FLO’s Most Streamed Songs

FLO is a R&B girl group with songs that blew up in 2022. It seemed like throughout the second half of the year, people were talking about them every day on socials. And the things they were saying were positive. Their own socials were popular and active too, especially their TikTok. This gave fans looks behind the scenes of their lives and of course showcased them singing too. People praised how each member had distinct vocals. Many listeners were comparing their sound to R&B of the late 90s and early 2000s. Currently, they are preparing to drop their next single “Fly Girl” Even though they are still up-and-coming, they have already garnered millions of streams for their music. We have compiled, listed and ranked each of their songs with the most streams.

#10 Cardboard Box – Acoustic

This song is an acoustic version of FLO’s biggest song to date. For many listeners, the upbeat production of the original song is a big draw. But by having two versions, they can rach different people in different ways. The acoustic version is much slower. Still, it allows each group member’s voice to shine even more. The main melody from the song is still clearly heard on the guitar. But, there are no drums. Each member’s voice comes through clearly. The harmonies are even easier to hear on this one. Aspiring singers may prefer this version because it helps them do their own cover of the song. Or, those who prefer to focus on the talent of the voices of the group, instead of just dancing to them.

#9 Another Guy – Acoustic

This song is another acoustic one from FLO. For many singers, an acoustic version is where a song starts. In music terms, it can be called a demo or a reference track. In some cases, these versions are released and performed for the public. Sometimes, an acoustic version is the only one released. This is what FLO did with this song. It’s the last song on their debut EP, The Lead. This song departs from the upbeat production on the rest of the project but carries the same themes. The trio sings of how the man pursuing them is not unique and they don’t want to deal with him anymore. Once again because this is acoustic, their vocals and harmonies are on full display. The melody has a certain emotional feeling to it that sounds remorseful yet confident. 

#8 Losing You

This is one of the most recent songs from FLO. It is a single so listeners wonder if it will be on their next project. The pacing of this song is downtempo. This is fitting because of the song’s subject matter. In it, the trio sings of ending the relationship they are in with a man. But, they are happy to end it because they feel better without him. There are multiple background vocals that double as ad-libs on this song. This gives a feeling that each member’s inner thoughts are reinforcing what they’re saying. The vocal layering on this song’s bridge is an excellent example of the group’s chemistry. This is doubled down on in the final moments of the chorus where there is a brief glimpse of powerful vocals from Renée and Jorja. 

#7 Hide & Seek – FLO Remix

This is the only collaborative song from FLO in this list. Since Stormzy is from the United Kingdom like they are, this collaboration makes sense. This one is actually a remix of his song from his most recent project. On the original version, Stormzy does rap verses. The hook and other moments of the song are sung by Oxlade, Teni and Äyanna. In the FLO Remix, they truly make their presence known. They provide sung ad-libs during Stormzy’s rap verse. Instead of using his second verse, they sung their own verse. But, they harmonize the chorus with Oxlade. For them, making a remix truly means making the song your own. They didn’t seek out to make their version better but rather enhance the original and let both be celebrated.

#6 Not My Job

This song from FLO is a single and not on the Spotify version of their debut EP. The opening moments of this song are already a statement from the group. In it, the members harmonize to say their group name. While it may get repetitive for some, I can see them continuing to do this on future songs. This is one of the more upbeat songs on this list. The background vocals on this song also have a voice filter on them at times. This filter reminds many people of the one that was common in the early 2000s. The bridge of this song also has a brief moment of a rap-sung flow from Stella. This moment fits the slightly aggressive feeling of this song which comes through with the trio’s delivery and lyrics.

#5 Feature Me

This song from FLO features a shift in perspective. For many of the songs on this list, the trio talks about things a man has done wrong. However, this time, the members want to do something for the guy. Interestingly enough, the hook of this song is where the name of the group’s debut EP, The Lead, comes from. But, this is the only song that covers this subject matter on the project. Furthermore, the song itself still is well arranged as the other ones. Once again, the bridge is where the vocals shine due to the way their vocals are layered. This is also another one where a glimpse of an expansion of vocals can be heard in the song’s final moments. On this one, there are whistles notes from Jorja in the background that are brief but still effective. 

#4 Summertime

For many listeners, this song from FLO is the epitome of their image and message. It celebrates the joy of being a confident woman. In this track, the trio describe a situation that sounds like a vacation or just a summer day out. They talk about what they have on, what they’re doing and how they aren’t letting anyone stop them from enjoying themselves. Naturally, the production on this one fits this mood. There’s an acoustic guitar but the drums paired with it give it a completely different atmosphere than acoustic versions of their songs. The song would be fitting for a day outside and with summer on the way, this one is going to get even more plays. Renée closes the song by saying “That was fun” which is a very fitting response considering the tone of the song.

#3 Immature

This song from FLO deals with another relatable topic for their listeners. In it, the trio discusses the lack of accountability their partner has. In the song, the word “immature” has a stuttering glitch effect to it. This is yet another technique from the early 2000s listeners may be familiar with. In their other music, the group has used minimal effects and focused on the abilities of their natural voices. However, this effect does not take away from the focus on their natural voices. In the song’s bridge, the production is silenced completely and the trio sings a portion of the hook a cappella. This gives listeners another chance to hear the synchronicity of their harmonies. In a small showing of creative humor, there’s even a soundbite of a baby crying in one moment of the song. This reinforces the “immature” theme.

#2 Cardboard Box – Happi Remix

This song is a remix of FLO’s most popular song. In the pop music world, remixes are very common. Artists often have several remixes for a big single. These remixes are often released together and presented as an EP on streaming services. With multiple remixes, the song can be used in different situations. It also gives listeners a chance to hear how the artist voice blends with different kinds of production. In this case, Happi and MNEK are the producers who put their spin on the song. This version features an acoustic guitar which we have heard the trio paired with before. However, this time there are drums and shakers also. This gives the song a slightly more relaxed atmosphere but still makes it danceable.  

#1 Cardboard Box

This is the most popular song in FLO’s discography right now. For many people, this is the first song they heard by the trio. The music video has over 7 million views and people heavily praised it. Many people were impressed because this song was their debut single and everything about it was so well done in their eyes. At this point, the song has been out for almost a year and the group’s success has only continued to grow. People are proud to have found them because of the nostalgia their music brings. This song is often cited as the epitome of their sound and listeners are looking forward to seeing them continue to build on it. The lyrics about ending a relationship resonate with many people and listeners are getting nostalgia from the production and harmonies in the song.

Are you tapped in with FLO? Which songs from them are your favorite? Let us know in the comments section. 


Top 6 Mario’s Albums, Ranked

Mario is a highly valued R&B artist with not only great quality vocals but a fantastic catalog of albums that fans just need to get to know. To celebrate the legacy in R&B history, we’ve put together a top 6 Mario album ranked list. Ever since his debut album, “Mario” his fame and progression as a modern artist has seen no limits. The album named after his own title reached number 9 on the Billboard 200, while Just a Friend scored number 5. With music ever-expanding, streaming, and evolving, here are a few albums that we appreciate by Mario and why they stand out to us. Along with the reasons we love to listen, we’ve included some stats as well, such as when they were released and the immediate response to the drop.

1 – Mario

This breakout album with the artist as the same name is a debut released in 2002. Producers fro the album are Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Scott Storch, and Tim & Bob. The album features multiple upbeat tracks that keep the tempo high. The individual song, Just a Friend, hit number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, solidifying this album’s place in the hearts of many.

2 – Turning Point

Turning Point truly was a turning point in Mario’s career as an artist. As an album, Turning Point brought new points to light about Mario’s capabilities, including his thematic change from generic to more personal themes in R&B. The album’s lead song, “Let Me Love You” grew into massive popularity upon release, setting Mario up to be one of the most promising rising stars at the time. The song ended up reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100, nominating him for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. What makes Turning Point so great is that it explores Mario’s impressive range. It also takes what everyone loved about the first album and improved upon it in the second, pleasing both old and brand-new fans at the time.

3 – Go

As the third studio album in Mario’s history, Go had a lot to work up to. Not only had the previous two albums been stellar hits, but they featured a lot of producer and artist talent along the way. The album Go was released in 2007, being produced by a handful of people. These included Stargate, Timbaland, and Polow da Don.

One of the standout features of Go is the improved versatility that Mario displays throughout the album. For example, Cryin Out for Me is a mid-tempo song. It features not only a good hook but a versatile expression of Mario’s great vocal range. The song hit the crowds successfully, scoring number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It also reached the top 10 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

4 – D.N.A.

DNA is the fourth album Mario released into the world in 2009. It takes a shift away from the work that Mario chronologically had accomplished so far, taking a more somber turn into the introspective. This was both in lyric and theme. The producers varied this time too, including names like Jim Jonsin, Bangladesh, and Rico Love.

The production skills of Jim Jonsin proved to be helpful during the creation of the album since Mario’s smooth vocals could only translate through a well-written song. The rockstar track of the album was undoubtedly Break Up, which featured Sean Garrett and Gucci Mane.

5 – Dancing Shadows

Dancing Shadows is an album that took everybody by surprise. After a little while of absence, the album Dancing Shadows represents Mario’s return to the stage and fans with a fresh take and hot new songs. By the time Mario had returned from almost ten years away, he had to come back with something that fit the current climate of R&B times. And clear that climate he did, with progression into more modern conventions, such as a moody sound and aggressive effects on vocals. The aspects of what made Mario great didn’t stop though. All 11 tracks in the album showcase his ability as not only a singer, but as a songwriter. The album also features collaborations with producers like Jake Gosling, Prince Charlez, and Pham, who help to bring a modern edge to the classic R&B sound.

6 – Never 2 Late

“Never 2 Late” is the fifth studio album by American R&B singer, Mario Barrett, released in 2014. The album features collaborations with a variety of producers and songwriters, including Polow da Don, Rico Love, and Troy Taylor.The album showcases Mario’s vocal prowess and maturity as an artist, and it features a mix of classic R&B sounds and modern production techniques.

The album’s standout tracks include “Fireball,” a catchy and upbeat song that features a driving beat and infectious hook, as well as “Fatal Distraction,” a slower ballad that showcases Mario’s emotional depth and vulnerability.Another standout track is “Somebody Else,” which features a guest appearance by Nicki Minaj and explores the theme of heartbreak and moving on from a relationship. The song’s soaring chorus and Minaj’s fiery verse combine to create a powerful and memorable track.

Overall, what makes “Never 2 Late” great is the way that it showcases Mario’s continued growth and evolution as an artist. The album finds him exploring new sounds and themes, while still staying true to the classic R&B sound that made him a fan favorite. Mario’s vocals are as strong as ever, and he brings a sense of honesty and sincerity to each track that makes the album feel personal and relatable.

Mario EP 2019

“Mario” is a self-titled EP released by American R&B singer Mario Barrett in 2019. The EP is a short, six-track project that showcases Mario’s soulful vocals and songwriting abilities.

The EP opens with the upbeat and catchy track “Drowning.” The track features a bouncy rhythm and a catchy chorus that showcases Mario’s signature falsetto. The song was released as the lead single from the EP and was well-received by fans and critics alike.

Another standout track on the EP is “Gold Plates.” It features a more stripped-down sound and highlights Mario’s smooth and emotive vocals. The song explores themes of self-love and self-acceptance, and its raw and honest lyrics add to its emotional impact.

One of the unique aspects of the EP is its mix of genres and influences. For example, the track “Goes Like That” features a Latin-inspired rhythm and showcases Mario’s ability to sing in Spanish, while “Closer” has a more electronic sound and features distorted vocals and glitchy beats.

The self-titled debut album “Mario” released in 2002 was a major label release on J Records, whereas the 2019 self-titled EP “Mario” was an independent release. Apart from the difference in their release strategies, the two albums also differ in several other aspects.

What’s the difference between Mario 2002 and Mario 2021?

In terms of their musical styles, the two albums are quite different. The 2002 album “Mario” is a more traditional R&B album with a mix of ballads and uptempo tracks that feature a lot of live instrumentation. The album was produced by a variety of well-known producers, including Scott Storch, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and Tim & Bob, and featured collaborations with artists such as Jadakiss and Ginuwine.

In contrast, the 2019 EP “Mario” is a more modern and eclectic R&B project. It incorporates elements of electronic music and hip-hop. The EP was produced by a mix of established and up-and-coming producers. These include Jack Knight and Jake Gosling, and it features a more stripped-down sound that emphasizes Mario’s vocals and songwriting.

Another difference between the two albums is their length. The 2002 album “Mario” is a full-length album that features 13 tracks. The 2019 EP “Mario” is a shorter project with only six tracks.

New Edition’s Most Successful Songs

New Edition is an R&B group that has emerged in the 80’s and never let go since then. With the original lineup consisting of Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Bobby Brown, and Ralph Tresvant, New Edition has a laundry list of songs that make up many classics in the R&B music genre. New Edition has released many hits throughout the years, gathering fans and winning those into the funky nature of Edition’s iconic hooks. They’ve not only inspired masses of music lovers, but have even inspired change throughout the world through their music.

New Edition is a playful, iconic lead for the entire R&B genre, solidly presenting itself as an icon for the music type. There are more than a few reasons to listen to New Edition. Which, s why we’re listing a few of their greatest hits and what you can expect from them. Below we’ve summarized a few of New Edition’s greatest editions of music. Also, we added why you should give them each a few minutes of your time.

Candy Girl

Candy Girl is one of the most popular hit songs hit by New Edition. It was released in 1983 as the lead single from their debut album of the same name. The song is known for its upbeat, playful melody and catchy lyrics. It is a beloved track in the R&B and pop genres. The song begins with a lighthearted synth riff before transitioning into a danceable beat. The lyrics describe the excitement and wonder of discovering a new crush. The protagonist describes the object of their affection as a “candy girl” who is sweet and irresistible. The chorus is especially memorable, with the group harmonizing to sing, “Candy girl, you are my world / You look so sweet, you’re a special treat.”

Cool It Now

Cool It Now is another hit by New Edition. It was released in 1984, gaining popularity thanks to its upbeat rhythm, great melody, and overall memorable lyrics. The song focuses on young love and was constructed by Ray Parker Jr. along with New Edition members Ricky Bell and Ronnie DeVoe.

In addition to its infectious melody and relatable lyrics, “Cool It Now” is also notable for its use of harmonies and vocal arrangements. The song showcases the vocal talents of all five New Edition members. Each take turns singing lead and harmonizing in the chorus. The group’s smooth and soulful vocal style is on full display in this song, adding to its timeless appeal.

Mr. Telephone Man

“Mr. Telephone Man” is a classic hit from New Edition. I was released in 1984 as the second single from their self-titled second album. It was written by Ray Parker Jr. The lead singer, Ralph Tresvant, expresses his desperation to talk to his girlfriend, singing as someone who’s pleading with Mr. Telephone man to bring his girl back to him. The song’s catchy melody and memorable hooks have made it a fan favorite for decades. It continues to be a go-to choice for anyone looking to dance and sing along.

Count Me Out

“Count Me Out” remains a beloved classic in the R&B genre. This is thanks to its infectious rhythm, memorable hooks, and relatable lyrics. The song’s message of self-respect and empowerment continues to resonate with listeners of all ages, making it a timeless favorite. 

The song’s opening line, “I don’t want to be a fool for you,” immediately sets the tone for the rest of the song. The chorus features the memorable refrain, “Count me out, girl, count me out / I’ve had all I can take, you see / So count me out, girl, count me out / It’s better that way for you and me.”

If It Isn’t Love

If It Isn’t Love is a titular song in New Edition’s rise to fame. Released in 1988, songwriters Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis created the soulful track. It describes the uncertainty and thrill of falling in love. One of the most memorable aspects of the song is its music video. It features the members of New Edition performing intricate choreography in a futuristic setting. The video was directed by legendary filmmaker Spike Lee and is considered to be one of his most iconic works. It features the band members dressed in black and white suits, performing synchronized dance moves in front of a screen that shows images of space and technology.

Hit Me Off

Hit Me Off was a unique blip in the timeline for New Edition, released in 1996 and taking an entirely new style under its wings. As opposed to the catchy titles that had led with hooks and singable lyrics, Hit Me Off took upon itself an entirely different style, characterized by a more aggressive tone and funky beat. Not only does it have a funky bassline, but Hit Me Off also features harsh, distorted guitar riffs, something simply not present in the tracks before. 

A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)

A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes) is a song release that helped recenter New Edition into the 90’s. While not perfectly within the 90’s, the 1986 release came as a breath of fresh air for New Edition’s tone. It scored top three on the US R&B chart. It goes back to the upbeat, catchy way most New Edition songs are, abandoning the aforementioned harshness. In exchange, it brings in more bright and positive lyrics it features about new love.

Popcorn Love

“Popcorn Love” is a popular song by the American R&B group New Edition, released in 1983. The song features a catchy, upbeat melody and playful lyrics. They describe the highs and lows of young love. The opening lines of the song set the tone for its joyful, carefree energy: “Popcorn love, you complete my mind / Tell me what to do, I’ll follow you.” The song’s playful lyrics continue throughout, with lines like “I’m so in love with you, girl, it feels like I’m on fire / And every time I see your face, it takes me higher and higher.”

Is This The End

Is This The End is a slower, more somber song released in 1984. Taking a stance as a more soulful, less energetic song, the energy from Is This The End stems from its creative lyrics rather than its tune or beat. The song reflects the strong emotions after a breakup. The song is slow and steady, with gentle guitar and piano accompaniments. This gives the song a melancholic kind of life. 

Lost in Love

Released in 1986, Lost in Love was a smooth romance song by New Edition. The lyrics of “Lost in Love” speak to the intense feelings that come with falling in love. The lyrics also touch on the vulnerability and fear that come with opening up to someone and putting your heart on the line.

Ari Lennox’s Most Streamed Songs

Ari Lennox’s songs have gained millions of streams with numbers climbing every day. She is one of the most popular names in R&B right now. Ari and her Dreamville label mates did the soundtrack for the new Creed III movie. She put out her latest project age/sex/location in September 2022. She’s also currently on tour promoting this album. It’s safe to say that she is currently booked and busy. Many fans have been riding with her for a while and are very glad to see her reach the level she has. They know she will only go up even more from here. Many fans do their part by listening to her music every day. We’ve compiled and reviewed 10 of her most streamed songs.

#10 Greater – Ari Lennox

Ari is no stranger to having a song on a compilation album. She’s on Revenge of the Dreamers III: Director’s Cut and D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape with solo tracks and posse cuts. This time around she’s on a solo track. The song only has one verse which brings the main focus to the song’s hook. Ari glides through it by using various inflections and vocalizations as she sings it. Her background vocals compliment these moments well as she showcases the power of her voice. In these moments, her range is on display as the passion comes through on the lead and background vocals too. Meanwhile, there are strings and other cinematically pleasing instruments playing in the production that compliment her voice well.

#9 Waste My Time – Ari Lennox

This is one of Ari Lennox’s most recent songs. It’s likely one you’ve heard on the radio. Like many songs in Ari’s catalog, it speaks on an aspect of relationships many people can relate to. She takes a direct approach to telling her partner to follow up on the things they have said they want to do with her. The song’s hook sticks with listeners due to its repetition but not to the point of being annoying. This repetition comes in at the song’s final moments. Throughout the song, background vocals enhance Ari’s lead ones. Her vocals also carry the main melody of the song which is more understated in the subtle keys in the production. The drums seem to be the main focus which make the song sound great on speakers and headphones. 

#8 Can’t Make You Change – JID feat. Ari Lennox

Whenever labelmates make a song together, it’s always exciting to see. As most know, Ari Lennox and JID are both on J. Cole’s label, Dreamville. However, this is not the first time they have been on a song together. On this song, Ari brings the counterpart to the perspective JID is speaking from. She speaks of wanting him to change his behavior but also knows no matter what he she does, he won’t. Ari’s vocals on the bridge shift to the perspective JID is speaking from. Throughout the song, there are soundbites of women speaking about the shortcomings of their partner. Their words expand from what Ari sings. One thing that sticks out is how this song has a beat switch where JID shares his side of things at length.

#7 Queen Space – Ari Lennox (with Summer Walker)

This is Ari and Summer Walker’s second song together chronologically however, it is the first one on this list. It’s a newer track on this list so its streaming numbers are lower than their first collab. However, this is not a reflection of the quality of the song. The song’s piano gives it a live performance feeling. Ari’s vocals dip in and out on the hook as she does a start-stop delivery. Summer comes in on the second half the song and does the same thing towards the end of her verse. As Ari comes back in on the hook, Summer provides background vocalizations that enhance the mood of the song well. Their vocals blend excellently as they both have a soft tone that escalates as the song progresses. This is seen most prominently in the song’s final moments as the drums drop out and the piano and their vocals are the only things that can be heard. 

#6 Unloyal – Summer Walker (with Ari Lennox)

This Ari Lennox song has a unique feeling to it. Due to the production, it sounds like it’s being performed in a lounge at night. This feeling is capitalized on by the saxophone solo at the halfway point of the song. Summer’s verses on the first half have her speaking her truth on her place in a relationship. Rather than going for large displays of vocal range, she focuses on a straightforward delivery. However, she does utilize some background vocals to reinforce the points she’s making and Ari mirrors this technique on her verse. Summer begins the song and Ari comes in on the second half.However, on the first half, Summer sings the hook and on the second half, Ari does. This song was highly anticipated by many listeners once they saw Ari’s name as a feature on the tracklist. 

#5 Pressure – Ari Lennox

This is one of Ari’s most popular radio songs. It’s one of those songs that once you hear it, it gets stuck in your head. The way the vocals say “Pressure!” throughout the hook are an earworm for sure. The pace of the song plays a huge role in how well it sticks. There’s a certain bounce to it that makes it feel vintage and modern at the same time. The guitar in the song plays well with the delivery of Ari’s verses as she flows through the guitar’s more rigid notes. One of the most surprising aspects of this song is that Jermaine Dupri has production credits on it. It’s always a big deal when someone from a past generation of music works with someone in the current generation. It shows they have faith in the music and where it will take listeners next.

#4 Scenic Drive – Khalid (feat. Ari Lennox & Smino)

This is another song in Ari Lennox’s discography where she is the feature. However, the song she’s on is quite significant as it is the title track for Khalid’s project. The song is the last one on it as it ties the theme of the project together. Ari’s verse on the track is brief but effective. Her double entendres fit the theme of the song while simultaneously referring to her usual subject matter. At the conclusion of her verse, her delivery speeds up a little, again, continuing the theme of driving. Her background vocals can still be heard once her verse ends as Khalid sings the hook. Towards the end of this portion, the two of them vocalize together however, Ari’s vocals are still layered under/behind his.

#3 Night Drive – Ari Lennox

This is the only song on this list from Ari Lennox’s project titled Pho EP. This song – and the project itself – are familiar to those who have been supporting her from the very beginning. This is one that mirrors the theme of the previous entry on this list. However, on this one the atmosphere of the drive is a little different. Here, the tone is not fully romantic as the person Ari is with is no longer officially in a relationship with her. However, because of the history they have she still wants to move forward with them. There’s a certain soulful feeling to the song due to the  horns in it and they blend well with modern subject matter. There’s also keys and bass in the song that give it a slight live instrumentation feeling. 

#2 BMO – Ari Lennox

This is a song many Ari Lennox fans know. While it is one of the shortest ones on this list, that’s not a con. It’s a song that gets its point across well and finishes once the point has been made. BMO stands for “Break Me Off” and Ari tells us what she means by that in the song. Something interesting about this song is the fact that listeners almost never got to hear it in the first place. The beat for the song was a little different but once Ari’s manager heard it, producer Omen changed up the production a little and the song transformed. Ari has performed the song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and has released a remix of it with Doja Cat. The bass line of the song is what many people love about it and this is exactly the part Omen added to it to transform it into what is heard today. 

#1 Shea Butter Baby – Ari Lennox (with J. Cole)

For many people, this was their introduction to Ari Lennox’s songs. And, one of two things likely pulled them in: the song title or J. Cole’s feature. Many people are well aware of how J.Cole only works with artists who make high-quality music. Seeing him on a feature with someone you may not be unfamiliar with means you should get familiar with them. Meanwhile, this song title itself caught many people’s interest. The benefits of shea butter are not exactly a “secret” but it’s still something only real ones know about/use. The song itself is as smooth and warm as the moisturizer itself. Cole brings an intimate verse that compliments Ari’s soulful vocals. Neo-soul songs have a certain feeling that comes with them and this song has that feeling for sure. 

Which of Ari Lennox’s songs are your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.


Queen Naija’s Best Collaborations

Queen Naija is an American singer who is popular for her relationship songs. She sings about things like love, heartbreak, and relationships that are true to her feelings. Her music is R&B and is frequently passionate and relatable, which has struck a chord with many admirers. Hence, if you are an R&B lover, you should be ready to read this article to the last sentence. Here are the best Queen Naija collaborations.

“Hate Our Love” by Queen Naija ft. Big Sean

Queen Naija’s smash R&B single “Hate Our Love” features Big Sean. It came out in February 2022. When this song came out, it was the most-played R&B song in the country. The song has topped Billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay chart. It’s Naija’s fourth number-one song in a row, and it’s Big Sean’s first. Also, this song peaked at number 32 on the Billboard charts, and it was featured in the movie Fifty Shades Freed.

Nevertheless, the song is about a bad relationship and how love can survive even though it is bad. Queen Naija’s vocals are raw and emotional, and they show how the lyrics make her feel. Big Sean’s rap verse is very impressive and goes well with Queen Naija’s voice. 

“Boy, I love you on your worst day

Still see you how I saw you on the first day (first day)

Even though there’s times that we ain’t seeing eye to eye

Can’t imagine spending holidays or birthdays without you

And the moment I leave, I miss being around you (yeah, yeah)”

Here is a quotable lyrics from this song that depicts the message of the song. So, if your relationship is going through its worst time you can check out this song and let’s know how you feel!

What’s My Name by Queen Naija ft. Fivio Foreign, and Coi Leray 

What’s My Name is a song about wanting to be known and seen for who you are, not for what others expect of you. Fivio Foreign, Queen Naija, and Coi Leray collaborated together on this song. This single came out on June 30, 2022, and peaked at number twenty-one on the R&B charts in the United States. In the end, it became one of the most popular songs on the album B.I.B.L.E. and was used in the movie The Get Down.

Mama’s Hand 

Mama’s Hand is a song about struggling to grow up and trying to figure out your purpose in life. Everyone can relate to this song, whether they are still in school or have already graduated. The song came out in 2018 as one of the best songs on the album Queen Naija. Fortunately, this song got a lot of attention quickly and made it to number 7 on the Top R&B charts. It was also up for several awards, including two Grammys for Best R&B Performance. This song is on the movie The Hate U Give’s soundtrack.

Overall, this song is a great song that can help you light your mood when you go through the struggle of figuring out your purpose in life. Kindly stream this song on any platform and let’s know what you feel about it in the comment section. 

“I don’t wanna think, she come and relax me, huh

Divin’ at the water, breaststroke

Tell me your thoughts, Peep Show

Now on a mission, don’t stop”

Quotable lyrics from the song.


Medicine is the first song on Queen Naija’s album which came out in 2018. This song is about a relationship that is bad for both people and about how suffering can become a drug. This song was also made by D.A. Doman and written by Queen Naija. It did well, reaching number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. It has been used as background music for several movies, TV shows, and movies, such as Grown-ish and All American.

“Swear I cannot win for losing

I been out here being faithful

I always got this on lockdown

But that ain’t been keeping us stable

So I guess I know what I gotta do

Give you a taste of your own medicine (hey, yeah)”

Basically, these lyrics are just a glimpse of the whole song. When you check out this song, you will love every bit of it. 


Queen Naija never disappoints in all of her music. And you can always trust her to give you the best relationship songs. Butterflies is another great song from her that is about the excitement of starting a new relationship and falling in love. Queen Naija sings about how happy she feels with her new boyfriend. The song was one of the best ones on the album Queen Naija, which came out in 2018. This song did well on the US R&B chart, peaking at number eight. 

Moreso, this song has made it into the movie business. It was used as the background music in the movie The First Purge. You should check out this song and enjoy it with your new boyfriend/girlfriend!

Pack Lite

This is a beautiful song about breaking up and getting over it. Queen Naija sings about a relationship that didn’t work out and how she is moving on from it. In the year 2020, the song was released. It’s a great song from the Missunderstood album. Additionally, this song was in the movie The Photograph and got to number 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Lie to Me by Queen Naija ft. Lil Durk

One of Queen Naija’s best songs, “Lie to Me,” is a heartbreaking ballad about a relationship that ended. The song by Queen Naija reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100, making it her best-performing single to date. The magic got even better when she worked with Lil Durk because the two musicians get along so well. In addition, this song is on the soundtracks of a number of movies, such as The Fault in Our Stars.

Good Morning Text 

The song Good Morning Text is about being thankful for the small things in life. Queen Naija sings about how something as simple as a “good morning” text message can make her day better. This song was the first single from her album Good Morning SMS, which came out in 2019. “Good Morning Text” did very well, peaking at number 43 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Still, it has featured as a soundtrack in a number of movies, including The Fault in Our Stars, Me Before You, and The Sun Is Also a Star.


Karma is one of the most popular songs from the album Queen Naija. This song is about a person who thinks about a love that didn’t work out. The person thinks about how they were abused and how they are better off without that person. All Music says that this song is motivational and shows how to get over a bad relationship. The song reached number four on the R&B charts in the US and was certified platinum by the RIAA. Furthermore, the movies The Hate U Give and Insecure featured Karma as background music.

Bed Friend

Jacquees wrote this song and it features Queen Naija. The song is about being friends with benefits and how sometimes it can be hard to keep things just physical. The single got to number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Furthermore, this song was used as background music in a number of movies, such as Insecure and The Perfect Gentleman.

If you feel like you can relate to the message of the song, you should stream the song. Moreso, kindly share your thoughts on it in the comment section.

“See, we started off as best friends (you should be)

Now you my bed friend (my bed)

Whole big relationship (friend)

Hope this don’t dead-end” A short lyric from the song.


Where To Buy Tickets For Ella Mai’s “Heart On My Sleeve” Tour

Ella Mai is going on tour to promote her album Heart On My Sleeve. The album was released back in May 2022 but the deluxe released this year in February. Ella Mai announced the album in March of 2022 and stated she poured her heart into it. The original album featured 15 songs and the deluxe added three songs. Separating the two is easy since the cover of the deluxe is in black and white, a large contrast to the original’s colorful cover. The album has minimal features with them coming from Latto, Lucky Daye and Roddy Ricch. This type of a variety showcases the adaptability of Ella as well as her collaborators. The deluxe edition does not add any new features.

Ella Mai has been hinting at going on tour since 2022. In a slideshow of Instagram posts recapping the year there were some not-so-subtle hints. These included her standing in front of an empty venue as well as footage of her rehearsing with a live band. In a more understated hint, she also included a picture of a water bottle with her album’s logo on it. Her listeners were quick to comment about these clues and ask about a tour. Many of them mentioned how long it had been since she did a solo tour and how they had their hopes high. 

Ella Mai has announced her Tour

Whenever an artist drops an album, people expect and assume a tour will follow it. During the pandemic years of 2020 through some of 2022 this was not a guarantee. Many fans who already purchased tickets for various tours learned that the tour would not be happening. This not only left fans disappointed but the artists as well. Some opted to do virtual concerts through social media and YouTube from their homes or small venues. As time went on, venues began to open up with policies in place to keep everyone safe. These policies were worth the trouble for many fans because of their love for the artists. Recently, more and more venues have abandoned these policies and fans are able to attend shows with fewer precautions. 

Ella Mai announced her Heart On My Sleeve Tour on January 22, 2023. On this same day, she also announced the deluxe edition of her album Heart On My Sleeve. Her listeners certainly had a lot to look forward to with both of these announcements. The tour poster featured the same black and white imagery the cover of the deluxe edition of the album has. This uniformity is a glimpse of the type of curated visuals fans can expect to see on the tour. The tour begins March 31 2023 and ends on May 4 2023. Ella has called this her “North America Tour” which leads many fans to believe an overseas portion – specifically in the UK- will be coming in the future.

Fans are Looking Forward to the Tour

Ella Mai recently asked her Twitter followers to ask her some questions. Naturally, many of the questions were about how she was doing or how specific songs came to be. However, there were also some questions about her upcoming tour. One of the first ones asked if there would be any openers/guests for the tour. Ella did not specify who they would be, but she did confirm there would be some. The tour poster does not share who the openers are either. Ella also shared that the chances of a UK portion of her tour are very high. She stated she wants to come back to her home in the UK since she is on tour all over America. 

Tickets for Ella Mai’s Tour are Available Now

Tickets for Ella Mai’s Heart On My Sleeve tour are available now. Fans should check Ella Mai’s website to be connected to their venue’s ticket seller. An extensive list of tour dates and locations are on the homepage of her website. This makes it easy to find without navigating through multiple menus. Fans can scroll to their preferred city and click on “tickets” to gain access to the tour. They can also click on “RSVP” to get reminders and updates about the tickets as the date for their city gets closer. At the bottom of the list, there is an option to “Track” the tour which will take fans to the RSVP page too.

There are several ticket options with various benefits for each one. Naturally, the prices for these various levels increase depending on what comes with them. Most dedicated fans will want to purchase the Meet and Greet Experience tickets. These tickets are also the most expensive ones available. These tickets give fans access to take a picture with Ella Mai, enter the venue early and merch items. Fans can also select the VIP Merch Bundle tickets. This bundle includes an Ella Mai windbreaker, scrunchies, early entry and other benefits. However, there are merch items available on her website now. Some of them are already sold out.

Which city are you going to for Ella Mai’s tour? Let us know in the comments below.