21 Savage Says He Sold A Richard Mille Watch For $350,000

During a recent sit down with DJ Vlad, he and DJ Akademiks got to talking about watches – specifically, luxury watches. The two content creators found themselves discussing the possibility of reselling products, prompting Vlad to say that he only knows of a few brands that you can sell for more than what you paid for them.

“Rolex, Audemars, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille are the only brands I know that you could pull this off with,” he told Ak, before confirming that Mille watches cost approximately a quarter of a million dollars each. “The price goes up more on Richard Mille than any other watch,” he explained, before sharing that he hopes to buy one soon.

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When Akademiks asked who would pay that kind of money for a second-hand watch, Vlad responded, “there’s no shortage of buyers right now for Richard Mille’s, because they make so few of them. A particular watch might only have ten.”

Ak compared the watches to Birkin bags, saying that although they’re obviously at two different price points, they have similar concepts and appeals. In the comment section of the video, 21 Savage co-signed what Vlad said, revealing that he “made 350k off 1.”

It’s unclear how much the Saint Laurent Don paid for his Richard Mille, but if it was $250,000 then he easily cleared a $100,000 profit. The “Glock In My Lap” rapper dropped off another comment, providing readers with some advice should they ever own one of the luxury watches themselves.

“If you put aftermarket diamonds on it the value go down a lot,” he wrote. 

Check out a quick clip from the interview above, or listen to the full episode of Vlad and Ak chopping it up on Off the Record below.