French Montana & Kodak Black Bring The Energy On “I Can’t Lie.”

French Montana is an artist who has at times been compared to DJ Khaled. Although this is not because he is a DJ or a producer. However, it is because he has a knack for bringing a lot of artists together. As DJ Akademiks once said, he is a DJ Khaled who can rap. Overall, this is a compliment that can’t be extended to everyone. Many artists engage in beef with one another. Although, when you remain friendly with other rappers, you can come through with some truly special collaborations.

Over the years, French Montana has worked a lot with the likes of Kodak Black. The latter is fresh off of releasing a new album. Additionally, French Montana is back to releasing new tracks as he loves his summer anthems. Today, they teamed up yet again although this time with some help from the likes of London On Da Track. On this song, titled “I Can’t Lie,” we get that signature Kodak Black and French Montana chemistry.

French Montana & Kodak Black Have Great Chemistry

With this track, we get some nice trap production from London On Da Track that provides an exciting flare. From there, Kodak Black and French Montana trade bars with their signature flows. Fans of both of these artists will certainly appreciate the collaboration. Ultimately, it serves as a new song for your summer playlists.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see what’s next for both of these artists. Overall, this is a solid effort, and we’re sure French Montana will want to keep up the momentum. Let us know what you think of this brand-new song, in the comments section down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the music world. We will always bring you the biggest releases from the biggest artists in the world.

Quotable Lyrics:

Through my mama on the golf course, caught a fish in the crib
Free the n**** to thе ceilin’, I’m in too deep, like David
With my codeinе, I pop a seal, like on the real, I’m in the field
On the real, I’m tryna kill, like on the real, I stacked a mill’

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Desiigner Drops A Banger With “Mafia Water”

Desiigner has been going through a difficult patch. Overall, this stems from the fact that he was allegedly caught pleasuring himself on a plane. He was subsequently charged for this, and he has since sought mental health services. Although, it does seem like a lot of fans are completely turned off by his recent spat with the law. Ultimately, it was a gross crime to commit, and there are many who continue to denounce him. Regardless, Desiigner continues to do his thing.

Shortly after his arrest, he came out and said that he would continue to drop new music. This included a track called “Timmy Turner Pt. 2.” No one ever really thought a part two to that track would ever be released. However, Desiigner decided to surprise his fans anyway. Either way, it certainly worked in his favor as many enjoyed the effort. Subsequently, he has dropped yet another song, this time called “Mafia Water.” You can find the track, below.

Desiigner Does His Thing

Ultimately, this is another solid song from the rapper. Overall, the single is filled with some nice production, that has a menacing quality to it. Moreover, Desiigner does a great job of sliding on this track as he provides listeners with solid flows and vocal inflections. It is yet another instance of the artist showing people that he is a lot more than just the song “Panda.”

Only time will tell whether or not Desiigner will continue to drop some new tracks. Furthermore, with his legal troubles in mind, it could be a while before a potential album is ever brought out. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this new track, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from around the music world. We will always bring you the biggest releases from the biggest artists.

Quotable Lyrics:

Remember sleepin’ on the sofa
My keys, give it to the show for (Show for)
Desiigner drippin’, gotta show up (Show up)
Hundred bands, I bend her over (Over)
Now we get it ’til it’s over (Over)

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Central Cee & Dave’s Highly Anticipated Single “Sprinter” Is Here

With June finally here, we’re receiving a number of excellent records to soundtrack summer 2023. Last year, Central Cee dominated the year with the release of his viral single, “Doja.” Although a project hasn’t arrived since, the leaks and singles he’s unveiled since then have indicated that he has something up his sleeve. Fortunately, he’s back with new heat this summer and tapping Dave for the ride. Together, the rappers slid through with the release of “Sprinter.”

When two young artists develop wealth after years of grinding, it comes with much celebration and stress. However, on “Sprinter,” Dave and Central Cee tackle a soft string-laden production that boasts a calmingly luxe feeling. However, the drill-centric percussion brings out a grimey feel that contrasts their clean flows. Dave, under his moniker SantaN, has co-production credits on the song, along with TR, Jo Caleb, Jim Legxacy, Jonny Leslie and Kyle Evans. 

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Central Cee & Dave Team Up

Dave and Central Cee remark on their rags-to-riches tale and the problems that come along with it. Cee kicks things off as he reflects on his new wealth. “We ain’t got generational wealth/ It’s only a year that I’ve had these millions,” he raps. “I went from the Toyota Yaris to Urus, they had their chance but blew it.” Cee and Dave trade bars on the hook and subsequent verses, showcasing their impeccable chemistry with one another. It’s a hit record that’s bound to have summer 2023 on lock.

The two rappers built anticipation for the record back in March when Central Cee shared a snippet on Instagram. However, in recent days, the two began to tease fans when they were spotted filming the music video in Monaco and later, attending the 2023 F1 Monaco Grand Prix together. “Sprinter” marks the second time they appeared together on the same track following AJ Tracey’s “Spirit Bomb” remix in 2016. However, Dave boasted production credits on Central Cee’s “End Of The Beginning,” the outro to 23. Check out their new collab above.

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Quotable Lyrics
She Turkish-Cypriot, but her curves Brazilian, uh
I want her, and bro wants her affiliate
I’m cheap, still hit a chick like, “Yo, can I borrow your Netflix?”
She a feminist, she think I’m sexist
Twistin’ my words, I think she dyslexic

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Latto & Cardi B Are About To Have The Summer On Lock With “Put It On Da Floor Again”

It’s been three years since Latto graced the cover of the XXL Freshman list but somehow, she still remains as hungry now as she did then. In the past year, we’ve witnessed her incredible rise to pop stardom, thanks to the success of “Big Energy.” The pop-friendly radio record didn’t define her, though. In the months that passed, she continued to showcase her versatility on a number of records that have achieved viral success. However, her latest hit, “Put It On Da Floor” currently has TikTok in a chokehold.

As the song continued to gain momentum on the charts, Latto came through this week with the official remix featuring Cardi B. The two rappers connect on “Put It On Da Floor Again,” which brings the Bronx-born artist into the fold. Serving as Cardi’s first musical offering of 2023, she comes out the gate swinging. The no-holds bars mentality is evident as she targets her adversaries and their affiliates, rapping, “I ain’t smokin’ on no za’, lil’ b**ch, I’m smokin’ on you/ Put your bestie in a pack and now I’m smokin’ her too.” 

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Cardi B & Latto Collide On The Remix 

Although it’s only been a few weeks since the original song came out, the addition of Cardi B elevates the song further. For one, it’s the first collaboration between the two artists, something that feels long overdue. Meanwhile, Cardi doesn’t necessarily aim to steal the show but rather, complement what Latto laid down on the original. It’s another solid effort that will produce many Instagram captions for the months ahead.

The song also arrived alongside a new music video, which includes some star-studded appearances. While Latto takes fans on a Wal-Mart run, she later links up with Cardi B, who is accompanied by her husband Offset. Syncing up with her bars about LSU, Cardi and Latto also nab a cameo from Angel Reese. The many iconic moments will undoubtedly serve up a few gifs on the timeline. But beyond the viral content, Cardi B and Latto came through with a hit. Check the music video and song above.

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Quotable Lyrics
Got so many chains on, I can’t even see my throat
These h**s don’t do enough that’s why I always do the most
Broke n***as give the d**k, rich n***as sponsor goals
Only thing a n***a get from me for free is free the bros

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Kid Cudi Returns With A New Sound On “Porsche Topless”

Kid Cudi is one of the most legendary artists still making music today. Overall, he is someone who has completely changed the sound of the genre. Through his hums, his singing, and his production, Cudder knows how to catch a wave and a vibe. Although he has been subjected to some slander over the years, he always manages to overcome that and deliver some great tracks. He is still looking to drop new albums, and this has even led to a bunch of song teasers on social media.

Recently, he showed off a new song called “Flex.” However, fans immediately started to make fun of it. This track had a bit of a weird sound that certainly wasn’t for everyone. Consequently, Cudi decided to change course and drop something completely different, much to the delight of fans. Since then, he has been teasing “Porsche Topless” which contains production from BNYX. BNYX has worked with Yeat, and he makes some amazing beats.

Kid Cudi Slides On New Track

On “Porsche Topless,” we are definitely getting the energetic rager side of Kid Cudi. The synth-heavy production is fantastic, and Cudi does a good job of navigating it. The lyrics are him declaring himself the GOAT, while also going after a party-type sound. Ultimately, this is a track that will have fans excited for what is to come on Solo Dolo IV.

For now, however, it still remains to be seen when this album is going to drop. Although he has said it is coming, there is zero timeline for this release. In the meantime, let us know what you think of “Porsche Topless,” in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news from around the music world. We will always keep you informed on the biggest releases from the biggest artists. There is always a plethora of new tracks coming out.

Quotable Lyrics:

Celebratin’, do a toast to the life
We live, we live through the night
And you see we got the glow, to the city
Get live, get live (Hey, yeah)
Pull up in my (Hey, yeah) Porsche topless (Hit ’em)

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The Weeknd, Madonna, & Playboi Carti Bring A Nostalgic Sound On “Popular”

The Weeknd has been incredibly consistent over the years. Furthermore, he has been trying out a plethora of different things. For instance, he is trying out his hand at acting with the show The Idol. Although the reviews for the show have been pretty bad, Abel is still giving it a go. Moreover, he is now in charge of the show’s soundtrack. Fans are very excited to hear the whole thing, especially with Mike Dean involved. Not to mention, he has been teasing a new track with Playboi Carti and Madonna.

This song was first teased while The Weeknd was out at the Cannes film festival. There was immediately a ton of intrigue for this song, and for very good reason. Madonna is a legend, while Carti hasn’t been heard from in a while. Lastly, The Weeknd just knows how to craft hits, and it seemed like he had another one in the making. Well, today, he dropped off the new song, and it certainly did not disappoint.

The Weeknd Continues To Shine

Metro Boomin and Mike Dean worked on the production here, so you know it’s going to sound amazing. The track has an early 2000s r&b feel to it that some say is Neptunes inspired. Overall, The Weeknd sounds fantastic here, as does Madonna. Although, Playboi Carti’s verse is very short and seems to be on a loop. Either way, it’s nice to hear them all together.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to hear the rest of this project. While the show may be polarizing, we can probably all agree that the soundtrack will be great. Let us know what you think of “Popular,” in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from around the music world.

Quotable Lyrics:

Oh, I know what she needs (Oh)
She just want the fame, I know what she fiеnds (Oh)
Give her a little tastе, runnin’ back to me (Oh)
Put it in her veins, pray her soul to keep, ooh, ooh
Every night (Every night, uh), she prays to the sky
Flashin’ lights is all she ever wants to see

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Gunna Appears To Diss Lil Durk & Lil Baby On “Bread & Butter”

Gunna is someone who has been in the spotlight quite a bit as of late. Of course, a lot of this has to do with the fact that he walked free from the YSL Rico case. Overall, many are concerned for Young Thug, and their love for the artist has Gunna in the crossfire. Many believe he snitched, and consequently, they are calling him out. Moreover, others have simply stated that they would never work with Wunna again. It’s a bad situation that the artist hasn’t exactly been able to respond to.

Well, Gunna has been teasing some new music as of late. This has certainly intrigued his fans, especially with all of the chatter about his alleged cooperation with the feds. Supporters want him to address his detractors, and overall, it looks like he is doing just that. On Friday, Gunna dropped a new song called “Bread & Butter.” With this track, the artist ditches his previous sound and swaps it out for bars. Given the circumstances, it is easy to see why he would want to do this.

Gunna Claps Back

In fact, throughout the track, he does, indeed, mention the snitching allegations. He makes it crystal clear that he never told. Furthermore, he reiterates his love for Young Thug. Moreover, he takes some thinly veiled shots at the likes of Lil Baby and Lil Durk, who have distanced themselves from Gunna in light of the Rico case. Needless to say, it is clear that the rapper has been paying attention to the things that have been said about him.

Whether or not this leads to a new album, still remains to be seen. However, it is clear that Gunna is as hungry as ever to show people the real him. Let us know what you think of the song, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the music world.

Quotable Lyrics:

Never gave no statement or agreed to take no stand on ’em
On whatever you n****s on, then trust me, I’ma stand on it
Lawyers and the DA did some sneaky shit, I fell for it
On my Ps and Qs because, this time, I be prepared for it, yeah

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