Shaq Names Cities With The Most Beautiful Women: “Toronto & Dallas”

He has traveled to the far corners of the world as a sports star, analyst, businessman, and DJ, and now Shaquille O’Neal is giving his picks for the cities with the most attractive women. Shaq has laid pretty low when it comes to his romances outside of his highly publicized relationships with ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal and Flavor of Love winner Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. 

We may not hear much about who Shaq is dating, but while visiting the Full Send Podcast, he was asked about the type of women he likes. “I’m into nice,” he said.

Shaq, Toronto
Tasos Katopodis / Stringer / Getty Images

“Nice people. My thing is that if you treat people with honor and respect, nothing can go wrong,” Shaq continued. The Los Angeles Lakers icon was also questioned about the cities that have the most beautiful ladies. “Toronto and Dallas,” he answered, without hesitation. “And New York and Miami.” One of the hosts replied, “Toronto? You think?”

Shaq doubled down on his answer. “Yeah, oh yeah. Toronto is off the chain.” Of course, the ladies of The Six took to social media to brag about Shaq’s remarks while others disagreed. Check out the clip and the full episode of Shaq’s appearance on the podcast below, along with a few reactions.

Cardi B Blasts People Justifying Murder Of IG Model Miss Mercedes Morr

Several celebrities have come forward to mourn the tragic death of Janae “Miss Mercedes Morr” Gagnier. Yesterday (August 30), we reported on the news that Gagnier was found dead in her Texas home alongside 34-year-old Kevin Alexander Accorto. According to authorities, the Instagram and OnlyFans model, who boasts over 2 million followers, did not have a personal relationship with Accorto. It has been reported that Gagneir was strangled to death and suffered “traumatic concussion” in a murder-suicide.

Gagnier’s mother told reporters that Accorto was being followed. “She’s very cautious about her surroundings,” Jeanetta Grover said. “Unfortunately, someone basically was stalking, and killed my baby.”

The model’s father, Mark, revealed to reporters how he discovered his daughter’s body. “I walk in and Janae’s on the floor, and her clothes are all torn up and stuff,” he said. “I go upstairs, guy upstairs with a knife in him, still alive… I just couldn’t do nothing but stand there and call the police,” he added. “That’s the true story and that’s what I want out.”

Cardi B shared a video of a news report about the story and unleashed on anyone who had negative things to say about Gagnier.

“So sad and f*ck you b*tches and Nikkas trying to justify it cause of her lifestyle,” Cardi wrote. “Ya will hate on a bad b*tch dead or alive. She was a sweetheart.”

Such a tragedy. Check it out below.

Cardi B


Tank Responds To Trick Daddy Remarks By Singing “Let That Woman Eat”

Some previous comments from Tank have resurfaced after Trick Daddy went viral. Yesterday (August 30), the Florida icon became a trending topic after a snippet of his appearance on Drink Champs stunned the public. Anything is up for discussion on the Revolt series, and during their chat, Trick Daddy made some admissions about what goes down in his bedroom. 

Women eat the booty, too,” said Trick as Noreaga laughed. “I get ate out!” Trick continued. Noreaga jokingly asked if Daddy Dollars has his legs in the air during the act. “It depends,” he answered. 

The brief moment spread like wildfire on social media and soon, new memes were being created. The whole episode caused people to rehash Tank’s 2019 remarks about enjoying when his wife “tosses his salad.” After watching his name be mentioned in Trick Daddy’s recent viral moment, Tank sang a little song about letting Trick delight in his preferences.

“I was just minding my business and then i’m getting dragged into @trickdaddydollars business!..[face palm emoji] FYI that man ain’t wrong for enjoying pleasures from his woman.. My new single feat @trickdaddydollars ‘Let That Woman Eat’ coming soon!.. [crying laughing emojis]

Check out Tank’s post below. 

Layton Greene Reveals She’s Pregnant: “You’re Already My All”

A Quality Control Music artist is celebrating a new phase in her life, but it doesn’t have anything to do with what she’s been working on in the studio. Layton Greene has had the R&B world buzzing over the last few years and when she dropped her debut EP Tell Ya Storyback in 2019, she was keenly squared in the “up next” radar. 

We haven’t heard much from the singer-songwriter through 2021 and fans assumed that Greene was plotting her next career move, but on Tuesday (August 31), she resurfaced with a cleared-out Instagram aside from one post that revealed she is expecting.

Layton Greene
Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

The singer posed for her pregnancy photoshoot and in the caption to her post, Greene shared a note to her unborn child. “God knew my heart needed you. I love you so much and I haven’t even met you yet,” she said. “You’re undoubtedly the best thing that has happened to me. I can’t wait until you make your arrival. You’re already my all, my everything.”

Several of her friends and peers sent her congratulatory messages including DreamDoll, Lady London, Hitmaka, Snoh Aalegra, DDG, Ella Mai, Melii, Lil Mo, Omeretta, Queen Naija, and of course, QC’s head honcho Pierre “Pee” Thomas. Check out Layton Greene’s post below. Congrats!

DaBaby “Eagerly” Meets Up With HIV Awareness Groups

Charlotte rapper DaBaby is learning from his mistakes. The controversial crooner reportedly linked up with HIV awareness groups to help right his wrongs. DaBaby “Eagerly” Meets Up With HIV Awareness Groups Baby got together with nine organizations to learn about HIV following his Rolling Loud comments. His original remarks landed him in hot water, costing […]

Drake’s ‘CLB’ Will Be A ‘Straight Up Rap Album’

Hip-hop star Drake is returning to his roots. It has been revealed that Drizzy’s upcoming Certified Lover Boy will be rap-focused. Drake’s CLB Will Be A ‘Straight Up Rap Album’ The 6 God will reportedly sticking to hip-hop on the project is supposed to drop this Friday. Hot 97 radio veteran Ebro revealed the music […]

Dennis Rodman To Turn 48-Hour Vegas Trip During 1998 NBA Finals Into Film

There have been several memorable NBA personalities to enter and exit the league since its inception, but there has only been one that has left a lasting impact like Dennis Rodman. The former basketball star has had quite a career on and off the court, and his antics have always been front and center in headlines. Whether it be his personal or professional life, Rodman knows how to command attention.

During The Last Dance, there was a moment when the docuseries shone a light on the then-Chicago Bulls star taking a 48-hour trip to Las Vegas in the middle of the NBA Finals, and now it seems that two-day vacation is being turned into a feature film.

Rodman will reportedly act as executive producer as he shares his story courtesy of Lionsgate Film. “There’s only one Dennis Rodman. In 1998, there was nobody on Earth who’d be more fun — or maybe more dangerous — to party with,” Lionsgate’s Nathan Kahane said. “And yet that’s not even half of who he is. This movie takes you on an unforgettable ride with the myth, the legend, and also the man that Dennis is, behind everything you think you know. You think you know anything about ‘The Worm?’ Just you wait!”

At the time, this Vegas trip was reportedly approved by coach Phil Jackson, but Bulls icon Michael Jordan wasn’t happy with the decision. Ultimately, Rodman missed his return window causing Jackson and Jordan to have to fly to Vegas to retrieve Rodman. This will certainly make for an interesting tale.


Drake Shares Note From Mom About “Certified Lover Boy,” Young Money Posts Album Art

You know the rollout is real when cute notes from mom are being shared on social media. Last night (August 30), Drake appeared with longtime friend OVO Mark on Instagram Live as Mark drove around Toronto giving away Certified Lover Boy t-shirts to strangers on the street. This came after billboards began popping up in Drizzy’s hometown and it looks as if Toronto is the place to be this week as the rapper unveils more about his project just ahead of its Friday (September 3) release.

Today (August 31), Young Money gave the world an updated look at Drake’s previously shared CLB artwork. It is similar to the pregnant emoji but this time, the ladies have been changed to Drake emojis, heart haircut and all.

Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

Additionally, Young Money and Drake uploaded celebratory Certified Lover Boy images including a handwritten note from the OVO mogul’s mother, Sandi Graham.

“To: Lover Boy. Three days more we’re counting down, For us to hear the best, Everyone’s excited, Cause you’re nothing like the rest,” Mama Graham poetically penned. “Three more days my pookaroo, I couldn’t be more proud of you. Loving Mom.” Check out posts about “Pookaroo” and his highly-anticipated record below.

Britney Spears Reportedly Claims Her Father Is Attempting To Extort Her Ahead Of His Potential Removal As Conservator

Britney Spears’ conservatorship battle is still in progress, as the singer looks to not only remove her father Jamie Spears from his conservator role but also end the court-approved arrangement altogether. Britney recently hired a new lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, and while that case is ongoing, there’s been a new development. According to TMZ, Jamie is allegedly trying to extort his daughter ahead of his potential removal. Legal documents that were obtained by the publication say the singer’s father is asking for around $2 million.

TMZ adds that Jamie plans to use some of the money to pay his lawyers and former business manager Tri Star. Britney’s lawyer, on the other hand, is quite upset at Jamie’s alleged act and displayed his frustration in the court documents. “The status quo is no longer tolerable, and Britney Spears will not be extorted,” a statement from Rosengart reads. The singer’s team is requesting that Jamie step down from his conservator position instead of attempting to slowly pay his way out. She adds that the court should suspend him from the conservatorship starting on September 29 should he refuse to resign.

This new development comes after Jamie said he would only step down from the conservatorship role “when the time is right.” He added that the “transition needs to be orderly and include a resolution of matters pending before the Court.”