Waka Flocka & OJ Da Juiceman Beef: “You & Yo Weak Ass Mama, F*ck Both Of Y’all”

A podcast interview has ruffled feathers. Last week, OJ Da Juiceman sat down with Big Facts Podcast and said that he never received compensation for his 2009 debut studio album, The Otha Side of the Trap. The rapper was working with Mizay Entertainment at the time led by Deb Antney, and according to OJ, he claimed he was given a raw deal by his label. His side of the story is that he was given the option to get out of his contract as long as he signed over “everything from The Otha Side of the Trap for your life and ten years after your life.” Due to the controversy, OJ said he decided to part ways with Mizay Entertainment.

Antney’s son, Waka Flocka, didn’t appreciate Da Juiceman including his mother in that conversation. “I never do this. This lame what I’m finna do,” Waka started off in a video clip. “Bruh, you lame as f*ck… Talkin’ ’bout n*ggas stole from you. P*ssy ass n*gga. You know who stole from you, you lame ass n*gga. Stop puttin’ that sh*t on my mama,n*gga. Yes, I’m gon’ say this.”

Elsewhere, Waka mocked Juiceman further. “Grown men on the internet crying about who stole from them,” said Flocka. “Y’all n*ggas is lame as f*ck.” OJ Da Juiceman responded to Waka’s insults with a few expletives of his own. “D*ck in the booty ass n*gga you a whole ho, p*ssy ass n*gga,” said OJ. “You ain’t on no gangsta sh*t. N*gga, I ain’t neva seen you do nothin’. Gangsta p*ssy ass n*gga… You and yo’ weak ass mama. F*ck both of y’all.”

Whew. Gucci Mane may need to reconcile this one. Check out the videos below.

Paris Jackson Says Michael Jackson Made Sure Childhood Wasn’t All “Glitz & Glam”

She was only 11-years-old when her famous father tragically passed away in 2009 and Paris Jackson has been living her life both in and outside of his shadow ever since. Michael Jackson’s lone daughter has been speaking out more about her upbringing in recent years and just yesterday, the 22-year-old caught up with Naomi Campbell to chat about life as a Jackson. The supermodel and the King of Pop were good friends and Campbell even starred in the music video for his 1992 hit, “In the Closet.”

Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, Naomi Campbell
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

“I was conceived in Paris, from what I’ve been told, which is part of why I was named Paris,” Paris shared on No Filter with Naomi. “Born in L.A., California and was kind of raised everywhere, but we spent a few years up north in like, [the] Solvang, Santa Barbara area. But I was raised kind of everywhere, like the East Coast, the South, U.K., Europe, the Middle East. We grew up everywhere.”

Naomi marveled over Paris’s maturity and the singer replied that her experiences aided in her worldview, however, it wasn’t always fun-loving and jet-setting. “It was difficult…a blessing a privilege to be able to experience so much at a young age,” she said. “My dad was really good about making sure we were cultured, making sure we were educated, and not just showing us like, the glitz and glam, like hotel-hopping five-star places. It was also like, we saw everything. We saw third-world countries and we saw like, every part of the spectrum.”

Paris’s older brother, Prince (born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.), has been occupying his time with charitable efforts, and youngest sibling, 19-year-old Blanket or Bigi (born Prince Michael Jackson II), has maintained a low profile over the years.

Westside Gunn Readies ‘Hitler Wears Hermes 8’ With Two New Singles: ‘Julia Lang’ And ‘TV Boy’

People thought that Westside Gunn would retire from rapping at the end of last year and focus on the other interests. This was due to a tweet he posted in September, in which he tweeted, “Only 3 more months left and I’m still at peace with my decision but this will be a dope 3 months I promise u that #FLYGOD.” But the rapper changed his mind at the beginning of the new year, saying there’s “more work to do” in his rap career. He even went ahead and announced his next album, which is entitled Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf.

With the full-length effort very much en route, Westside shares his latest singles, “Julia Lang” and “TV Boy.” The former is named after the founder of the genderless lifestyle label VEERT. They also appear beside Westside in the track’s accompanying video, which sees the rapper, his crew, and Lang kicking it at a studio as the Griselda rapper lets off a string of sharp raps. As for “TV Boy,” the song boasts production from frequent collaborators Daringer and Beat Butcha, who help create a grimy track for Westside to strut his stuff.

You can listen to both tracks in the videos above.

NBA YoungBoy Accused Of “Skipping Out” On Mandated Drug Testing: Report

On the heels of the news that the Baton Rouge Police Department was at the center of a corruption scandal, more has been shared about NBA YoungBoy’s case. The 21-year-old star remains in federal custody after being arrested in Los Angeles last week. It’s reported that his most recent run-in with the law is tied to his September 2020 arrest where he and 16 others were taken into custody on drug and firearm charges. YoungBoy’s attorney maintains that his client wasn’t in the possession of weapons at the time of the 2020 arrest, but prosecutors are determined to build a case.

It has also been reported today (March 31) by WAFB 9 News that YoungBoy violated his bond conditions when he “skipped out” on his mandatory drug testing. His other conditions that he had to abide by were “daily curfew calls, random drug screenings, and monthly office visits.” The outlet states that authorities told a judge that everything started out well but YoungBoy eventually began to slack.

The last appointment the rapper had was reportedly in January but documents state that he didn’t show up for his drug test. It’s said that he missed his appointment because he was receiving dental work, possibly his new veneers, but he hasn’t rescheduled.  YoungBoy is set to return to court in April and it’s reported that his attorney will ask for the bond conditions to be removed, but if YoungBoy hasn’t been complying, it could spell more trouble.


AR-Ab Associate Dark Lo Pleads Guilty To Witness Intimidation: Report

The case involving the Original Block Hustlaz label and AR-Ab, real name Abdul Ibrahim West, continues to take twists and turns. It was back in 2018 when Philadelphia prosecutors came down on the label for its alleged involvement in a drug operation. Rapper Charles “Dark Lo” Salley released a song titled “Allegations” following AR-Ab’s arrest where he spun lyrics about “a rat” who he claims cooperated with authorities to take down his friend. According to The Philadelphia Enquirer, Dark Lo rapped that the mystery person responsible would be found and shot.

There was, indeed, a government witness named Dontez “Taz” Stewart who was arrested with the group, and after his identity was revealed, it’s reported that “Allegations” was the first in a series of threats Dark Lo allegedly made against him. “His lyrics promote gun violence and his music videos depict images of drug dealing and weapons possession,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin Ashenfelter wrote in court documents back in 2019. “Plainly, he is a danger to the community and he enjoys that image, using it as a platform to sell his music.”

As the story goes, Stewart received a letter from an alias of Dark Lo’s where Stweart is referred to as “Stuart Little,” a reference to the mouse character. Prosecutors claimed that the letter included multiple threats against Stewart and his family if he testifies, including threats of sexually assaulting Stewart’s wife and stabbing him in prison.

In an interview in 2019, Salley allegedly told authorities that he didn’t see his letter as a threat because he knew Stewart personally. He suggested that it was a threat only if it was sent to a stranger, but because Stewart was “under” him, he “felt as though I could say that to him.”

Earlier this week, Dark Lo reportedly took a deal with the prosecution and the 39-year-old rapper “pleaded guilty to one count of witness intimidation.” He faces upwards of nine years in prison while AR-Ab is still awaiting sentencing after being convicted in 2019. It’s reported that he’s facing decades behind bars.


Travis Scott Breaks New Records W/ CACTI Beverage


Rap superstar Travis Scott stays breaking records. The Houston legend’s new CACTI agave seltzer beverage has made sales history and gives him some serious bragging rights. Travis Scott Breaks New Records W/ CACTI A spokesperson has revealed CACTI had the “highest rate of sale in a debut for any variety pack in Anheuser-Busch Seltzer history.” […]

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Deante Hitchcock Makes The Most Of A Hotel Room In His Freestyle Over Spillage Village’s ‘Baptize’

Atlanta’s Deante Hitchcock has been one of the most active hip-hop acts in 2021. The bulk of his work has came from his revived series New Atlanta Tuesdays, which sees him freestyling over new and old rap songs. He continued it today with a bars over Spillage Village’sBaptize.” Just like the other songs in the series, Deante shares the new freestyle with an accompanying video. In the latest, the rapper can be found in hotel where talks to himself in the mirror before sitting fully-clothed in a tub full of water, once again impressing with his lyrical skills.

The freestyle is the fifth track Deante has dropped in 2021 as part of the new series. He began with bars over Lil Wayne’s “Let The Beat Build” and continued with a wild take on SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box.” Then he took on Drake’s No. 1 song, “What Next,” and his most recent saw him rapping over Outkast’s classic track “Roses,” off their 2004 album Speakerboxx/The Love Below.

Along with the string of freestyles, Deante has also teased a new album to be released in the near future. Until then, you can revisit his debut album, Better, which he released in 2020 and updated this year with a live version that came with videos of the performances.

You can listen to the freestyle in the video above.

Boosie Badazz Would Have Threesome With Rihanna & Iggy Azalea

Boosie Badazz has made it known that he has mad love for Rihanna, and he doubled down on his feelings while visiting Respectfully Justin. The explicit late-night series recently debuted and caused noise over their interview with Saweetie. They previously asked her if she would consider a threesome with her partner and they questioned Boosie Badazz about the same thing—albeit with a few adjustments. Justin Laboy wanted to know what two industry women Boosie would engage in a ménage à trois with. 

Boosie Badazz, Respectfully Justin, Iggy Azalea, Rihanna
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

“I probably have to go with Rihanna and Iggy [Azalea],” said Boosie. Laboy wanted to know why those two women were Boosie’s choices. “I just think of threesomes and I think that that’s a fire combination… I don’t know. I’m lookin’ at it ’cause when I choose different races and uh, I’m just looking at they faces and just looking at they sex appeal.”

A woman in the crowd interrupted to say that one or both of the women had a nice body, but Boosie said he’s never seen anything outside of Instagram. “I just think that’ll be a nice threesome as far as famous people.” Taking things up a notch, Boosie was asked what woman in the industry he’d relinquish his player card for and, unsurprisingly, he said he’s a “groupie” for Rihanna.

“I’m not after her or nothing like that,” the rapper clarified. “You know how you just wanna f*ck somebody in the industry… I fall for just regular, beautiful girls.” Check out the clip below.

YBN Nahmir Claims He’s “Back Onnat Old YBN Sh*t” Following “Visionland” Debut

Those first-week album sales numbers can have an artist on edge, but fans have been YBN Nahmir’s neck over his debut. Recently, Nahmir delivered Visionland, an album that he nurtured for the better parts of a year. He’d teased the project’s release for some time and last week, he dropped off his lengthy introductory effort. However, after Akademiks tweeted that it looked as if Nahmir was only projected to sell 4,000 units, the internet was swift in trolling the rapper. 

Nahmir faced off against critics who teased him over the numbers but on the rapper’s Instagram Story, he seemed grateful for the support. “Thank you so much , I got some new sh*t on the way for yall,” he wrote. “It took alot for Visionland 2 come out. I’m back onnat old YBN sh*t tho. Watch how I make the world stfu. #RealYBN #Visionland.”

Along with his message, Nahmir shared a series of reposts of people who supported his project, including Asian Doll. “This n*gga not regular lil n*gga on god,” she penned. “@YBNNahmir congratulations brother.” Earlier today (March 31), Nahmir also posted a screenshot that showed Visionland had acquired over 100 million streams. Check it all out below.

YBN Nahmir, Asian Doll, Visionland, Instagram Numbers
YBN Nahmir, Asian Doll, Visionland, Instagram Numbers

Lauren London Remembers Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Brave And Beloved Soul’ On The Two-Year Anniversary Of His Death

March 31 is a day that will forever remembered in hip-hop history: On that date in 2019, Nipsey Hussle was tragically shot and killed at his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. His death shook the music world, leaving many to grieve a loss that came at the height of his career. On the two-year anniversary, his longtime girlfriend, Lauren London, took to Instagram to honor him.

“The Day Of Ermias’ transition changed the course of my life forever,” she wrote in the post. “2 years, and it feels like yesterday and eternity all at the same time. Grief and Healing have been constant companions on this journey.” She added, “In Honor of His life and demonstration… May all of Heaven exalt Your name for all You did on Earth and beyond. Brave and Beloved Soul, Ermias. You are missed deeply. You are loved immensely. You will forever be. I love you eternally,” before signing off on the message with “Your Boogie (blue heart emoji).”

A few weeks ago London shared the special contribution she made to Nipsey’s debut album, Victory Lap. “Fun fact: the voice that says ‘victory lap’ on the album is me,” she said in a post to her Instagram story. London can also be heard on another of the album’s tracks, “Real Big.”

Nipsey Hussle is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.