Lizzo Leans Into The Funk Of BTS’ ‘Butter’ For Her ‘Live Lounge’ Cover

Lizzo recently showed love for BTS with an impromptu freestyle the other day, but now she has expressed her admiration in a more professional environment. BBC Radio 1 is in the midst of its “Live Lounge” Month, and as the latest guest, Lizzo performed a cover of BTS’ No. 1 hit “Butter.”

For her performance, Lizzo emphasized the funky elements of the song and put a delightfully engaging spin on the song.

Before the performance, she also offered praise for BTS and spoke about why she chose to cover “Butter,” saying, “I’m really a sucker for people who make positive music. I have dedicated my artistry to making positive music and BTS does just that. The word has fallen in love with them because they are so sweet and pure, and they’re good-hearted. I wanted to bring some more positivity into the world via their song. It’s a great song, too. It’s so funky. I hope we do it justice.”

Meanwhile, fans were also treated to an appearance from Sasha Flute, as Lizzo calls her instrument, as she busted it out while performing “Rumors.”

Watch clips from Lizzo’s performance above and listen to her full “Live Lounge” visit here.

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Lizzo Showed Love For BTS With A Short But Sweet Freestyle About V And Jimin’s Friendship

With the release of her brand new “Rumors” single featuring none other than Cardi B, Lizzo is back in a big way. Which means the always-vocal artist is back to advocating for herself even when bullies try to fat-shame her, and making silly internet videos and freestyles for fans and other artists to enjoy. Luckily, today she’s focusing on the latter, taking a carefree approach to her still overlooked rap skills by employing them to praise BTS.

First, the pop star let fans know she’s in the studio and working, and asked what they’d like to hear her write about:

Then a fan suggested something about a true friendship, like the one between V and Jimin from BTS:

And that was all it took to get Lizzo cooking. Flipping an old snippet from Barney’s classic “I Love You” song, in under twenty seconds she had an homage to the relationship between V and Jimin, which has long been a beloved focus of their fans.

Hey, this might not quite be good enough to make the new album, but it’s still impressive that she can turn a freestyle around so quickly. Now let’s hope she keeps doing what Remy Ma suggested and ignoring the trolls with all her might.

Lizzo Missed The VMAs For An Extremely NSFW Reason

At this year’s VMAs, Lizzo and Cardi B’s “Rumors” was up for Song Of The Summer, a title that ultimately went to BTS’ “Butter.” Lizzo did end the evening with one award, though, as she and Yayayayummy won Best Artist x Creator Collab for the “mustard watermelon” TikTok trend they launched. Lizzo wasn’t at the ceremony, though, because she was keeping busy with… something else.

In a TikTok video yesterday, Lizzo hinted at what she was doing the night of the VMAs, with the clip’s text overlay reading, “I really won a VMA while I was getting my back blown out last night… I’ll be there next year promise.” In the video, “Rumors” plays in the background, and the lyrics heard in the clip are fitting: “All the rumors are true, yeah / I f*cked him and you, yeah.”




♬ Rumors (feat. Cardi B) – Lizzo

Naturally, a lot of the comments on the post reference Chris Evans, as Lizzo and the actor have had some flirtatious social media interactions in recent months. Lizzo didn’t indicate who she spent time with that evening, though.

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Lizzo Says She Has Ghosted ‘People You Would Not Believe’

Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James has a fun recurring segment called “Unpopular Opinions,” in which the titular host and his celebrity guest hear unpopular opinions from listeners and discuss their thoughts on them. Jake Gyllenhaal’s defense of Sean Paul is perhaps the most famous moment to emerge from the segment over the past few years, and recently on the program, Ed Sheeran got real about his songs being used as wedding music. The latest participant in the segment is Lizzo, and on it, she suggested that she has ghosted some noteworthy people.

The final listener of the segment declared that she believes it’s OK to ghost someone (aka cut off communication suddenly and without warning) after a few dates. After initially agreeing, Lizzo decided to change her mind. She declared, “Here’s the reason why I agreed with you: I’m a ghoster. I’ve ghosted people you would not believe [laughs].” In reference to Lizzo’s series of flirty social media encounters with Chris Evans, the listener joked, “Like Chris Evans.” Lizzo responded, “No, baby, that’s one man I won’t ghost.”

She then continued, “I have [ghosted], but I don’t think it’s OK. I always get really apologetic when they confront me about it. […] I apologize, but I do it, so I’m kind of on the fence about this one.”

Lizzo then asked the listener why they ghost people, and they gave an insightful answer about not bringing up perceived flaws that may not be an issue to somebody else and therefore making the ghostee needlessly self-conscious. That response seemed to have hit Lizzo and left her with a different point of view about ghosting, or at least the listener’s philosophy behind it.

Check out the “Unpopular Opinion” segment above.

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Remy Ma Gives Lizzo Advice On Internet Trolls: ‘F*ck These B*tches’

A lot of people want to send love to Lizzo. This pop star, R&B singer, and rapping icon is already facing the extra challenge of being a Black woman in America — add to that she’s living in a plus size body, and well, haters gonna hate. And hate they have been, to the point that even this breakout star had a breakdown over some of the horrific fatphobic comments that keyboard warriors thought it was ok to leave for her following the release of her brand new single “Rumors” that features Cardi B.

Of course, you already know Cardi had her back, defending Lizzo against what she goes through in the public eye. But other artists have now chimed in too, as T.I. supported her and so did Offset, and now Remy Ma.

In a video from Hollywood Unlocked, the reporter asks Remy Ma for her advice to Lizzo, which was short and sweet. “F*ck these b*tches,” Ma said. “What are you talking about? F*ck them. Don’t care and just keep getting your money. You’ll never see them in real life, ever. They’ll never say it to your face.”

Wiser words have rarely been spoken! Check out Remy’s answer below.

Lizzo Picked The Best Artists In R&B, Pop, And More, But She Intentionally Skipped Hip-Hop

If there is one thing that will never change about music, it’s that people will spend non-trivial amounts of time ranking the best artists, albums, and songs and then debating those rankings. It seems like every other day, somebody makes headlines because they ranked the best rappers or the best artists in another style. Now Lizzo has decided to enter the conversation, doing so by declaring the “king,” “queen,” “prince,” and “princess” of various genres.

She began by declaring in a tweet that Usher is the “king of R&B,” and from there, she decided to hand out similar superlatives in subsequent tweets. Her picks include Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and others:

“King of Pop- Michael Jackson
Queen of Pop- Janet Jackson
Prince of pop- Bieber
Princess of Pop- Britney Spears
The Pop princess- Rihanna
Queen of music- Beyonce
Queen of soul- Aretha
Queen of R&B- Mariah
Queen of hip hop soul- Mary J
Queen of rock & roll- Tina Turner.”

Notably, she didn’t touch on rap. She responded to a fan asking why she did that, writing, “Pop is easier to speak on rap got too many variables– I have my opinions tho…. But Ima mind my business.”

Find Lizzo’s tweets below.

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Lizzo Reveals The Salacious Compliment Cardi B Whispered In Her Ear At The ‘Rumors’ Cover Shoot

Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s week of guest hosts continued last night with Irish singer-songwriter Niall Horan, who may have gotten more than he bargained for with his boisterous guest Lizzo. Within seconds, the “Rumors” rapper turned the video interview into a flirt fest, declaring that “this is the sexiest call I’ve ever been on” and shamelessly bantering with Horan as he blushed and complimented Lizzo’s packed awards shelf.

At one point, just after Horan informed her that his fan collective has nicknamed themselves “the Horan-dogs,” Lizzo joked that Niall was giving her a “One Erection,” playing on the name of his former band. While she seemed to have great chemistry with Niall, Lizzo also revealed the raunchy come-on Cardi whispered in her ear while shooting the cover for their new single. “She whispered in my ear when we took that picture, ‘I want to lick your p*ssy,’” she shared, cracking up, before explaining the song’s scandalous Drake reference.

Lizzo certainly seemed to be having a ball, which was a far cry from some of her recent posts on social media in the wake of backlash against the song by haters. Cardi, Cardi’s husband Offset, and T.I. all came to her defense, while Facebook took action to ban some of the negative comments. However, she insisted that she has “No Tears Left To Cry,” referring to the Ariana Grande hit with an impressive vocal cover, quickly reverting back to her fun-loving self just in time to turn the former One Direction singer bright red with laughter.

Watch Lizzo’s interview with Niall Horan above.

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The Kid Laroi And Justin Bieber’s ‘Stay’ Is No. 1 On The Hot 100 Chart For The Third Week Straight

Rising star The Kid Laroi recently made history as the first Australian artist to go No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 40 years for his Justin Bieber collaboration “Stay.” Now continuing the streak, “Stay” remains at No. 1 for a third week in a row.

The Billboard Hot 100 chart dated August 28 was released Monday, showing a lot of familiar names. According to Billboard, “Stay” gained 51.3 million radio airplay impressions, 32.7 million US streams, and 14,400 downloads this week, up an impressive 14 percent from the week prior. While “Stay” continued to hover at No. 1, Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” jumped from No. 3 to No. 2, switching places with Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good For U.”

This week also saw Lizzo’s “Rumors” make its chart debut this week. The Cardi B-featuring track landed at No. 4 on the Hot 100, earning the singer her third-ever top ten track, following “Truth Hurts” and “Good As Hell.” For Cardi, “Rumors” is her tenth top ten single, which includes five No. 1 tracks. “Rumors” debuted with 30.1 million radio impressions, 20.9 million streams, and 25,200 physical and digital sales.

Lizzo shared the news of her “Rumors” success on Twitter, writing, “I calmed down & I’m locked in.. AND MY RECORDS LIVE IN THE TOP TEN.” Continuing her celebration, Lizzo graced her Twitter followers with a photo of her butt as a thank-you to her fans.

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T.I. Gives Lizzo An Encouraging Message On Ignoring Haters: ‘You Are Beautiful, You Are Talented’

Lizzo recently kicked off a new era of music with “Rumors,” her single with Cardi B. The single dropped alongside a regal video, which included several callbacks to Disney’s 1997 film Hercules. While the new track topped the iTunes chart, it also subjected Lizzo to a number of bodyshaming trolls. The comments led Lizzo to go on an emotional Instagram Live session, and now many celebrities are jumping to her defense.

Along with Cardi B and Offset sharing their support, T.I. is the latest celebrity to tell the haters to leave Lizzo alone. The rapper shared an encouraging message to the singer in a video shared to social media, reminding Lizzo that negative comments are just a projection of haters’ own insecurities:

“My message to Lizzo. I don’t know Lizzo personally. Listen, sweetheart, you are beautiful, you are talented, you are good enough for all the great things the world has to offer, don’t wait on nobody out there in the public to validate that. Don’t do that because their perception of you has more to do with them than it does with you. All these people who out here who have negative sh*t to say it’s because they feel negatively about themselves. Them speaking negatively about you or me or anybody else has more to do with them than it does with you. Please don’t wait on them to give you the okay to be happy. Please don’t wait on them to give you the okay for you to be satisfied with yourself, your accomplishments, your achievements.”

T.I. then ended his message by repeating some choice words. “F*ck them people,” he said. “F*ck what people say. You hear me? F*ck ’em.”

Watch T.I.’s full message above.

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