Childish Gambino Seemingly Disses Drake On New Song “Yoshinoya”

Childish Gambino raps on his new album, Bando Stone and the New World. Not as much as you’d think, though. The artist intersperses bars with sonic experiments and electronic flourishes. “Yoshinoya” is a rare exception to this. The track sees Childish Gambino drop aggressive rhymes over a trunk-rattling instrumental from producer Triangle Park. He takes aim at some undisclosed target in his verses, but fans have been quick to point out clues that suggest the target is in plain sight. The theory is that the rapper is the latest to attack Drizzy Drake.

The biggest piece of evidence to suggest that Childish Gambino is targeting Drake is in the first verse. “I put your boy in the seat. You got your biz’ in the streets,” he raps. “I wash my hands when I eat. I never hand her the key.” The use of the moniker the “Boy,” evokes the nickname that Drake has used over the last decade. Genius even posits Gambino’s wording as a means of schooling the 6 God, hence putting him in a seat (the annotation is, notably, unreviewed). The next few lines have also been theorized to be about Drake. “I don’t know no one BD,” he raps. “But they dependent on me.” “BD” is baby daddy, which technically applies to the Toronto rapper. Drake also scored a hit single in 2023 with “Rich Baby Daddy.”

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Childish Gambino And Drake Have Had Issues In The Past

The rest of the song is peppered with slights and comments that could easily apply to Drake. Childish Gambino mentions finding a house “on the app,” which evokes the iconic imagery of Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” diss. The rapper also suggests that his unnamed target has untrustworthy people in his circle. “They plottin’ hard when you slatt,” he spits. “Thеy got a gun in your back. This who you trust when you sleepin’ at night.” There’s even an “AK” bar. “AK not silent like knife,” Childish Gambino raps towards the back end of the verse. The reference applies to a loud firearm, of course, but could just as well apply to DJ Akademiks and the fact that he serves as Drizzy’s mouthpiece.

Childish Gambino and Drake have not had the closest relationship over the years. The latter infamously criticized Gambino’s “This Is America” during a 2018 concert in Chicago. He posted a user comment that read: “The overrated and over awarded hit song ‘This Is America’ was originally a Drake diss record.” It’s also worth noting that fans have compared Childish Gambino’s sound on the new album to Drake. Many social media users have compared Bando Stone and the New World to the 6 God’s recent releases, and there’s definitely similarities. We won’t know if “Yoshinoya” is a diss unless Gambino confirms it, but we know there isn’t love lost between him and Drake.

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Why Fans Don’t Just Think Big Sean And Kendrick Lamar Have Beef — They Want Them To

Getty Image/Merle Cooper

While Kendrick Lamar’s thrashing of Drake may have taken top billing so far this summer, it’s not the only feud the Compton rapper has been involved in — or, at least, that’s what some fans want to believe. While Kendrick was whacking owls and dragging the good name of OVO through the Hub City mud, another blog era veteran, Big Sean, was quietly releasing new singles as he prepared to release his sixth studio album (and first in four years), Better Me Than You.

This sucked for Sean, whose new releases got overshadowed by all the commotion — a common theme for the Detroit rapper, who arguably deserved to be mentioned in the same tier as Drake and Ken at one time, if only because his output matched theirs for both quantity and quality for a while. But when he wasn’t being drowned in the deluge of new diss tracks, his own releases were being interpreted as bids to insert himself into the beef, with mentions of the so-called “Big Three” turning into sneak disses in the minds of fans who were by now primed to demand bloodshed (metaphorically speaking).

Starting with the kickoff of Big Sean’s album rollout, “Clarity,” fans seemed determined to find jabs in Sean’s lyrics. “I think where I lack most as an artist is consistency / I just haven’t had the energy to compete with enemies / Or y’all so-called ‘Bigger Three’,” he rapped. While more reasonable readings would consider this Sean’s generous assessment of his own career — that he could have been bigger with a more consistent release schedule — others saw an eagerness for war with his more popular counterparts, especially when, just two days later, Kendrick dropped “Like That” with Future and Metro Boomin, declaring, “Motherf*ck the Big Three — it’s just big me.”

This might not have seemed like that big of a deal, but before either track came out, an old version of Kendrick Lamar’s 2017 DAMN. track “Element” leaked online, revealing a scrapped verse that dealt with apparent friction between the two rappers. “Big Sean keep sneak dissin’, I let it slide / I think his false confidence got him inspired / I can’t make them respect you, baby, it’s not my job / You’re finally famous for who you date, not how you rhyme,” Ken spat acidly on the old verse. While that version of the song never made it to retail, well… everything is forever on the internet (unless you wrote a post for

So why all the animosity to begin with? To find the answer, you’ve got to go back into blog rap lore about 10 years, when Big Sean was preparing to release his album Hall Of Fame. During the rollout, Sean shared a promotional single called “Control” on which he and Kendrick teamed up for a display of lyrical virtuoso that turned into something else entirely thanks to Kendrick’s penchant for playing with fire. As he would later do on “Like That,” Kendrick utterly stole the show on “Control,” naming names of those artists he considered his peers — and competitors — inviting them to catch his fade if they dared.

“I’m usually homeboys with the same n****s I’m rhymin’ with,” he allowed. “But this is hip-hop, and them n****s should know what time it is / And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale / Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake / Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller / I got love for you all, but I’m tryna murder you n****s / Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you n****s / They don’t wanna hear not one more noun or verb from you n****s.” The results were entertaining, but ultimately unsatisfying for those who wanted to see some high-level rhyme combat. It seemed like every rapper on the internet couldn’t help dropping a “response” — except for the ones Kendrick actually named.

Look, you can only get so far battle rapping. That’s been a truth of hip-hop since the ’80s. And you don’t get that big if you aren’t focused on making the best music and being about your business. So, it’s not surprising no one answered the call. However, Big Sean, who arguably suffered the worst from the verse (“Control” was cut from the album due to sample clearance issues) since he was basically “Renegaded” on his own track. He’s prickled a bit when asked about it; in 2017, he denied being “washed” by Kendrick on the song — an accusation he’s had to refute numerous times since then — although he denies being salty about it.

So, between getting overshadowed on “Control” — and in his career in general — by Kendrick and Drake, then Kendrick’s original “Element” verse taunting him for perhaps being understandably miffed about the situation, Sean does have reason to want to prove himself against Kendrick once and for all. That’s why fans think that, like with Drake, Kendrick has long-brewing friction with the Motown native that they could both be itching to resolve. And it’s why fans took Big Sean’s On The Radar freestyle admonishment about “finding someone to beef with” as a slight of Kendrick rather than its actual intended target: Sean’s former benefactor, Kanye West.

But there’s one other reason that they want to see a battle between the two: Because Big Sean could very well be one of today’s few upper echelon rappers who could hold his own in a rhyme fight with Kendrick Lamar. Drake got served. J. Cole bowed out. There are few other MCs at Kendrick’s level of mainstream popularity and commercial viability fans believe has the motivation or the skill to stand toe-to-toe with the Hub City native. Now, whether that’d be in Big Sean’s best interest is debatable; the scales are already tilted in Kendrick’s favor, Sean’s reputation as a rapper is respected but far from ironclad, and as Cardi B once said, “beef is bad for business.” But that won’t stop fans from clamoring for the next battle.

Wack 100 Says He Missed Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Pop Out’ Due to Renovating His Studio


Everybody from the West Coast was at Kendrick Lamar’s “The Pop Out” show, but Wack 100, who manages another legend who wasn’t there, The Game. Speaking with Vlad TV, Wack revealed why he wasn’t in attendance.

“I’m one of those where if you not on me about it, I’ll forget,” Wack 100 said. “I was in my studio, reconstructing my studio, stressing out over one of my podcast stands. I go looking for the guy and he told me the show was over at 8 o’clock sharp. I totally forgot, that’s when I hit Game.”

He would state The Game was at home with his lady as she was pregnant.

You can hear it from Wack 100 below.

The post Wack 100 Says He Missed Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Pop Out’ Due to Renovating His Studio first appeared on The Source.

The post Wack 100 Says He Missed Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Pop Out’ Due to Renovating His Studio appeared first on The Source.

Big Sean’s Album Has A Release Date And Twitter Worries Kendrick Lamar Will Overshadow It

Big Sean seems like a nice guy. By all accounts, the rapper is well-liked and respected throughout the industry. There are seemingly only two rappers who don’t like him, but both have gone out of their way to steal his shine. Kanye West dissed Big Sean in a Drink Champs interview, and one of his fans leaked the rapper’s new album. Kendrick Lamar, meanwhile, has allegedly dissed the rapper on multiple occasions. To make matters worse, Lamar has a habit of overshadowing Big Sean’s releases. And social media is worried it’s going to happen again.

Sean Don announced that his new album, Better Me Than You, would be dropping August 9th. It was an exciting development, and a smart one given the recent leaks. The rapper released an official trailer for the album, which teased an unreleased beat. The feedback was positive, with many rooting for Sean to score a major comeback. Some, however, looked at Kendrick Lamar’s track record. Kendrick Lamar was the one who stomped on the release on Sean’s “Precision” single by dropping the “Like That” the same exact day. Then there was “Control” in 2013, which drew so much online attention for Lamar’s verse that it overshadowed the album it was supposed to be on. Never mind the fact that Dot calls Sean out on his own song.

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Big Sean’s Release Date Coincides With A K. Dot Theory

Even when Kendrick Lamar is not stepping on Big Sean’s rollouts, he remains a talking point. The latter dropped a freestyle on July 16, and it went viral because listeners though he was dissing K. Dot. DJHed had to clarify that Sean was not, but by that point, the narrative had taken over. It’s also worth noting that Kendrick Lamar has an album rumored for release in August. The jacket Lamar wears in the “Not Like Us” video has an 8/8/2024 pendant, which many believe to be the official release date. If true, then Big Sean would once again be outdone by his Compton peer.

Keep scrolling to read social media reactions to the Kendrick Lamar release date theory. Do you think Lamar will steal Big Sean’s thunder? Will the albums wind up competing for the top spot? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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[WATCH] Steph Curry’s On Kendrick’s “They Not Like Us”: Damn With This Song!

Screenshot 2024 07 18 at 8.00.10 PM

One thing for sure that NBA great Steph Curry and Drake will definitely agree on. Both the Canadian rapper and the living legend on the NBA are both tired of Kendrick Lamar’s diss track “They Not Like Us” aimed at Drake.

While Team USA was prepping for a pre-Olympics exhibition with Serbia in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday afternoon when Curry decided to get his feelings about the most famous diss record of all time off his chest.

At about the ten second mark, Curry yelled, “Damn with this song! It’s not the only song in America.”

To the contrary of Curry’s opinion, LeBron James commented that he actually loved the song.

The post [WATCH] Steph Curry’s On Kendrick’s “They Not Like Us”: Damn With This Song! first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] Steph Curry’s On Kendrick’s “They Not Like Us”: Damn With This Song! appeared first on The Source.

DJ Akademiks Claims Drake Has A Kendrick Lamar Sneak Diss Ready

Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar will be the hip-hop story of 2024. Nothing will come along that tops it in terms of importance or attention. It was a fun time for all involved, except for maybe Drake. That being said, the battle may not be over. DJ Akademiks has continued to hint at the possibility that the 6 God has more to say about his enemy on record. Drake has been quiet, at least by Drake standards. During a new stream, though, DJ Akademiks claimed that some K. Dot sneak disses are on the way.

Ak’s allegiance to Drake is inarguable. That being said, the hip-hop personality does appear to have an inside line to the OVO camp. His predictions and debunking of rumors has been mostly spot on. He’s not infallible, of course, but when it comes to new Drake material, he has enough credibility to be believable. He voiced excitement over the next phase of the Drake and Kendrick Lamar battle, which he called sneak dissing time. “It’s really never over,” he noted. “I can’t wait to hear the first sneak diss.” Akademiks went to share some additional information, but he caught himself. “Matter of fact,” he said, before pausing. “I won’t even tell y’all what I heard.”

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DJ Akademiks Alludes To Unreleased Drake Music

DJ Akademiks’ excitement did make it seem like he knew something the public didn’t, though. “I can’t wait to hear the first sneak diss Drake got,” he explained. “That’s dissing Kendrick. How he positions it, that’s gonna be interesting. How does he position it…” It’s been a few months since Drake and Kendrick Lamar swapped diss tracks, but the beef appears to very much be active. Lamar is still riding high on the success of his Drake diss, “Not Like Us,” which went back to number one on Billboard. Dot’s former label mate, Ab-Soul, also tweeted about the possibility of Drake picking the battle back up.

More recently, ScHoolboy Q went after Drake’s OVO camp. The TDE artist claimed that Canadian police forced him to cancel his show in Toronto, and he vented about the sudden decision on Twitter. He said that Young Money and OVO artists have been cool in Los Angeles, and suggested that the 6 God was being sensitive. The real cause behind Q’s canceled show have since been debated. Some claim that Canadian police were behind it, others claimed the rapper canceled it himself. Time will tell if all this tension will manifest in the form of a sneak diss, like DJ Akademiks claimed.

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Steph Curry Admits He’s Tired Of Hearing Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us”

Steph Curry and Kendrick Lamar are West Coast legends. They revived the NBA and hip-hop scenes, respectively, and changed both mediums forever. There was even a viral TikTok going around on July 17, in which NBA athletes were compared to rappers. Low and behold, Curry and K. Dot were the two names linked. That being said, the Chef has had enough of Lamar’s latest record. He was captured on video during Team USA’s match against Serbia, and he was not happy when he heard “Not Like Us.”

Curry can be seen walking on the court after Team USA defeated Serbia. “Not Like Us” can be heard in the background, and the superstar is immediately annoyed. “Damn with this song,” he says. “It’s not the only song in America.” Curry’s reaction is immediately counterbalanced by LeBron James, who admits that he’s still a fan of the Drake diss. “I love it,” he tells Curry. Anthony Edwards doesn’t comment on the number one single, but he can be seen dancing to it before the video cuts out.

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LeBron Told Steph Curry He Still Loves The Song

Steph Curry hasn’t spoken publicly about the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle. However, he has been referenced by Lamar on “Meet the Grahams.” The Compton rapper tells Curry to keep his family away from Drake, due to Drake’s unsavory reputation. A reputation that Lamar himself perpetuated throughout the battle. The rapper also mentions LeBron James, which makes the “Not Like Us” exchange even more ironic. “Ayy, LeBron, keep the family away,” Lamar raps. “Hey, Curry, keep the family away. To anybody that embody the love for their kids, keep the family away.”

Drake, meanwhile, has referenced Steph Curry on multiple songs. He compared himself to the Chef on “0 to 100 / The Catch Up” in 2014. He also claimed to be running up the numbers like Curry on the 2016 smash “Why You Always Hatin.” The latter was a collab with West Coast veteran YG. A veteran who was among the people who distanced themselves from Drake and supported Kendrick Lamar during the beef. YG attended Lamar’s “Pop Out” show on Juneteenth, as did LeBron James. The latter was seen rapping and dancing in the audience. Curry, however, was nowhere to be found.

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ScHoolboy Q Blasts OVO For Not Allowing TDE Artists In Toronto

ScHoolboy Q is not happy. The TDE rapper was slated to perform in Toronto, but was allegedly kept from doing so. In response to this last-minute decision, Q hopped on Twitter and criticized the Canadian city for discriminating against his label. He not only accused Toronto of keeping TDE artists out, but hinted at some larger problems between the label and Drake’s OVO crew. ScHoolboy Q also alluded to there being consequences if this so-called sensitive behavior continued.

The Twitter rant took place on July 17. ScHoolboy Q made it clear that he was angry over the cancelation of his show, and called out Canadian police directly. “THey just canceled by sHow in Toronto,” he wrote. “Canadian police don’t want nobody from TDE performing.” The real bombshell, however, came in the subsequent tweet. Q claimed that everything was good between TDE and Drake’s parent label, Young Money. He claimed that Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith was actually hanging out with Birdman and Weezy recently. “Top was just wit Wayne and Baby smH,” he angrily typed. ScHoolboy Q also noted that OVO artist PARTYNEXTDOOR played at the Palladium in Los Angeles without any trouble.

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ScHoolboy Q Warned OVO To Tread Carefully

After venting about the various ways in which the beef has been settled, ScHoolboy Q got aggressive. He made it known that if TDE had plans to do something to Drake and OVO, they would have done it already. “If we wanted to get y’all we would’ve just did it,” he tweeted. The last part of the message took on a more ominous tone, with the rapper seemingly warning OVO of potential problems to come. “Now wHen sumbody get Hurt don’t cry…” he concluded. ScHoolboy Q was never involved in the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef, but he made it clear which side he was on from day one.

He voiced his support for Lamar, his former label mate, on social media. He also performed alongside the rapper at the legendary “Pop Out” show on Juneteenth. ScHoolboy Q and Dot rapped “Collard Greens” together. Q was also one of the people who posed for the iconic black-and-white photo taken at the end of the concert. Hopefully TDE and OVO are able to set their differences aside and allow touring on both sides, without things getting ugly.

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Steph Curry And LeBron James Playfully Discuss Whether Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’ Is Played Out

lebron james steph curry 2024 USA Basketball Showcase - USA v Serbia
Getty Image

LeBron James rapped Kendrick Lamar’s verse from Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That” during the Los Angeles Lakers’ pregame warmups on March 31. Three months and three Drake diss tracks later, James is still Team Kendrick.

On Wednesday, July 17, Lamar’s “Not Like Us” played while James and Steph Curry warmed up before USA Basketball’s exhibition game against Serbia ahead of this month’s 2024 Paris Olympics. In a video circulated by Complex on X (formerly Twitter), Curry can be seen expressing semi-joking, semi-serious annoyance to hear Lamar’s ubiquitous Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper yet again. “It’s not the only song in America,” Curry said, smiling and laughing. James shrugged and appeared to say, “As much as I love it, we’ve got to get something else.”

Lamar would probably love to release another Drake diss track. The only surer bet than USA Basketball winning Olympic gold might be Lamar having several Drake diss tracks in the vault, ready for deployment at any given moment. But for now, “Not Like Us” is the soundtrack to Lamar’s victory lap.

Curry and James are far from the first athletes to weigh in, as DeMar DeRozan appeared in the “Not Like Us” video, and Serena Williams incorporated the song into her ESPYs opening monologue. The longevity of “Not Like Us” has been pretty incredible, but it seems at least some players are a bit tired of hearing it in every arena.

Did Big Sean Diss Kendrick Lamar In His ‘On The Radar’ Freestyle?

Hip-hop’s summer of beef continues?

At least, some fans think it does after Big Sean freestyled for the On The Radar Radio show. See, over the course of his verse, Sean drops several bars that some have interpreted as shots at Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick, of course, just wrapped up his vitriolic beatdown of Drake; however, in doing so, he and the Canadian kinda stepped on Big Sean’s new album rollout.

Sean was already tangentially involved in the “Big Three” fiasco via his new song “Clarity,” and a leaked, scrapped version of Kendrick’s 2017 song “Element” seemed to give Sean reasons for wanting to strike back. “N****s looking for engagement like they got they knee bent / I gotta better things to do than find someone to beef with,” he says in the verse.

So, does this theory hold water?

Not according to DJ Hed, who has become something of an unofficial authority on most things K. Dot for rap fans on Twitter. After calling a tweet noting the supposed diss “cap,” Hed followed up with a cryptic explanation. “I talked to Sean. The bar was ‘I got better things to do then find someone to beef with.’ And it was not for Dot. Bar was directed at a different Gemini.”

Now, I’m not a big astrology guy, but sources (Google) tell me that Kanye West would also fall under that description. He’s also had plenty to say about his frayed relationship with Big Sean during his appearance on N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs podcast in 2021, calling signing the Detroit rapper the “worst thing I’ve ever done” and accusing him of being a shill for the Democratic Party, which… oy vey.

Kanye’s comments certainly would fit the “reaching for engagement” bill, as well as trying to “find someone to beef with” for Kanye trying to enter the Drake/Kendrick feud unasked (and failing miserably, by the way). Meanwhile, some of the other lines fans have identified seem like Dhalsim from Street Fighter-level stretches.

So, for now, until Sean himself says otherwise, it’s unlikely he’s dissing Kendrick. And for what it’s worth, no one wants to see part two of this nonsense, because if all that West Coast solidarity might go out the window over Jhené Aiko, what was any of it even for?