net worth of $40 million.

Career Highlights & Accolades

mona scott-young
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 03: Ray J and Mona Scott Young arrives at LaTocha Scott-Bivens private listening session at Dragonfly Hollywood on March 03, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Andrew J Cunningham/Getty Images)

If one were to map the modern entertainment landscape, Mona Scott-Young’s influence would be impossible to overlook. Kicking off her illustrious journey, she co-founded Violator Management, an enterprise that guided the careers of numerous hip-hop luminaries. However, Mona wasn’t one to rest on her laurels. Identifying the audience’s pulse, she ventured into the realm of television, creating what would soon become a cultural touchstone: the Love & Hip Hop franchise. It wasn’t just another reality TV show but a mirror to the music industry, its triumphs, tribulations, drama, and heart. The show, spanning multiple cities and countless seasons, further solidified Mona’s position as a television titan.

Personal Life & Highlights

mona scott-young
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 23: Mona Scott Young attends The Prelude: An Evening With MC Lyte. Saluting Busta Rhymes, Big Daddy Kane, YoYo And Mona Scott Young”. In Honor Of The 50th Anniversary Of Hip Hop on June 23, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Andrew J Cunningham/Getty Images)

Beyond the glitz and glamor of the entertainment world, Mona Scott-Young’s life is rich. As a devoted wife and mother, she seamlessly blends the realms of home and work. Mona often draws inspiration from her personal experiences for her professional ventures. Her relationships with industry icons and her team are also a testament to her collaborative spirit and knack for fostering connections. Passionate about championing women’s causes, Mona has often used her platform to amplify voices that need to be heard, reinforcing her role as a media magnate and a beacon of empowerment.

Business Ventures & Philanthropy

mona scott-young
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 23: Mona Scott-Young and Fat Joe attend A Tribute To Chris Lighty at. Universal Hip Hop Museum on November 23, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Mona’s ventures span well beyond the corridors of music and television. With a keen entrepreneurial spirit, she’s ventured into consumer goods, fashion, and even beverages. She creates products that resonate with her vast audience. But more than a businesswoman, Mona is a philanthropist at heart. She’s established scholarships, supported grassroots organizations, and funded healthcare initiatives, channeling her success towards the betterment of communities. With every venture, be it for profit or altruism. Mona ensures her touch leaves a lasting impact.

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Joshua Jackson Net Worth 2023: What Is The Actor Worth?

Vancouver, 1978, marked the birth of Joshua Jackson, a talent destined to captivate audiences far and wide. Growing up, Joshua’s penchant for performance art was evident. His early foray into acting commenced with roles in local theaters and television projects. With every character portrayed, he showcased a depth that belied his years, setting the stage for a career in the limelight. As the pages of time turned to 2023, Joshua’s dedication and passion reflected not just in accolades and roles but in a remarkable net worth of $12 million, as indexed by Allfamousbirthday.

Career Highlights & Accolades

joshua jackson
The cast of “Dawson’s Creek.” (Season 3) Back row: James Van Der Beek. Middle row: Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Meredith Monroe and Kerr Smith. Front row: Katie Holmes. 2000 Columbia/TriStar International Television. A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company.

For many, Joshua Jackson is affectionately remembered as Pacey Witter from the hit TV series Dawson’s Creek. However, his repertoire is vast and varied. Films like The Mighty Ducks and series such as Fringe further attested to his versatility as an actor. Joshua left an indelible mark with each role, whether on the small screen or the silver one, earning respect from peers and love from audiences. Awards and nominations graced his mantle, but more than that, his body of work stands as a testament to his craft’s commitment.

Personal Life & Highlights

joshua jackson
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 13: (L-R) Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith attend the 27th Annual Critics Choice Awards. At Fairmont Century Plaza on March 13, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association)

Off the screen, Joshua Jackson’s life is filled with moments as intriguing as his roles. A global traveler, he often shares tales of his adventures, giving fans a glimpse into the man behind the characters. His relationships, particularly with actress Jodie Turner-Smith, have been in the limelight, painting a picture of love. However, in October 2023, the couple announced their plans to divorce. Further, advocacy also finds a place in Joshua’s heart, with him often championing causes close to his beliefs, furthering the narrative of an artist who is as profound off-screen as he is on it.

Business Ventures & Philanthropy

joshua jackson
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 24: Joshua Jackson attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Paramount +’s “Fatal Attraction” at SilverScreen Theater on April 24, 2023 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Beyond acting, Joshua’s pursuits echo his multifaceted interests. He’s ventured into production, ensuring that stories close to his heart reach audiences. His portfolio also features collaborations with brands and endorsements, showcasing his influence beyond cinematic realms. Philanthropy remains a cornerstone of his ethos. Joshua’s charitable initiatives, often aligned with his advocacy areas, ensure that he leverages his influence to make tangible impacts, adding another layer to his already impressive legacy.

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Chrisean Rock Praises Lil Baby After Blueface Calls Her Sister Tesehki “A Real One”

The pressure of being in the public eye combined with new motherhood has proven to be difficult for Chrisean Rock. Still, rather than hide herself away from the world, the 23-year-old has continued to share positive updates with her followers on social media – all while continuing to go tit for tat with Blueface. Last month, the new parents welcomed their first child together, after one of the most tumultuous celebrity pregnancies we’ve ever seen. It briefly seemed as though Rock would be signing to her co-parent’s MILF Music label, but during an emotional rant, the young entertainer revealed that Blue was asking for too much from her that she wasn’t comfortable doing.

Things only became more intense in the days following that, as the “Thotiana” rapper posted a photo of his baby boy’s hernia (and his genitals) online for the world to see. Blue has since claimed his phone was stolen and his account was hacked, but Rock has remained adamant about pressing charges against her Cr*zy In Love co-star. Amid all of this, reality TV lovers have been watching more of the 23-year-old’s wild pregnancy antics play out on Zeus’ Baddies East, which also happens to star Chrisean’s older sister.

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Blueface Shouts Out Chrisean Rock’s Big Sister

After tuning in to this past weekend’s episode, Blue found the perfect way to push his ex’s buttons. “Tesehki a real one,” he tweeted in the early hours of Monday (September 2) morning. Seeing as Rock has a bumpy past with her sibling, which the Californian is well aware of, this message was sure to leave her feeling some type of way.

However, instead of reacting emotionally, the “Lit” recording artist opted to hit Blue where she knew it would really hurt him. “Lil Baby a real one,” she tweeted just a few hours ago, earning almost double the likes that her baby daddy has accumulated so far.

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New Mom Gives Lil Baby His Flowers Shortly After

Which would you be more shocked to hear from Chrisean Rock, a joint single with Lil Baby, or relationship rumours tying her to the Atlanta native? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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Former Nickelodeon Star Madisyn Shipman Speaks On Raunchy Playboy Shoot

Madisyn Shipman is someone who gained prominence on the television show Game Shakers. For those who may not know, this was a show on Nickelodeon that was quite popular. Shipman was one of the show’s stars, and overall, fans loved her. However, Shipman has made a bit of a career pivot that has come as a huge surprise to many. Over the weekend, she decided to pose for Playboy as part of their new creator platform. In an interview, Shipman revealed exactly why she did it.

“I have always felt a sense of repression in terms of my sexuality and showing my body,” Shipman explained to Fox News Digital. “And I think a lot of that is because I grew up on a Nickelodeon show. You’re taught that you can’t wear crop tops, you can’t show too much skin [and] you’ve got to be presented as a little girl constantly. And whenever that ends, I had a little bit of an identity crisis because I didn’t know who I was.”

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Madisyn Shipman Speaks

With many fans taking to social media to voice their opinions, Shipman decided to address everyone. In the Instagram post below, she thanked the supporters, while noting that she is all about “personal development.” “Thank y’all for the love and support y’all have shown me over the last couple of days with the media response to me learning to love myself and grow as a person. If you don’t know I’m a huge advocate for personal development,” Shipman said. “I’m working on myself everyday to become a better version of myself. I encourage each of you to do the same. You should be your #1 priority. As for the naysayers. We all encounter them in life. Hurt people hurt people.

Her Latest Update To Fans

Needless to say, this move is especially controversial due to her past as a teen actress. However, she seems confident in her decision, and will not be backing down, anytime soon. Let us know what you think of this move, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the entertainment world.

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A post shared by Madisyn Shipman (@madisynshipman)

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Chrisean Rock & Her Sister Tasehki Fight With Natalie Nunn & Woah Vicky On “Baddies East:” Watch

Chrisean Rock is someone who has gone viral numerous times at this point. Overall, some fans love her, and others are just fed up of the antics. Right now, most people are focused on her thanks to the fact that she just had a child with Blueface. However, she is also a central figure in Baddies East, which has been airing its latest episodes. On Sunday night, fans got to see the latest episode of the show, in which Chrisean was getting into it with the likes of both Natalie Nunn and Woah Vicky.

Below, you can see some of the antics that involved Woah Vicky. As Chrisean explains, she didn’t appreciate some of the things that Vicky liked on social media. As a result, she wanted to fight the social media star. However, instead of trying to get at Vicky herself, she ordered her sister Tasehki to hit Vicky. In the end, Tasehki refused, and it became a whole thing. Moreover, Chrisean took some flack from social media users as she admitted at one point that she didn’t care that she was pregnant, in regards to a potential fight.

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Chrisean Rock & Tasehki Take On Woah Vicky

It was your typical Baddies East fight, and fans are definitely appreciated of Tasehki for being the person to deescalate the situation. Meanwhile, as far as the Natalie Nunn fight was concerned, it was definitely a lot more involved. As we reported, it involved Chrisean and Tasehki going at Nunn for unfollowing the former on social media. Nunn continued to antagonize the sisters and eventually, they both threw something at her head. Nunn then tells them to get off her show, and finally, things come to a crawl.

The Natalie Nunn Situation

Needless to say, Chrisean Rock and her sister are doing their best to make their presence felt on Baddies East. Whether or not that is for the best, still remains to be seen. If anything, their presence will lead to come truly great ratings. Let us know what you think of all this, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the music world.

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