Dr Dre Details Hilarious Blind Double Date With Snoop Dogg Gone Wrong

Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg are the most iconic duo in hip-hop history. Granted, they are an official duo like Outkast or Mobb Deep, but their impact is undeniable. They codified gangsta rap in the mainstream, and have mentored generations of West Coast artists. Dre and Snoop are mythic figures at this point. That’s what makes stories about their early days so enthralling. It’s nice to hear about instances in which they were more relatable, less G’d out. Dr Dre provided fans with one such story during a recent interview.

The duo sat down with Capital Xtra on June 19 to take about their three decade friendship. Snoop Dogg detailed his reverence for Dr Dre, dubbing him his “older brother.” He also credited the producer for his business acumen, and sound financial advice over the years. “I just love being with him in the studio and real life,” Snoop explained. Dr Dre was appreciative, but he took the interview in a more comedic light. He decided to recount a story in which him and Snoop went on a blind double date. Dre recalls being thrilled when they went to pick up their dates. That was, until he realized the woman he was entranced by was actually Snoop’s girl.

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Dr Dre Recorded A Classic The Day After The Double Date

“I thought it was mine and it wasn’t,” Dr Dre jokingly recalled. “Snoop pushed me out the way like, ‘Nah, Cuz, that’s me.’ When I turned that corner and saw mine, I was really disappointed.” To make the whole thing worse, the duo had to drive in a rain storm to get there. “We drove for an hour in Hurricane Katrina to get there and I was extremely disappointed,” the producer reiterated. Incredibly, there is a silver lining to the story. While the double date didn’t go as planned for Dr Dre, the producer went into the studio the very next day and recorded “Nothin’ But a ‘G’ Thang.” The 1992 song would become a smash hit and a signature for both him and Snoop.

Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg are close as ever. The two artists are working on the album Missionary, which is said to be a sequel to Snoop’s 1993 debut Doggystyle. Dr Dre will handle production on the album, and has been working on and off with Snoop for the last two years. Snoop Dogg promised that Missionary is going to be worth the wait, as it will showcase a mature side of his musical persona. “[Dr Dre] uses me like a f*cking robot and I love it because I love to be produced,” he told the podcast All the Smoke with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. “I love to be challenged…. [the album is] masterful.”

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Childish Gambino Seemingly Disses Drake On New Song “Yoshinoya”

Childish Gambino raps on his new album, Bando Stone and the New World. Not as much as you’d think, though. The artist intersperses bars with sonic experiments and electronic flourishes. “Yoshinoya” is a rare exception to this. The track sees Childish Gambino drop aggressive rhymes over a trunk-rattling instrumental from producer Triangle Park. He takes aim at some undisclosed target in his verses, but fans have been quick to point out clues that suggest the target is in plain sight. The theory is that the rapper is the latest to attack Drizzy Drake.

The biggest piece of evidence to suggest that Childish Gambino is targeting Drake is in the first verse. “I put your boy in the seat. You got your biz’ in the streets,” he raps. “I wash my hands when I eat. I never hand her the key.” The use of the moniker the “Boy,” evokes the nickname that Drake has used over the last decade. Genius even posits Gambino’s wording as a means of schooling the 6 God, hence putting him in a seat (the annotation is, notably, unreviewed). The next few lines have also been theorized to be about Drake. “I don’t know no one BD,” he raps. “But they dependent on me.” “BD” is baby daddy, which technically applies to the Toronto rapper. Drake also scored a hit single in 2023 with “Rich Baby Daddy.”

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Childish Gambino And Drake Have Had Issues In The Past

The rest of the song is peppered with slights and comments that could easily apply to Drake. Childish Gambino mentions finding a house “on the app,” which evokes the iconic imagery of Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” diss. The rapper also suggests that his unnamed target has untrustworthy people in his circle. “They plottin’ hard when you slatt,” he spits. “Thеy got a gun in your back. This who you trust when you sleepin’ at night.” There’s even an “AK” bar. “AK not silent like knife,” Childish Gambino raps towards the back end of the verse. The reference applies to a loud firearm, of course, but could just as well apply to DJ Akademiks and the fact that he serves as Drizzy’s mouthpiece.

Childish Gambino and Drake have not had the closest relationship over the years. The latter infamously criticized Gambino’s “This Is America” during a 2018 concert in Chicago. He posted a user comment that read: “The overrated and over awarded hit song ‘This Is America’ was originally a Drake diss record.” It’s also worth noting that fans have compared Childish Gambino’s sound on the new album to Drake. Many social media users have compared Bando Stone and the New World to the 6 God’s recent releases, and there’s definitely similarities. We won’t know if “Yoshinoya” is a diss unless Gambino confirms it, but we know there isn’t love lost between him and Drake.

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The Weeknd Teases Fans With New Project and Brazil Concert Promising “Never-Before-Seen Production.”

The Weeknd Releases "Sacrifices" Video from New Album 'Dawn FM'

The Weeknd is picking back up where he left off with new content and a surprise concert on the way. The Toronto pop star just announced a show in Brazil that promises a “never-before-seen production.” We know The Weeknd is different, so making a point to say this must be more than just hype. 

Get this, to add to his announcement, he dropped a video teaser or sorts giving insight into his upcoming project. So Variety reports that this will be the third and final chapter in his “After Hours” / “Dawn FM” trilogy. Okay, we see you!

Last year, the hint was made to media outlets that this, if it is in fact the final installment, might include a visual component, maybe even a film. The visual ends with a cryptic message: 

“There are three chapters in this tale.”

This upcoming project has come with the caveat of pushing the boundaries of The Weeknd’s creative vision where he blends music, visual art, and immersive storytelling in ways many artists today just don’t place the same amount of time and effort these days. 

Check out his teaser on The Weeknd’s IG and tell us what you think.

The Weeknd Sao Paulo 2 1721344781 1000x1000 1
The Weeknd Sao Paulo 2 1721344781 1000×1000 1

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The post The Weeknd Teases Fans With New Project and Brazil Concert Promising “Never-Before-Seen Production.” appeared first on The Source.

Frank Ocean Producer Reveals He’s Working On New Music In Miami

Is there a more enigmatic man in music than Frank Ocean? It’s rhetorical. No, there isn’t. The R&B icon has continued to defy expectations in ways both impressive and frustrating. He’s kept a low profile since his disastrous Coachella performance in 2023. No new music has materialized since, with many fearing that a long-awaited third album will never come. Well, there’s some good news on the horizon. According to Michael Uzowuru, Ocean’s longtime collaborator, the singer is in fact working on another album.

Uzowuru was recently profiled by the New York Times. His resume is staggering, as he’s worked with the likes of Solange, Kevin Abstract, Beyonce and Vince Staples just to name a few. That being said, his most lauded work may be with Frank Ocean. The two men worked closely on the joint 2016 releases Endless and Blonde. Michael Uzowuru served as a co-writer and producer on several tracks across the albums. If anybody knows anything about new Frank Ocean music, it’s him. And he blessed fans with some exciting info regarding the next album.

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Frank Ocean’s Next Album Is Inspired By Dance Music

Michael Uzowuru, who also has solo music, did not provide any concrete details. In fact, he isn’t quoted as saying Ocean’s name specifically. The New York Times does note, however, that Uzowuru is working on new music with Ocean as we speak. Both artists are holed up in Miami. That’s all we get. It isn’t much, but it’s the most we’ve gotten since the aforementioned debacle at Coachella. If Frank Ocean’s previous statements are to be trusted, than the music he’s making in Miami is influenced by house.

During a 2019 profile with W Magazine, Frank Ocean shed light on his musical obsessions. He told the outlet that he’d been inspired by time spend in nightclubs. “I’ve been interested in club, and the many different iterations of nightlife for music and songs,” he explained. “And so the things I look at now have a lot to do with those scenes: Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electronic.” Electronic influence can be heard on the latest batch of Frank Ocean singles. By latest, of course, we mean “In My Room” and “DHL” from 2019. Hopefully Michael Uzowuru’s update leads to something concrete. The producer’s signature sound, meanwhile, can be heard on the recent Donald Glover show Swarm.

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Childish Gambino Heaps Praise On Yeat After Their Bold New Collab

Childish Gambino is an experimental artist. He’s found incredible mainstream success, but at the end of the day, he likes to tinker with established formulas. It’s what makes him such a consistently engaging artist. Gambino is also smart about who he aligns himself with in the studio. He only works with people who generative creative sparks, as evidenced by the eclectic feature list on his new album. The most unexpected feature on Bando Stone and the New World has to be rage phenom Yeat. That said, the rapper claimed that Yeat was the one who impressed him the most.

Childish Gambino sat down with Apple 1 host Zane Lowe to discuss the new album. He touched on the album’s themes and aesthetic in detail. It was the topic of Yeat, however, that drew the most praise from the rapper. Childish Gambino and Yeat collaborate on the song “Cruisin,” which is wild blend of tempos and sounds. Lowe asked about the process behind the song, and Gambino heaped praise on his creative partner. “He’s a workaholic, he’ll make something so fast,” the rapper stated. “I’m just super impressed with him, and he loves music. He’s the man.”

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Childish Gambino Was Impressed By Yeat’s Work Ethic

Childish Gambino elaborated on the making of “Cruisin,” and revealed that the collab came together in Paris. He recalled being shocked by how adaptable Yeat was to different working conditions. “We were in Paris working together,” he explained. “I’m just surprised by how resourceful he is.” Gambino was wowed by the fact that Yeat didn’t have to resort to plug ins or additional software to get the sound he wanted. “I was like ‘What are you using?’ and he’s using all the stuff that comes with the stuff,” the rapper stated. “He’s not getting like ‘Oh I need this plug in.’”

Childish Gambino is not the only one who has taken notice of Yeat’s talent. While him and Zane Lowe laughed about Yeat’s cult status among fans, the artist is slowly building up his profile. In addition to being on Bando Stone and the New World, Yeat has linked up with some of the biggest artists in the world. He scored a hit with the Drake collab “IDGAF” in 2023. He has also landed collabs with Gunna, Young Thug and Don Toliver. All signs point to him leading the new wave.

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Big Sean Fires More Subliminal Shots On His New Single “Yes”

Big Sean has got enemies. His forthcoming album was leaked online by a user claiming to be following Kanye West’s orders. It’s about as dubious and unsubstantiated a claim as one can make, but whatever plausibility it does have stems from the fact that Sean and West are on the outs. The two rappers had a falling out after a decade plus of working together. Big Sean threw subliminal shots at someone thought to be West during a recent freestyle. He seemingly did the same thing on his latest single, “Yes.”

To be clear, Sean Don does not mention any rappers by name. He keeps it vague, so his bars could apply to anybody and everybody. That being said, the specificity of the insults make it seem as though he has a certain person in mind. The second verse on “Yes” sees Big Sean address someone he knew from way back. Someone who, evidently, has been talking bad about the rapper. “Stupid lil’ b*tch want reminisce about some sh*t from way back,” he spits. “N**gas really think they cutthroat ’cause they talkin’ off they necks. Get out your feelings, middle fingers to these n**gas.”

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Big Sean Targets Rappers Talking Reckless About Him

Big Sean closes out the verse by claiming his enemies won’t change him. Regardless of what’s done to him or said about him in public, he vows to remain the same positive person that he’s always been. “They wanna see me turn to the villain,” he adds. “Either way though I’ma kill ’em.” These critiques do apply to Kanye West if they are indeed intended for him. West was the one who put Big Sean on over a decade ago. He’s also, infamously, gone from being a beloved figure in the hip-hop community to being viewed as a villain within popular culture.

There’s also the bar about “talking off they necks.” Kanye West absolutely ruined his relationship with Big Sean when he went on a 2021 episode of Drink Champs. The Chicago artist claimed that signing Big Sean to GOOD Music was the “worst thing” he’d ever done. He lamented helping the rapper, and worried aloud that Sean’s career would be emblazoned on his tombstone. Sean was understandably bothered by these comments, given how close him and West have been over the years. There are likely more subs to come on Sean’s new album. What do you think? Is the rapper shading his old label boss? Or are fans looking too far into his lyrics?

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Denzel Curry Dazzles On “King Of The Mischievous South Vol. 2” Album

Denzel Curry can do it all. He can lean into Miami bass, like he did on ZUU, or get jazzy, as he showcased on his 2022 album. Curry’s versatility as an artist is displayed so effortlessly that it can be easy to take it for granted. King of the Mischievous South, Vol. 2, however, is undeniable. The rapper’s latest effort is a lengthy, dazzling showcase of everything he does well. Do you like aggressive Zel? There’s plenty of him scattered throughout the tracklist. Moody, reflective Zel? Check. How about a smooth track with Ty Dolla Sign? Didn’t know he could do that? Well, now you do.

Denzel Curry’s wordplay is airtight as always. It’s the musical choices he makes on the new album that prove to be the most compelling changes. He manages the rare feat of choosing beats that sound not at all alike, but somehow maintain an aesthetic consistency. The pumped-up soul sample on “WISHLIST” is worlds away from trunk-rattling Florida banger “HIT THE FLOOR.” Even Denzel Curry’s collaborations on these songs, Armani White and Ski Mask the Slump God, speak to their radical aesthetic differences. Regardless, the songs compliment each other. “ULTRA SHXT” is another hard-hitting standout thanks to its stutter drum pattern and synth leads. The aforementioned Ty Dolla collab, “COLE PIMP,” is evidence that Denzel Curry can make an entire album of radio hits if he so chose. He’s obviously doing something much more interesting, though.

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Listen To King Of The Mischievous South, Vol. 2 By Denzel Curry

King of the Mischievous South, Vol. 2 tracklist:

  1. KOTMS II Intro (featuring Kingpin Skinny Pimp)
  2. ULTRA SHXT (featuring Key Nyata)
  3. SET IT (featuring Maxo Kream)
  4. HOT ONE (featuring TiaCorine & ASAP Ferg)
  5. BLACK FLAG FREESTYLE (featuring That Mexican OT)
  6. HEADCRACK INTERLUDE (featuring Kingpin Skinny Pimp)
  7. G’Z UP (featuring 2 Chainz & Mike Dimes)
  8. LUNATIC INTERLUDE (featuring Kingpin Skinny Pimp)
  9. SKED (featuring Project Pat & Kenny Mason)
  10. CHOOSE WISELY INTERMISSION (featuring Kingpin Skinny Pimp)
  11. COLE PIMP (featuring Juicy J & Ty Dolla Sign)
  12. WISHLIST (featuring Armani White)
  13. HIT THE FLOOR (featuring Ski Mask the Slump God)
  14. HOODLUMZ (featuring ASAP Rocky & PlayThatBoiZay)
  15. KOTMS II Outro (featuring Kingpin Skinny Pimp)

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Childish Gambino Is Eclectic As Ever On “Bando Stone And The New World”

Childish Gambino marches to the beat of his own drum. He’s never made the same album twice, whether it be the pop-rap opus Because the Internet or the funky Awaken, My Love. The sounds are different, and the themes wildly varied. This pattern is upheld with the latest (and possibly last) Gambino album. Bando Stone and the New World is a wildly eclectic collection of music, blending and melding genres at every turn. It may be Childish Gambino’s most ambitious album to date. However, it may take a few listens to fully click with fans.

The off-kilter approach is evident from the opening track. “H3@rt$ W3re M3@nt T0 F7¥” is a glitchy, bass-heavy banger with unhinged vocals from Gambino and Amaarae. It doesn’t follow a conventional song structure in the slightest, but it is compelling. The rest of the album is easier to listen to, though not significantly. “Steps Beach” is a gorgeous acoustic number that evokes Childish Gambino’s tropical attire on the album cover. A similar mood is evoked on “Real Love,” which could have been a hit for an indie pop band circa 2012. These palatable moments are broken up, however, by musical left turns. “Happy Survival” is a lush instrumental piece with a repeating mantra. “Got to Be,” meanwhile, is a techo nightmare with Uncle Luke samples. Gambino, regardless of where things go, is having fun challenging his fans.

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Listen To Bando Stone And The New World By Childish Gambino

  1. H3@rt$ W3re M3@nt T0 F7¥ (featuring Amaarae)
  2. Lithonia
  3. Survive (featuring Chloe)
  4. Steps Beach
  5. Talk My Sh*t (featuring Amaarae & Flo Milli)
  6. Got to Be
  7. Real Love
  8. In the Night (featuring Amaarae & Jorja Smith)
  9. Yoshinoya
  10. Can You Feel Me
  11. No Excuses
  12. Cruisin (featuring Yeat)
  13. We Are God
  14. Running Around (featuring Foushee)
  15. Dadvocate
  16. Bad One
  17. Happy Survival (featuring Khruangbin)
  18. A Place Where Love Goes

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Big Sean Refuses To Become A Villain On Bouncy New Single “Yes”

Big Sean has an uphill battle. His upcoming album, Better Me Than You, leaked online due to a perceived Kanye West diss. The rapper is moving forward with the official album, and even dropped an August 9th release date. It’s undeniably disappointing for both Sean and his fans to contend with leaks. That being said, the rapper’s music remains strong as ever. Big Sean dropped off the single “Yes” a day after the leak, and it’s proof than his upcoming album may be his best to date.

The production is bouncy in the same vein that previous single “Precision” was. Both songs have a pop friendly veneer that Big Sean mostly avoided on Detroit 2. We’re happy to have it back. “Yes” definitely hits harder than its predecessor, but the chorus, with ad-lib call-and-response, is catchy as hell. Sean is predictably sharp during the verses. He once again addresses his haters, and assures listeners that he will never succumb to the villainous ways of his peers. It’s a sentiment that feels especially relevant in light of the leak. Elsewhere, Sean deploys some clever wordplay. “I’m goin’ 3P wave. I ain’t droppin’ no dime, you boys cheap skates,” he raps. “And I’m stickin’ to the chords, no PGA. H*es plottin’ on me, that’s so cliché.” August 9th can’t come soon enough.

Let us know what you think of this brand-new track, in the comments section down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite artists and their upcoming projects.

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Big Sean Regains Momentum With His New Song

Quotable Lyrics:

I would rather give y’all my soul, I don’t have to sell it
Might take a piss off your rap mouth, Rushmore after I scale it
Blue strips when I do, we f*ckin’ it up like Elvis
No broke talk, gold talk, money talkin’ to me like I don’t need no

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Big Sean Drops Official Release Date For New Album Despite Leak

Bad week for Big Sean. The rapper decided to address his haters on a new freestyle, and wound get getting his album leaked as a result. A Kanye West fan interpreted Sean’s bars as a diss towards his favorite artist, and leaked most of Big Sean’s new tracks out of spite. The rapper has taken the leaks in stride, though. A day after the unfortunate incident, Sean dropped an official trailer for his new album, titled Better Me Than You. Fans were treated to cool visuals, a snippet of a song, and finally, a proper release date.

The album trailer sees the camera zoom in on Big Sean’s eye, only to reveal a world of color and trippy shapes. The instrumental that accompanies these visuals is similarly colorful, though the rapper isn’t spitting over it. The album’s official title is confirmed by a neon sign that appears at the very end of the trailer. Better Me Than You had been thrown around as a possible title previously. That being said, the aforementioned leak was released under the name Feelings and Random Thots. It’s safe to say Sean chose the better title. The rapper confirmed the release on Twitter, writing: “album August 9th.”

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Big Sean’s Better Me Than You Will Drop August 9th

Big Sean spoke at length about the difficulty he had recording Better Me Than You. It’s his first album in four years, and it coincided with his decision to stop drinking. “I’ve been having a hard f*cking time,” he told fans via Instagram Live. Been in [the studio] trying to finish this album. I’m tired of overthinking… I stopped drinking in 2022 ’cause that sh*t was f*cking me up.” Despite the struggles he’s had, Big Sean maintains that the new album contains some of his “best music” to date. “It’s so many different sides of me,” he told viewers. “[This album] really represents what the f*ck I’ve been going through for these past couple of years.”

The leak could not have been easy for the rapper to deal with. The person who leaked the album claimed that Kanye West urged him to do it, but there’s nothing to substantiate these claims. Despite this display of pettiness, Big Sean is keeping a positive outlook. The internet is on his side, with many believing that he’s due to win after being overshadowed by the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The rapper actually addressed the leaks on Twitter, taking a light-hearted approach. He teased his upcoming single with The Alchemist, and joked about rushing the rollout to avoid more leaks. “Might as well start droppin, before they leak it all, got damn [crying-laughing emoji].”

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