Westside Gunn Argues With Producer On Twitter

Westside Gunn found himself engaged in a Twitter dispute with a producer over a payment disagreement. The exchange started with a tweet from Ewonee, a beatmaker. He inquired about where to send his invoice for a song by Griselda artist Estee Nack. The beatmaker’s tweet came in response to a post claiming that Westside Gunn pays his producers well. Gunn took offense to Ewonee’s tweet. The rapper accused him of burning bridges by publicly calling him out and saying that Estee Nack had given the impression that the beat had been cleared.

Furthermore, Gunn expressed his disappointment. He went on to highlight his support for artists and emphasize the importance of communication. He mentioned his preference for working only with his team. This is due to what he perceived as a lack of vision and disrespect from others. Gunn concluded by stating that he would no longer accept beats unless he personally reached out to the producers. That is an unfortunate development for other beatmakers who may have wished to work with Westside Gunn.

Westside Gunn Had Time Today

Unfortunately for both Westside Gunn and Ewonee, that was not the end of the discussion. Ewonee responded to Gunn’s tweet. He stated that he was unaware his beat was used on Estee Nack’s album and that he didn’t receive credit. Gunn then assured him that he would remove the song from the project. He further advised him to privately address any future complaints about his work. In a separate tweet, Ewonee emphasized the need to recognize those who speak up and revealed that this was not the first time he had experienced issues regarding credit.

Gunn later reflected on the situation, expressing his frustration at always being portrayed as the “bad guy” despite his efforts to take care of his family, spread art and love, and positively influence others. He saw the backlash as a consequence of his success and acknowledged reaching a new level in his career, expressing gratitude to God. The Twitter spat highlighted a payment dispute between Westside Gunn and a producer, but it is hardly an isolated incident. Many producers complain of the same treatment. However, it does bring up the question of professionalism. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Juvenile Feels Slighted By His Exclusion From Essence Festival

Juvenile is disappointed with Essence Festival. They have excluded him from the lineup commemorating the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop in New Orleans, his hometown. The festival shared flyers representing the performers for each day. Juvenile noticed his absence from the “The South Got Something To Say” set curated by Jermaine Dupri. Other artists like Big Boi, Gucci Mane, Lil Jon, Ludacris, and T.I. were listed. However, Juvenile questioned how Essence Fest could overlook his significant contributions to the city’s hip-hop scene.

When a fan pointed out that “The South Has Something To Say” featured many Atlanta rappers, Juvenile expressed his disappointment. He then stated that the festival organizers had failed to understand the significance of his omission. In response, Juvenile took to promoting another festival called “Donna Fest.” There, he and Mannie Fresh will be performing. He emphasized his deep connection to the city and its culture. He also highlighted the presence of a live band, including Rebirth, and an array of diverse food vendors. Juvenile urged his followers to attend, emphasizing the affordable ticket price of $25.

Juvenile’s Legacy In New Orleans And Beyond

Juvenile and Mannie Fresh launch the New Reebok Workout Low Sneaker with Sneaker Politics and Humidity Skate Shop at Sneaker Politics powered by Reebok Classic and Mitchell & Ness on February 17, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Ryan Theriot/Getty Images for Reebok)

Juvenile is a legendary figure in New Orleans rap. The rapper rose to fame during his time with Cash Money Records in the ’90s. He was involved with the Hot Boys alongside Lil Wayne, Turk, and B.G. He had a number of hugely successful hit songs. Included among those are “Back That Azz Up,” “Set It Off,” and “Slow Motion.” With such instantly recognizable songs, he has clearly made a lasting impact on the hip-hop genre.

During an interview at the 2023 Lovers and Friends Festival, Mannie Fresh expressed his belief that Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” is the greatest love song ever. He made this declaration while emphasizing the decline of dance music and fun in contemporary artists’ focus on toughness and gangsterism. Mannie Fresh expressed his love for seeing people smile and have a good time, advocating for the importance of embracing joy and fun in music. While calling “Back That Azz Up” the greatest love song ever is debatable, it is certainly a classic. What do you think of Juvenile’s exclusion from Essence Fest? Let us know in the comments!

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Lil Durk Teases Deluxe Version Of “Almost Healed”

Lil Durk hinted at dropping a deluxe edition of his latest album, Almost Healed, on Twitter, Tuesday. In doing so, he described it as having “The Voice vibes,” referencing his sixth studio album from 2020. He dropped an expanded version of that project in 2021 with additional guest appearances from Lil Baby, Pooh Shiesty, and Sydny August.

As for the current version of Almost Healed, featured artists include Alicia Keys, J. Cole, Chief Wuk, Future, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Rob49, the late Juice Wrld, and Morgan Wallen. For the production, he worked with Keys as well as Metro Boomin, Dr. Luke, Zaytoven, ATL Jacob, Chopsquad DJ, LilJuMadeDaBeat, and many more artists. Durk didn’t note who else would appear on a deluxe version.

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Lil Durk In Concert

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 20: Rapper Lil Durk performs onstage during his “The 7220” tour at Coca-Cola Roxy on April 20, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Durk had originally intended to title his new album, The Voice 2.0. However, he and his team made a last-minute adjustment after getting advice from ASAP Rocky. Speaking with the Los Angeles Times for a new interview, Durk’s manager, Peter Jideonwo, recalled Rocky saying, “‘Y’all need to call it something else, ‘The Voice’ doesn’t really do nothing.’ We had this powerful conversation that was almost three hours long, and Durk said the words ‘almost healed.’ We decided to go with that.” Durk also discussed his choice to start therapy with the outlet. He explained, “On a microphone, I’m just having fun, rapping about whatever I’m going through. In therapy, I’m going into the details of why, or when, or how.”

Lil Durk Announces Deluxe Version Of “Almost Healed”

The announcement of a deluxe version of Almost Healed comes ahead of Durk’s Sorry For The Dought Tour. He’ll be traveling for concerts in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, and many more cities across North America. For the shows, Durk will be bringing along Kodak Black and NLE Choppa for the majority of the dates.

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Moneybagg Yo Says He “Hates Being Famous”

Moneybagg Yo recently utilized his social media platforms to announce the upcoming release of his project. The new mixtape is titled Hard To Love: Heartless Edition. The rapper also managed to build excitement among his fans by teasing another album that is currently in progress. Apparently, it is also scheduled for release this year. Moneybagg has been skillfully using engaging teasers online to generate anticipation. In a separate Instagram post, he openly discussed the inspiration behind this mixtape. There, he revealed that it will serve as a continuation of his Heartless series. Furthermore, he has already dropped two singles from the project, namely “Motion God” and “Ocean Spray.”

Conversely, Ari Fletcher, who is Moneybagg Yo’s girlfriend, jokingly hinted at the possibility of launching an OnlyFans account. However, there was a condition attached to it. She mentioned that she would only pursue this idea if Moneybagg’s highly anticipated mixtape achieves a top-ranking position on the charts. In an effort to further encourage fans to support the rapper, Ari Fletcher took to Twitter and expressed her intentions. She said she would create an OnlyFans account once the mixtape reaches the coveted number-one spot. She even mentioned that she has already prepared her first video for it. However, it appears that fans will have to wait a little longer for the mixtape release and Ari Fletcher’s debut on OnlyFans. The rapper announced last week that he has decided to postpone his new album until June 2nd.

Moneybagg Yo Isn’t In It For The Fame

In a tweet posted on Monday, Moneybagg Yo revealed how he feels about being famous. While many seem to revel in the attention they get in their entertainment careers, it seems that the rapper doesn’t feel the same. “Gotta confess hate being famous but I’m blessed,” he wrote on his Twitter. As you can see above, the tweet was then posted on the No Jumper Instagram account. Many took to the comments to let their feelings be known.

Many commenters seemed to disagree with he sentiment of Moneybagg’s post. “N*ggas Riskin they life ta get where you at , remember dat,” said one. More chimed in with similar responses. “If he hate being famous just stop posting on social media,” said another user. “Stop wearing flashy clothes and blend in with people and only drop music when you’re ready.” What do you think of Moneybagg Yo’s statement on fame? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Jack Harlow “F***in Sick” About Canceling Vegas Show

Jack Harlow has said he feels sick after having to cancel a concert. He expressed his disappointment on Twitter after announcing the cancellation of his Las Vegas show due to an airline issue. The Louisville rapper-turned-actor shared that his plane, which was grounded in Kentucky, was unable to take off. This led to the unfortunate cancellation of the scheduled performance.

In his statement, Harlow conveyed his frustration and regret. The rapper mentioned that it was the first time in his career that he had to miss his own show. Despite efforts to find alternative flights or transportation, the circumstances were beyond his control. He apologized to his fans, expressing his sadness at not being able to deliver the anticipated performance and fulfill their song requests. Jack Harlow, of course, assured that refunds would be provided. Then, he pledged to make it up to every single person who had planned to attend the show.

Harlow “Can’t Jump” On a Flight

In other news, Jack Harlow has been quite active on the acting front recently. Most notably, he appeared in a major role in Hulu’s White Men Can’t Jump. Social media was buzzing with concerns ever since the announcement of the rapper taking on the role originated by Woody Harrelson. People raised doubts about the suitability of the Kentucky native making his acting debut in such an iconic role. However, the release of the initial trailers provided some relief. Now that the film is available on Hulu, fans can judge Harlow’s acting skills for themselves. The new White Men Can’t Jump follows the familiar story of two unlikely friends, one black and one white, bonding over basketball.

In addition to the unexpected appearances by all-star athletes, many viewers seemed at least satisfied by Jack Harlow’s performance. One surprised tweet exclaimed, “Why is Jack Harlow actually acting omg.” Another user chimed in, “The new White Men Can’t Jump is funny asf I can’t lie. Thought the shit was gonna be corny as hell.” However, there are also several individuals who expressed serious dissatisfaction with the project after watching it. One particularly unimpressed viewer vented, “Just watched 30 minutes of the White Men Can’t Jump remake. Y’all are so lucky I don’t have powers because the movie is so bad that I would have destroyed the world.” Regardless, Jack Harlow managed to pull off something not many others could have in their first role. Stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news on Jack Harlow. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Westside Gunn Calls Out Critics Of His “Hitler Wears Hermes” Series

Westside Gunn has responded to the backlash he’s been receiving on Twitter for flipping an image of Nazi-branded cocaine into an album cover for his Hitler Wears Hermes series. Gunn posted the image on Twitter, over the weekend. In response, some fans argued that he took things too far.

“Y’all cosign his nazi fetish but demonize Ye for saying love everyone. I can’t stand y’all n***s,” one user posted. Another wrote: “i understand the aesthetic and series name and whatnot but you might want to tone it down a little.” Gunn replied in a post on Sunday: “WSG hate is the best shit on the internet. Bc while I’m getting hated on Im either in my mansion, a luxury vehicle, island with my entire family, or a 5star something in the best clothes money can buy, smelling great & worth MILLIONS or even places u couldn’t dare go bc I’m a [goat emoji].”

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Westside Gunn At Conway’s Album Release Party

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 04: Westside Gunn attends Conway The Machine’s “Won’t He Do It” Album Release on May 04, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

He continued in another tweet: “I spit on bums your beneath me pew pew pew pew (that’s me spitting) pew pew pew pew (that’s me sitting more).” Over the years, Gunn has released ten installments in his Hitler Wears Hermes series. He said that the latest entry would be the last. The Nazi-branded cocaine stems from a New York Post story on a drug bust in Peru.

Despite also claiming to be retiring from hip-hop, Gunn is gearing up for the release of a sequel to his acclaimed 2020 album, Pray For Paris. The new project, project, & Then U Pray For Me, is due for release next month.

Westside Gunn’s Response On Twitter

Firing back at haters wasn’t the only thing Gunn got up to on Twitter over the weekend. He also revealed that The Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac visited him in a dream. “B.I.G. And PAC just came to me in my dreams and said ‘SUPER FLYGOD your the [goat emoji] NOW!!!!! and then I dropped one of y’all new fav rappers off the roof,” he wrote in the post.

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GloRilla Reveals Which Zodiac Signs Are The Best In Bed

About a year ago, GloRilla emerged onto the music scene with her release of “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” produced by Hitkidd. The song gained immense popularity on TikTok, propelling it to reach No. 42 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It has since been certified gold by the RIAA and received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance. Even iconic rapper Nas referenced GloRilla and her viral track in his own song, specifically mentioning her by name in the bonus track “Til My Last Breath” from his album King’s Disease III, where he raps about her and their connection. However, the success of “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” came with its share of drama. GloRilla faced legal issues with Hitkidd, who criticized her on Twitter, claiming that she and her team attempted to gain full ownership of the song. Despite the challenges, GloRilla’s life improved after the release, and now she expresses her criticism of those who believe in marriage, aligning with the lyrics of “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).”

In a tweet that has since been removed, GloRilla expressed her criticism towards those who still have faith in marriage. Although the tweet was deleted, The Shade Room managed to capture a screenshot of it. “So y’all believe in marriage in this generation?? I just couldn’t myself fw one n*gga for too long,” the rapper said. “N*ggas start n*gga-ing after da first 6 months & baby Ima start n*gga-ing right along with a n*gga.” While it presented an interesting perspective, it received backlash from some individuals. Many people who commented on The Shade Room’s post disagreed with GloRilla’s viewpoint. Now, the rapper is sharing her perspective on which zodiac signs are the best physical lovers.

GloRilla Wants To Know Who You Think Are The Best In Bed

In a recent tweet, GloRilla decided to reveal her picks for the best zodiac signs in bed. “I got da best head from a Libra,” the rapper revealed, “and da best [eggplant emoji] from a cancer… hby?” In the replies under the tweet, many fans revealed their personal opinions on the matter. Some agreed with GloRilla, while others gave completely different answers. Interestingly, as much as the rapper seems to be very forward on social media and in her music, she came off as far more shy when on live with Kai Cenat.

Although Kai Cenat is highly regarded as the Twitch king, it doesn’t mean he’s hesitant to make a move while live streaming. During his recent live stream with GloRilla, the two seemed to have made a connection. While on the stream, Kai asks GloRilla if she is in a relationship. She giggles and responds that she is not. Kai appears to be surprised by her answer, and she admits that he made her blush. This interaction is intriguing, considering GloRilla’s typically bold and tough rap persona. There is no information available on whether they exchanged contact information. What do you think of GloRilla’s latest tweet? Do you agree with her? Sound off in the comments below!

RZA Praises Burna Boy’s New Single As “Special”

RZA shared massive praise for Burna Boy and his upcoming single, “Sittin’ on Top of the World.” He made the comments on Twitter, Saturday, while responding to a snippet of the track. On the new song, Burna Boy samples Brandy and Ma$e’s 1998 track, “Top of the World.”

“Burna is carving out his own unique chamber. His new splash is something special,” he wrote. Fans in his replies were mostly in agreement with the take. “Very special. Burna actually has always been a unique artist all together [sic]. “He is not a regular artist,” one wrote. “His passion for music n the dedication n range of emotions that goes into it, his music is therapeutic, healing, inspiring n motivating.”

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Burna Boy In Concert

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – JULY 31: Recording artist Burna Boy performs in concert during the final stop of his “Love, Damini Summer 2022” tour at State Farm Arena on July 31, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

RZA is far from the first artist to sing Burna Boy’s praises either. Swizz Beatz recently claimed that he introduced Burna Boy to the United States. He made the claim during an appearance on Amazon Music’s Rotation Roundtables. “[I was the] first person to bring Burna Boy to the States,” he said. “Actually, he had a Ruff Ryders bandana on and I introduced him on the stage. When I was playing Fela Kuti, people thought I was being too African, and that’s how ignorant the energy was at that time. But I didn’t let that stop me from moving what I’m moving because it is what it is. It’s all educational. So we can’t be scared of the educational journey of something that sound different or feels different. So for me traveling the world, it’s a whole like — I can’t wait for people to listen to Ebo Taylor.”

RZA On Burna Boy’s New Track

Burna Boy released his major-label debut back in 2018 with his album, Outside. A year later, he won Best International Act at the 2019 BET Awards. In 2023, Rolling Stone placed him on its list of the best 200 singers of all time.

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Westside Gunn Says 2Pac & Biggie Called Him The Goat In One Of His Dreams

Westside Gunn says that he recently had a dream in which 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. both labeled him the greatest rapper of all time. He added that he also threw an unnamed artist off of the roof of a building. Gunn spoke about the strange dream on Twitter, Saturday.

“B.I.G. And PAC just came to me in my dreams and said ‘SUPER FLYGOD your the [goat emoji] NOW!!!!! and then I dropped one of y’all new fav rappers off the roof,” he wrote in the post. Many fans asked the Griselda rapper to reveal which rapper he threw off the building. One also joked, “They came to me and said they was capping.”

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Westside Gunn On Stage

INDIO, CA – APRIL 15: Rapper Westside Gunn performs on the Gobi stage during week 1, day 3 of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 15, 2018 in Indio, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella)

Biggie and 2Pac are two of the most-mentioned names when it comes to the greatest of all-time conversation. Jadakiss recently gave a top-five nod to The Notorious B.I.G. while listing his favorite arts in the genre. However, he notably left off the West Coast legend, 2Pac. Instead, he placed himself alongside Biggie, DMX, Nas, and JAY-Z for his top five dead or alive. Check out Westside Gunn’s recent post about Biggie and 2Pac below.

Westside Gunn’s Dream

Westside Gunn is preparing for the release of his upcoming project, & Then U Pray For Me, which will serve as a sequel to his acclaimed 2020 album, Pray For Paris. Gunn announced the new album on the anniversary of his previous effort’s release date. “HAPPY BDAY to a MASTERPIECE, this album changed my life forever!!!! I wanna thank the Late Great my brother @virgilabloh for everything he has done for me & continue to do for me,” Gunn tweeted at the time. “’& THEN U PRAY FOR ME’ drops 6/23 and YES this is PRAY FOR PARIS 2 releasing Fri during FASHION WEEK.”

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Lil Meech Snuggles Up With Summer Walker In New Photo

Actor and rapper Lil Meech recently shared a sweet new photo with his Twitter followers. The photo shows him getting close to Summer Walker, who recently confirmed their relationship on an episode of Caresha Please. Lil Meech simply captioned the photo with a single red heart. Since rumors that the two artists are an item started, they’ve shared various posts together on social media.

Rumors that the pair were dating began to circulate earlier this year, based on an Instagram comment left by Lil Meech. His comment was left under a post by The Neighborhood Talk, showing him in bed with another woman. He wrote, “This 2 years ago,” with a cap emoji. Lil Meech added, “Summer is mine.” Walker confirmed the rumors were true earlier this month, when she told Yung Miami that their relationship is official. “I wanted at least like six months before people started to investigate, like damn,” she told the host. “I really just wanted to give it some time. You know, it’s fresh. You never know what can happen.” Walker also claimed that, “so far, it’s great.”

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Summer Walker Confirmed The Relationship

Earlier this month, Celina Powell attempted to get in between the couple, sharing a sex tape on her OnlyFans page allegedly featuring Lil Meech. “I just posted the full video of me and babyyyy,” she captioned a screenshot of the video on Twitter, “BMF d*ck go crazy.” Lil Meech and Walker, however, seemed to be unbothered by Powell’s antics. Walker simply responded by sharing a clip of DDG saying “I hate this bitch. Oh my God, I hate this bitch.”

After recently receiving hate on social media from users attacking her stage presence, Walker clapped back. She wrote in an Instagram post, “I’m tired. If I came out on stage like this to this slow ass music they’d say it’s crack.” The hate comments were left after she shared a high-energy video of her dancing alongside her new man, Lil Meech.

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