Lil Yachty Goes For The Jugular On “Lets Get On Dey A**”

Lil Yachty aptly named his new single “Lets Get On Dey A**”. While the subject matter mostly pertains to the grind to stealing somebody’s girl, the hidden meaning behind it why this title is so perfect. The polarizing Georgia rapper and singer has been on an absolute tear over the last year and a half. From Let’s Start Here. to songs like “Strike (Holster)” and “A Cold Sunday”, to his recent James Blake collab tape, Bad Cameo, he has been on the competition’s “A**” for sure. Produced by Cardo and Kyuro, it features a synth, kick drum, and bass heavy intro with Yachty’s warbly vocals looming in the background.

Overall, the single sounds like a mixture of Playboi Carti and ian of all artists. The latter is known for being influenced by Yeat. But with Yachty being seen working with him as of late, he might have borrowed some ideas from Valedictorian. Overall, the track is extremely well-produced, however this one of Yachty’s more inconsistent tracks as whole, sadly, His rapping performance is sort of all over the place and it feels like he has hard time finding a pocket. However, we still encourage you to check it out for yourself and see what you think. You can do so by watching the “Lets Get On Dey A**” music video, which features his fellow Concrete Boys members.

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“Lets Get On Dey A**”- Lil Yachty

Quotable Lyrics:

F*** it, I’m up, skrrt on they a**
I run up the millions and spend it on glass
F*** n****s that ain’t got no paper, hm, hm
They goin’ to water, don’t run out of money
I’m payin’ to hit with your h*? Ayy, you trippin’ buddy
Haha (Ha), haha (Phew)

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Lil Yachty Drops New Single, Visuals For “Let’s Get On Dey Ass”

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Lil Yachty has officially released his latest song “Let’s Get On Dey Ass” along with an accompanying music video. The new track highlights Yachty back in his rap bag at full force, weaving his melodic and whirly auto-tuned vocals over the track’s distorted 808s, howling synth lead, and bouncy hi-hats to deliver a high octane, bass heavy, rap anthem perfect for a festival mosh pit. Directed by Zhamak, the “Let’s Get On Dey Ass” music video shows Yachty and the Concrete Family dancing around the city, draped in luxurious matching vintage outfits and jewelry. Lofi VHS style shots of Yachty and his crew alternate with clips of the style icon shopping for another signature outfit along with a cameo from social media star and model, Teanna Trump. The new song comes on the heels of Yachty’s collaborative album with James BlakeBad Cameo, and follows their most recent visualizer for “Save The Savior.”

The post Lil Yachty Drops New Single, Visuals For “Let’s Get On Dey Ass” first appeared on The Source.

The post Lil Yachty Drops New Single, Visuals For “Let’s Get On Dey Ass” appeared first on The Source.

Lil Yachty Tell His Concrete Boys Crew ‘Let’s Get On Dey Ass’ With An Electrifying New Video

Earlier this year, Lil Yachty launched his record label, Concrete Rekordz, and signed his first act: The raucous, Atlanta-based crew Concrete Boys, which includes a collection of proteges Yachty believes can get hip-hop out of the “terrible state” he fretted over last year. To that end, he’s been releasing a slew of off-the-wall, free verse-style singles, including “A Cold Sunday,” “Something Ether,” and now, “Let’s Get On Dey Ass,” an electrifying track in the vein of fellow ATLien Playboi Carti’s amorphous, video gamey sound.

In the colorful video for the song, Yachty and the Boys (and Karrahbooo — I guess it’s like a “Storm from the X-Men” situation) vibe out and parade through a series of sparse tableaux sporting matching gear to show off their team spirit. They also demonstrate an astonishing array of complex high-fives, careen through the Georgia woods in a luxury SUV, and peruse racks of vacuum sealed fashion pieces. The vibe just screams good times and camaraderie, and suggests more boisterous and defiant hits to come.

Yachty isn’t just trying to save hip-hop, though; last month, he also teamed up with UK producer James Blake for an experimental collaborative album called Bad Cameo.

Watch Lil Yachty’s “Let’s Get On Dey Ass” video above.

YG Drops New Single “Stupid” Featuring Lil Yachty and Babyface Ray

YG Drops New Single "Stupid" Featuring Lil Yachty and Babyface Ray

Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum artist and humanitarian YG has released his latest single, “Stupid,” featuring Lil Yachty and Babyface Ray. Produced by DJ Mustard with Bandz and Julia Lewis, the track is poised to be a summer anthem with its infectious hook and head-bopping beat.

“Stupid” masterfully combines a flute-like melody with a heavy-hitting beat, showcasing YG’s signature West Coast sound. This new single represents a unique fusion, integrating Lil Yachty’s Atlanta flair and Babyface Ray’s Detroit swagger. The cross-regional collaboration promises to captivate fans nationwide with its dynamic sound and undeniable energy.

The accompanying music video features vibrant scenes of the trio, highlighting their carefree spirit, camaraderie, and luxurious lifestyle. This perfectly complements the song’s lyrics and overall vibe.

The track underscores YG and Mustard’s iconic partnership, reminiscent of their past collaborations that have shaped West Coast hip-hop. “Stupid” maintains this powerful alliance while venturing into new territory, infusing different elements and paving the way for a fresh direction in the West Coast scene.

Set to be a standout feature on YG’s highly anticipated project, “Just Re’D Up 3,” the single promises a collection of tracks that push boundaries and showcase YG’s evolving artistry. “Just Re’D Up 3” is slated for release on Aug. 16th.

The post YG Drops New Single “Stupid” Featuring Lil Yachty and Babyface Ray first appeared on The Source.

The post YG Drops New Single “Stupid” Featuring Lil Yachty and Babyface Ray appeared first on The Source.

Bhad Bhabie Essential Songs

Ever since she became unexpectedly famous, Bhad Bhabie, or Danielle Bregoli, has grown from a viral internet star to a player in the rap game. What kicked it all off was her catchphrase, “Cash me ousside, how ’bout that?” on Dr. Phil, which turned her into an overnight sensation. Yet, instead of fading away as quickly as she blew up, she did the opposite. Bhabie turned her 15 minutes into a full-blown music career — signing with Atlantic Records when she was only 14. Known for her style and unapologetic demeanor, she consistently drops tracks that connect with fans.

Moreover, her discography reflects this growth. Each song shows a different side of Bhad Bhabie as an artist. She can make hits, too: With her first single being “These Heaux” to going platinum with “Hi Bich,” it’s clear that chart-topping music isn’t foreign territory. Collaborations alongside established names like Lil Yachty and Kodak Black prove just how versatile she really is. The tracks below mark growth in skill and placement within today’s rap scene overall. They truly demonstrate what it means to have ambition among such fierce competition levels today.

1. “Hi Bich” (2017)

“Hi Bich” is one of Bhad Bhabie’s most iconic tracks. Released in 2017, this single quickly became a fan favorite, showcasing her sassy attitude. The song’s beat and unforgettable chorus made it a staple in her discography. It also defined her place in the rap scene. Its triumph was further highlighted by its RIAA certification as a platinum record.

The music video for “Hi Bich” also significantly impacted the song. The song’s success helped dispel initial doubts about her longevity in the music industry, proving that she had the chops to make it as a rapper. “Hi Bich” remains a defining moment in her career, capturing the energy and defiance she has become known for.

2. “Gucci Flip Flops” Ft. Lil Yachty (2018)

Teaming up with Lil Yachty, Bhad Bhabie delivered another hit with “Gucci Flip Flops.” This track appeared in 2018, showing that she can keep up with established artists. It is a unique song, among other things, because of its silly words and lively beats, which show how much the singer has grown as an artist and her talent for making sing-along anthems. The RIAA gold certification it got represents its commercial success, hence cementing Bhad Bhabie’s position in rap.

The music video for “Gucci Flip Flops” also contributes to its catchiness with colorful imagery and appearances by Lil Yachty. Collaborating with him on this track showed what kind of big-name acts could be attracted to work alongside Bhad Bhabie at such early stages of her career. This also shows the depth of influence she had already gained within the industry. Besides being widely loved by fans who made it clear they wanted more hits like “Flip Flops,” this song proved that she has the potential to make mainstream records.

3. “Bestie” Ft. Kodak Black (2018)

“Bestie,” featuring Kodak Black, marks a notable chapter in Bhad Bhabie’s career. Released in 2018, the track explores themes of friendship and loyalty, showcasing a deeper, more reflective side of Bhad Bhabie. Kodak Black’s contribution adds a layer of grit and authenticity, creating a dynamic interplay between the two Florida artists. Moreoever, collaborating with Kodak Black brought additional attention to the song and demonstrated her ability to blend different rap styles into a cohesive and compelling piece.

4. “These Heaux” (2017)

As Bhad Bhabie’s debut single, “These Heaux” is a critical piece of her musical journey. Released in 2017, this track introduced her to the music world with a bang. The song’s catchy hook and confrontational lyrics quickly caught listeners’ attention, helping it climb the charts and reportedly making Bhad Bhabie the youngest female rapper to debut on the Billboard Hot 100.

The success of “These Heaux” was instrumental in securing Bhad Bhabie a multi-million dollar record deal with Atlantic Records. It highlighted her transition from a viral sensation to a serious artist. The music video perfectly complemented the song’s audacious spirit with its bold visuals and rebellious themes. “These Heaux” set the stage for Bhad Bhabie’s future in the industry, proving she had the talent and tenacity to back up her internet fame. This track remains a fan favorite and a testament to her ability to make a solid first impression.

5. “Do It Like Me” (2018)

“Do It Like Me” displays Bhad Bhabie’s confidence. Released in 2018, this song’s heavy bass production accentuates her resolve to create her niche within the music industry. The self-empowering tune shows how she asserts her personality over everyone else’s. Also, the music video for “Do It Like Me” augments what the song is all about by presenting Bhad Bhabie in different visually dazzling, high-energy contexts. The video’s lively visual style and energetic fight scenes also emphasize her magnetic stage presence and artistic direction. “Do It Like Me” reflects Bhad Bhabie’s belief in herself while serving as an anthem against conformity among people who may look up to her or identify with themselves through her music. This track solidifies not only her standing within rap but highlights how she can motivate young listeners, too – fearlessly approaching music creation that inspires others like never seen before

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James Blake & Lil Yachty Captivate & Surprise On “Bad Cameo”

Just over four months ago, Lil Yachty shared an interview clip on Instagram talking about James Blake. The key quotables from it were these: “I think James is working with a quite substantial amount of hip-hop artists, but this project is just… so left. For both of us”. “It’s just gonna be like ‘what the f***?! When they do this?!’”. After that fairly vague soundbite, the trailer-like post made things a little clearer. “CMYK PRESENTS ‘BAD CAMEO’ A FULL LENGTH ALBUM BY JAMES BLAKE & LIL YACHTY”. Fans were undoubtedly excited and intrigued, but no one was sure when we would receive it. Thankfully, on June 6, both artists shared the album cover, as well as the release date.

We are happy to say that Bad Cameo is here today, June 28, and it is quite tremendous. That may be a surprise to some, but perhaps why this album works is all thanks to Let’s Start Here. That LP by Yachty opened the versatility floodgates and most likely gave James Blake and the rapper belief that this would be possible. Honestly, though, it does more than just get by it passes with flying colors. Sure, there are some moments where it feels like one artist is in more control than the other. But the number of times that they mesh far outweighs the moments where they clash. In fact, that is so minimal that we would argue the album nearly flawless.

While that might be recency bias kicking in, hear us out. The instrumentals, which are handled by Lil Yachty, James Blake, BNYX, Dom Maker, and SADPONY, are all so unique from each other. Like the beats, the vocals are also extremely captivating and feel futuristic at times. Furthermore, the lyrical content is deep, self-reflective, and emotional, and they almost always complement the moods of the sonics. This is far from a traditional R&B/hip-hop album. Bad Cameo is something truly extraordinary and needs to be explored again and again.

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Listen To Bad Cameo By James Blake & Lil Yachty

Bad Cameo Tracklist:

  1. Save The Savior
  2. In Grey
  3. Midnight
  4. Woo
  5. Bad Cameo
  6. Missing Man
  7. Twice
  8. Transport Me
  9. Run Away From The Rabbit
  10. Red Carpet

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Lil Yachty And James Blake Claim Young Thug Is Wildest Artist To Record With

Lil Yachty and James Blake are one of the most fascinating collaborations in recent memory. The rapper and electronic balladeer couldn’t be further apart, and yet, they’ve found a way to make their disparate sounds for an entire album. Bad Cameo, their debut release as a duo, is out June 28. They’ve been doing lots of promotion in the lead up to its release. That being said, the most surprising anecdote they’ve said thus far has to be their shared fascination with Young Thug.

Lil Yachty and Blake were asked about their wildest studio experiences during an appearance on the Safe Space Podcast. Incredibly, both artists picked sessions with Young Thug as their answer. “Probably Young Thug, during COVID,” Blake quipped. Lil Yachty instantly co-signed his collaborator. “I was just about to say the same thing,” he claimed. “Young Thug, for me, was definitely the craziest session ever.” What makes their shared answer so interesting is that Lil Boat and Blake recorded with Thugger during completely different times.

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Lil Yachty Was Fascinated By Thugger’s Musical Process

Lil Yachty elaborated on Young Thug’s unorthodox process. “It’s 60 people in a room, the mic’s in the room, he’s recording in the room,” he explained. “No one stops talking, it’s weed smoke, there’s nowhere to sit, the lights are low.” James Blake confirmed that he was brought into a similarly packed situation. The singer/producer did assert that Thug was very professional in terms of work ethic, however. He told the Safe Space host that the YSL boss was “very supportive” and focused when it came time to lay down vocals.

James Blake and Young Thug have only collaborated on one song, “Kisses Make Sure.” The former claimed that he worked with Thugger during COVID, however, so it remains to be seen whether they have more songs in the vault. Lil Yachty and Young Thug, meanwhile, have multiple collabs dating back to 2016. The two rappers are so close, in fact, that Yachty scrapped an entire album on Thug’s advice. “One time I played [Lil Boat 3] for Young Thug,” he told Pheno Bars in 2023. “He said it was dog sh*t, so I just started over.” It’s this brutal honesty that has led Lil Yachty to dub Thugger one of the “greatest” of his generation. Here’s hoping more collabs are around the corner.

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Lil Yachty & James Blake Talk Joint Album “Bad Cameo” With Zane Lowe

Some collaborations often catch fans off guard, and Lil Yachty and James Blake’s upcoming joint album, Bad Cameo, can fall into that category. Yet, it hasn’t been uncommon for Blake to partner with Hip Hop artists throughout his prolific career. He has worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, Vince Staples, Chance The Rapper, and Frank Ocean, and was featured on the Black Panther soundtrack. Yachty’s catalog of hits speaks for itself, and these two decided to band their skills together for what they hope is an unforgettable project that both say inspired their best songwriting.

“As soon as we started making songs, and I think partly it was to do with this conversation we had pretty early on where Yachty was like, ‘James, you’ve made enough,’” Blake told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “‘You’ve worked on enough Rap records. Let’s make something completely different.’ And I was like, ‘Totally, what do you feel like working on?’ And I just started playing him….it’s not that I assumed we’d make a Rap vocal collab record. I just didn’t know what he wanted to do.”

“So when he said that, I was like, ‘Great, obviously the door’s open for any type of thing I’m going to play him,” Blake added. “So, I just started playing him ambient things. Things I’d been working on actually from a similar era to the Robots‘ era stuff. If you look around here, this is all just since that. I’ve made all that stuff on and I was playing him some stuff like that. Then, he had a couple of things that he brought in that kind of matched that mood.”

Both Blake and Yachty expounded on Bad Cameo, detailing why they were drawn to work with one another in the first place. Read through a few highlights below, including lessons Yachty learned from Blake and why Blake almost swore off collaborations altogether before this partnership arose. Additionally, make sure to stream Bad Cameo when it arrives this Friday, June 28.

James Blake On Why He Wanted To Work With Lil Yachty

The thing that I think it was for me—because I already respected you as an artist in the genre you started in. To me, the music you were making already was amazing. And I think lyrically you stood out energetically. You stood out, and I just felt like every time your voice came on something, it was like, oh, I just knew there was going to be a level of quality to it. I also got a sense early on that some of the kinds of genre associations and the kinds of ways that some people felt about that genre were reflecting on you unfairly. And I could see that there was someone unbelievably special who just happened to make this kind of music. And it’s also music that I love.

Lil Yachty On What He Learned From Working With James Blake

Lil Yachty: I think I have a better understanding of quality and I feel like he pushed me to—he didn’t push me physically. Like, told me, ‘Do better.’ But just being around and experiencing him work pushed me to try to have reason in my songwriting and to just live up to the quality of James’s catalog. I didn’t want to put a project out and then his fans be upset with me. Kind of slaughtering all of the—

James Blake: That could never happen.

Zane Lowe:  No, but I do understand what you’re saying. Pushing yourself to connect to the music in a way where—

Yachty: Just to be as great as everything that he has done. No, seriously, I wanted to make sure he knew how serious I was. Because I, myself, have worked with so many artists who are just so unserious. They don’t understand true effort or just don’t apply themselves. It’s so easy to say, ‘Yeah, man, let’s make a project, man, let’s work. Let’s do an album. Let’s do a mixtape.’ But to genuinely apply yourself, show up, and devote time because it’s my time and his time that we spent to create this child. [I] just really wanted to show that I was there and this was as important to me as it was to him.

Lowe: It says less about the value it creates after the fact and more with actually just being completely present in the process.

Yachty:  Well, we just never once had a conversation about what happens after. It was always just what we liked and what we felt was right. We never was like, ‘Oh man, we going to go number one, or…’ We never had that conversation. It’s just like we went with it.

Blake: We knew that wasn’t going to happen because I’m involved. But we definitely had conversations about the ideas of the—

Lowe: The British humility at play here.

Yachty: Well, I think he’s going to possibly help me get my Grammy.

James Blake Swore Off Any More Collabs Before Working With Yachty

Blake:  I’d say before even before we even met, I decided not to do many more collaborations.

Lowe:  What was the purpose behind it? What was the thinking?

Blake: Well, my thinking was in most sessions, I don’t enjoy it that much. I think, there’s a lot of great artists, but are they going to make you laugh? Are you going to actually have a good time? Are you actually going to form a friendship that is like, you actually want to see them come into the studio? I mean, there’s a certain point in your career where you’re like, ‘Well, I don’t have to do this.’ I’m not trying to cross-pollinate fan bases and get—there’s no A&R moves anymore. I’m just making music. Not that there really ever was, but now I’m like, ‘How can I preserve my space? How can I be only have fun?’ And we just, I mean, our sessions are 99 percent unserious. This is probably the most serious conversation we’ve ever had, I think.

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Lil Yachty Drops “Lil Mega Minion” Ahead Of “Despicable Me 4” Film

Lil Yachty is joining the Despicable Me universe with his brand-new soundtrack cut, “Lil Mega Minion”. According to Stereogum, this will be the second song to land on the upcoming Despicable Me 4 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). However, there is no confirmation on if it appears at some point during the actual film, which will take over theaters on Wednesday, July 3. Hip-hop/rap adjacent artists have been associated with the “love it or hate it” movie series since it started back in 2010. Pharrell Williams is the name who has by far and away shown up the most, with “Happy” being the biggest song to come out from them.

There is a good chance that “Lil Mega Minion” does not reach those same astronomical heights. But this is another solid accomplishment in Lil Yachty’s career. Helping this song get put together is Cole Bennett and his team over at Lyrical Lemonade. They were in charge of directing and filming the accompanying music video, which you can check out below. It features the new types of minions that are going to be in the 4th motion picture, as well as a cameo from Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. Unlike Yachty, Lyrical Lemonade is not new to helping out the folks over at Illumination. They put their own twist on a movie trailer by including “Rich Minion” in the video, a song in which Yeat made for Minions: The Rise of Gru.

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Listen To “Lil Mega Minion” By Lil Yachty

Quotable Lyrics:

The jig is up, I’m back in town
You my lil’ mega minion
You follow me around
I make you smile
Ain’t never tryna see you frown
I can open your mouth like a crown

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Lil Yachty And James Blake’s Collab Album ‘Bad Cameo’ Is A Reality As They Announce Its Release Date

Lil Yachty
Getty Image

After announcing their collaborative album, Bad Cameo, in February, Lil Yachty and James Blake have finally given fans a release date to look forward to. Bad Cameo is slated for release June 28th via Quality Control Music/Motown Records and Republic Records. Back when they announced the project, Yachty said of the work that “it’s so left — for both of us.”

In a new feature in Complex, the two artists shared their views on each other’s songs, which helped prompt their collaboration, and the similarities in their work styles. “Before we got this close, I thought all musicians were like me and music was all day every day,” said Yachty. Blake pointed out how this helped their process, saying, “I know a lot of people who just don’t really want to consume that much outside of what they make. And actually I’m a bit like that. I make music for myself. I say I don’t listen to music. Obviously I do. There’s loads of albums I love. And if I’m driving and we’re going on a road trip or something, I’ll play music in the car. But I really value peace.”

Lil Yachty/James Blake

Bad Cameo is due on 6/28 via Quality Control Music/Motown Records and Republic Records. You can find more information here.