Childish Gambino Seemingly Disses Drake On New Song “Yoshinoya”

Childish Gambino raps on his new album, Bando Stone and the New World. Not as much as you’d think, though. The artist intersperses bars with sonic experiments and electronic flourishes. “Yoshinoya” is a rare exception to this. The track sees Childish Gambino drop aggressive rhymes over a trunk-rattling instrumental from producer Triangle Park. He takes aim at some undisclosed target in his verses, but fans have been quick to point out clues that suggest the target is in plain sight. The theory is that the rapper is the latest to attack Drizzy Drake.

The biggest piece of evidence to suggest that Childish Gambino is targeting Drake is in the first verse. “I put your boy in the seat. You got your biz’ in the streets,” he raps. “I wash my hands when I eat. I never hand her the key.” The use of the moniker the “Boy,” evokes the nickname that Drake has used over the last decade. Genius even posits Gambino’s wording as a means of schooling the 6 God, hence putting him in a seat (the annotation is, notably, unreviewed). The next few lines have also been theorized to be about Drake. “I don’t know no one BD,” he raps. “But they dependent on me.” “BD” is baby daddy, which technically applies to the Toronto rapper. Drake also scored a hit single in 2023 with “Rich Baby Daddy.”

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Childish Gambino And Drake Have Had Issues In The Past

The rest of the song is peppered with slights and comments that could easily apply to Drake. Childish Gambino mentions finding a house “on the app,” which evokes the iconic imagery of Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” diss. The rapper also suggests that his unnamed target has untrustworthy people in his circle. “They plottin’ hard when you slatt,” he spits. “Thеy got a gun in your back. This who you trust when you sleepin’ at night.” There’s even an “AK” bar. “AK not silent like knife,” Childish Gambino raps towards the back end of the verse. The reference applies to a loud firearm, of course, but could just as well apply to DJ Akademiks and the fact that he serves as Drizzy’s mouthpiece.

Childish Gambino and Drake have not had the closest relationship over the years. The latter infamously criticized Gambino’s “This Is America” during a 2018 concert in Chicago. He posted a user comment that read: “The overrated and over awarded hit song ‘This Is America’ was originally a Drake diss record.” It’s also worth noting that fans have compared Childish Gambino’s sound on the new album to Drake. Many social media users have compared Bando Stone and the New World to the 6 God’s recent releases, and there’s definitely similarities. We won’t know if “Yoshinoya” is a diss unless Gambino confirms it, but we know there isn’t love lost between him and Drake.

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Drake Would Run Into Trouble If He Played “Family Matters” In Los Angeles According To Wack 100

Wack 100’s spoken a lot on the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef, including a previous claim that Drizzy isn’t really in any danger in Los Angeles. However, his new interview with DJ Vlad on VladTV changed tones slightly, suggesting that things could turn confrontational if the Toronto superstar chose to diss K.Dot in his home city. Furthermore, for the music executive, this parallels Rick Ross’ recent incident in Canada where he played a diss against the 6ix God. Most importantly, though, Wack commented on how this beef is praiseworthy for its aversion to violence, contrasting with Boosie Badazz’s recent statements to Vlad about rap beef turning violent.

“If Drake went to The Forum right now and performed ‘Family Matters,’ it would be a problem. The crowd would respond. You know what I’m saying?” Wack 100’s comments on the Kendrick Lamar beef began. “And that’s what makes this rap beef so monumental: it’s not built on any of that [violence]. There’s not even an inkling on that anywhere. There’s nobody on Kendrick’s side saying, ‘We can’t wait to run into Drake.’ Nobody on Drake’s side said, ‘We gon’ drop a bag on Kendrick.’ Actually, it’s people in the middle of it that’s talking to both sides who said, ‘Aright, are we done? We’re done.’ Drake knew that they was gon’ shoot the video. He was warned. ‘Yo, they gon’ shoot this video.’ Okay, cool.

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Wack 100 Thinks Drake Would Provoke Some Fighting If He Played “Family Matters” In Los Angeles

“So there’s none of that,” Wack 100 went on. “What Boosie was talking about, that’s what it shouldn’t have been. Because you really was dealing with a lot of stupidity and a lot of BS. A lot of that was pre-existing conflict that was already there. You in bad moods, you got this camp and this camp, they already beefing! They’ve been beefing for ten, 15, 20 years over this robbery, that chick, this homie got stabbed in the jail house, or whatever. This is Drake and Kendrick, so let’s analyze it. What was Kendrick’s first world tour? There we go. Let’s look at the history. Their history starts with Drake allowing Kendrick to go on his world tour, right? Okay, great.

“Somewhere in there, I still don’t know, maybe you know, right? We can both say that helped Kendrick, right? Somewhere in there, something happened with Drake and Kendrick,” Wack 100 concluded. “I don’t know where. I don’t know, maybe it was a line, it was a bar. But what I do know: it wasn’t nobody [that] got robbed, nobody got shot, he had sex with my girl, he took some money from me. None of these things factor into whatever went on from their start, which was positive, right? Touring together, to whatever happened in the middle, it had nothing to do with any of that stuff. To how it ended now, and it was bar for bar, song for song, creativity for creativity. You know what I’m saying?

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Childish Gambino Seems To Diss Joe Budden On New Album “Bando Stone And The New World”

Childish Gambino’s presumably final album, Bando Stone And The New World, has a little bit of everything for Donald Glover fans. There’s some soulful and tender instrumentation, some wild distorted experimentation, and the return of boastful and combative Gambino on more than a few fiery rap cuts here. Of course, people became so beef-pilled in recent months that folks immediately combed through the lyrics to see if anyone caught strays. While there aren’t any direct shots on Bando Stone, one particular set of lines on the track “Survival” with Chlöe Bailey is the most likely subliminal, and it’s seemingly directed at Joe Budden.

They in the minor leagues, but I’m pro-Black / I bet he hate his mom, how you know that? / You got a podcast ’cause you can’t rap / You on some Fresh and Fit s**t, talking body counts / I count a body every time I’m on tracks,” Childish Gambino raps on the cut. While this might seem like a bizarre and out-of-nowhere shot, there’s actually some precedent for animosity here. Budden had previously posited that Drake would absolutely demolish Gambino in a rap battle, whether through straight-up bars or having a troll-off.

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Childish Gambino’s “Survival”: Listen To The Alleged Joe Budden Disses

Of course, Joe Budden’s beef-preoccupied mind probably spends more time these days thinking about Cardi B rather than Childish Gambino. They recently engaged in a pretty nasty Twitter spat, as Cardi blasted the rapper and podcaster for his criticisms of her career and releases. Budden seemed to take it all in stride and dismiss engaging with the conversation, whether to indicate his lack of ill will or to not deal with that headache altogether. Either way, it doesn’t seem like a very good weekend to be the Slaughterhouse MC.

Meanwhile, other Childish Gambino fans think that the lyrics on Bando Stone might take shots at Drake, Kendrick Lamar, or others. In fact, some folks just want to see him talk about all the rap beefs in 2024, which he already expressed little interest in. More importantly, plenty of other bars on this album indicate that Glover could really care less about rap beef. So whether or not this was actually a shot at Joe Budden, we doubt he wants to make a big deal out of it.

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Latto Reveals Why She Doesn’t Want Real Beef With Ice Spice

It’s no secret that Latto and Ice Spice haven’t always gotten along. According to the Atlanta-born femcee, however, she has no intentions of challenging the “Phat Butt” performer to a battle. During a recent interview with Billboard, she explained that if she were to go up against someone à la Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar, she’d be selective about her opponent. According to her, Ice doesn’t seem interested in full-fledged rap beef, so she’d prefer to keep the disses light.

“If I was to do [a battle], it would have to be with somebody I feel like Imma go tit for tat with,” Latto said. “I really don’t mean it as shade. Would she even want to do that? I feel like she’s doing her in her lane. It’s two different types of vibes. I don’t even think she gives me like, ‘Oh, she wants to engage in an actual rap beef.’”

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Latto Doesn’t Think Ice Spice Is Up For A Battle

She continued, noting how whatever shade that’s been thrown thus far hasn’t been a big deal to her, as it’s just part of the game. “Everybody gon’ take their lil jabs in the music, and it’s not even that serious to me. I feel like you should do that. Continue to! But as far as actual whole diss records to each other, I don’t think she would even want to do that. I feel like… would it even make sense? It wouldn’t,” she also added.

While Latto may not be interested in going “tit for tat” with Ice Spice, it doesn’t look like their feud has shown any signs of slowing down. They traded some shots at the BET Awards last month, for example, right after Latto seemingly taunted Ice Spice with a “Think U The Sh*t” cake. What do you think of Latto claiming she wouldn’t want to battle Ice Spice? Are you surprised or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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JT Shows No Mercy To Her Hip-Hop Opps On New Mixtape “City Cinderella”

JT’s new mixtape City Cinderella is a pretty explosive affair, due not just to the bombastic nature of the instrumentals, but also to her lyrical content. Moreover, many rap fans caught some possible shots at some of her perceived hip-hop rivals, and although there’s nothing direct, it’s combative enough for some understandable assumptions. For example, there’s the former City Girl’s intro, which many thought was a reference to Cardi B and her alleged NSFW treatment of a bottle onstage, which she denied was her. “Non-rapping b***h, who the f**k you talking to? / I was off in Saks, Gucci alligator bags / While you were laying on your back and stuffing bottles up your a**,” she rapped on the cut.

Furthermore, JT’s alleged Cardi B disses continued on “Lemon Pepper” with Stunna Girl, calling back to when Cardi mocked her jail stint and called her “prison pants.” “JT a convicted felon and I’m still on they a** / These Rick Owens, boo, these ain’t prison pants,” she rapped. However, Bardi isn’t the only alleged target, as GloRilla also seemed to catch some strays given their previous beef. “Now I’m hated by a b***h with a man voice,” the Florida femcee spits on “Swang.”

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JT’s City Cinderella Mixtape: Hear The Alleged Cardi B & GloRilla Shots On “Intro (Hope)” & “Swang”

Glo beef aside, JT opened up about why she made City Cinderella a mixtape in her Paper cover story. “People work on their albums for a year, albums are just different. So City Cinderella is not my first album, being that I made this project so damn fast,” she elaborated. “I had to create this project throughout the tour and moving around, so I didn’t have time to really nurture and doctor it. This is just something that I’m putting out with my pure instincts.”

Meanwhile, JT will go on tour soon to celebrate and roll out the release of City Cinderella, so grab your tickets if you want in a good time. We’re sure that some other bars on this mixtape might aim at other rappers, but these are just the big suspects on initial listens. Whether they’re intentional or not, the message is pretty clear, and we don’t know if the targets will respond. Hopefully folks can stop sneak dissing each other and focus more on their own musical story… if they’re not going to go direct, that is.

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Cardi B Addresses Joe Budden Spat And Says New Album’s Coming Out This Year

Cardi B’s recent social media spat with Joe Budden over his criticism of her lit up a lot of Internet conversations, and for good reason. It’s a showdown between a massive musical star and a massive media star, and one that has a lot of history and conflicting bonds behind it. However, it also represents yet another moment of the Bronx femcee defending herself online and showing off her more combative side, which she acknowledges isn’t the aspect of her that she wants to always harp on. Moreover, she took to Twitter once more with a message for her fanbase, thanking them for the support during the highs and lows.

“wanna say this to Bardi gang or anybody who’s just a fan of my music or even my craziness…” Cardi B’s statement on Twitter began. “I have my good days and my bad days but you know what, whether it’s good or bad I couldn’t be happier with the obvious anticipation for my album. Sometimes I get a little aggressive because yall know I don’t like to be told what to do. But I promise you it’s coming THIS YEAR. Thank you for the love and anticipation and always holding me down [red heart emoji] I love yall.”

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Cardi B’s Message To The Bardi Gang

I don’t understand why I keep getting harassed by this man,” Cardi B remarked. “You want to hear my album so bad, you can pull up to my studio session. You could pull up! But I’m really sick and tired of you keeping my name in your f*cking mouth and then you’re acting like you’re keeping it there because you really want a project from me. No, you want to tear my project down like you tear down every one of my singles. You tear down my single, you tear down my personal life, you tear down everything I f*cking do. So it’s not coming from a genuine place.”

“I promise you and can assure you, i will not cover a single thing this girl does for the remainder of her career… Peace & love,” Joe Budden responded to Cardi B. “I have also never gotten a lap dance from this lady. I really just wanted an album from someone whose music i love. She cursing me smooth out but she still hilarious lol…. I’m going to bed, i apologize to @iamcardib for whatever i did and peace and love to all.”

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Big Sean Fires More Subliminal Shots On His New Single “Yes”

Big Sean has got enemies. His forthcoming album was leaked online by a user claiming to be following Kanye West’s orders. It’s about as dubious and unsubstantiated a claim as one can make, but whatever plausibility it does have stems from the fact that Sean and West are on the outs. The two rappers had a falling out after a decade plus of working together. Big Sean threw subliminal shots at someone thought to be West during a recent freestyle. He seemingly did the same thing on his latest single, “Yes.”

To be clear, Sean Don does not mention any rappers by name. He keeps it vague, so his bars could apply to anybody and everybody. That being said, the specificity of the insults make it seem as though he has a certain person in mind. The second verse on “Yes” sees Big Sean address someone he knew from way back. Someone who, evidently, has been talking bad about the rapper. “Stupid lil’ b*tch want reminisce about some sh*t from way back,” he spits. “N**gas really think they cutthroat ’cause they talkin’ off they necks. Get out your feelings, middle fingers to these n**gas.”

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Big Sean Targets Rappers Talking Reckless About Him

Big Sean closes out the verse by claiming his enemies won’t change him. Regardless of what’s done to him or said about him in public, he vows to remain the same positive person that he’s always been. “They wanna see me turn to the villain,” he adds. “Either way though I’ma kill ’em.” These critiques do apply to Kanye West if they are indeed intended for him. West was the one who put Big Sean on over a decade ago. He’s also, infamously, gone from being a beloved figure in the hip-hop community to being viewed as a villain within popular culture.

There’s also the bar about “talking off they necks.” Kanye West absolutely ruined his relationship with Big Sean when he went on a 2021 episode of Drink Champs. The Chicago artist claimed that signing Big Sean to GOOD Music was the “worst thing” he’d ever done. He lamented helping the rapper, and worried aloud that Sean’s career would be emblazoned on his tombstone. Sean was understandably bothered by these comments, given how close him and West have been over the years. There are likely more subs to come on Sean’s new album. What do you think? Is the rapper shading his old label boss? Or are fans looking too far into his lyrics?

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Big Sean’s Album Has A Release Date And Twitter Worries Kendrick Lamar Will Overshadow It

Big Sean seems like a nice guy. By all accounts, the rapper is well-liked and respected throughout the industry. There are seemingly only two rappers who don’t like him, but both have gone out of their way to steal his shine. Kanye West dissed Big Sean in a Drink Champs interview, and one of his fans leaked the rapper’s new album. Kendrick Lamar, meanwhile, has allegedly dissed the rapper on multiple occasions. To make matters worse, Lamar has a habit of overshadowing Big Sean’s releases. And social media is worried it’s going to happen again.

Sean Don announced that his new album, Better Me Than You, would be dropping August 9th. It was an exciting development, and a smart one given the recent leaks. The rapper released an official trailer for the album, which teased an unreleased beat. The feedback was positive, with many rooting for Sean to score a major comeback. Some, however, looked at Kendrick Lamar’s track record. Kendrick Lamar was the one who stomped on the release on Sean’s “Precision” single by dropping the “Like That” the same exact day. Then there was “Control” in 2013, which drew so much online attention for Lamar’s verse that it overshadowed the album it was supposed to be on. Never mind the fact that Dot calls Sean out on his own song.

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Big Sean’s Release Date Coincides With A K. Dot Theory

Even when Kendrick Lamar is not stepping on Big Sean’s rollouts, he remains a talking point. The latter dropped a freestyle on July 16, and it went viral because listeners though he was dissing K. Dot. DJHed had to clarify that Sean was not, but by that point, the narrative had taken over. It’s also worth noting that Kendrick Lamar has an album rumored for release in August. The jacket Lamar wears in the “Not Like Us” video has an 8/8/2024 pendant, which many believe to be the official release date. If true, then Big Sean would once again be outdone by his Compton peer.

Keep scrolling to read social media reactions to the Kendrick Lamar release date theory. Do you think Lamar will steal Big Sean’s thunder? Will the albums wind up competing for the top spot? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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DJ Akademiks Claims Drake Has A Kendrick Lamar Sneak Diss Ready

Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar will be the hip-hop story of 2024. Nothing will come along that tops it in terms of importance or attention. It was a fun time for all involved, except for maybe Drake. That being said, the battle may not be over. DJ Akademiks has continued to hint at the possibility that the 6 God has more to say about his enemy on record. Drake has been quiet, at least by Drake standards. During a new stream, though, DJ Akademiks claimed that some K. Dot sneak disses are on the way.

Ak’s allegiance to Drake is inarguable. That being said, the hip-hop personality does appear to have an inside line to the OVO camp. His predictions and debunking of rumors has been mostly spot on. He’s not infallible, of course, but when it comes to new Drake material, he has enough credibility to be believable. He voiced excitement over the next phase of the Drake and Kendrick Lamar battle, which he called sneak dissing time. “It’s really never over,” he noted. “I can’t wait to hear the first sneak diss.” Akademiks went to share some additional information, but he caught himself. “Matter of fact,” he said, before pausing. “I won’t even tell y’all what I heard.”

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DJ Akademiks Alludes To Unreleased Drake Music

DJ Akademiks’ excitement did make it seem like he knew something the public didn’t, though. “I can’t wait to hear the first sneak diss Drake got,” he explained. “That’s dissing Kendrick. How he positions it, that’s gonna be interesting. How does he position it…” It’s been a few months since Drake and Kendrick Lamar swapped diss tracks, but the beef appears to very much be active. Lamar is still riding high on the success of his Drake diss, “Not Like Us,” which went back to number one on Billboard. Dot’s former label mate, Ab-Soul, also tweeted about the possibility of Drake picking the battle back up.

More recently, ScHoolboy Q went after Drake’s OVO camp. The TDE artist claimed that Canadian police forced him to cancel his show in Toronto, and he vented about the sudden decision on Twitter. He said that Young Money and OVO artists have been cool in Los Angeles, and suggested that the 6 God was being sensitive. The real cause behind Q’s canceled show have since been debated. Some claim that Canadian police were behind it, others claimed the rapper canceled it himself. Time will tell if all this tension will manifest in the form of a sneak diss, like DJ Akademiks claimed.

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