Claudia Jordan’s Bikini Photos Spark Lipo Speculation, She Insists She’s All-Natural

Earlier this week, Claudia Jordan took to social media to drop off some photos from her recent trip to Jamaica, but the fun vacay shots have managed to spark some speculation. In several of the photos, the 50-year-old beauty is seen posing in brightly-colored bikinis, flaunting her figure on the beach. It’s undeniable that Jordan looks great in the photos. What some users are doubting, however, is the fact that she’s all-natural.

Various commenters under her posts are accusing her of getting plastic surgery to achieve her killer bod, claiming that there’s no way she got it without some assistance. According to her, however, these rumors are false. She clapped back in the comments section, as well as in a new clip.

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Claudia Jordan Responds To Liposuction Rumors

In the clip, she discusses reading comments speculating on her body, claiming that she’s “never” had liposuction. While she says she hasn’t gotten it done yet, she admits that she’d consider it in the future to reach her body goals. “I would want a refund,” she jokes, “why are y’all saying that?” Jordan continued, explaining that if she had surgery she’d be transparent about it, as she’s known to share almost “too much” of her business. “I’ll let you know if I do it, trust me. If all of a sudden you see me in crop tops all the time, if I didn’t show y’all the workouts, then I had it done.”

“I’m natural, y’all,” she concluded. “Sorry to disappoint y’all that I’m 50 and I’m, you know, I’m still ight. I’ve got some tracks and some lashes, and that’s it.” What do you think of Claudia Jordan’s recent bikini photo sparking rumors that she got plastic surgery? What about her response to the speculation? Do you think she should drop a workout routine? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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Cardi B Shares PSA After Fans Surprise Her With Billboard Despite Outbursts

Cardi B’s relationship with her fans has been rocky as of late, to say the least. After being spotted spending time with the father of her kids Offset last week, for example, some social media users speculated that they had gotten back together after their split earlier this month. This prompted a heated response from the “Bodak Yellow” performer, who didn’t take kindly to the rumors.

She hopped on Twitter Spaces to unleash on those speculating, calling them out for spreading rumors when she hadn’t confirmed anything. “Did I confirm anything?” she screamed. “Shut the f*ck up. I don’t see nobody talking sh*t but my own f*cking fanbase.” She later blamed supporters for the outburst, reprimanding them for trying to “fake teach [her] lessons.” Luckily, however, they’ve yet to turn their backs on the NYC native, even recently surprising her with a billboard in Times Square.

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Cardi B’s PSA

She took to Twitter to share the news, boasting how fans have her back regardless of her aforementioned comments. In a new clip, she expresses excitement over the billboard, and pokes fun at those who thought her supporters would hold her outbursts against her. According to the femcee, those who aren’t part of her fanbase should simply “mind [their] f*cking business.”

“So I cursed out my fans really bad the other day, and today they put me on a Billboard on 42nd St. in Times Square,” she begins. “I don’t know if it’s Stockholm syndrome or we just have a very toxic relationship. Either way so it just goes to show you that if you not Bardi gang you should mind your f*cking business. Awe, you thought they were going to leave me? Awe. We ain’t going nowhere, b*tch! We ain’t going nowhere, and neither will I. I love you, bye.” What do you think of Cardi B’s recent PSA? What about her fans surprising her with a billboard? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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Crip Mac Calls Adam22 From Behind Bars, Shares Motivational Message

Earlier this month, Crip Mac was arrested during a court appearance for charges related to being a felon in possession of a firearm. The charges were previously dropped at a state level, but the case was later moved up to a federal level. After he was taken away by U.S. Marshals, the personality’s supporters have rallied behind him as he awaits sentencing.

Reportedly, he could be looking at a lengthy stay. Billboard obtained his indictment following the arrest, giving fans a look at what he’s up against. According to No Jumper, the LA native could serve a minimum of 15 years behind bars, based on his current charges and record. Unwilling to let him go down without a fight, fans have called for him to receive a lesser sentence, even starting petitions that have since garnered thousands of signatures.

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Crip Mac Tells Supporters “Everything’s Gonna C Alright”

While there’s no doubt that he’s in a rough place right now, Crip Mac has remained positive during his prison stay. Recently, he even took the opportunity to call Adam22 from behind bars, and seemed to be in good spirits. In a new clip, he chats with the No Jumper host, later sharing a motivational message to his fans. According to Crip Mac, he’s used his time in prison to get in shape. He claims he’s “doing a thousand push-ups a day” and also running when he’s allowed outside.

“Hey what’s cracking everybody, hope everybody’s alright out there,” he tells supporters. “Everything’s gonna C alright, keep your head up.” Clearly, he’s not wasting any time, and has been sure to use his incarceration to work on himself. Crip Mac also seems to have a good mindset, which will hopefully get him through his sentence, however long it may be. What do you think of Crip Mac calling Adam22 from behind bars? What about his message to fans? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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A Judge Reportedly Ruled In Favor Of The Game’s Sexual Assault Accuser In ‘Shell Company’ Lawsuit

the game summertime in the LBC 2018
Getty Image / Scott Dudelson

Just as Cardi B refuses to let up on Taska K in pursuit of her court-decided judgment, “How We Do” rapper The Game has found himself in the same piping-hot financial waters. According to Radar Online, The Game lost his latest legal battle against his sexual assault accuser, Priscilla Rainey.

On December 29, Rainey argued that The Game has been imploring sneaky business tactics to avoid paying out his $7 million judgment. In the paperwork, Rainey alleged that The Game transferred several high-value assets, including his California mansion (estimated at $2.8 million), trademarks, and even cash funds to shell companies (JTT Holdings, Inc, F12 & Associates, 5th Amendment Entertainment, and Pass Go 2 Win LLC) then his manager Wack 100, to avoid being seized by the courts on Rainey’s behalf via a lien.

Even though Wack 100 testified that he received these items due to debts The Game previously owed him, the judge ruled in Rainey’s favor, urging The Game to resume payment towards the remaining balance. Rainey stated in court that The Game has only paid $500,000 toward the massive seven-figure total so far.

The Game maintains that he did not sexually assault Rainey during the filming of his then-reality show, She Got Game, which aired in 2015.

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50 Cent & John Legend’s Creative “21 Questions” Performance Raises Eyebrows

John Legend is known to always come through with killer vocals, but recently, some critics think he missed the mark. The Ohio-born artist teamed up with 50 Cent to sing his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ hit “21 Questions” onstage this week. Unfortunately, social media users have a lot to say about his performance. In a new clip, Fif is seen hyping up the crowd as Legend goes in on the chorus, originally performed by Nate Dogg.

Legend seems to have taken a bit of creative liberty in his rendition of the 2003 banger, adding a notable amount of vibrato that’s got commenters rolling. “Okay Gospel version,” one commenter quips. “I sing it just like this while drunk,” another jokes.

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John Legend & 50 Cent Perform “21 Questions”

Clearly, Legend was feeling the music, and others actually claim to prefer his version over the original. “Get it John!” one supportive commenter writes. Another announces that they plan to “sing it just like this from now on.” Countless users are coming to the hitmaker’s defense amid the barrage of jokes, noting how he’s known to go big. “Stop hating on my boy,” one fan insists. “Y’all so use to these non singing a** ppl y’all forget real singers gon sing any song no mater the genre full out !”

While most viewers are honed in on Legend’s singing, others are pointing out 50 Cent’s reaction to it, claiming that he looked as if he was about to burst out laughing. “50 gon clown him later,” one fan notes alongside a series of laughing emojis. “50 was trying to reel him into the right tune,” another says. What do you think of John Legend and 50 Cent’s “21 Questions” performance? Do you think Legend deserves the roast that he’s been getting online, or are critics being too harsh? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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Chiefs Offense Issues Are Not Due To Taylor Swift, Team Legend Argues

Chiefs legend Christian Okoye has stepped in to defend Taylor Swift after some critics have blamed the singer for the Chiefs’ recent on-field woes. “She has nothing to do with how the team’s doing right now. Taylor Swift is not on the field,” Okoye said. “Travis is playing like he always plays. Teams are just doubling up on him now knowing that our receivers are dropping the balls,” Okoye argued in an interview TMZ.

Furthermore, Okoye said he’s a big fan of what Swift has added to the team over the course of the season. “When you’re doing bad, people have to find excuses. And they have to point fingers. Especially those who don’t like the situation about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Those people are pointing fingers and making it up right now. So I have to tell you they are wrong,” Okoye added.

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Travis Kelce Demands Accountability From Chiefs

Furthermore, Kelce himself also called on the Chiefs to come together as an offensive unit to close out the season. “It’s not just one guy – it’s not just me playing like dog sh-t. It’s not just us not being able to get the run game going. And it’snot just us not being on the same page, passing-wise. Everybody’s in this f-cking thing together. Everybody at some point isn’t being accountable. Every single play is somebody not doing their job, and it’s me … it’s everybody on the team. And whether that’s prep, whether that’s having the confidence and understanding of what the defense is in their coverages, their gaps in the run game, how we’re picking up blitzes, how we’re running routes versus certain coverages. All the above. Everybody’s just got to f-cking do their job,” Kelce ranted on his New Heights podcast.

The Chiefs have now lost three of their last four and four of their last six games. Mahomes was sacked four times on Christmas Day while throwing for just 246 yards. Meanwhile, the ground game failed to generate less than 100 yards of total offense. This included a stretch late in the second quarter when the Raiders scored two defensive touchdowns in the space of seven seconds. The Chiefs close out the season against the Bengals and Chargers.

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BabyTron Wishes Us A Very “MERRY S**TMAS” On New Single & Music Video: Stream

Before we close out 2023, let’s take a look back at an underrated holiday rap song that dropped on Christmas Day this year. It comes from none other than Michigan rap leader BabyTron, who had a pretty prolific and hectic year. In addition to his own solo projects, he, StanWill, and TrDee finished their collaborative tape series as S***tyBoyz with Trifecta 3: The Finale. Speaking of that collective, which the Detroit native always reps, he did the same on this new Christmas song, “MERRY S**TMAS.” It’s available exclusively on YouTube as a music video as of writing this article, and flips the “12 Days of Christmas” melody and song structure.

Of course, the track adds some rapid and deep kicks, sharp snares, and muted rattling hi-hats to give it that Detroit bounce. BabyTron is flowing on “MERRY S**TMAS” as quickly as ever, working in some funny turns of phrase and narrative moments throughout his verse. In fact, he often likes to work with this sort of planned structure, specifically writing bars for a given set of numbers or with a certain theme. Unsurprisingly, the “Mr. Hanky” MC delivers once again here, even working in a tempo slow-down with casual ease. His flows and wordplay are pretty idiosyncratic and beloved at this point, showcases by albums like MegaTron 2.

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BabyTron’s “MERRY S**TMAS”: Stream & Watch The Music Video

Meanwhile, this has also been a pretty big year for the 23-year-old in other ways that further his career. For example, he featured on JID and Lil Yachty’s “Half Doin Dope” and had a killer verse on there. Hopefully BabyTron will bring us many more gifts in 2024 that continue to cement his status as a new generation star. If you haven’t heard “MERRY S**TMAS” yet, check out the music video above and peep some standout bars down below. Also, log back into HNHH for all the great music releases to come next year.

Quotable Lyrics
On the eleventh day of Christmas, all cuddy did was sell wеight,
I don’t f**k with that number, slept through the twеlfth day,
On the thirteenth day, it was nonstop action, I made thirteen plays,
Can’t remember the fourteenth, I smoked fourteen eighths

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Justina Valentine Recaps The Year’s Biggest Ups & Downs On Her “2023 Rap Up” Freestyle

We’ve made it to the final day of 2023, and what better way to recap the rollercoaster ride of the past 12 months than a new freestyle from Justina Valentine. For the past few years, she’s been teaming up with The Shade Room to summarize past events as only she can. If you ask us, the latest edition may be the famous redhead’s best work yet, as she covers everything from Blueface and Chrisean Rock to Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan.

“What a tangled web some have spun / Larsa Pippen out here dating Michael Jordan’s son,” Valentine spits early on in the song. “I know he inside the box like Roddy / Somebody better check on Scottie,” she adds, mentioning the Real Housewives cast member’s athlete husband, who she reportedly slept with multiple times each night throughout their marriage.

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Justina Valentine Summarizes 2023 in Just 12 Minutes

Other hot topics the Wild ‘n Out cast member rhymes about in the video above include Yung Miami’s love for golden showers, Rihanna’s iconic Super Bowl Halftime performance (and subsequent pregnancy announcement), and Ja Morant’s troublesome stint with the NBA after flashing weapons on social media more than once. That was all in the first few months of the year, with events like the Montgomery brawl, Chris Brown and Usher’s alleged scuffle, and Keke Palmer’s baby daddy drama after wearing a sexy dress to the latter R&B’s Las Vegas residency all came after, and that doesn’t even touch on the second half of 2023.

Do you think Justina Valentine killed it on her “2023 Rap Up”? If yes, you can add the lengthy freestyle to your playlist on Spotify/Apple Music. For more HNHH release recommendations that will keep your NYE party lit, check out the latest update of our weekly Fire Emoji round-up at the link below.

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Quotable Lyrics:

What a tangled web some have spun
Larsa Pippen out here dating Michael Jordan’s son
I know he inside the box like Roddy
Somebody better check on Scottie


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Tokyo Toni Recalls Her First Day Stripping, Earned $4K In Minutes

Tokyo Toni has never shied away from her past, including her time as a sex worker. The personality previously worked as an escort, and before that, as a stripper. According to her, she was raking in the dough too, bringing in thousands of dollars in mere minutes. In a new clip, she gives fans a taste of some of her old moves, gyrating to R. Kelly and reminiscing about her experience onstage.

“Girl this motherf*ckin’ money,” she began, recalling fondly how entranced men would make it rain at the club. “I was hooked day one,” Tokyo continued. “I said, ‘All of that for that?’ With no exaggeration on God, on Dream, on my kids, on my whole f*ckin’ life, I left there with almost $4K off a song and a half.” As for how exactly Tokyo was able to earn so much in such a short amount of time, she says her jaw-dropping figure was to thank. “Why? I had a 50-inch a** and a 24-inch waist,” she noted. “I forgot about that part.”

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Tokyo Toni Was “Hooked” Immediately

While it’s no secret that Tokyo’s got moves, she’s got bars too, as evidenced by her new diss track about Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold. The two of them have been going back and forth online for some time now, but things have seriously ramped up in recent weeks. She didn’t hold back at all in her track, referring to Saffold as a “nothing a**, dirty a**, trifling a**, wh*re a** b*tch.”

She also boasted about her time onstage, claiming that Saffold’s lack thereof explains why she pushed her kids into entertainment. “You wanted to get on that stage when you were young and it didn’t work, did it?” she said. “Girl I had my turn.” What do you think of Tokyo Toni reflecting on her time stripping back in the day? Are you shocked by how much money she made dancing for only a couple of songs? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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