Young Nudy & 21 Savage Link Up For Horror-Themed “Child’s Play” Visuals

After releasing videos for DR. EV4L‘s title track and “Soul Keeper” Young Nudy is back with visuals for “Child’s Play,” which features fellow ATL rapper and cousin, 21 Savage. 

Video producer JMP gave the record, which already features references to Halloween’s Michael Myers and Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees, the full horror movie treatment, turning the Nudy and Savage video into a 70s slasher flick.

Through faint moonlight and rolling fog, the Atlanta-based pair deliver lyrics perfect for the scenery and paint a perfect picture of exactly what they’ll do if anyone crosses them. Stalking in front of old, rusted-out vehicles with a pitbull by his side, Nudy raps his verse and the record’s hook before passing the mic to 21 Savage.

21, as only he could, delivers the hardest verse of the song, the whole time driving a vintage car on big rims while one of his shooters sprays from the back window. 

The whole vibe, similar to the cover of Nudy’s 2017 album Nudy Land, feels like a legitimate horror movie from beginning to end and gives the record an even more ominous feeling than it already had.

Check out the “Child’s Play” video below and let us know what you think in the comments. 


SZA Shines In New Video For “The Anonymous Ones”

SZA recently came through with a new song called “The Anonymous Ones,” a track drawn from the soundtrack to the upcoming film Dear Evan Hansen. And while it’s not quite the album single that many fans have been hoping for, it’s still new SZA — and for that, we must be grateful.

Though it’s certainly been a while since the TDE singer impressed the world with her acclaimed Ctrl project, SZA has yet to lose a step. “The Anonymous Ones” certainly shines as a standalone track, but now, it’s gained additional emotional impact by way of an accompanying video. Centering around themes of loneliness, individuality, and isolation, the clip finds SZA singing her heart out only to be ignored by the hustle and bustle of society at large.

It’s certainly worth checking out for SZA fans, as the lengthy clip gives her ample time to let her presence and passion shine. We can only hope that she’ll be coming through with a concrete follow-up on her anticipated album, a project that will most likely spawn even more new videos upon its release. What do you think of this new video for “The Anonymous Ones?” 


G Herbo Comes Through With Black & White Visuals For “Stand The Rain (Mad Max)” Video

G Herbo has been one of the most consistently improving rappers the game has seen over the last couple years. Coming out of Chicago alongside the likes of Lil Durk, Herb has been up against staunch competition but has always delivered when it’s time. 

This July, the Chicago rapper dropped his album 25, which debuted at #5 on the Billboard Top 200 and moved 46,000 album equivalent units (61.17 million on-demand streams and 1,000 pure sales) in its first week. 

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

A couple months later, and G Herbo has blessed us with a video for another 25 single, this time dropping off visuals for “Stand the Rain (Mad Max).” 

Rapping over a hard, drum and bass-heavy sample, Herbo raps about the struggle he’s faced and the struggle of those around him. Walking through his own personal hardships in 2018 and 2019, Herb hits on the ongoing global pandemic and the impact COVID-19 had on the whole world last year in 2020. 

All black and white besides splashes of green, these visuals are tough and go hand-in-hand with what G Herbo is saying.

Check out the “Stand the Rain (Mad Max)” video below and let us know if you’re feeling it in the comments.

EST Gee & Lil Durk Drop Off Visuals For “In Town”

In under a year, EST Gee has seen his career take off and now finds himself rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jay-Z. Signing to Yo Gotti’s CMG label in January and appearing in Jack Harlow’s “Route 66” video to spit his guest verse on the fellow Louisville rapper’s track, EST Gee has capitalized on his first quarter hype and is on the way towards establishing himself in the game. 

Dropping off visuals for his and Lil Durk’s record, “In Town,” EST Gee just put another notch in his belt.

The visuals “In Town” a cut off Gee’s July release Bigger Than Life or Death, feature Gee and Durk hopping out of the Rolls-Royce all-the-way iced out and getting after it. The video cuts between Gee rapping sitting in a wooden throne-like chair under a chandelier and both he and Durk riding in the RR with stars on the ceiling but is highlighted with clips of Gee performing in front of a huge outdoor crowd, serving as a sort-of culmination of things for EST Gee and how far he is come in a relatively short time.

Watch the video for “In Town” and let us know what you think of the visuals in the comments. 

Roc Nation’s Bodega Flee Explains Club Scene In NYC & Miami

Roc Nation heavy hitter DJ Bodega Flee has been around for years, and he’s seen some of hip-hop’s best recent moments firsthand. One of Florida’s most sought-after DJs, Bodega Flee earned national recognition through his work with Tory Lanez, where he was the DJ for his popular Quarantine Radio series. The 30-year-old is back in New York City now, and he’s ready to release some music of his own, teaming up with artists including Jim Jones, 42 Dugg, Zoey Dollaz, and more.

As we wait to see what Bodega Flee has coming next, the DJ unpacked the New York City and Miami club scenes on the latest episode of Top 5s.

Naming some of the hottest clubs in both cities, Bodega Flee spoke about the differences and similarities in both scenes, but that wasn’t all he touched on. Since this is Top 5s, after all, we had to ask the Dominican DJ about his favorite foods, weed strains, and much more.

As the Roc Nation heavy hitter continues to get his name out there to the masses, be sure to check out the latest episode of Top 5s above. If you’re craving more HNHH TV content, make sure to peep the recent episode of In My Bag with Childish Major here.

Dame D.O.L.L.A. Comes For The Throne In “Him Duncan” Visual

Dame D.O.L.L.A. has been making a big splash in the music industry over the last few years. While most fans know him for his work with the Portland Trail Blazers, there is no doubt that Dame is a skilled MC who can craft some pretty stellar songs. Recently, Dame showcased his talents on the album Different On Levels The Lord Allowed which has received praise from his fanbase. One of the standouts on the album is “Him Duncan” which recently got a brand new music video.

In this new music video, we see Dame portraying himself as the king as he dons a crown in various shots. From there, he can be seen counting his money, winning gold at the Olympics, and carrying the world on his back. It’s a track that celebrates his success thus far, and the visual comes together to represent that. It’s clear that Dame has a huge vision for his music, and it will be interesting to see what he comes through with in the future.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of this music video, in the comments below.

Kid Cudi Lights Up In Visual To “Mr. Solo Dolo III.”

This is certainly a surprise that Kid Cui’s fans are excited to revel in over the weekend. The Ohio rapper has been taking up space in pop culture headlines recently following his Met Gala appearance. He strutted the red carpet in all of his 1990s-inspired alt-rock-emo glory as he posed for photos wearing Louis Vuitton, and while his fashion choices may have turned heads, it wasn’t the first time his attire captured attention.

Moving forward from the moment, Cudi surfaced on Friday (September 17) evening with a new video to his Man On The Moon III: The Chosen track “Mr. Solo Dolo III.” The project was released back in December 2020, but in the industry, there aren’t any limits on video release grace periods. In the Jason Goldwatch-directed clip, Cudi is captured in various scenes as he tokes from one place to the next, creating a visual that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the song.

Watch the music video to “Mr. Solo Dolo III.” and let us know your thoughts.

Kanye West Floats Through The Clouds In Visual For “24”

Kanye West’s DONDA has been a massive success from both a commercial and musical standpoint. Fans are confident that Kanye is back in his groove and it has led to some big sales numbers. As far as visuals are concerned, fans have the recent listening parties etched in their minds, especially the event in Chicago where Kanye performed in front of a replica of his childhood home. Perhaps one of the most moving parts of the event was when he played the track “24” which features his Sunday Service Choir.

The song came with a special video that depicts Kanye floating through the clouds and it was one of the more memorable sights throughout the listening party era in the DONDA rollout. Now, Kanye has officially released this video as a full-on music video, and it can be seen above. The key visuals are all still here as Kanye floats while the phrases “we’re gonna be okay” and “god’s not finished” ring throughout. The heavenly vibe matches the music to perfection and it is yet another example of the godly themes that are now found in Ye’s music.

Let us know what you think of this video, in the comments below.

Childish Major Flexes With Bottega Veneta & Custom Air Max 95s On “In My Bag”

We’re back with a new episode of In My Bag! After a month-long hiatus, we’re returning with Childish Major, who unpacked his suitcase to show off some of his essentials.

Fresh off the release of his new project Thank you, God. For it all, Childish Major checked in and gave us an exclusive look into his bag to see what kind of things the celebrated artist brings with him around town. 

He started off with a pack of white t-shirts that he bought from Target, explaining that you can never go wrong with too many white or black tees. Then, he showed a self-explanatory essential: his phone charger. He proceeded to unpack some Q-tips, which he deems a very important item to keep at all times.

“This is an essential, not the cheap kind!” he says about Q-tips. “If you got the plastic in the middle, you’re not really cleaning your ears right. They actually say these is bad for you, but I kind of got a strange addiction to Q-tips. If you know, you know.”

He went on to show off his new merch and more, but one of the coolest things in his bag has to be his shoes. Revealing that he generally travels with a suitcase filled with different footwear options, Childish Major pulled out some clean Bottega Veneta kicks before displaying his custom Nike Air Max 95s.

Celebrate the return of In My Bag by checking out the latest episode above. You can also catch the recent episode of Snack Review with Childish Major below.

Belly Unleashes Visuals For Nav-Assisted “Requiem”

Belly recently delivered her latest album See You Next Wednesday at the end of August, a project that featured guest appearances from The Weeknd, Nav, Nas, Benny The Butcher, Big Sean, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Uzi Vert. And while there are plenty of top-tier bars and hard-hitting bangers to unpack throughout, one of the fan-favorites has proven to be a more laid-back cut.

Now, “Requiem” is the latest track to receive the video treatment, as Belly brings his slow-burning Nav duet to life with a visually striking, hypnotic, and occasionally sensual music video. Though there’s not much going on insofar as plot in this one, the experience of loading up “Requiem” is akin to watching a particularly psychedelic iTunes visualizer. Perhaps the vibe could be enhanced even further by dimming the lights accordingly — do what you gotta do, really.

Overall, “Requiem” is an interesting choice for a single, but one that really represents for the XO family. Should you feel any loyalty to that particular label and its roster, it’s likely you’ll gain all the more enjoyment from “Requiem.” Check it out for yourself, and be sure to support Belly’s new album right here. What do you think about this track, and Belly and Nav’s chemistry in general?