Watch: New Trailer for Milli Vanilli Biopic ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ From Vertical

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You might need to from a certain era to know the story about the 1980s pop duo known as Milli Vanilli. Now the new trailer for the biopic “Girl You Know It’s True” is here and well, there you have it.

Tijan Njie and Elan Ben Ali, are new to Hollywood but they transform into the roles of Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, like nobody’s business.

Time for memory lane, Milli Vanilli had a hit record and they captured fans with their looks, style, and well singing voice … But if you recall, they were exposed as frauds. Get this, Milli Vanilli were lip-syncing to tracks sung by other artists. Whoops. At the time it was a BIG DEAL.

This pretty much ended their careers and sadly led to personal tragedies later on.

Okay onto the actors playing the tragic figures. 

Tijan Njie, from Germany, and Elan Ben Ali, from France, were selected after a year-long casting process spanning five countries. Damn!

But if you want authenticity, pun intended, the film also features Matthias Schweighöfer as Frank Farian, the German music producer and mastermind behind Milli Vanilli. 

Simon Verhoeven was tapped to direct and wrote the screenplay for the film.

Check out the official synopsis:

The film is centered around the true story of the notorious scandal involving dancers Robert Pilatus’ and Fabrice Morvan’s rise to fame in the late 1980s as pop sensation Milli Vanilli. Orchestrated by music producer Frank Farian, they became global stars with three No. 1 hits in the US. But only a small circle of insiders know that the duo is not singing but lip syncing to the voices of two other artists. At the height of their fame, Milli Vanilli win the Grammy Award but the situation behind the scenes escalates and the pressure on Rob and Fab grows. When the truth is revealed, they stare into the abyss while the world witnesses one of the biggest scandals in music history.

Producing are Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann, along with Kristen Winkler overseeing the production. 

Kevin Liles, CEO of 300 Entertainment and a former member of the U.S. hip-hop group Numarx, who originally created Milli Vanilli’s hit song “Girl You Know It’s True,” serves as executive producer. Wow, didn’t know Mr. Liles was in their ecosystem way back when.

Brad Howell, one of the actual singers behind Milli Vanilli, is also producing, alongside Jasmin Davis, the daughter of the late John Davis, another genuine voice for the group. Associate producers include Carmen Pilatus, the sister of the late Rob Pilatus, former assistant Todd Headlee, and Ingrid “Milli” Segieth, who closely worked with Farian.

Here’s the trailer, tell us if you dig it:

The post Watch: New Trailer for Milli Vanilli Biopic ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ From Vertical first appeared on The Source.

The post Watch: New Trailer for Milli Vanilli Biopic ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ From Vertical appeared first on The Source.

50 Reasons Why The Culture Needs “The Boondocks” Right Now: 1-25

Not a show to shy away from gathering hilarious takes on controversial issues pertaining to Black culture, The Boondocks was once a global sensation. Beginning as a comic strip, The Boondocks stole attention for its anime-centered animation style and politically- and pop culture-driven commentary. It centered around an unconventional family, including Granddad (John Witherspoon), an elder who takes in his grandsons Huey and Riley (both portrayed by Regina King), brothers with wildly differing worldviews. Following the deaths of the siblings’ parents, Granddad finds himself once again in the throes of parenthood.

Created by cartoonist and writer Aaron McGruder, The Boondocks is an aminated series that premiered in 2005. For four seasons, fans were glued to the trio’s antics as the Freeman family moved to the white-dominated town of Woodcrest. From their interactions with their neighbors like rapper Thugnificient and the Lethal Interjection Crew to the interracial DuBois family next door to the white supremacist Black man Uncle Ruckus and his “re-vitiligo,” The Boondocks spun social critique tales with each episode that often mocked what was going on in real-life Black and pop culture conversations.

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McGruder and Co. tackled issues like former President Barack Obama’s bid for the White House, gay rappers (Gangstalicious), Soulja Boy’s rise on social media, Chris Brown’s legal troubles, pimp culture, Pimp My Ride, the fast food chicken frenzy, Hurrican Katrina, the Civil Rights Movement, slavery, hair relaxers being toxic, the first R. Kelly trial, the “smokin’ wit cigarettes” viral meme, Breaking Bad, the Kardashian phenomenon, the perils of online dating, Tyler Perry, and, of course, McGruder’s controversial takes on BET being harmful to the Black community. These are but a handful of topics pulled from headlines and online discourses that became cultural fixtures thanks to The Boondocks. These characters and episodes have been etched not only in fans’ memory banks but on Black culture as a whole.

After four seasons, the popular series ended its run in 2014, disappointing millions of fans worldwide. There have been rumors of a reboot in recent years, but unfortunately, updates suggest that it has been shelved for now. Still, whenever another strange or cataclysmic event unfolds in real time, fans hop online to ideate on how McGruder and his team would attack such topics. Nowadays, it seems there is a new shocking news story every hour on the hour, leaving us begging for more Boondocks sooner than later. We’ve gathered 50 hot topics in Black culture and social media over the last ten years that we believe would certainly have ended up in an episode—yet we also recognize that this list could be well into the hundreds. Due to the sheer volume, we’ve split this into two parts, with the first 25 below.

Read through our collection (in no particular order) and let us know the storyline you think The Boondocks would have used with these pop culture moments.

1. Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

The most recent event to take the world by storm is the shooting at former President Donald Trump‘s rally in Pennsylvania last weekend. Although it could be argued that Trump’s presidency would have been an episode of its own, this incident would have surely made its way to a Boondocks episode. From Trump’s ear reportedly being grazed by a bullet to MAGA fans wearing matching bandages at the Republican National Convention to show their dedication to their “Chosen One,” we can only imagine how McGruder would have added laughable analysis to Trump-mania.

2. Kendrick Lamar Vs. Drake

Riley’s absolute love of Rap music and culture was prevalent throughout every season of The Boondocks. The eight-year-old immersed himself in all things Hip Hop, often blurring the lines of entertainment and reality due to his youth. The recent—and ongoing?—beef between K.Dot and Drizzy would have stopped him in his tracks. The Boondocks has previously addressed Rap beef, with Sergeant Gutta (who is supposed to be Soulja Boy-ish) going toe-to-toe with Thugnificient and the Lethal Interjection Crew. Even Granddad dropped a diss track of his own, so it would be interesting to see the “Not Like Us” spectacle parodied on the show.

3. Nicki Minaj’s Diss Track Against Megan Thee Stallion

Undeniably, Nicki Minaj is a Rap GOAT. She’s been emulated, imitated, and, some say, underappreciated throughout her longstanding career. However, she was heavily criticized for her involvement in Megan Thee Stallion’s ongoing drama with Tory Lanez. Minaj is known for her random Xitter rants and heavily screen-recorded Instagram Livestreams. When she shared her thoughts about Megan, calling the Tina Snow raptress a liar, among other insults, it was clear that lines were drawn in the sand. Then, Minaj released “Big Foot,” a diss track against Megan that even many of her fans couldn’t stand by. Several media personalities and podcasters called it one of the worst diss tracks of all time, making this prime material for The Boondocks.

4. Cassie, Diddy, & His Sexual Assault Lawsuits

One of the biggest falls from Hip Hop grace has been that of Sean “Diddy” Combs. The Bad Boy founder has been at the front of scandalous rumors for decades, but the recent onslaught of scathing lawsuits has alarmed the industry. His white parties have come under scrutiny with accusations of drug use and wild sex, while the shocking video of Diddy beating former girlfriend, singer Cassie Ventura, stunned viewers. His relationship with City Girls star Yung Miami could also be a feature, as should the disturbing allegations detailed in several lawsuits and online.

5. Megan Thee Stallion & Tory Lanez Shooting

Tory Lanez is currently serving a 10-year sentence in connection to a shooting also involving Megan Thee Stallion. She alleged that the singer-rapper shot her in the foot following an argument, while he denies being the person responsible. Although Lanez has never waivered regarding his innocence, he also didn’t offer up a name of who he believes pulled the trigger. Factor in Megan’s ex-best friend Kelsey Nicole and a security guard at the scene; there are only a handful of suspects. Years of social media discourse polarized the Rap community, putting labels against one another and forcing Megan to be under scrutiny.

6. Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

The smack heard ’round the world occurred at the Academy Awards back in 2022. As Chris Rock was presenting the Best Documentary Feature, he cracked jokes and aimed Jada Pinkett-Smith, who donned a shaved head that evening. After Rock quipped about Pinkett-Smith’s bald hairstyle, Will Smith became increasingly angry, eventually walking on stage and smacking Rock across the face. The event stopped the crowd and viewers in their tracks. It became the most talked about moment in pop culture that year, with Smith becoming a pariah to many of his peers. It would be intriguing to see The Boondocks writers’ take on this incident and which side they would push as the sympathetic storyline.

Queen rapper Nicki Minaj has had her fair share of controversies throughout her career. However, her marriage to childhood friend Kenneth Petty has been a hot topic of discussion. Regarding his criminal past, Minaj has been criticized for her union with Petty. He spent four years in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl in 1995. For that crime, he must register as a sex offender. Then, in 2002, Lamont Robinson was on a street corner when someone jumped out of a car and opened fire. Robinson lived for a short time before succumbing to his injuries. However, he was alive long enough to identify Petty in a photo lineup. These scandals have placed a shadow over Minaj for some.

8. The YSL Trial Shenanigans

Young Thug and several of his supposed associates are undergoing one of the strangest trials in Hip Hop history. Delays, the changing of presiding judges, the switching of attorneys and lawyers, and unbelievable testimony from defendants and witnesses have surfaced online. Gunna’s Alford plea caused a stir, leaving him facing snitching allegations. Meanwhile, there have also been reports of people sneaking contraband into jail and videos of outrageous statements being made in court. Thugger is hanging in there and hoping to one day regain his freedom. The Boondocks has given its take on hair-raising trials in the past (a la R. Kelly), so we can only wonder how they would center this trial in the series.

9. Deaths Of Rappers

While The Boondocks is known for its jokes, the show also critiqued more grave matters. They even featured an episode about Martin Luther King Jr. surviving his assassination attempt and waking from a decades-long coma. While there were certainly memorable funny bits, the overall message was of a more somber nature regarding Black culture. Hip Hop has sadly lost dozens of artists—newcomers and our legends—to health problems, gun violence, or drug overdoses. Loses like Nipsey Hussle’s murder and Mac Miller’s unexpected drug-related death stunned the masses. As two Black children finding their way in the world, Huey’s political views and Riley’s obsession with Rap would spark fascinating conversations between the brothers.

10. Reality TV Takeover

Sure, there are still big-ticket scripted television series existing in media, but overwhelmingly, we’re in a reality TV takeover. In the culture, Love & Hip Hop dominates with spinoffs in Atlanta, Hollywood, New York, and Miami. Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network has several shows dedicated to Black couples and their drama, including Ready To Love and Love & Marriage: Huntsville. The BravoTV network is entirely dedicated to its push of unscripted television, with its global reach due to the Real Housewives of pretty much everywhere. However, one could only imagine how The Boondocks would interpret, let’s say, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and offer its analysis on its effects on the culture.

11. Rappers Supporting Trump

Anyone has the right to support any presidential candidate they please. With that said, Hip Hop has been divided after several rappers have endorsed former President Donald Trump for his second bid at the Oval Office. The polarizing political figure has been at the center of controversy for decades. Yet, more recently, he was found liable for the sexual assault of a columnist. Further, Trump was also found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. That hasn’t stopped artists from slinging their support behind the “grab ’em by the p*ssy” President. People like Kodak Black, Sexyy Red, Benny The Butcher, That Mexican OT, Azaelia Banks, Waka Flocka, Sheff G, Amber Rose, and Sleepy Hallow have all publicly praised America’s MAGA leader.

12. André 3000 & His Flute

Many Outkast fans were bewildered when André 3000 shared his plans to deliver a flute-centered album. This wasn’t necessarily out of left field; Three Stacks has been filmed and photographed all over the world strolling through the streets with his flute in hand. The eclectic Atlanta emcee’s musical interests have a far reach, but not everyone in Hip Hop was a fan of his latest woodwind record. The Boondocks could have a field day with this one, spotlighting André 3000’s evolution and the origins of Black music.

13. Police Brutality Protests

While 2020 was a year of global protests against the authorities’ abuses of power upon citizens, police brutality has existed for as long as the system has been in place. George Floyd’s pleas for his mother as officer Derek Chauvin suffocated him stunned the world, leading to millions of citizens taking to the streets, demanding reform. There are also the deaths of Daunte Write, Sandra Bland, Botham Jean, Elijah McClain, Atatiana Jefferson, Tamir Rice, Stephon Clark, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, and Breonna Taylor—all Black citizens who were unjustly killed by officers using gun violence and excessive force. A staple in The Boondocks has been the Civil Rights Movement, as Granddad often told stories about how he fought for equity and equality, so taking on this issue wouldn’t be far-fetched.

14. COVID-19 Pandemic Global Lockdown

The global pandemic hit the world like a freight train. Streets were vacant, businesses were closed, and people stormed online to debate the validity of COVID-19 vaccines and wearing masks. Nations were divided, and millions died of Covid-related deaths. This is prime for The Boondocks, as Donald Trump’s presidency and reaction to the pandemic could be emphasized. It was a time when the world stood still but offered a new platform for sharing information: TikTok.

15. Angel Reese & Caitlin Clark’s WNBA Media Frenzy

The WNBA has been a favorite among fans since it was founded in 1996. However, it wasn’t until recent years that then-college stars Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark reignited interest in women’s sports. The pair’s inevitable addition to the WNBA made headlines in ways we’ve never seen the league featured before. This has caused a divide in how the WNBA is covered and the differing responses to Clark and Reese’s additions.

16. Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary

On August 11, 2023, Hip Hop officially turned 50 years old. The year was marked by incredible performances, if not at private events and concerts, then at award shows praising the legends that shaped the culture. If The Boondocks was still airing, they wouldn’t be able to pass such a milestone. The show has already parodied the 1995 Source Awards, which has gone down in Hip Hop history. It would only be fitting that they brought back Thugnificent, Gangstalicious (“Homies Over Hoes”!) for some sort of nod to the celebrated anniversary.

17. Rise Of Live Streamers

The COVID-19 pandemic found us all under lockdown in the comforts of our homes—most of us who were following protocols, at least. Live streamers existed far before the pandemic; however, thousands found new careers sitting on Live and sharing their thoughts or playing video games. Soon, fans and followers caught on, causing many to become famous on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. Now, some live streamers have a more substantial fanbase than several rappers and celebrities—and they make a pretty penny.

18. City Girls Vs. City Boys

The future of the City Girls may still be questionable, but their impact on Rap is undeniable. Best friends Yung Miami and JT rose from the Rap ranks in Florida, becoming international sensations with a dedicated fanbase. They promoted getting money, twerking, taking advantage of men, and having a good time with their friends. This version of girl power rubbed some the wrong way, especially men who didn’t appreciate the message. Soon, men began using City Boys hashtags online, pitting themselves against the City Girls phenomenon. Lil Duval often took to Xitter with his hot takes on who was “up” in points, depending on what happened in pop culture that day.

19. Blueface & Chrisean Rock’s Tumultuous Relationship

Toxic romances aren’t unfamiliar to pop culture, but rappers Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s union is one for the books. First meeting when Chrisean was on Blueface’s reality series, the pair spiraled into an abusive, chaotic romance that played out in real-time on a global stage. The highly criticized couple are both now in jail, leaving the infant child in the care of family and friends. Also, considering Chrisean was a promising sports star before meeting Blueface, this is a Boondocks storyline that could also serve as a cautionary tale.

20. Elon Musk Taking Over Twitter

Space X founder Elon Musk decided to diversify his portfolio even further when he acquired Twitter, now known as X. The once all-free platform was soon placed under subscription restrictions, only offering verified checks with a fee. Algorithms were reportedly changed, timelines switched up, and hate speech that was at one time condemned by the platform ran rampant. People complained that Musk was responsible for Twitter’s downfall. Many considered if the questionable modifications were purposefully enacted to curb the social media site. Musk’s other controversies, including Tesla and its lawsuits, could also be prime for The Boondocks.

21. The Rise & Fall Of Andrew Tate

He is touted as a king among many of his fans, but others view Andrew Tate as misogynistic. The media personality made millions from sharing thoughts about the role of men in society, tapping into incel culture. However, his downfall was swift, as he and his brother face serious charges. These reportedly include rape, human trafficking, and creating a gang organization. The Tate brothers have denied the allegations against them. While these charges are severe, this hasn’t stopped Andrew Tate’s following from rallying around him and calling for his release.

22. DJ Vlad & Boosie’s Neverending Interviews

In 2010, DJ Vlad of VladTV actually made a voiceover appearance on The Boondocks. In the “B*tches to Rags” episode, he portrayed himself, interviewing Thugnificent during his beef with Rap newcomer Sergeant Gutta. With hundreds of VladTV interviews with figures in several industries under his belt, one could only see The Boondocks parodying the famed platform and its host. Also, considering Vlad’s controversial place in Hip Hop, as he’s been accused of being a snitch and culture vulture, this topic would make for great TV. Additionally, Boosie Badazz would have to be a highlight, as he and Vlad have what seems like an ongoing working relationship where they discuss anything and everything under the sun.

23. The Bill Cosby Trial

Beloved “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby’s legacy has been marred. It was just about ten years ago when allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against Cosby, and soon, there were dozens of women sharing their stories. In 2018, the comedian was sentenced to three-10 years in prison after being convicted of sexual assault. However, that conviction was overturned in 2021, and Cosby was released. One of The Boondocks‘s most quoted episodes was their R. Kelly trial take, so a Cosby feature would make sense. Further, Cosby’s criticisms of Black men, Black culture, and Hip Hop shouldn’t be understated.

24. Complaining & Crying Karens

Many white women don’t appreciate the term “Karen,” but it thrives regardless. Over the years, videos of white women (and men!) bothering and harassing People of Color in public spaces have become the norm. From Black kids being kicked out of pools to people being harassed over parking spaces to Black neighbors being questioned about whether or not they live in apartment buildings, Karen culture is here to stay. We’ve also witnessed Karens lose their jobs over such behavior, but it hasn’t stopped them from calling the cops on Black families having picnics at public parks or Black men from birdwatching.

25. Surviving R. Kelly

This one had to make the list. “The Trial of R. Kelly” episode is undeniably one of the most remembered stories from The Boondocks. In it, Riley stands behind the music icon despite the allegations that he urinated on an underage girl. Huey and Riley visit the courthouse daily, with Huey criticizing those martyring Kelly instead of villainizing him. With the singer enduring more recent trials and convictions, not to mention the Surviving R. Kelly series and #MeToo movement, The Boondocks should return, if not only for a follow-up episode alone.

Check back with us for 26-50!


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Stephen A Smith Delivers Surprising Reaction To Amber Rose’s RNC Speech

Stephen A Smith has been known for years when it comes to dishing out hot takes on the biggest topics in sports. However, he is also someone who speaks quite frequently as it pertains to the political sphere. Overall, he has had some right-wing opinions as of late. Although he remains a staunch critic of former President Donald Trump. With Joe Biden showing signs of decline, Stephen A has been quite critical of the current President. That said, no one knows which way Smith will be voting come November.

During the most recent episode of his show, Smith weighed in on Amber Rose speaking at the Republican National Convention. Both Republicans and Democrats were critical of Amber Rose’s appearance. Some felt like it made no sense to have her there considering Trump is using her as a bridge to the black community, and Rose herself has proclaimed to not be black. Furthermore, she used to be firmly against Donald Trump but out of nowhere, has changed her opinions.

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Stephen A Smith Gives His Take

Regardless, Stephen A was quite complimentary of her speech. In the clip above, he noted how she spoke about inflation and shopping, which is something that hits home. Smith also believes that her millions of followers will resonate with the message and vote for Trump. Finally, Smith said Trump knows exactly what he is doing by bringing her on stage. Whether or not she actually gives the candidate more votes, remains to be seen.

Let us know what you think of these remarks from Stephen A. Smith, in the comments section down below. Do you believe that he is right about the speech given by Amber Rose? Do you think this helps Donald Trump get voters? Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the sports world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite athletes and even your favorite personalities.

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Exclusive: MGM+ Gives Sneak Peek of Episode 2 of ‘Emperor of Ocean Park’ Starring Forest Whitaker

Exclusive: MGM+ Gives Sneak Peek of Episode 2 of 'Emperor of Ocean Park' Starring Forest Whitaker

MGM+ is thrilled to announce the second episode of the highly anticipated series Emperor of Ocean Park, airing weekly on MGM+ every Sunday.

EOOP S1nopremiere 1Sheet 27x40
EOOP S1nopremiere 1Sheet 27×40

This new thriller stars Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker, who leads a stellar ensemble cast including Grantham Coleman, Paulina Lule, Tiffany Mack, Bryan Greenberg, Torrey Hanson, Keith Powers, and Jasmine Batchelor. Adapted from Stephen L. Carter’s best-selling debut novel, the series centers on Talcott Garland, an ambitious law professor played by Whitaker. Garland is drawn into a dangerous world of political power play, personal vengeance, and familial tragedy after his father’s mysterious death.

Emperor of Ocean Park Ep. 2 airs this Sunday, July 21, 2024, on MGM+, with subsequent episodes scheduled to stream weekly. This series highlights MGM+’s ongoing focus on delivering quality, original content to its subscribers. Audiences across the globe are invited to join the intrigue, suspense, and drama that unfolds in Emperor of Ocean Park starting this Sunday on MGM+.

The post Exclusive: MGM+ Gives Sneak Peek of Episode 2 of ‘Emperor of Ocean Park’ Starring Forest Whitaker first appeared on The Source.

The post Exclusive: MGM+ Gives Sneak Peek of Episode 2 of ‘Emperor of Ocean Park’ Starring Forest Whitaker appeared first on The Source.

Donald Glover Might Have Survived ‘Hot Ones’ Due To An Unintended Secret Weapon From Joel McHale


Donald Glover is gearing up for the release of his “final” Childish Gambino album and visited Hot Ones for the occasion. He fared better than, say, Ice Spice did, and also compared his decision to retire the Childish Gambino name to The Office. And after more than 20 minutes of hot-sauce torture, Glover (who had joked that he would die during this episode) revealed a tidbit that might explained why he handled these wing-shenanigans pretty well.

As it turns out, Glover has eaten plenty of hot sauce over the course of his career, and that would be due to Community star Joel McHale’s dastardly influence. Yes, for real:

“[In] Community, first season, I really looked up to Joel, and like Joel was literally only eating espressos and eggs. That was it because he wanted to get in shape, he had a shirt-off scene, and literally, he was like, ‘Hot sauce will help you, it’s the only flavor you can really [have],’ so I started with hot sauce, and then we got into a thing together. And then I realized, ‘Oh yeah, that must have boosted my tolerance’ because I remember putting tons of hot sauce on eggs.”

See, McHale recently claimed the blame for the Community movie’s delay, and Donald paid him back with a hot sauce story. There, now they are even, and you can here that story after the 21:30 mark below:

It’s Time For Skip Bayless To Swallow His Pride And Retire

Skip Bayless was one of the biggest draws in sports media just a few years ago. Overall, he was a huge reason for First Take’s early success. As the inventor of the show, Bayless is largely the catalyst for the media landscape we have today, for better or for worse (largely for worse). Skip knew that people love conflict. It’s why news ratings are always higher during times of war, crisis, or natural disaster. Although sports are a whole different beast, conflict is the centerpiece of any athletic competition. Two teams or a group of individuals are fighting for the one thing that the other can’t have. In a stroke of genius, Bayless was able to bring that conflict to sports talk television.

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Skip Bayless Gave Us Stephen A. Smith

When Skip Bayless brought Stephen A. Smith to First Take, the show was in dire straits. While Bayless was captivating enough with his outlandish hot takes, he couldn’t find a co-host as brazen as himself. That’s where Stephen A. comes in. At the time, Smith had been ousted from ESPN due to what he describes as creative differences and perhaps even some interpersonal ones. There were network people who didn’t take kindly to Smith. However, Bayless couldn’t have cared less. He knew he got along with Stephen A. and had a hunch that bringing him in would boost ratings. In the end, Smith’s arrival did more than just boost ratings.

The show got a whole lot of flack from athletes, coaches, and general managers alike, yet the program was a ratings masterclass for ESPN. It immediately became the biggest show on the network and while ESPN didn’t love this, they couldn’t say no to a cash cow, especially with streaming on the horizon. Bayless and Smith were a match made in heaven. Bayless was always trying to goad a reaction out of Stephen A. and Smith would always give him what he wanted. This subsequently led to numerous iconic moments that have fans feeling nostalgic for the LeBron Miami Heat era of sports discourse.

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The Move To FS1

By the time Skip left ESPN for a larger salary at FS1, Smith was arguably a much bigger star than he was. However, his hatred for LeBron and his hilariously misinformed takes were still enough to garner viewers. Not to mention, Bayless has a great ability to spot talent, and recruiting Shannon Sharpe was the best thing he could have done. They had immediate chemistry, and somehow, they were able to keep up with First Take, despite the latter being significantly more established.

It was a slow build for sure, but by 2019, it felt like Undisputed was a better product. Shannon and Skip were going viral every day and their chemistry was off the charts. “Drip Bayless” had become a household nickname and they were doing everything right. However, once the pandemic hit, it’s like Skip hit the curmudgeon button and never stopped pressing down on it. His disrespect towards Sharpe became apparent. Every month, Skip and Shannon were becoming more like an old married couple than an actual partnership.

Subsequently, everything went to hell when Skip told Sharpe he was jealous of Tom Brady. It led to a loud exchange that many felt had Sharpe appearing weak. Then the Damar Hamlin incident happened and the writing was on the wall. Sharpe left for First Take and Skip was left to pick up the pieces he created.

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A Catastrophic Failure

As we pointed out in our previous piece on Skip Bayless, Undisputed became a dumpster fire following Sharpe’s departure. Keyshawn Johnson, Richard Sherman, and Michael Irvin came in to be Skip’s rotating co-hosts. However, whenever they started debating, Bayless could not get a word in edge-wise. The show was more frustrating than entertaining. Not to mention, Bayless’ schtick was no longer funny after he bullied Sharpe off the show. What once was a humorous character and villain within the sports world had become a crotchety, bitter, and downright nasty old man. Pair that with the bleach and ammonia chemistry of Johnson and Sherman, you were left with a horrific show.

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Even Paul Pierce Can’t Save This

Months ago, Paul Pierce was brought in as a means to save Skip Bayless from himself. After all, this should have been perfect since they both have a strong disdain for LeBron James. However, Pierce has not been great for the show. The ratings have remained in a steep decline and Pierce has proven to be less than prepared to speak about today’s NBA. If we wanted to relive the glory days of the 2008 Boston Celtics, we could just look up highlights on YouTube in our own time.

Having said all of this, it should come as no surprise that it was announced this week that Skip Bayless would be leaving FS1. After all, why wouldn’t he? His contract is about to be up and his show isn’t making enough money to justify his salary. To rub salt in the wound even further, ESPN came out and flat-out said that they were not interested in bringing Skip back. Between the ESPN bosses and Shannon Sharpe, Skip has burned too many bridges for that to happen.

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Why Skip Bayless Needs To Retire Now

Skip Bayless
NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 12: ESPN journalist Skip Bayless attends IAVA 7th Annual Heroes Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on November 12, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for IAVA)

After breaking all of this down, it has become crystal clear that Skip Bayless needs to retire when his contract expires. Don’t be a hero, and certainly don’t be an egomaniac either. It’s over. It was a fun ride, but it’s over. 10 years ago, hell, even five years ago, there was a real appetite for LeBron revisionism and LeBron contrarianism. However, James is a few years from retirement, and how fitting would that be for his biggest hater to ride off into the sunset before the farewell tour?

Beyond that, Skip has simply worn out his welcome in the industry. While Stephen A. has burned bridges, he has burned them with people who realistically wouldn’t have been stars without him. If Max Kellerman was a real superstar, he wouldn’t have needed First Take. It turns out he did. Sharpe, on the other hand, immediately left Skip and started exploding with Club Shay Shay. Shannon is a pop culture staple right now and that probably wouldn’t be the case if he was still at FS1.

Cold Pizza host Skip Bayless on the ESPN set in Miami, Florida on February 1, 2007. (Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

Sure, Skip’s eye for talent is immense. But will the next big talent even want to work with him after how he treated Shannon? Without ESPN or FS1, where would Skip even go? Who would want to follow him there? The media landscape is so disjointed and barren that the only real avenue for Skip would be his own podcast. But why bother? It would just be him reliving stories from the glory days. No athlete wants to chop it up with Skip. And if they do, it will immediately be confrontational, which is something Bayless has proven to be firmly against.

At the age of 72, Bayless could just retire, call it a career, and leave it all behind. At this point, it’s probably what he should do. In fact, it is what he should do. Sure, a couple of LeBron and Bronny tweets here and there might make us chuckle or get nostalgic for those classic rants. But other than that, Skip isn’t contributing anything new to sports talk television. If anything, he’s holding back a younger generation from revolutionizing the groundwork he laid all those years ago in Bristol, Connecticut.

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Kai Cenat FaceTimes A$AP Rocky On Twitch Stream

Kai Cenat FaceTimed A$AP Rocky after meeting up with fellow A$AP Mob member Illz. Cenat was live on his Twitch stream when he ran into A$AP Illz, which quickly turned into Cenat on the phone with Rocky. The New York City natives exchanged pleasantries, as they had never met to that point, before hanging up the phone.

Cenat has been on live stream with some of the most popular names in entertainment. He recently collaborated with Kevin Hart, which went viral for several moments over the several hours they spent together. He spoke with LeBron James on FaceTime on that stream as well. The two of them met in real life during Team USA’s practice in Las Vegas. Neither party has ruled out the possibility of James appearing on Cenat’s channel. Although, it will probably have to wait a while as Team USA is in France for the Olympics.

Kai Cenat & A$AP Rocky Facetimed Each Other

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Kai Cenat has had another banner year as a titan of Twitch. He recently went viral for a stunt he and popular YouTube creator MrBeast pulled off. On the Fourth of July, a replica of Cenat’s room went up in flames after fellow YouTuber ImDavisss lit fireworks in it. The video went viral, but Cenat and MrBeast, real name James Donaldson, had to explain that they did not really burn down Cenat’s actual room. Cenat has also become a prominent Elden Ring player. His livestream of him playing the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC pack lasted 166 hours and reportedly netted him over $400 thousand.

After nearly six years without a new album, A$AP Rocky finally announced something new. Rocky is releasing Don’t Be Dumb, his fourth effort, on August 30. The rapper-turned-fashion mogul premiered tracks from the album at a fashion show in June. Earlier this year, Rocky was caught in the crossfire of the Kendrick Lamar and Drake battle thanks to his own longstanding issues with Drake. He will look to dispel any notions that his music is “mid” when his next full-length work arrives late next month.

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Netflix’s Prince Documentary Is Reportedly ‘Dead In The Water’ After Six Years Of Development

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Rumblings around a Prince documentary date back to 2018. Initially, Deadline reported that Ava Duvernay was set to direct a multi-part documentary series about the late icon for Netflix. DuVernay departed the project in 2019 due to “creative differences.” Ezra Edelman, who won an Oscar for O.J.: Made In America, took over.

All for naught, it seems.

On Thursday, July 18, Variety reported that the six-part Prince Netflix documentary is “dead in the water.” According to the report, “Representatives for the late artist’s estate claimed a first cut of the film was filled with ‘dramatic’ factual inaccuracies and ‘sensationalized’ renderings of certain events from his life.” Additionally, the Netflix deal called for a six-hour series, but Edelman reportedly turned in nine hours, which is “a violation of the agreement that “presumably enabled the estate to withhold music rights.”

This Variety report echoes a Puck report from earlier this week — nearly verbatim — so it feels safe to say that the general public will never see the six-part Prince documentary series six years in the making. There is a very small sliver of hope, maybe?

“Although Netflix and Edelman maintain final cut of the film, a Prince documentary without his music would face daunting, if not insurmountable, creative and commercial obstacles,” Variety concluded.

Prince died on April 21, 2016 due to an opioid overdose. He was just 57 years old.

Donald Glover Compares Retiring The Childish Gambino Name To ‘The Office’

Today is, in a way, Donald Glover‘s last day as Childish Gambino. Bando Stone & The New World, which comes out on Friday, July 19, is being billed as Glover’s final album with the Wu-Tang Clan name generator-assisted moniker he’s had since the late 2000s. While appearing on Hot Ones, the Emmy-nominated Mr. And Mrs. Smith star discussed his decision to retire the name.

“I always knew like Childish Gambino was like a character, on some level I wanted it to end. I feel like the Childish Gambino character is almost like the boss from The Office,” he said, referring to Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell. “It’s like yeah, that worked 10 years ago. It’s like oh, it’s a little sad but it’s also like wow, the cycle kind of continues, which is great I think.”

It’s an understandable decision from Glover. Would you want to be associated with something you did in 2008? Probably not.

Later in the Hot Ones interview, Glover talked about the unlikely legacy of the lemon pepper wet wings on Atlanta. “When we did Atlanta and we had the joke about the lemon pepper wet… it was literally just like a silly joke,” he said. “I didn’t know culturally that it would take on that kind of life or that people even cared that much, but that was the whole Atlanta experience to be honest, like to make that. It was a really good lesson in not worrying about the destination and just enjoying the journey really.”

Bando Stone & The New World is out 7/19 via RCA Records. Find more information here.

Watch: New Trailer for ‘The Killer’ Starring Nathalie Emmanuel and Omar Sy in Remake of Classic John Woo Action Film from Universal Pictures


If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, then you may recognize Nathalie Emmanuel. She played Missandei, The Mother of Dragons right hand lady for much of the series until her unceremonious end. Now Emmanuel has see a ton of success since GoT and her newest project is alongside Omar Sy (Lupin) and Sam Worthington (Avatar) in ‘The Killer’ from legendary action director John Woo.

Get this “The Killer’ is actually a remake of Woo’s 1989 thriller from Hong Kong, with the same title no less.  


‘The Killer’ also includes Diana Silvers, Eric Cantona, Saϊd Taghmaoui Tchéky Karyo and Grégory Montel. Angeles Woo and Aurélia Agel in the ensemble cast.

From the official synopsis:

The kinetic action thriller stars Emmy nominee Emmanuel  as Zee, a mysterious and infamous assassin known, and feared, in the Parisian underworld as the Queen of the Dead.  But when, during an assignment from her shadowy mentor and handler (Worthington), Zee refuses to kill a blinded young woman (Silvers) in a Paris nightclub, the decision will disintegrate Zee’s alliances, attract the attention of a savvy police investigator (Sy), and plunge her into a sinister criminal conspiracy that will set her on a collision course with her own past. 

‘The Killer’ is produced by Academy Award winner Charles Roven, Alex Gartner, John Woo, and Lori Tilkin deFelice. The screenplay is penned by Brian Helgel and the duoJosh Campbell and Matt Stuecken. Executive producer are Terence Chang, Mark Gordon, Matt Jackson, and Robin Mulcahy Fisichella.

Expect the film to debut on Peacock on Aug. 23.

Check out the slick action packed trailer below:

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The post Watch: New Trailer for ‘The Killer’ Starring Nathalie Emmanuel and Omar Sy in Remake of Classic John Woo Action Film from Universal Pictures appeared first on The Source.