Chrisean Rock Called Out By Her Brother Over New Song

Chrisean Rock’s family situation has become incredibly complicated recently. First, Blueface made a tweet referencing Rock’s sister Tesehki which was clearly meant to upset Chrisean. It must have worked because Tesehki was blurred out of a music video Rock released for her song “Prayer For Chrisean Jr.” That appears to only be the start of her family drama. Now Chrisean’s brother has taken to Instagram to share his grief over a lack of credit he received for his work on the song.

“Nothing about this song was selfish. It hurt me that I didn’t get a tag, a like, a comment when I posted the song months ago. Than to take Tifa out the song is spiteful. I could have atleas got tagged in my own song. We family, I put this song together for my family, and then you changed the name of the song,” his Instagram post reads. He goes even further in his conclusion calling the moves Chrisean has been making “spiteful and evil.” Check out the full post he made below.

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Chrisean Rock’s Brother Speaks On Her Actions

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Fans in the comments are divided on what to think. Some are defending Chrisean against her family. “Why would she keep her on the song when they beefing … chrisean needs to remove herself from her family they milking her situation too,” reads one comment. Others are taking it as even more evidence that Chrisean herself is toxic. “So y’all saying her sister, her brother AND Blueface are all lying and creating the same false narrative about Chrisean? Or yall goin accept that she may not be the person yall idolize? Lol,” reads the top comment on the post.

Chrisean lost yet another ally recently in Lil Baby. She seemingly called on him one two many times and the result was a twitter tirade. The rapper made sure she knew to stop involving him in her beef. What do you think of Chrisean Rock’s brother calling her out for her actions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Kodak Black Disagrees With Boosie’s Comments On Tory Lanez’s Sentence

Kodak Black has disagreed with Boosie Badazz’s comments on Tory Lanez’s 10-year prison sentence for shooting Megan Thee Stallion. The Baton Rouge rapper had described it as a good deal and not that much time behind bars. “That’s a long ass time,” Kodak said in a clip circulating on social media, disagreeing with Boosie.

As for Boosie’s full comments, he said after the sentencing: “I think he came out good, bro, I don’t know how California work. I think he’ll only do five, that’s state time. S**t, in Louisiana? That n**ga would’ve did 40. A crime on a woman? Highly televised? 40, n**ga. No cap, n**ga. That n**ga would’ve got 40. I got 10 for third-offense marijuana, n**ga. Straight to Angola, n**ga. Not even off of rehab.”

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Tory Lanez Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

DELANO, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 19: In this handout photo provided by the California Department of Corrections, Tory Lanez, born Daystar Peterson, is photographed for a new booking photo at North Kern State Prison on September 19, 2023 in Delano, California. On August 8, 2023, Lanez was sentenced to 10 years in prison for negligent discharge of a firearm, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and carrying an unregistered and loaded firearm in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. (Photo by California Department of Corrections via Getty Images)

Boosie continued, “He lucky he wasn’t in Louisiana, boy. I think state time, you don’t do nothing but half. Five years. He’ll do three years, a lil’ paper, he’ll be back out, you know, stronger than ever. Louisiana don’t play that, bro. A woman? Boy, you would’ve got 40, man. He ain’t gon’ do nothin’ but three years on that… I’d appeal it, but Louisiana don’t play that, bro… He gon’ be back. You can’t take his talent away, bro. He’ll be back.” Check out Kodak Black’s response to the comments below.

Kodak Black Addresses Boosie’s Comments

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Lanez was originally convicted on three counts for the incident back in 2022. They include first-degree assault with a firearm, discharge of a firearm with gross negligence, and having a concealed firearm in a vehicle – unregistered. Be on the lookout for further updates on his case on HotNewHipHop.

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Picture Of Lil Baby And Chrisean Rock Talking Surfaces Online

Despite his best efforts, Lil Baby seems to have gotten caught up in the Blueface and Chrisean Rock drama. He originally entered it through a beef with Blueface. The two rappers exchanged some indirect disses aimed at each other on social media and in music videos. Ultimately though, they settled things. Baby spoke on Blueface’s improved treatment of Chrisean and mentioned specifically that he was done having opps. Normally that would have been the end of things but Chrisean wasn’t done.

In a back-and-forth on Twitter between her and Blueface, the rapper brought up her sister in a tweet describing her as a “real one.” Chrisean answered by referencing the fresh beef with Lil Baby and calling him a real one, which the rapper didn’t take kindly to. He ended up going on a Twitter tirade making sure that Chrisean knew to stop summoning him into her business. That even prompted a response from Blueface who couldn’t help but laugh at Baby clapping back at her even after all she praised him. Now, new photos of an encounter between Chrisean and Baby are emerging and fans are trying to fit the pieces together.

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Lil Baby And Chrisean Rock Photo Emerges

In the comments of the post, fans aren’t convinced it adds much to the story. “Oh no not two adults talking,” the top comment on the post sarcastically asserts. Others agreed leaving comments like “That’s regular conversation,” and “pls put this to rest.”

Lil Baby is also still in the news cycle for a shooting that took place at one of his shows in Memphis last month. Details emerged after the police eventually arrested the man responsible. Internet sleuths dug up collaborations between him and the man who was shot almost immediately after the news broke. Baby has still had very little to say about the situation since it happened. What do you think of the new photo of Lil Baby and Chrisean Rock? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Chrisean Rock’s Sister Divulges On Their Relationship After Jumping Incident

Chrisean Rock’s sister, Tesehki, opened up about their relationship on Instagram Live after Chrisean had her jumped outside a nightclub in Baltimore. Tesehki says Chrisean was worried she would steal her spotlight so she tried to shut her down. She also called out Chrisean’s “weird-ass” friends.

“It’s cr*zy. So, this is what happened,” she began while reflecting on the incident. “They say ‘We’re putting your sister on the show whether you like it not.’ She responded, ‘Hey, y’all really gonna do this to me? Y’all don’t think she’s gonna blow up and throw that shit in my face?’ But, that’s how it went. It didn’t go how my fucking sister called me and told me that it went. She said that ‘they just called me and said, ‘fuck are we gonna put her on the show for?’”

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Chrisean Rock At The Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards

(EDITORS NOTE: Image contains profanity.) ChriseanRock at the Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards held at The Beverly Hilton International Ballroom on June 27, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images)

From there, Tesehki continued: “I was sitting there thinking ‘Why would they say that? That’s their show.’ But now it makes more sense. Now that the truth is starting to come out it just makes more sense.” She then clarified that she was calling out “Chrisean and her weird-ass, so-called Godly, friends” specifically. She added: “They been plotting on me,” while describing herself as a “warrior.” Check out her full comments below.

Tesehki Calls Out Chrisean

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When The Neighborhood Talk posted Tesehki’s video to Instagram, many fans came to her defense. One wrote: “Chris knows Teshaki was competition, and couldn’t let anyone steal her shine. That’s it that’s all, the sister sings, and can fight like Chrisean, she’s pretty and had the same ability to come up, Chrisean was threatened point blank! Sad.” Chrisean explained why she had her sister jumped on social media back in August, claiming that she had merely beat her to the punch.

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DaBaby Wants To Act Alongside 50 Cent Someday

Besides 50 Cent’s widely successful music career, he also is a great actor as well. The 48-year-old rap mogul has been a part of quite a few productions during his time in the TV and movie business. Recently, he played the role of Easy Day in the fourth installment of the Expendables film franchise. However, his most notable efforts have been on the silver screen. 50’s STARZ series Power received some solid praise from casuals and critics on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. That chapter closed but a few more have opened and DaBaby wants in on it.

After the final season of Power in 2020, the New York icon created some spin-offs since then. It gets a little confusing with the titles and the seasons, but he is continuing to develop more stories from it. There have been three new additions to the franchise. Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, and Power Book IV: Force have all been released in a short period of time. A new season of the third book will be premiering on December 1. Fellow NY rapper Joey Bada$$ has already played a character in the show, so why not DaBaby?

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Would 50 Cent And DaBaby Be Good Fit On TV?

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In the IG post from theneighborhoodtalk, they reshare a clip from 50’s account hyping up fans for the new season of Book III. His acting is very cold-blooded and menacing and DaBaby saw the video. He proceeded to comment under it saying, “I gotta play a role on the screen wit you before it’s all over bruh.” He has never acted before, but, he has directed plenty of music videos in his career and it could be a cool moment. Fans are seemingly in agreement, with one saying, “Yes ! Da baby looks like he can play a tough role well ! He already theatrical & creative asf.”

What are your initial thoughts on DaBaby commenting under 50 Cent’s Instagram post that he wants to act with him? Do you think he could be a good actor? Are you excited for the upcoming release of 50’s new spin-off of Power? We want to hear what you have to say about all of this. With that in mind, be sure to leave all of your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest breaking news around DaBaby, 50 Cent, and the rest of the pop culture world.

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Kim Kardashian’s Gucci Bra Is Seriously Stunning (And Small)

Fashion brands have implemented various unique strategies to revitalize themselves in the public eye after a fall from grace, and more than one of them has used the Kardashian-Jenner family to do it. We previously watched Dolce & Gabbana be (somewhat) forgiven for their past transgressions after teaming up with Kim Kardashian and her siblings. Now, Gucci seems to be following suit by nabbing the supermodel of the family, Kendall, for their latest campaign.

The California native posed in front of the camera with her beau, Bad Bunny. Sharing the snaps on Instagram is how they made their relationship social media official, much to fans’ delight. Prior to that, we saw them sitting front row with Anna Wintour at the Gucci runway. Now, it seems Jenner has passed the gauntlet on to her big sister, Kim, who shared some seriously sultry thirst traps to her feed on Monday (October 2) afternoon.

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Kim Kardashian Says, “It’s All Gucci”

The 42-year-old’s photo dump begins with a moody picture of her mean mugging in nothing more than an itty bitty silver bra. Upon closer inspection, the small triangles have the Gucci logo inscribed on them in sequins, though most viewers have been too busy admiring Kardashian’s chest. “It’s all Gucci,” the mother of four wrote in her caption. In the final snapshot, she lays back in a sleek-looking pair of monogrammed pyjamas – the perfect companion piece for her teensy top.

Elsewhere in the news, Kim Kardashian’s chaotic marriage to Kanye West has become a hot topic of conversation again. The pair seem to be co-parenting as peacefully as possible at this time, though a resurfaced documentary clip shows the rapper getting in his feelings while recalling how his ex-wife spoke to him throughout their time together. Read what Ye had to say at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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Doja Cat Uses TikTok To Threaten To Turn Evil Again

Doja Cat’s social media pages are always a roller coaster. Earlier today she shared a post from Instagram with with no caption. The first picture was just a simple selfie that doesn’t particularly say much of anything on its own. But attached to it is a that clearly speaks a lot to Doja’s mentality right now. Her answer to a lot of the hate she’s been receiving appears to be that she could turn back into her evil self at any time. The TikTok features someone telling a story about how they’re trying to improve themselves, but could snap at any moment if they keep getting pushed.

Doja’s fans seem to be taking that sentiment seriously. “If Anyone was about to comment something rude ab doja just don’t say anything at all , it ain’t worth it y’all , leave her alone,” one of the top comments reads. On top of people defending Doja, the comments are also full of fans expressing fondness for her new music. “The only thing she sold was a record your honor,” another one of the top comments reads. Though the announcement of the Billboard 200 has been delayed this week, Doja has a chance to place her new album inside the top 5. She also just debuted her new single “Agora Hills” in the top 20 during the same week “Paint The Town Red” returned to the number one spot on the charts. Check out Doja’s Instagram post below.

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Doja Cat Says She’s “This Close”

Doja Cat’s new album didn’t hold much of anything back. In the lyrics of particular tracks she takes aim at the Kardashian family by name. In the same song she also addresses her controversial relationship with J. Cyrus. That controversy hasn’t stopped the sales of her album, if anything it’s helped increase them.

After an initial projection for her album to debut inside the top 10 it was bumped up to a projected top 5. It would be her second straight top 5 debut and third straight top 10 debut. What do you think of Doja Cat’s new Instagram post? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Rubi Rose Strikes Nude Pose For Birthday Photo Dump

The Internet’s favorite darling, Rubi Rose, continues to show why she’s so lusted after while celebrating her 26th birthday. Moreover, she just took to Instagram for a commemorative photo dump, one of which features her completely nude- while covering herself with “Birthday Girl” fans. In addition, the rapper appears cutting her cake (the birthday one) with no makeup, teasing the camera with her fans, licking ice cream, posing in a racing jacket, and a casual, glasses-donning selfie. “Happy birthday to a real b!tch [heart emoji] 26 more blessings & life inshallah,” she captioned the post.

Of course, this is exactly the kind of thirst-trap-like content that the model’s admirers go wild over, so it’s no surprise she amped it up for her special day. However, that adoration also comes with some criticism, one that she gets even more harshly due to her popularity. Recently, Rubi Rose admitted to Photoshopping her selfies every once in a while after the hate she got for it was too much to bear. “I Photoshop my pictures,” she told the Big Facts Pod. “I tell people that too, so maybe that might throw them off sometimes,” adding that girls like her do this kind of stuff “all the time.” Some fans disagreed online, but it’s still a question about overblown proportions and mountains coming out of molehills.

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Rubi Rose Celebrates Birthday With NSFW Photo Dump

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In addition, many fans also thought that the Kentucky native got plastic surgery. Turns out that she just promoted her new push-up bra, but she expressed flattery at the fact that people even made the assumption. Clearly, Rubi Rose likes to toy with these emotions, and she knows what kind of content, statements, and products will catch people’s attention. After all, not everyone can have Twitter going wild and making one’s name a trending topic off of some hot pics.

Meanwhile, we’ll see what else she has in store for us- not thirst trap-wise, because we know those will come. Instead, the now-26-year-old has more eyes on her than ever to develop her career in modeling in rapping, or in whatever else she sees fit. So, here’s to you, Rubi Rose: happy birthday, and may there be many more sunny days for you ahead. For more news and the latest updates on her, log back into HNHH.

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Lori Harvey & Damson Idris Among Paris’ Best-Dressed During Fashion Week

There are still a few more Paris Fashion Week events to attend before the season comes to a close. Still, already we’ve seen an abundance of headline-making celebrity antics (and outfits). Of course, Cher and AE Edwards surprised pop culture fanatics by reconciling their romance in time to sit front row. Elsewhere, Zendaya continued her streak of breaking necks at the Louis Vuitton presentation while Pete Davidson’s rumoured new lover, Madelyne Cline, shared a smooch with fellow actress Dove Cameron. Others who we’ve seen out and about in the City of Love are Damson Idris and Lori Harvey.

Despite what critics had to say early on, their relationship looks to only be growing stronger. Seeing as she’s been a socialite for all of her adult life, the Memphis-born beauty is used to being in the spotlight, and often harshly judged on her fashion statements. Thankfully, she’s refined her style while growing into womanhood, as shown in her stunning, navy Ferragamo dress below. The shiny fabric perfectly hugged Harvey’s hourglass figure. Her glamorous makeup proved that neither her face nor body card ever declines.

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Lori Harvey Serves Face & Body at Fashion Week

Surprisingly, it doesn’t look like Idris has been making appearances on the runway circuit with his girlfriend. Rather, he’s been accompanying her to evenings full of party-hopping and luxurious dinner dates around Paris. Seeing as the pair have done plenty of travelling together already, they’re likely accustomed to working in dates around each other’s busy schedules.

Apart from the runway shows and events she attended in Paris, Lori Harvey was also seen wearing Pinterest-worthy outfits during her time off too. On Sunday (October 1), she was photographed in a brown zip-up hoodie, schoolgirl skirt, tights, and knee-high boots, which she accessorized with a simple pair of black shades.

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Even Her Street Style is On Point

Lori Harvey Damson Idris Street Style
Damson Idris and Lori Harvey are seen on October 1, 2023, in Paris, France. (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

As shown in the photo above, she and Damson Idris coordinated their colour schemes without matching their outfits too obnoxiously, though they walked too far apart for the paparazzi to capture any flattering couple photos. Do you think the model has finally found her end-game lover? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.


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Nelly Furtado’s New SKIMS Campaign Highlights Brand’s Fan Favorite Pieces

Nelly Furtado is the latest campaign star for Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand SKIMS, and stunned alongside various other female entertainers for the promotion. Moreover, Coco Jones, Kim Cattrall, Lana Condor, and Hari Nef also contributed to showing off these pieces, and this all had an interesting theme. The Canadian singer and songwriter highlighted and styled the looks herself, which cover a lot of fan-favorite, popular, and commercially successful pieces the brand’s offered so far. Also, she reflected on what her favorite piece to model was and what she thinks is special about this collection.

“Styling all of my SKIMS looks was so fun,” Nelly Furtado shared in a press release. “My favorite piece was the SKIMS Sculpting Mid Thigh Bodysuit. The fabric is amazing and feels so good and secure on my body. It makes me feel excited about getting dressed, and I love working it into my wardrobe for both work and play.” In addition, other pieces from this campaign include leggings, bras, and many more examples of comfortable fare. If you’re interested in checking out this SKIMS offering for yourself, you can shop what the campaign showcases on the brand’s website.

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Nelly Furtado For SKIMS: Watch

Of course, this isn’t the only high-profile return to the public space that the 44-year-old revealed recently. She also dropped a new single, “Keep Going Up,” alongside famed and iconic collaborators Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. Even though the trio’s return was a long time coming, it seems like we won’t have to wait much longer for even more new material. For example, Nelly Furtado recently told Vogue that she and Timbaland are hard at work, trying to craft something special for fans.

“We have plans, for sure,” she remarked. “I actually talked to Timbaland recently, and we had this amazing two-hour FaceTime call. We were talking about when we made Loose, and getting into all these stories.” For more news and updates on Nelly Furtado and the SKIMS brand, stick around on HNHH.

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