Rihanna Perfectly Nails Her Gunna Halloween Costume

When he wore his Rick Owens boots to New York Fashion Week, Gunna was mercilessly clowned, but when Rihanna decided to wear them (and the rest of Gunna’s fit) to honour the rapper on Halloween, she received endless praise. Perhaps Wunna will be able to rock his fits in peace now that he’s earned a co-sign from his gal pal.

Seeing as she’s solidified her reputation as a fashion icon, plenty of fans have been excited to see what the “Cocky” singer had in store for Halloweekend. Riri has been relatively quiet on Instagram all Halloweekend long, but earlier this evening, the Ocean’s Eight actress dropped off a few posts that have since blown up.

In the first picture, Rihanna gives a hint as to what her costume is, showing the Rick Owens boots laying on the floor in a black and white snapshot. “The Gunna’z @gunna,” she captioned the picture. “Not the Gunna’s,” Tierra Whack commented, followed by a trail of crying laughing emojis.

Shortly after, the Fenty Beauty CEO gave her 110 million followers a look at her full fit, which appears to be a carbon copy of Gunna’s NYFW look from earlier in the season. The picture has only been up for an hour, but it’s already earned nearly 2 million double taps and over 25,000 comments. 

“Nawww U OVERLY WON,” Wunna himself replied to the photo. “This what I was waiting for,” Anderson .Paak wrote in the comment section. “Nahhhhh. Not you actually looking real f*ckin’ fly tho,” Cyn Santana added.

There have been endless amazing Halloween costumes so far this year, but I think we can all agree that Rihanna’s takes the cake. What else would you expect from the Bad Gal?

Japanese Man In “Joker” Costume Stabs Terrified Tokyo Train Passengers: Report

A man in Japan took his Halloween costume way too seriously, TMZ reports. According to the gossip site, the alleged 24-year-old was riding a train on its way to Shinjuku station, dressed as the main character from Joker when he began randomly stabbing other passengers.

A graphic and disturbing video was uploaded to the news site showing patrons of the train literally running for their lives, hopping from one train car to the next as they eventually huddle up in a group on the opposite end, very obviously frightened, as anyone would be. The scene looks like something out of a movie, but unfortunately for victims, it was very real.

Witnesses shared that the criminal in costume appeared to be brandishing a long knife, seemingly smeared in blood. Seeing that today is Halloween, many people thought it was a festive joke or a part of the man’s look, until he started swinging it and wound up stabbing upwards of 10 people.

After that, our Joker poured an unknown liquid around the interior of the train, attempting to set it on fire. Some of the footage obtained shows a build up of smoke arising as passengers pull themselves out of windows in order to escape the attacker and fumes. TMZ’s article states that a minimum of 17 people were hurt in the incident.

When he finished his attack, the perp took some time to kick back and relax – crossing his legs as he lit up a cigarette and enjoyed a few puffs. While terrified onlookers filmed from the outside, the knife man stared back and smoked, seemingly unbothered by the chaos he had just created.

Authorities promptly arrived at the scene of the crime and arrested the unknown man on suspicion of attempted murder, among other things. Reports say that he mostly cooperated with authorities, allowing himself to be taken into custody. 

The motive behind the Joker’s attack has yet to be determined, but be sure check back in with HNHH for more updates at a later time. If you’re wanting to see the more graphic footage obtained by TMZ, you can find it at this link.


Gabrielle Union Honoured Adele With Her Daughter’s Sweet Halloween Costume

As much fun as it is to see what costumes adults come up with on Halloween, the real charm lies in the kid’s looks – it’s their holiday, after all. This year, Gabrielle Union got in on the fun with her two and a half-year-old daughter, Kaavia James, who she dressed up to look like “Easy On Me” singer, Adele.

“@adele New album dropping soon,” Union captioned her Instagram post, which includes pictures of Kaavia in a black dress with puffy white sleeves and eye-catching cold earrings, just like Adele’s outfit at the wedding of Anthony Davis from the Los Angeles Lakers and Marlen P back in September.

Normani praised Union and her daughter, calling Kaavia a “BEAUTYYYYYYY” while The Office actress Mindy Kaling called the family’s endeavours “the best.” “Omggggg” model Karlie Kloss commented, followed by a heart eyes emoji.

On Sunday, the Being Mary Jane actress dressed her little girl up in a completely different costume, this time honouring Kaavia’s “[obsession] with zombies, ghosts and monsters.” In a clip also posted to social media, the starlet cleverly put together a skit showing her, her husband Dwyane Wade, and their child as spooky creatures.

“Perfect way to bring my birthday week to a close. #HappyHalloween @kaaviajames @dwyanewade Be Safe out there good people,” the 49-year-old captioned a sweet family photo.

In past years, Union has also cemented her reputation as the queen of Halloween by bringing out her iconic Bring It On costume, 19 years after the original film aired. As you may have guessed, she looked as good as she did two decades ago. See for yourself below.

Drake Reportedly Paid $215,000/Month To Rent A Luxurious Beverly Hills Mansion

Drake has a lot to celebrate this year. In the tail end of 2021, the rapper released his long-awaited studio album Certified Lover Boy to great acclaim, last week he turned 35 while surrounded by tons of his closest friends, and this weekend, he hosted his own Ultimate Rap League event, called “Til Death Do Us Part.” As if all of that isn’t enough, the “God’s Plan” hitmaker has another major flex to add to the list.

According to The New York Post, Drizzy has been renting a luxurious 18,000-square-foot Beverly Hills property worth an estimated $65 million for a reported $215,000 per month. The home’s design incorporates elements of nature with with immaculate architecture, and even includes a 150-year-old Mediterranean olive tree shipped all the way from Italy. 

The article reveals that Champagne Papi’s rental has a whopping seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, as well as a glass bridge and jetliner views. The home’s great room is said to have been inspired by the “rhythmic keys of a piano” – perfect for a legendary musician.

Seeing as the monthly rent on the Beverly Hills home is so high, we were relieved to find out that sources shared that Drake only stayed in the home for a short period of time. Currently, he has his 50,000-square-foot mansion in Toronto and his Hidden Hills estate to worry about, which sounds like more than enough trouble.

The New York Post says that the property is currently off the market, and underwent a complete six-year rebuild recently, which is likely why it’s in such amazing shape.

You can see more pictures of the one-of-a-kind home at this link.


Chris Brown Hosted 2 Surprise URL Rap Battles At His Mansion

It’s been a big weekend for Ultimate Rap League fans. Not only did the organization link up with Drake for the “Til Death Do Us Part” event in honour of the Canadian artist’s birthday, but they also got together with Chris Brown to host a few battles at his mansion. The “With You” singer even hosted the event and stood by Smack White and Nunu Nellz all night long. 

All Hip Hop reports that Brown said “what the URL.TV movement is doing for the culture is crazy,” before assisting in the coin flip to determine which of the competitors would be facing off first.

The first battle of the night saw Lu Castro and Fonz, two newer URL stars go head to head. Afterwards, Charlie Clips and young Gawd Chess took their turn. These two competitors had already been announced by the organization, but fans weren’t aware that the location of the event would be Brown’s mansion, making it even more special.

@DatPiff on Twitter shared a 16-second clip from one of the battles that sees one of the emcees boldly calling his competition “a fruitcake,” then adding that he could “never touch [his] crown.” In the background, Breezy can be seen intently listening, appearing to almost crack up with a laugh upon hearing the aforementioned bar. He then turns to the person next to him, seemingly praising the rapper in front of him.

Both of the matches held at Brown’s house will reportedly be made available for streaming on Tuesday, November 22nd on Caffeine.tv. Elsewhere in the URL universe, Drizzy appeared to be more than a little tipsy during his event on Saturday night.

Who would you rather watch a battle rap event with, Champagne Papi, or Chris Brown?


Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” Receives A Teaser Trailer For Season 3

On Sunday evening, Donald Glover surprised fans with a minute-long teaser trailer for the third season of his hit series Atlanta. Although the clip doesn’t provide a ton of context as to what we can expect in the upcoming episodes, we do know one thing – there’s a strangely eerie vibe in the air.

As TV Line reports, the last episode of season two of Glover’s show aired on May 5th, 2018, so fans of the comedy-drama have been long-awaiting this update. “Happy Halloween,” the “Les” singer tweeted, along with a link that takes users to a landing page where they can pull up the visual.

The phrase “it’s after the end of the world, don’t you know that yet?” is repeated for the entire duration, and at the halfway point, Brian Tyree Henry (or Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles) appears, followed by a logo and “2022,” confirmed that the show will arrive in the first half of next year.

Seeing as only one character appeared in the clip, fans are missing out on Glover and his other co-stars like LaKeith Stanfield and Zazie Beats. TV Line has speculated that each character may received their own teaser, and we’ll have to put the pieces together, but only time will tell.

Filming for the upcoming season took place in Europe earlier this year. An exact release date has yet to be confirmed, but we do know that fans can expect to see 10 episodes of the hit series. It’s also worth noting that Atlanta has been renewed through to season four, and hopefully the hiatus between this edition and the next won’t be so long.

Check out the eerie preview for yourself above by clicking the link in the tweet above.


Chloe Bailey Shares Another Red Hot Halloween Look

Chloe Bailey is back with more heat. At the beginning of Halloweekend, the 23-year-old delivered an amazingly unique tribute to Angelina Jolie’s Shark Tale character, and earlier this afternoon she dropped off her take on an iconic cartoon character – Betty Boop.

The Atlanta-born star’s look consisted of a tousled black wig, unmissable hoop earrings with a bangle to match, and a strapless bodycon dress that accentuates her curves. Stopping just a few inches below her dress are a pair of fishnet thigh highs, paired with a simple black set of heels.

“Happy Halloween from Betty Boop,” Bailey captioned the photo dump of four snapshots. The first picture sees the singer surrounded by lip prints, while others show her fun look from different angles, along with her original inspiration shot.

Kali Uchis couldn’t help but gush over her friend’s costume, commenting “this hairrr on u.” Ryan Destiny also praised the “Have Mercy” hitmakers hair, calling her “so cute.”

Latto, Rubi Rose, Janelle Monae, Ebonee Davis, and JoJo were just a few of the other verified accounts gassing Bailey up in her comment section. She received a similar response when she posted her fiery underwater costume just a few days ago.

“She’s dangerous, supa bad. Better watch out she’ll take your cash,” the caption reads. For her first look, the singer is wearing nothing more than a tiny sequin bandeau and a piece of fabric around her hips, in hopes of emulating Lola from Shark Tale’s scales.

How do you think Chloe Bailey did on her Halloween costumes this year?

Nenobia Washington, “The Queen Of Brooklyn” Has Reportedly Died

Another rising star has gone to soon. Earlier today, it was reported that Nenobia Washington, also known as social media icon, “The Queen of Brooklyn” has passed away, leaving behind a son. Washington was known for her comedic antics on her various accounts, and even received a story in Paper Magazine early last year.

Rap Alert on Twitter shared the tragic news earlier today. “Nenobia AKA The Queen of Brooklyn/BK Tidal Wave’s sister list confirmed tome that she passed away,” they wrote above the photo of Washington.

“This is A Sad Sad Day I can’t believe I’m writing R.I.P to My fam/ Lil Cuzzin/Lil sis Zenobia R.I.P You Will be Truly missed May God bless your soul,” a family member of the comedian’s named Dupree Frederick wrote in a Facebook post. “This is f*ckin me up right now.”

Many Twitter users have also been thrown off by the upsetting news. Several dropped replies saying that they would be “praying for her son,” while others shared sweet words and fond memories of Brooklyn’s Queen. “Washington had a shining personality and will forever be our internet icon. Our condolences go out to her family and loved ones,” one sweet tribute reads.

Rap Alert’s post also informed followers that details about Washington’s celebration of life will be shared when she gets them. According to Meaww, the internet sensation’s cause of death has yet to be revealed, but we do know that she was missing as of yesterday, and confirmed dead by her family today.

Stay tuned to HNHH for more updates. RIP Nenobia Washington.

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Jennifer Lopez Said Filming Her First Love Scene In “Money Train” With Wesley Snipes Was “Horrible”

Throughout her career, Jennifer Lopez has starred in tons of movies from Hustlers and The Boy Next Door to Selena and Maid in Manhattan. Long before she was a household name, though, the “On The Floor” singer admits that she struggled to use her voice and defend herself on film sets at times, particularly when filming Money Train

The 1995 action/comedy tells the story of a vengeful New York transit cop who has plans to rob a high-tech train containing an abundance of money. Lopez played the role of Grace Santiago, alongside Woody Harrelson who starred as Charlie, and Wesley Snipes as John.

Archive Photos/Getty Images

At the time, the mother of two was just 25 years old, and didn’t have a ton of acting experience. She and Snipes had to film a love scene as a part of Money Train, which Lopez has described as “horrible.”

“When you first start working professionally, you push the boundaries of what you should and shouldn’t do, and I didn’t think I had the right to say no, like, ‘No, I’m not doing this, and that’s it…’ So we did it and it was tough,” she explained. “Wesley was wonderful about it in the sense that he was like, ‘What’s gonna make you more comfortable?’ and I was like, ‘Bring music, play it loud.'”

According to Lopez, both of her male co-stars hit on her often, although Harrelson took a more comedic approach than Snipes. “Wesley–even though I had a boyfriend at the time–went full court press. He was flirting with me–you always flirt with your costars, it’s harmless–then he just started getting a little more serious,” the New York native shared during a 1998 interview with Movieline.

“He would invite us all out together and then at the end of the night, he’d drop me off last and try to kiss me. I’d be like, ‘Wesley, please, I’m not interested in you like that.’ He got really upset about it.”

Shortly after, Snipes responded to Lopez’s side of the story, offering up his take on the situation. “What happened was, she had never done a love scene before. She was absolutely terrified. I was given instructions from the director to make her feel good. That was my job,” the actor told Movieline.

“I knew people would look at the screen and say either, “They have chemistry,” or, “They don’t.” I told her, if she took my advice we’d do a wonderful, erotic scene. And if it wasn’t a good love scene, they’d edit around her and throw it on the floor.”

Check out the trailer for Money Train above and let us know what you think of the actor’s chemistry.

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21 Savage Says He Sold A Richard Mille Watch For $350,000

During a recent sit down with DJ Vlad, he and DJ Akademiks got to talking about watches – specifically, luxury watches. The two content creators found themselves discussing the possibility of reselling products, prompting Vlad to say that he only knows of a few brands that you can sell for more than what you paid for them.

“Rolex, Audemars, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille are the only brands I know that you could pull this off with,” he told Ak, before confirming that Mille watches cost approximately a quarter of a million dollars each. “The price goes up more on Richard Mille than any other watch,” he explained, before sharing that he hopes to buy one soon.

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A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks)

When Akademiks asked who would pay that kind of money for a second-hand watch, Vlad responded, “there’s no shortage of buyers right now for Richard Mille’s, because they make so few of them. A particular watch might only have ten.”

Ak compared the watches to Birkin bags, saying that although they’re obviously at two different price points, they have similar concepts and appeals. In the comment section of the video, 21 Savage co-signed what Vlad said, revealing that he “made 350k off 1.”

It’s unclear how much the Saint Laurent Don paid for his Richard Mille, but if it was $250,000 then he easily cleared a $100,000 profit. The “Glock In My Lap” rapper dropped off another comment, providing readers with some advice should they ever own one of the luxury watches themselves.

“If you put aftermarket diamonds on it the value go down a lot,” he wrote. 

Check out a quick clip from the interview above, or listen to the full episode of Vlad and Ak chopping it up on Off the Record below.