Childish Gambino Seemingly Disses Drake On New Song “Yoshinoya”

Childish Gambino raps on his new album, Bando Stone and the New World. Not as much as you’d think, though. The artist intersperses bars with sonic experiments and electronic flourishes. “Yoshinoya” is a rare exception to this. The track sees Childish Gambino drop aggressive rhymes over a trunk-rattling instrumental from producer Triangle Park. He takes aim at some undisclosed target in his verses, but fans have been quick to point out clues that suggest the target is in plain sight. The theory is that the rapper is the latest to attack Drizzy Drake.

The biggest piece of evidence to suggest that Childish Gambino is targeting Drake is in the first verse. “I put your boy in the seat. You got your biz’ in the streets,” he raps. “I wash my hands when I eat. I never hand her the key.” The use of the moniker the “Boy,” evokes the nickname that Drake has used over the last decade. Genius even posits Gambino’s wording as a means of schooling the 6 God, hence putting him in a seat (the annotation is, notably, unreviewed). The next few lines have also been theorized to be about Drake. “I don’t know no one BD,” he raps. “But they dependent on me.” “BD” is baby daddy, which technically applies to the Toronto rapper. Drake also scored a hit single in 2023 with “Rich Baby Daddy.”

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Childish Gambino And Drake Have Had Issues In The Past

The rest of the song is peppered with slights and comments that could easily apply to Drake. Childish Gambino mentions finding a house “on the app,” which evokes the iconic imagery of Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” diss. The rapper also suggests that his unnamed target has untrustworthy people in his circle. “They plottin’ hard when you slatt,” he spits. “Thеy got a gun in your back. This who you trust when you sleepin’ at night.” There’s even an “AK” bar. “AK not silent like knife,” Childish Gambino raps towards the back end of the verse. The reference applies to a loud firearm, of course, but could just as well apply to DJ Akademiks and the fact that he serves as Drizzy’s mouthpiece.

Childish Gambino and Drake have not had the closest relationship over the years. The latter infamously criticized Gambino’s “This Is America” during a 2018 concert in Chicago. He posted a user comment that read: “The overrated and over awarded hit song ‘This Is America’ was originally a Drake diss record.” It’s also worth noting that fans have compared Childish Gambino’s sound on the new album to Drake. Many social media users have compared Bando Stone and the New World to the 6 God’s recent releases, and there’s definitely similarities. We won’t know if “Yoshinoya” is a diss unless Gambino confirms it, but we know there isn’t love lost between him and Drake.

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DJ Akademiks Claims Drake Has A Kendrick Lamar Sneak Diss Ready

Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar will be the hip-hop story of 2024. Nothing will come along that tops it in terms of importance or attention. It was a fun time for all involved, except for maybe Drake. That being said, the battle may not be over. DJ Akademiks has continued to hint at the possibility that the 6 God has more to say about his enemy on record. Drake has been quiet, at least by Drake standards. During a new stream, though, DJ Akademiks claimed that some K. Dot sneak disses are on the way.

Ak’s allegiance to Drake is inarguable. That being said, the hip-hop personality does appear to have an inside line to the OVO camp. His predictions and debunking of rumors has been mostly spot on. He’s not infallible, of course, but when it comes to new Drake material, he has enough credibility to be believable. He voiced excitement over the next phase of the Drake and Kendrick Lamar battle, which he called sneak dissing time. “It’s really never over,” he noted. “I can’t wait to hear the first sneak diss.” Akademiks went to share some additional information, but he caught himself. “Matter of fact,” he said, before pausing. “I won’t even tell y’all what I heard.”

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DJ Akademiks Alludes To Unreleased Drake Music

DJ Akademiks’ excitement did make it seem like he knew something the public didn’t, though. “I can’t wait to hear the first sneak diss Drake got,” he explained. “That’s dissing Kendrick. How he positions it, that’s gonna be interesting. How does he position it…” It’s been a few months since Drake and Kendrick Lamar swapped diss tracks, but the beef appears to very much be active. Lamar is still riding high on the success of his Drake diss, “Not Like Us,” which went back to number one on Billboard. Dot’s former label mate, Ab-Soul, also tweeted about the possibility of Drake picking the battle back up.

More recently, ScHoolboy Q went after Drake’s OVO camp. The TDE artist claimed that Canadian police forced him to cancel his show in Toronto, and he vented about the sudden decision on Twitter. He said that Young Money and OVO artists have been cool in Los Angeles, and suggested that the 6 God was being sensitive. The real cause behind Q’s canceled show have since been debated. Some claim that Canadian police were behind it, others claimed the rapper canceled it himself. Time will tell if all this tension will manifest in the form of a sneak diss, like DJ Akademiks claimed.

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Steph Curry Admits He’s Tired Of Hearing Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us”

Steph Curry and Kendrick Lamar are West Coast legends. They revived the NBA and hip-hop scenes, respectively, and changed both mediums forever. There was even a viral TikTok going around on July 17, in which NBA athletes were compared to rappers. Low and behold, Curry and K. Dot were the two names linked. That being said, the Chef has had enough of Lamar’s latest record. He was captured on video during Team USA’s match against Serbia, and he was not happy when he heard “Not Like Us.”

Curry can be seen walking on the court after Team USA defeated Serbia. “Not Like Us” can be heard in the background, and the superstar is immediately annoyed. “Damn with this song,” he says. “It’s not the only song in America.” Curry’s reaction is immediately counterbalanced by LeBron James, who admits that he’s still a fan of the Drake diss. “I love it,” he tells Curry. Anthony Edwards doesn’t comment on the number one single, but he can be seen dancing to it before the video cuts out.

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LeBron Told Steph Curry He Still Loves The Song

Steph Curry hasn’t spoken publicly about the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle. However, he has been referenced by Lamar on “Meet the Grahams.” The Compton rapper tells Curry to keep his family away from Drake, due to Drake’s unsavory reputation. A reputation that Lamar himself perpetuated throughout the battle. The rapper also mentions LeBron James, which makes the “Not Like Us” exchange even more ironic. “Ayy, LeBron, keep the family away,” Lamar raps. “Hey, Curry, keep the family away. To anybody that embody the love for their kids, keep the family away.”

Drake, meanwhile, has referenced Steph Curry on multiple songs. He compared himself to the Chef on “0 to 100 / The Catch Up” in 2014. He also claimed to be running up the numbers like Curry on the 2016 smash “Why You Always Hatin.” The latter was a collab with West Coast veteran YG. A veteran who was among the people who distanced themselves from Drake and supported Kendrick Lamar during the beef. YG attended Lamar’s “Pop Out” show on Juneteenth, as did LeBron James. The latter was seen rapping and dancing in the audience. Curry, however, was nowhere to be found.

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ScHoolboy Q Blasts OVO For Not Allowing TDE Artists In Toronto

ScHoolboy Q is not happy. The TDE rapper was slated to perform in Toronto, but was allegedly kept from doing so. In response to this last-minute decision, Q hopped on Twitter and criticized the Canadian city for discriminating against his label. He not only accused Toronto of keeping TDE artists out, but hinted at some larger problems between the label and Drake’s OVO crew. ScHoolboy Q also alluded to there being consequences if this so-called sensitive behavior continued.

The Twitter rant took place on July 17. ScHoolboy Q made it clear that he was angry over the cancelation of his show, and called out Canadian police directly. “THey just canceled by sHow in Toronto,” he wrote. “Canadian police don’t want nobody from TDE performing.” The real bombshell, however, came in the subsequent tweet. Q claimed that everything was good between TDE and Drake’s parent label, Young Money. He claimed that Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith was actually hanging out with Birdman and Weezy recently. “Top was just wit Wayne and Baby smH,” he angrily typed. ScHoolboy Q also noted that OVO artist PARTYNEXTDOOR played at the Palladium in Los Angeles without any trouble.

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ScHoolboy Q Warned OVO To Tread Carefully

After venting about the various ways in which the beef has been settled, ScHoolboy Q got aggressive. He made it known that if TDE had plans to do something to Drake and OVO, they would have done it already. “If we wanted to get y’all we would’ve just did it,” he tweeted. The last part of the message took on a more ominous tone, with the rapper seemingly warning OVO of potential problems to come. “Now wHen sumbody get Hurt don’t cry…” he concluded. ScHoolboy Q was never involved in the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef, but he made it clear which side he was on from day one.

He voiced his support for Lamar, his former label mate, on social media. He also performed alongside the rapper at the legendary “Pop Out” show on Juneteenth. ScHoolboy Q and Dot rapped “Collard Greens” together. Q was also one of the people who posed for the iconic black-and-white photo taken at the end of the concert. Hopefully TDE and OVO are able to set their differences aside and allow touring on both sides, without things getting ugly.

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Drake And Kendrick Lamar’s Feud Is Officially ‘Jeopardy!’-Famous As It Was Just A Clue On The Show

drake Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
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Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s feud has been one of the biggest pop culture events of 2024 so far: Lamar’s “Not Like Us” is a No. 1 hit (again), the song was mentioned at the ESPYs, and now, the beef has reached Jeopardy! status.

One of the categories in the Double Jeopardy! round from last night’s (July 16) episode was called “Diss-track-tions,” and the $800 question was, “In May 2024, these 2 competitors went back & forth with tracks like ‘Family Matters’ & ‘Meet The Grahams.’” A contestant correctly said, ‘Who are Kendrick Lamar and Drake?’

Per J! Archive, the category also referenced beefs between Eminem and The Game, Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G., 50 Cent and Cam’ron, and Nas and Jay-Z. Contestants managed to answer all of the clues correctly. J! Archive also notes last night’s episode was taped on May 23, at which point all of the songs currently associated with the Drake/Kendrick feud so far had been released (but before the “Not Like Us” video dropped).

Meanwhile, the feud has mostly died down and it seems Drake has more pressing issues to deal with at the moment. Toronto just got hit some some extreme weather, which has left Drake’s mansion in the city absolutely filled with water.

Drake’s Toronto Mansion Has Seemingly Been Flooded With A Mysterious Brown Liquid

Getty Image

Thanks to Mother Nature, Drake won’t have the chance to ride around with his woes anytime soon. Most of the East Coast has been fighting through a sweltering heat wave. But in Toronto, the “Family Matters” rapper is also trying to survive unprecedented flooding.

Today (July 16), Drake took to his official Instagram page to repost video evidence of the weather’s impact, on his mansion. In the short clip, it appears his caretakers of the property tried with all of their might to keep the wave of mystery brown liquid from entering his a closet area, but were unsuccessful.

“This better be an Espresso Martini,” he wrote.

Users online were just as queasy about the water’s color.

“Why is the water brown, omgosh,” penned one user.

Others couldn’t get past the fact that the staff appeared to not have on protective footwear.

“Casually walking in it,” wrote one user.

“Is he…barefoot 🤢,” asked another.

“The unflushed Douche water 😔,” chimed another.

“It’s Truffle Butter 😳,” joked another in reference to Nicki Minaj’s 2014 song, in which he is featured.

As Drake hires some professionals to restore his property to its former glory, he has his massive Texas estate to call home.

Drake Gets Trolled By Rick Ross After His Toronto Mansion Flooded

Drake and Rick Ross have given fans so many good songs. Then, 2024 happened. The two rappers decided to become enemies and endlessly diss each other. There were disses in the form of songs, which both Drake and Ross participated in, and disses via social media. The latter has largely been abandoned by the 6 God, but Rick Ross has not let up. The MMG honcho decided to poke fun at his former friend after his Toronto mansion was flooded.

Drake posted an Instagram video of his flooded mansion on July 16. The damage was severe, as water was seen filling up one of the rooms on the property. Drake tried to make light of the situation with a silly caption: “This better be espresso martini.” Ross, being the professional troll that he is, couldn’t resist a joke of his own. He posted a comment on the post and wrote back: “minor issues,” with a smirking emoji. Ross has developed a habit for kicking other rappers when they’re down. Especially if he’s already had beef with them.

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Drake Has Repeatedly Been Targeted By Rozay On IG

Rick Ross targeted one of Drake’s so-called friends, The Game, on July 10. He saw a headline pertaining to The Game’s legal troubles, DM’d him the link, and proceeded to post the exchange on Instagram. The Game made fun of Rozay’s weight, but the latter clapped back with a ruthless jab. “Since we @’n n**gas, here you go b*tch,” he wrote. A few weeks prior, Ross went at Drake for having a flirty exchange with his baby mama, Tia Kemp. Kemp praised Drake for being a “GOAT,” and Ross clapped back in the comment section by typing: “pedo vs. granny.”

Drake, meanwhile, has taken a step back from beefing. He tried to take on half the rap industry earlier in the year. He did a pretty good job, even if he ultimately fell victim to the force of nature that is Kendrick Lamar. The rapper was recently pictured wearing a “rap is a joke” shirt on Instagram with the caption: “The pressure from being on top does more than just make your ears pop.” The shirt has led to lots of controversy, but the caption has mostly gone undiscussed. It’s clear Drake wants to move on and go about the business of making good music again.

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Drake’s Toronto Mansion Gets Flooded After Massive Storm: Watch

Drake cannot catch a break. The Kendrick Lamar victory lap got a second wind when the “Not Like Us” music video dropped on July 4th. Then there was the shooting that took place at his home in May. Now, the same Toronto mansion that took gunfire has fallen victim to the elements. Huge thunderstorms have rolled through Canada, resulting in Drake’s sprawling estate being flooded. The damage was so bad that the rapper posted a video of the flood on Instagram. The damage is going to be severe.

Drake posted the flooding footage on his Instagram on July 16. A man can be seen opening the door, while water rushes into the house and covers the floor. The whole room is covered, and Drake walks through to show how far the flooding has spread. He tried to make light of the unfortunate situation by writing: “This better be espresso martini” over the video. Drake’s mansion was not the only Toronto landmark to take damage due to severe weather. According to the Toronto Star, DVP lanes were shut down and Union Station was flooded, meaning commuters were stranded.

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Drake’s Home Is Among The Toronto Areas Affected By Rain

The outlet noted the difference between normal Toronto weather and this more recent extreme. Toronto saw 98 mm of rain on July 16, which is the fifth wettest day on record since 1938. Generally, the city gets 75 mm of rain throughout the summer. The uptick is massive. Environment Canada meteorologist Trudy Kidd told the Toronto Star that the city got more rain in a single day than it usually does in a whole month. Fortunately, for Drake, he has a stunning new property in Texas to hang out at until his Toronto mansion is repaired.

The rapper purchased a $15 million ranch called The Inn at Dos Brisas. The property is located between Austin and Houston, and spans a staggering 313 acres. Drake even hyped up the property on Instagram by adopting a Texas accent. “Me and my partna’, we done gone country on y’all,” he told his fans in June. “We said we was gonna do it for a lot of years and we’re doing it today. The sale is made. We gotta drop a new one for this. If you see your girl at the ‘Lover Boy Lane,’ it’s over.”

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Soulja Boy Has A Harsh Message For Drake After Kendrick Lamar Battle

Soulja Boy has strong words for Drake after his highly publicized battle with Kendrick Lamar. Drake and Lamar have been taking shots at each other since the latter’s now-infamous verse on Big Sean’s “Control” released in 2013. Drake and J. Cole collaborated on “First Person Shooter,” the hit single from Drake’s 2023 album For All The Dogs. Lamar responded to claims of a hip-hop Big 3 on the Future & Metro Boomin track “Like That.” The rest is history.

Soulja Boy, who has a new album set for release on July 28, took to X (formerly Twitter) to make his disappointment in Drake clear. His posts were met with a mixed response. Some shared their belief that Drake needed to take the loss. Others accused him of clout chasing, as his album is under two weeks away from release and controversy almost always sells. “This is what happens when you don’t hop up out the bed and turn your swag on,” said one Instagram user, referencing his 2008 hit.

Soulja Boy Is Disappointed In Drake’s Battle Performance

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Soulja Boy and Drake were friendly for some time in the latter’s early years of superstardom. Drake freestyled over “We Made It” in 2013, a non-album track that got very popular. In 2019, Soulja claimed that he “taught Drake everything he knows.” It was a one-sided beef that ended with the infamous “Draaaake?” soundbite from his interview with The Breakfast Club. After that, Drake reached out to Soulja to end any animosity and resolve the conflict peacefully.

Drake has been reeling since his battle with Kendrick Lamar. He reportedly plans to release new music this summer, which may get him back on track. Lamar has been on a months-long victory lap, with “Not Like Us” surging to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 after the music video released. Soulja Boy is not the only disappointed rapper out there. Kendrick Lamar’s own Black Hippy squadmate, Ab-Soul, seemed to express a level of disappointment in Drake. He was more forgiving than Soulja, not ruling out the possibility of redemption. However, he specified that Drake could never “f*ck with” Kendrick on the rap side.

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Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” Video Game Has Taken Over The Internet

“Not Like Us” has legs. There’s been online discourse about whether the song is played out, but the results speak for themselves. Kendrick Lamar’s diss has returned to the top of the Billboard charts after the release of the iconic music video. Better still, the music video inspired graphic designer Richard Branson to create a video game inspired by one of its most viral moments. Now you too can destroy Drake’s OVO owls with a stick.

Branson posted a link to the “Not Like Us” video game on July 15. The game is free to play. The graphic designer made it clear that he was not aiming to profit from the song. “This game is a free love letter to video games and hip-hop,” Branson wrote within the game’s credits. The aim of the game is to hit as many owls as possible with a piñata stick. The premise was inspired by the piñata scene in the “Not Like Us” video. Kendrick Lamar takes down an owl meant to be satirizing Drake’s logo. The text: “No OVHoes were harmed in the making of this video” is placed underneath him. No such text appears in the game, but the sense of fun certainly carries over.

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The Kendrick Lamar-Inspired Game Is Free To Play

The “Not Like Us” game spread like wildfire online. Fans took to posting their results on social media. Some even broke down which levels were most difficult to play. The video game could not have come at a better time. “Not Like Us” topped the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release in May. It spent the next eight weeks shifting between spots 2 and 6, before settling at number 3. Impressively, however, the song shot back up to number one over Fourth of July. This is first time Kendrick Lamar has landed a multi-week number one as a solo artist.

The song is so inextricable from its target, that any attempts to recontextualize it have backfired. Lil Wayne tried to flip the meaning of the song during a recent Las Vegas performance. It did not work. Fans were confused by Weezy F. Baby’s decision to play a Kendrick Lamar song. Many took the rapper to task for riding with Lamar over Drake, when he was trying to communicate the exact opposite. Lamar keeps winning, and Drake, well, doesn’t.

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