Young Thug Brings ‘Punk’ To ‘SNL’ With Electric Performances Of ‘Tick Tock’ And ‘Love You More’

The music world is currently enjoying Young Thug’s second album Punk as the rapper released it on Friday. He first announced the project two years ago, which came less than a week after he released his debut So Much Fun. After previewing songs at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival and during his NPR Tiny Desk, the rapper released Punk with just a slight delay. To further promote the project, Young Thug brought his talents to Saturday Night Live for a pair of electric performances.

Thug started the night with a brief performance of “Tick Tock,” the promotional single the rapper released prior to Punk. It came with the presence of a live band that featured Travis Barker on drums who ended it with an energetic drum solo. Later on in the night, Thug returned to the stage to perform “Love You More” with Gunna as well as Nate Ruess from the bands Fun and The Format. Travis Barker was also on drums for this performance while Ruess covered the song’s hook and Gunna delivered a verse of his own.

Altogether, Punk presents 20 songs and additional appearances from Drake, Future, J. Cole, Travis Scott, Gunna, Doja Cat, T-Shyne, Bslime, Post Malone, ASAP Rocky, Lil Double 0, and Jeff Bashker.

You can watch the performances in the videos above.

Punk is out now via 300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records. Get it here.

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Young Thug Shares His Favorite Songs And The Track He’s Lyrically Most Proud Of On ‘Punk’

On Friday, Young Thug released his second album, Punk, which arrives a little over two years after his official debut, So Much Fun. Punk is the more conceptual and introspective project, while So Much Fun showed off the rapper’s confident and high-spirited side. During a recent interview with Hot 97, Thug took a moment to speak about Punk, revealing his favorite songs from the album as well which songs he’s lyrically most proud of.

Thug named “Stupid/Asking” and “Drive Slow” as his favorites from the album. The former is produced by frequent collaborator Metro Boomin while the latter is the opener for Punk and features production from Charlie Handsome and a guest verse from fellow YSL act Strick. He later named “Road Rage” as the song he’s lyrically most proud of.

Punk checks in at 20 tracks and features guest appearances from Drake, Future, J. Cole, Travis Scott, Gunna, Doja Cat, T-Shyne, Bslime, Post Malone, ASAP Rocky, Lil Duble 0, Nate Ruess, and Jeff Bashker. The album also presented a pair of posthumous appearances from Mac Miller and Juice WRLD.

You can watch the full interview above.

Punk is out now via 300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records. Get it here.

Some artists covered here are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

New Music Friday Young Thug, Mac Miller, Gucci Mane, Durk, and More! [10/15]

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Some of our favorite rappers dropped new music today! Atlanta’s best Young Thug and Gucci Mane both dropped long-awaited albums. Plus, more new tracks from Lil Durk, Mac Miller, Lil Tjay, and more. New Music Friday’s Young Thug has dropped his new album “PUNK”. The album has features from J. Cole and Drake. Recently, Young […]

Young Thug Reunites With J. Cole, Juice WRLD, And Mac Miller On His New Album, ‘Punk’

In keeping with the modern trend in hip-hop, Young Thug’s newly released second(!) album, Punk, is a star-studded affair on which the trap experimentalist is accompanied by a plethora of guests from across the genre. However, unlike his previous release, So Much Fun, he expands the range of artists he taps to help him fill time, including newcomers like ASAP Rocky, Doja Cat, and Mac Miller among his frequent collaborators like Drake, Gunna, and Future. He also reunites with J. Cole, Juice WRLD, and Post Malone after working with them on some of their biggest singles.

Thug, who officially kicked off the promotion for his latest album with his first-ever NPR Tiny Desk Concert alongside rock drummer Travis Barker, rolled out the album in a most unusual way, only releasing one single, “Tick Tock,” and playing new songs at places like Givenchy’s Paris Fashion Week show and in the backseats of Lyft drivers’ cars. And speaking of cars, his release party stunt of trashing a brand-new Rolls-Royce with baseball bats alongside Gunna and Metro Boomin drew both attention and criticism. However, judging from the fact that many fans on Twitter freely admitted to staying up later than usual for the release (midnight Pacific, three hours later than most New Music Friday releases), it would seem that these tactics had an overall positive effect on the album’s reception.

You can check out some of the new songs from Punk above and listen to the full album courtesy of Atlantic and YSL here.

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Young Thug And Gunna Smashed A Rolls Royce With Baseball Bats To Promote ‘Punk’

Young Thug’s new album Punk drops in just a few hours after months of hyping the project’s fitting, against-the-grain nature. With Thug teasing the new music pretty much everywhere he’s gone, from Paris Fashion Week to Lyft rides from the studio, it’s been clear that he’s taking a non-traditional approach to promoting the project, just like a real punk should. At the album release party in Hollywood earlier this week, the Atlanta trap mad scientist doubled down by doing something completely unexpected: Smashing up a brand-new car with baseball bats. After all, what could be more punk than that?

Video of the celebration hit the internet a day later, catching Young Thug, Gunna, and Metro Boomin swinging baseball bats at the Rolls-Royce’s windows, which were spray-painted with the word “Punk.” Smashing up the luxury car seemed to be their way of embracing punk’s anti-capitalistic philosophy, but some fans didn’t see it that way, with a few pointing out that there would be better uses for the money that went into purchasing the car for the sole purpose of destruction.

However, the video seems to have done its job: Getting people talking about Young Thug and his upcoming album, so… mission accomplished. Wasteful or not, the video’s release ensures that fans know his album’s dropping — which means for Thug, it was well worth the expense.

Punk is out tonight at midnight ET via Atlantic and YSL.

Some artists covered here are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

Young Thug Surprises Lyft Drivers To Play Them His New Album, ‘Punk’

In the new promo spot for Lyft, Atlanta rapper Young Thug surprises a number of Lyft drivers, playing them songs from his upcoming album, Punk. In the opening of the clip, Thug shows off his sense of humor, reproducing the Twitter favorite meme of Thug in the studio with Lil Durk before heading outside to catch his ride. The various drivers are all shocked and amazed to find that their rider is the world-famous rapper, with one saying, “Some people call you the greatest. I’m starting to see why.”

In the press release for the promo, Thug explains, “In a car, you get to hear sounds you wouldn’t hear if you were in a studio, or in a club, or on stage. When you record a slap, you’re like, we got to go hear this in the car.” Naturally, in addition to promoting both Lyft and Punk, the brand partnership benefits fans, too: Riders will get 10% off Young Thug merch and music from the rapper’s online shop using the promo code “PUNKLYFT.” Also, while using the app, entering the promo code “YOUNGTHUG” in the rewards tab will unlock “SP5DER Mode,” offering Young Thug-themed icons.

Thug’s rollout for Punk, which drops this Friday, October 15 via YSL and Atlantic, has also included the purchase of 100 acres of land for a Slime City theme park, a Tiny Desk Concert with Travis Barker, and the slippery single, “Tick Tock.” He also played a trio of new songs at the Givenchy Paris Fashion Week show.

Young Thug Told Kanye West They Would Not Be On Speaking Terms If He Didn’t Appear On ‘Donda’

This Friday marks a bit moment for the music world: the release of a new Young Thug album. The Atlanta rapper is gearing up to share P*NK, which fans have spent the better part of two months waiting for after he announced it during an NPR Tiny Desk performance over the summer. Thug sat down with Complex for an interview, where he spoke about Kanye West and how he ended up on his tenth album, Donda.

“I just hit Kanye like, ‘Bro, if I ain’t on the album, we are not speaking,’” he said to Complex’s Erik Skelton. He explained his take on the legendary superstar. “What n****s don’t know about Kanye West is he’s a real n***a,” Thug said. “He’s a billionaire, and all that sh*t is cool, but in real life, he could survive in the trenches. If he go to the trenches, the jungle, he could survive. He a real n***a.”

So far, Thug has only shared one single from the album, namely “Tick Tock.”

You can read the full interview with Complex here.

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P*NK is out 10/15 via 300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records.