Freddie Gibbs Reaches Peak Paranoia In “Zipper Bagz” Music Video

Ever since the release of Bandana, Freddie Gibbs has been coming through with incredibly cinematic visuals. It shouldn’t be as surprising, especially as he gets deeper into his acting bag. In September, the rapper delivered his highly anticipated major label debut, $oul $old $eparately in its entirety. Though the rapper kept rather lowkey until the end of the year, he continues to make major moves, such as his appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon with Anderson .Paak where they performed “Blackest In The Room” and “Feel No Pain.”

Though he hasn’t unloaded many visuals from his latest project, each of the visuals from $$$ has showcased Freddie’s depth as an artist, from his proficiencies as a rapper to his range as an actor. The visual for “Space Rabbit” found Freddie Gibbs on a hilarious trip to a casino where he finds an actual bunny and goes on a debaucherous journey where they crash a wedding, among other things. 

Freddie Gibbs Traps Out The Motel In “Zipper Bagz” Music Video

One of the immediate highlights of Freddie Gibbs’ latest body of work is the Kaytranada-produced “Zipper Bagz.” This week, the rapper came through with a stunning new video for the song, which finds him trying to dodge death. The video opens up with a voiceover of a man speaking in Spanish, threatening Gibbs’ life over a significant amount of money. Throughout the visual, the rapper posts in a motel with packs where he peaks through the window and tries not to get killed.

His recent music video is just a brief glimpse into Gibbs’ acting chops. The Gary, IN rapper made his acting debut a few years ago with Down With The King, where he takes on the role of disgruntled rapper Money Merc. The role earned him the title of “Best Actor” from the New York Times, though he also showcased his abilities in Bust Down and later, in 50 Cent’s Power Book IV: Force. While acting might be a priority in his career, he also revealed that he has a few musical projects in the works. Keep your eyes peeled for that. 

French Montana’s Florida Music Video Shooting Results In Lawsuit Against Rapper

For French Montana, 2023 began on an obvious high note thanks to the arrival of his Coke Boys 6 project in tandem with DJ Drama and friends like Jeremih, EST Gee, and NAV. After that came the album’s Money Heist Edition, on which the rapper and his impressive roster of collaborators came through with nine new titles. Since then, we’ve also heard him on the amped-up “RATATAAAAA” alongside 2Rare, and the “Dat Way (Remix) with Krept & Konan, Abra Cadabra, BackRoad Gee, and more.

While his music has been undeniably impressive so far, Montana is now facing a lawsuit regarding a visual he was filming with Rob49 in Florida back in January. As you may recall, the duo was working on their “Igloo” video following the arrival of CB6, when gunshots surprisingly rang out, injuring a total of 10 people in the area. At the time, Delma Noel-Pratt, the local chief of police, released a statement seemingly blaming the “Unforgettable” rapper for the incident. According to their investigation, he failed to obtain the necessary permits from the city to ensure a safe and secure environment with proper police protection on set.

“Igloo” Music Video Shoot Gone Wrong

As TMZ reports, Montana is now facing a lawsuit regarding the dangerous situation. It chiefly claims that the 38-year-old personally had the set location move to The Licking in Miami Gardens. The decision came following a robbery at their original location between production staff and anonymous assailants. One of the plaintiffs, Carl Leon, claims he was asked to be an extra in the “Igloo” video. He and at least 80 others were working on their respective parts of the project when an “unknown individual caused severe injury to multiple people,” including Leon.

The Miami PD made it clear that French Montana contacting them beforehand likely would have helped avert the situation, chastising him for failing to follow proper protocol. The Moroccan artist, as well as his Coke Boy label and The Licking restaurant have all been named as defendants in the lawsuit. According to attorney Josiah Graham of Graham Injury Firm, Leon is seeking upwards of $50,000 in damages, specifically accusing Montega and his other targets of being negligent. Do you think that the rapper will end up paying? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


DaBaby Collab With Anthony Hamilton Gets Blasted On Twitter

DaBaby and Anthony Hamilton just put out a video for their almost year-old collaboration, “BLANK.” Moreover, the track appeared on Baby’s 2022 album, Baby On Baby 2, which received generally disappointing reviews and marked a commercial downturn. Still, his career lives on, and many fans particularly enjoyed this collaboration. However, upon the recent release of its music video, many took to Twitter to express disappointment in this track. Of course, people pointed out not just the public outrage associated with the Charlotte rapper, but also commented on his musical output.

“If we want to move forward as a people we really have to look in the mirror and figure out what role we as as individuals had in making that Anthony Hamilton and Dababy song happen,” one Twitter user wrote passionately. “I get why folks are mad at Anthony Hamilton for that DaBaby collab,” another expressed. “But outside of that… that song sounds terrible.” Meanwhile, other people noted the sheer surprise factor of such an unexpected collaboration and sound for both artists. “DaBaby featuring Anthony Hamilton was absolutely not on my 2023 bingo card,” one tweeter shared. Well, technically 2022, but the video seems to have really drawn people to that spot on the tracklist.

DaBaby & Anthony Hamilton’s Divisive “BLANK” Collab

As far as the music video itself, it depicts a lavish, dramatic, and fatal relationship and sees both artists dressing dapper. Despite the technical skill at play and the concept at its core, many just focused on the song itself. However, it’s not like the song is universally panned, showing that maybe the hate train can get too exaggerated. “That DaBaby Anthony Hamilton song is actually straight,” a fan remarked. “Glad to see bruh switching it up some.”

Meanwhile, DaBaby continues to see success and continue his career trajectory, albeit often outside of the U.S. For example, he recently revealed that his shows in Hong Kong were almost completely sold out. While this is part of a campaign to show the media he’s still got it, many took his boasting as another knock against him. Regardless, one side won’t turn the other over, and he’ll likely continue to see success no matter who he collaborates with or what he does… as long as his core fans stick by him. For more updates and news on DaBaby and Anthony Hamilton, check back in with HNHH. Also, check out more reactions to their collab track down below.

Fans React To “BLANK”

Nicki Minaj Shows Off Curves In “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” Music Video Snippet

Nicki Minaj is fresh off of the release of her latest single, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze,” which undoubtedly marked the return of the Queen of Rap. Though 2022 produced a handful of singles, including her first solo chart-topping record, “Super Freaky Girl,” she was warming up to come through strong. Her latest single evidently proved that she was returning to the fold for good with a follow-up to Queen expected to arrive in the near future.

Nicki’s getting things in order before she comes through with her next album. At the time she released the single, she also confirmed that she was launching her own record label. So far, she’s signed Tate Kobang, Nana Fofie, Rico Danna, and London Hill to the imprint, though it seems like she’s holding out until they make their official debut. Still, everything is in place for Nicki to come through and take control of the summer.

Nicki Minaj Previews “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” Music Video

Nicki began revving up for the release of “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” during her trip to Trinidad for Carnival. During her stay, she performed for her fans and even shared some teaser footage to promote her latest record. However, it appears that she used her time in Trinidad to film the music video in its entirety. Nick took to Instagram where she shared a snippet of the video where she looks absolutely stunning as she overlooks the seaside at a luxurious estate.

At this point, Nicki Minaj hasn’t confirmed a release date for the music video. However, it could come sometime soon and perhaps, propel the song higher on the Billboard Hot 100. “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” already made a mark on the charts as it debuted at #13. Additionally, Nicki Minaj tied Drake for the third most #1 songs in U.S. Digital Song Sales with the success of “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.” Maybe, the Lumidee-sampling single helps Nicki secure her second solo #1 on the Hot 100. Check out the preview of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming music video for “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments. Are you excited for Nicki’s next project?