Chloe Bailey Returns To Eating Meat After More Than A Decade Of Being Vegan

Chloe Bailey first rose to fame alongside her sister Halle in an R&B duo fittingly called Chloe x Halle. The pair released two albums, capped off by 2020’s critical darling Ungodly Hour before going on hiatus as a pair. While Halle shifted her focus to acting she eventually returned to music with her Grammy nominated single “Angel.” That followed the release of Chloe’s own shift towards solo music which resulted in her full debut solo album In Pieces. But earlier this week she made a revelation about her lifestyle that had fans shocked.

Chloe Bailey has long professed to being vegan and advocating for the lifestyle. She’s been a vegan for a full 11 years now and it took her that entire time to break and eat some meat again. She revealed in a newly recorded video that she isn’t strictly vegan anymore. “I’m about to spill some tea. You wanna know my confession. My confession is that recently, I have been consuming chicken,” she says in the clip. She reveals that it was an adjustment at first with her getting stomach cramps the first time she ate it. But with a couple more tries she seemed to get back into the groove of eating chicken again. Check out the full clip where she discusses her recent change in diet below.

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Chloe Bailey Eats Chicken After 11 Years Of Being Vegan

In the comments, fans bring up one notorious incident Chloe had last year. “That chicken burger that hotel give her mistakenly was on her mind RENTTTTT FREEEE all this time😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣” the most-liked comment on the post reads. It’s a reference to a viral incident last year where she was accidentally served chicken at a hotel.

What do you think of Chloe Bailey trying chicken again after more than a decade of being a vegan? Are you surprised she confessed publicly to her fans that she changed her diet after so long? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Sexyy Red Called Out By Her Own Son After Cursing Out Fans Who Pry Too Much About Her Personal Life

Sexyy Red experienced an absolutely meteoric rise to fame last year. Through collaborations with artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Chief Keef, Summer Walker, and more. That set her up for a 2024 where she can score hits all on her own. Her solo single “Get It Sexyy” peaked inside the top 20 and is still hovering in the top 30 of the Hot 100 this week. But that astronomical rise to fame has also given rise to a rough adjustment period as she deals with some of the less glamorous parts of being famous.

One of the things that’s clearly bothering her are fans insisting that they see her children more often. She took to Instagram with a profanity-laced rant calling them out directly this week. “Why is ya’ll worried about my kids? They right here, they cool, they fed, they good. Go have some kids and worry about them dirty ass b*tches,” she says in the video. Though it’s actually one of her children that first takes issue with her statement. Her own son is with her while she’s recording the video and chastises her for swearing so much in the video. “Okay im sorry. But they be pissing me off. My kids right here, they always with me b*tch” she concludes. Check out the full video she shared below.

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Sexyy Red Called Out By Her Own Son For Cursing

In the comments, fans have a variety of different reactions to the video. “Bc you do the most and we wonder if your kids safe,” one response reads attempting to explain why fans ask about her children so much. “And obviously WELL mannered because Mama dont sayy that” another fan jokes about her son’s response.

What do you think of Sexyy Red dealing with fans who demand to see her children on social media? Do you think it’s funny that her own son called her out for swearing too much in the video? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Diddy Returns To Los Angeles Following Months Of Controversy

It’s hard to think of anybody who has had a worse 2023 than Diddy so far. It began last year for the rap mogul when he was sued by Cassie over allegations that he was physically abusive to her during their relationship. That turned out to be just the beginning of the legal trouble he would face though. Numerous more lawsuits emerged in the following months, none more evocative the Lil Rod’s. That suit brought in numerous other figures like Yung Miami and Meek Mill. It made some increasingly wild claims that left even Diddy’s haters wondering if Rod was telling the truth.

Then it escalated to much more serious legal trouble in March when the federal government raided two of the rap mogul’s properties in Los Angeles and Miami. They later revealed that the raids were a part of an investigation into allegations of sex trafficking. With the investigation presumed to be still ongoing it’s not surprising that he’s kept a pretty low profile. One place the label-head did pop up is in an apology video. He felt compelled to make one when footage of him allegedly assaulting Cassie captured through a hotel security camera was leaked by CNN. Now after an extended period of time hiding away in Florida, he’s reportedly back in Los Angeles. Check out the proof captured by TMZ below.

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Diddy Returns To California

Newly shared video from TMZ shows Diddy back in Cali. In the particular clip he’s simply minding his business on the sidewalk in West Hollywood. They note that he’s talking to somebody, though who they aren’t can’t specifically be identified. They also note that he waves at fans and seems to have a generally happy demeanor despite his current circumstances.

What do you think of Diddy returning to California after weeks of further controversy plaguing him? Do you expect him to make any kind of return to public appearances any time soon? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Halle & Chloe Bailey Have Hilariously Different Reactions To TikTok Donations

Chloe and Halle Bailey are famously versatile sister talents. The two made music together for years as Chloe x Halle. They released two studio albums The Kids Are Alright in 2018 and Ungodly Hour in 2020. Since then the pair have gone on hiatus as a duo. Instead they’ve focused both on their own solo music projects as well as other ventures. Halle made her major move to film acting with a staring role in The Little Mermaid last year and also released her debut solo single “Angel,” which went on to be nominated for a Grammy. Chloe on the other hand released an entire debut album called In Pieces last year.

In a hilarious new video making the rounds online, a fan compared the way the two talented sisters reacted when getting donations from fans on TikTok live. Halle is first and takes a much more modest approach. When she realized what she’s getting is actual money, she insists that fans save their money instead of donating it to her. Chloe is hilariously much more open to receiving donations. When she realizes that there’s actual money being thrown around, all she wants to know is how she can collect it. In the comments fans crack jokes about the difference between the pair. “Halle is my heart , Chloe is my brain” and “Halle is my first answer when somebody first offer, Chloe is my third or fourth answer after you keep insisting” two comments read. Check out the comparison video that’s cracking people up below.

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The Difference Between Halle & Chloe Bailey

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Chleo Bailey hasn’t slowed down her solo music releases this year. She’s already dropped two new singles teasing towards her sophomore solo album in 2024. “FYS” dropped first back in March and was followed up by “Boy Bye” a few weeks later.

What do you think of Halle and Chloe Bailey’s different reactions to realizing they’re getting fan donations on TikTok? Which of the pair do you think is closer to how you’d react? Let us know in the comment section below.

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PARTYNEXTDOOR Reveals He Uses Vodka And Boiling Water To Achieve Different Vocal Styles

Earlier this year, R&B singer and OVO signee PARTYNEXTDOOR dropped his new album PND4. It arrived on a wave of fan hype as his first new album since 2020’s PARTYMOBILE. It’s also the 4th in his self-titled albums series which dates all the way back to 2013 and last had a new release in 2016. The album has already sparked hits like R e s e n t m e n t and H e r O l d F r i e n d s which have racked up more than 35 and 25 million streams on Spotify respectively. Three other tracks from the record have cleared the 15 million stream mark as well.

PND is obviously well known for his singing but it’s the versatility of his vocals that came up during a recent interview. The singer revealed that he treats his voice like an instrument and even dug into some of the different ways he achieves his various styles of singing. The first of which was for songs that require a raspy voice, where he said a simple shot of vodka can help get him there. But he had a unique tactic for achieving his purest vocal tone possible. He explained that he takes boiling water that’s running dangerously hot and holds it in the back of his throat in order to shock his vocals. Check out his explanation of the tactics below.

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PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Unique Vocal Tactics

After the release of his new album PND also announced a new tour. Fans will be able to catch him starting later this month and running until August on the “Sorry I’m Outside” tour. He previewed the new tour and new album with a performance at Rolling Loud Los Angeles earlier this year.

What do you think of PARTYNEXTDOOR explaining the unique ways he achieves some of his vocal styles? Do you think shocking his vocals with boiling water actually works to help him sing better on record? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Rihanna Claims She’s Finally Starting Work On Her New Album Soon

Rihanna fans have been waiting for a new album for a very long time. It’s been a full 8 years since she dropped her last studio album Anti back in 2016. In the years since she’s made one announcement after another with fans hoping for new music each time. But with one reveal after another, RiRi seemed to be focusing on absolutely anything other than music. Most recently, she got fans hyped up for a potential announcement of new music. Instead she revealed that there’s a new hair care line coming to her Fenty beauty brand.

But now Rihanna may actually be rounding the corner towards new music after all. With a candor she doesn’t typically offer when discussing potential new music, she recently shared a positive update. “now I’m prepared to go back in the studio, so now I’m gonna start” she said during a recent event for the newly announced hair care line. While some fans are upset she hasn’t been working on it all along, others are excited for any positive news whatsoever. Check out the most concrete news she’s shared on new music in years below.

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Rihanna To Start Working On New Album

The announcement comes just a few days after Rihanna scared fans last week. She pretty casually teased that she could retire from music entirely, though many fans didn’t believe her. They seemed to be right as she’s now confirmed just a few days later that she plans to be back in the studio soon. Earlier this month RiRi was hit with a myriad of new RIAA certifications including four new Diamond singles. When added to her already existing collection of Diamond hits she became the female soloist with the most diamond hits in her career.

What do you think of Rihanna confirming that she plans to get back in the studio and start working on new music soon? Do you believe her long-awaited next studio album will arrive at any point in 2024? Let us know in the comment section below.

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NBA YoungBoy’s Son Continues To Flash His Boxing Talents & Fans Have Jokes

NBA YoungBoy has a boxing prodigy in the making with his son KJ. The three-year-old son is also the child of Yaya Mayweather, the daughter of world-famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Over the last several months, the young boy has gone viral for how fast he is learning the extremely physical sport. Earlier this year, KJ and Floyd were seen sparring in adorable fashion, as Kentrell Gaulden Jr. was working on target practice. Fast forward to today and we see now that he some serious punching power. In the video below, KJ is whaling on a dummy, with nearly every hit making the target touch the floor.

Fans were quick to make some hilarious jokes in The Neighborhood Talk‘s comments section on IG. A lot of them made references to NBA YoungBoy’s wild personality they certainly had us rolling on the floor. “Hands like his granddaddy and a temper like his daddy. God Bless the playground 😂😂”, one user writes. “Naw cuz if he hit my son I’m pressing charges j/k😂😂😂😂”, another kids.

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NBA YoungBoy’s Son UFC Bound?

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Others were taking notice of KJ saying, “That’s why you must pay for this!” in the clip. “That’s why you must pay for this” is a wild saying for a toddler 😂😂😂”. That is when other observers in the comments came in and said that his classmates just need to be nice to him. “Yea, them lil kids need to just leave him alone, because he trained and prepared 🥴😂”. If NBA YoungBoy is seeing this, or Floyd for that matter, they must be proud of KJ.

What are your thoughts on NBA YoungBoy’s son’s boxing skills in the video? Do you think he is destined to make it to the UFC one day? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding NBA YoungBoy. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.

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Young Thug Trial: Lil Woody Continues Trolling Prosecutors With His Testimony

After a relatively quiet few weeks as far as new developments in the Young Thug trial goes, it’s been a blitz of new revelations since last week. That started with the reveal that Lil Woody would be forced to testify or face jail time. Fans paying close attention to the trial were pretty surprised to find that last week he plead the fifth, refusing to testify and instead accepting jail time. But according to the THUGGERDAILY twitter account who has been closely following the case, that decision didn’t stick.

When the trial got started back up earlier today, Lil Woody had changed his course. He apparently informed that prosecution that he had decided to testify after all. But when he took the stand today it didn’t seem like they got the testimony out of him that they were hoping. Fans online described his behavior as trolling. He seemed to purposefully delay things as much as possible taking extended time to answer every question posed of him. He also interpreted instructions incredibly literally often requiring back and forth between him and the judges and lawyers in the courtroom. Check out a clip of some of his behavior below.

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Lil Woody Trolls Young Thug Trial

Woody’s testimony was far from the only news in the Young Thug trial today. Thug’s lawyer Brian Steele made the dramatic gesture of accusing both the judge and prosecution of coercing witnesses in the trial. He even claimed he would go to jail to fight for his client’s innocence. Steele backed up his claims just a few hours ago. He was taken into custody for contempt of court, though the seriousness of the charges is yet to be determined.

What do you think of LIl Woody refusing to take his testimony seriously despite potentially facing jail time? Do you think his antics help or hurt Young Thug’s chances at beating the charges against him in the long run? let us know in the comment section below.

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50 Cent Reveals Why He Thinks Some Black Men Identify With Donald Trump

50 Cent is no stranger to sharing his opinions on just about anything. For the most part in recent months that’s related to Diddy as 50 has been sharing near daily posts about the rap mogul. Ever since Cassie first filed a lawsuit against him last year kicking off months and months of new allegations and drama 50 has been cracking jokes about every new development. That peaked when Lil Rod’s controversial lawsuit first arrived back in November. His claims roped others like Meek Mill into the mix, sparking a huge beef between Meek and 50 that’s still going on.

50 has also never been shy about talking politics, something that’s gotten him in hot water multiple times in the past. One way is trough his on again off again relationship with Donald Trump. He’s endorsed and un-endorsed the controversial politian multiple times. Most notably, back in 2020 he pledged his support for Trump based on tax policies casually glancing off his own claim that Trump “hates black people.” That’s why it’s so strange that he weighed in again during a recent trip to Congress where he was advocating for black ownership in the spirits industry. Check out what he had to say about the recently convicted felon running for president later this year below.

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50 Cent Speaks On Donald Trump Once Again

During an interview with CBS News, he gave his brief thoughts on the appeal of Donald Trump to black voters. “I see [Black men] identifying with Trump… because they have RICO charges,” he says in the interview. That’s in reference to the racketeering charges he and some of his allies are facing in Georgia over alleged election fraud.

What do you think of 50 Cent’s perspective on Donald Trump while visiting Congress earlier this week? Do you agree with him that some black voters may find him more appealing because of his ongoing legal issues? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Rick Ross Claims He’s Applied For A Zoo License To Buy Exotic Animals

Rick Ross is at the heart of many of the of the strangest stories in recent rap history. His tendency to film nearly everything he does has heightened his eccentricities and led fans to pay close attention every time he comes up. They were rewarded for that just earlier this week when he was roasted online for a strange video where he tries one of Bun B’s vegan burgers. Now he’s shared yet another video making some attention grabbing claims about a license he just applied for. In the middle of an extensive series of recent Instagram stories he addresses his fans directly.

He revealed to them that he’s applied for a zoo license. Before fans could even ask why, he answered their questions, or at least tried to. He claimed that he plans on ordering giraffes and elephants once he gets the license. In the comments fans try and make sense of his claims. “Drake done made this man a zookeeper. 😂😆” one fan jokes, conjuring Ross’ swift exit from his beef with Drake earlier this year. Other fans come at it with a more logical explanation. “If you don’t understand this is a tax break . Every animal etc is more deducible . A “zoo” get a lot of write offs so . When you see rich ppl getting certain animals it’s a tax break for the long run” one fan claims. “He’s doing this for taxes purposes” another agrees. Check out the newest strange video from Ross below.

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Rick Ross Wants Giraffes And Elephants

Earlier this week, Rick Ross faced backlash from fans for his most recent car show. They claimed that the show was overrun with fans and disorganized as a result. He didn’t seem too phased by the backlash, brushing it off when he shared a response.

What do you think of Rick Ross claiming that he’s applying for a zoo license so he can buy giraffes and elephants? Do you agree with some of the fans in his comments that it’s likely a move for tax purposes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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