Lakers Legend Robert Horry Says He Isn’t Sure Shareef O’Neal “Has That Dog In Him”

Los Angeles Lakers legend Robert Horry says that he isn’t confident that Shareef O’Neal, son of Shaquille O’Neal, has what it takes to make it in the NBA. The criticism comes after Shareef underperformed during the team’s Summer League run in Las Vegas.

Horry spoke about the young NBA hopeful during a recent episode of his podcast, Big Shot Bob, admitting that he recently had to share the tough love with Shaq.

Shareef O'Neal
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

“I picked up my phone and I was getting ready to call Shaq like ‘Yo man, you gotta tell your son…he can’t be playing off the damn O’Neal name. He gotta go out there and play.’ You gotta put forth some more effort man,” Horry stated. “You know Shareef’s such a nice kid, that I don’t know if he has that dog in him to go out there and take what he wants.”

Despite the poor performance in the Summer League, Shareef was reportedly able to ink a six-figure contract with the G-League’s Ignite.

Shareef had gone undrafted in the 2022 NBA draft after playing his college ball for LSU.

Byron Scott, former Lakers head coach and shooting guard, also recently discussed Shareef’s performance, remarking to TMZ that the “talent is there,” but also found flaws in his game.


Ric Flair Says He’s Been “Drinking Every Night” Ahead Of Final Fight

Explaining that he can’t perform if he’s sober, Ric Flair admitted in a recent interview with TMZ that he’s been “drinking every night” in preparation for his final fight on Sunday in Nashville. The 73-year-old will be teaming up with his son-in-law, Andrade El Idolo, to fight Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett.

“I guaranteed you that I’ll be drinking every night,” Flair told the outlet. “I don’t do good when I don’t drink.”

Ric Flair
Paul Kane / Getty Images

Flair also said that he recently had a health scare where he worried he had pneumonia or COVID-19 as well as dealing with plantar fasciitis. Regardless, he says that he’s “good to go” and has no intention of missing the fight.

“I would never postpone it,” Flair said. “They’d have to kill me for that. So many people have contributed their time and effort to make this happen. I just wanted to be at 100% of what I can be now.”

Flair also says that it’s going to be an emotional night and that his entire family will be in attendance.

Flair is widely considered the greatest professional wrestler of all time, boasting a career spanning over 50 years that saw him win 16 world championships recognized by the WWE.

Check out Flair’s discussion with TMZ below.


Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Honored With Statues In Albuquerque For “Breaking Bad”

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were both honored with two bronze statues of their Breaking Bad characters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, over the weekend. The show’s creator Vince Gilligan, as well as several local politicians, were also in attendance at the unveiling ceremony.

“In all seriousness, no doubt some folks are going to say, ‘Wow, just what our city needed.’ And I get that,” Gilligan said. “I see two of the finest actors America has ever produced. I see them, in character, as two larger-than-life tragic figures, cautionary tales.”

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul
Sam Wasson / Getty Images

New Mexico Mayor Tim Keller spoke about the positive economic impact of the show, as well as showing the “good and bad” of the area.

“While the stories might be fictional … jobs are real every single day,” Keller said. “The city is also a character. … We see ourselves in so many ways, good and bad.”

Breaking Bad aired on AMC from 2008-2013, while a prequel series, Better Call Saul, is currently airing its sixth and final season. Both are widely cited as being among the greatest shows of all time.

On Saturday, Cranston and Paul both attended a game for Albuquerque’s Minor League Baseball team. the Isotopes.

“Thanks for 15 great years of being our host,” Cranston told fans at the event. “We love you very much. We love this city. We love you guys. Play ball!”


NFL Expected To Inform Browns Of Deshaun Watson Suspension Length On Monday

The NFL is expected to inform Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson of their decision regarding his anticipated suspension on Monday. Jeff Howe of The Athletic reports that the team expects Watson to be held out for anywhere between 4-8 games.

Watson has been accused of sexual assault and inappropriate conduct during massage sessions by over 20 different women who have brought civil cases against him. While many of the accusers have reached settlements with the quarterback, four remain active and are expected to go to trial next year.

Deshaun Watson, NFL
Nick Cammett / Getty Images

A six-game suspension would match the length that Alvin Kamara is facing for assaulting a man in Las Vegas, as well as that of DeAndre Hopkins, who tested positive for a banned substance. Calvin Ridley, who sat out the majority of last season due to mental health reasons, was recently suspended a full 17-game season for betting on NFL games during his time away from the league.

The NFL Players Association released a statement on Sunday night, ahead of the ruling, saying that they plan to respect the decision.

“In advance of Judge Robinson’s decision, we wanted to reiterate the facts of this proceeding,” the NFLPA’s statement read. “First, we have fully cooperated with every NFL inquiry and provided the NFL with the most comprehensive set of information for any personal conduct policy investigation. A former Federal Judge — appointed jointly by the NFLPA and NFL — held a full and fair hearing, has read thousands of pages of investigative documents and reviewed arguments from both sides impartially.”

The statement continued: “Every player, owner, business partner and stakeholder deserves to know that our process is legitimate and will not be tarnished based on the whims of the League office. This is why, regardless of her decision, Deshaun and the NFLPA will stand by her ruling and we call on the NFL to do the same.”


Wiz Khalifa Snaps On DJ Mike Danger & MC Tron During On-Stage Rant

Wiz Khalifa snapped at DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron during an expletive-filled rant while on stage at a show in Los Angeles over the weekend. In a video from the incident circulating on social media, the rapper can be heard making threats at the two DJs. 

“B*tch ass n****, if you wanna fight, n**** we can do it,” Wiz says at the beginning of the clip. “Y’all n****s suck, don’t hug me b*tch. Y’all n****s suck, play my new sh*t n****, play it n****, play ‘Bad Ass B*tches.’ Y’all are horrible DJs.”

Wiz Khalifa
Alexander Koerner / Getty Images

While it’s unclear what sparked the rant, Khalifa demands at one point that the DJs play his new music.

He continues: “I came here tonight to promote for y’all and have a good ass time and have a great time, but you know what I’m not gonna do? I’m not gonna sit here and let these hoe ass n****s act like this sh*t is acceptable. I’m a real ass n**** dawg, my album just came out today. My album just came out today, play my new sh*t dawg.”

By the end of the video, he appears to shove someone away from him, remarking, “Get out the way, I don’t like you dawg.”

Khalifa’s latest album, Multiverse was released on Friday, featuring appearances from THEY and Girl Talk.

Check out a video of Khalifa’s rant below.


Sylvester Stallone Slams “Rocky” Producer As “Pathetic” & “Moronic” Over Drago Spin-Off Film

Sylvester Stallone says that he’s upset with the announcement of a new Creed spin-off centered around the character of Drago. Writing in an Instagram post on Saturday, the legendary actor slammed producer Irwin Winkler for “picking clean THE BONES of another wonderful character” he created.

“Another Heartbreaker… Just found this out…ONCE AGAIN , IRWIN WINKLER , this PATHETIC 94 year old PRODUCER and HIS MORONIC VULTURE CHILDREN, Charles And David , are once again picking clean THE BONES of another wonderful character I created without even telling me,” Stallone began his post, captioning a screenshot of the announcement of the project.

Sylvester Stallone, Creed
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

He continued: “I APOLOGIZE to the FANS , I never wanted ROCKY characters to be exploited by these parasites… By the way, I once had nothing but respect for Dolph but he NEVER told me about what was going on behind my back with the character I created for him !!! REAL FRIENDS Are more precious than gold.”

The original Rocky film was released in 1976, written by and starring Stallone. Through 2006, the franchise totaled six films before rebooting in 2015 with the spin-off series, Creed. A third installment is set to be released on November 23. It will be the first movie not to feature Stallone as Rocky Balboa.

Check out Stallone’s post on Instagram below.


Wiz Khalifa Dissed And Threatened Two DJs In Los Angeles For Being ‘Horrible’ During An Onstage Rant

This weekend was supposed to be a celebratory one for Wiz Khalifa. That’s because the rapper just released his sixth album Multiverse, a project that is his first official album since 2018’s Rolling Paper 2. Since that 2018 effort, Wiz has shared numerous projects like collaborative efforts with Currensy and Juicy J and mixtapes like 2019’s Fly Times, Vol.1: The Good Fly Young and 2020’s Big Pimpin. As for his latest release, Multiverse checks in at 17 songs with features from They. and Girl Talk. This expected celebratory mood for Wiz quickly changed during a Los Angeles show where the rapper was seen dissing and threatening a pair of DJs.

It all went down during a show at the Poppy Nightclub in Los Angeles. The video does not show was sparked Wiz’s rant, but it does make it clear that DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron were the targets of Wiz’s wrath. “B*tch ass n****, if you wanna fight, n**** we can do it,” Wiz says at the start of the video. “Y’all n****s suck, don’t hug me b*tch. Y’all n****s suck, play my new sh*t n****, play it n****, play ‘Bad Ass B*tches.’ Y’all are horrible DJs.”

Wiz did not stop there. He continued, “I came here tonight to promote for y’all and have a good ass time and have a great time, but you know what I’m not gonna do? I’m not gonna sit here and let these hoe ass n****s act like this sh*t is acceptable. I’m a real ass n**** dawg, my album just came out today. My album just came out today, play my new sh*t dawg.”

The video concludes with Wiz pushing someone away from him onstage, saying, “Get out the way, I don’t like you dawg,” before he returns to performing. To make matters worse, he also took two individuals’ hats and threw them into the crowd.

You can watch it all go down in the video above.

Ma$e Says Diddy Never Paid Him What He Deserved

Ma$e says that he feels that Diddy never paid him what he was worth with Bad Boy and that he wasn’t given the respect he deserved. The legendary rapper discussed his relationship with Diddy during an upcoming appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267.

“I felt like I did more than I got credit for, more than what I got paid for,” he tells the hosts in a clip from the interview.

When asked by Wallo to clarify, he explained: “I never got paid what I was worth and I never got the respect I was worth. So this disdain that I got for Puff is more like you trying to keep me here, n***a. I’m not here, all my peers are up here. All my peers are bosses.”

Ma$e, Diddy
Kevin Winter /Getty Images

Ma$e explained that he felt Diddy never wanted him to evolve behind being just an artist.

“He just kept trying to keep me here,” he added. “Like he didn’t want me to grow at anything.”

In another teaser for the interview posted on social media, Ma$e responds to claims made by Fivio Foreign that he signed him to an exploitative deal by jokingly referring to himself as “Diddy 2.0.”  Fivio had claimed that Ma$e gave him an advance of just $5,000 to sign with RichFish Records.

Ma$e’s appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast is scheduled to be released on Sunday night.

Check out a clip of his comments regarding Diddy below.

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