Meek Mill’s Latest Twitter Like Has Fans Raising Their Eyebrows

Meek Mill’s been warring with the Internet ever since his name was seemingly redacted in a sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy. Moreover, many people speculated on their alleged intimate relationship and history, which he took to social media to blast outright. Unfortunately for the Philadelphia MC, this means that folks will scrutinize and criticize his activity on social media and elsewhere much more closely. As such, it didn’t take fans long to spot a post that he liked on Twitter that raised a lot of eyebrows. In it, a fan seemingly approaches the Dream Chasers rapper and speaks to him as he chills out in a pool.

“Meek mill cooling ’em cakes after all night of bender [crying-laughing emoji],” the tweet’s caption read. In addition, the use of words like “daddy” and “king size” also made fans chuckle in the replies and question why he would even like this. Also, the tweet is a reply to a meme about the Diddy allegations and his industry proximities. Of course, it’s always possible that this could just be a hack of some sort, but it seems like a pretty light and innocuous instance if that’s the case. After all, there’s a lot more you could do with Meek’s Twitter account.

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Meek Mill Gives Twitter Like To Bizarre Post, Fans Question It

Meek Mill Twitter Like Reactions Hip Hop News
Screenshot via Twitter @MeekMill

Furthermore, fans already saw how this whole debacle and slew of claims, allegations, and discoveries resulted in some combative responses from him. For example, Meek Mill reignited his beef with DJ Akademiks given that the media personality was the main media source pointing to his involvement in the Diddy lawsuit. It got pretty nasty between the two, who had previously engaged in and then squashed beef, but that didn’t last long. Other than that, most of his responses to people that weren’t Ak were much more general and unspecific.

Meanwhile, Fivio Foreign recently came forward to defend his collaborator. “The streets ah never a weird industry n**** take out a n**** like meek..,” he expressed on Twitter on Wednesday (February 28). “He do too much for the trenches. We gon hold each other down from now on it’s 2024.. It’s Blue World Order.” For more news and the latest updates on Meek Mill, check back in with HNHH.

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Nicki Minaj Kicks Off “Pink Friday 2” Tour In Oakland: See The Barbz’ Reactions

Nicki Minaj officially kicked off her Pink Friday 2 tour on Friday (March 1) in Oakland, California, and fans couldn’t be happier with the results. Moreover, the Barbz took to social media to share not just their hype for the trek, but in the case of those who attended, some high praise. For example, many folks remarked on the extensive and versatile setlist, whereas others lauded the production design, outfit changes, Monica’s mid-show slot, and much more. Most importantly, though, die-hards are very happy to see the Trinidadian MC’s excited and engaged energy during this first show, and hope it continues for the rest of the journey.

Furthermore, it was mostly a very wholesome affair, but the Barbz let some of their online crusading into the building, too. For example, fans started a “F**k Latto” chant during this Oakland tour-opening show, alluding to Latto and Nicki Minaj’s beef in the past. It’s disheartening to see this feud bleed into live spaces, especially because it opens the floodgates for more combative scenarios moving forward. But die-hards were happy to chant along, and hopefully these femcees flaunt their artistry more competitively as a result.

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Barbz React To The Pink Friday 2 Tour’s Opening Night

As the first female rapper to hit a billion streams in 2024, Nicki Minaj has a lot to celebrate, and a lot of material to showcase. From what indicates, this first show was obviously very dominant with Pink Friday 2, but contained plenty of beloved classics and gems across her catalog. Although the 41-year-old has a lot of new endeavors and releases to promote and hone, we’re sure that this must be a cathartic moment for Barbz everywhere who’ve been waiting to see her for so long. With that in mind, you can see it for yourself and check out more fan reactions down below.

More Fan Reactions For Nicki Minaj’s Concert

Meanwhile, this unfortunately coincided with a new lawsuit against her and her husband Kenneth Petty for alleged backstage assault. This certainly paints the Pink Friday 2 tour in a different light, yet it’s important to note that isolated (and especially alleged) incidents are not reflective of any wider patterns. Still, it’s not the first accusation thrown their way, so we’ll see what comes of it. On that note, come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Nicki Minaj.

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Cardi B Gets Fans Riled Up Over New Single, “Like What (Freestyle)”: See Reactions

Cardi B is back, and the Bardi Gang couldn’t be happier with her new single, the vicious “Like What (Freestyle).” Moreover, social media lit up with a firestorm of reactions, whether they were excited, skeptical, critical, or simply happy to have an album rollout finally in our hands. Sure, there was the Megan Thee Stallion collab “Bongos” last year, but this feels like a more elaborate and special drop with more anticipation behind it. After all, both femcees basically did a dual comeback moment, and they both went on to provide the true individual kick-offs to their respective new eras.

Furthermore, a lot of fans broke down the bars on “Like What (Freestyle),” commented on the Missy Elliott and Timbaland sampling in the beat, and spoke on Cardi B’s performance as a rapper. Overall, reactions seem pretty positive online, and most folks understood the assignment and are looking at this as a straight-up rap song. But another notable aspect that folks found curious was the fact that the Bronx rapper’s on-and-off-again husband, Offset, directed the video. The Bardi Gang reacted particularly wildly to this, as their relationship status is still unclear.

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Fans React To Cardi B’s “Like What (Freestyle)”: The Good, The Bad & The Bardi

For example, a Valentine’s Day date indicated that they were patching things up following news that they were split for a while. In addition, they both continued to support each other’s moves and, clearly, chose to eschew this personal separation’s impact on their professional working relationship. Regardless, Cardi B’s listeners have a lot more to chew on, such as brand references, cheeky turns of phrase, and a whole lot of attitude. It’s great to see her reenergized like this, and you can check out more fan reactions down below.

More Fan Reactions

Meanwhile, we want you to drop your thoughts on this new single down in the comments section below. How do you think this mysterious rollout ended up panning out, and does it hype you up for what’s to come? However you may feel, join the fun and help us see just how much excitement there is for LP number two. As always, for more news and the latest updates on Cardi B, stay logged into HNHH.

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Fans React To ScHoolboy Q’s New Album “Blue Lips,” AOTY Praise Dominates

After a long five-year-or-so wait, ScHoolboy Q is finally back in the album game with his new offering, Blue Lips. Across 18 songs, 56 minutes, and with the help of eight featured artists across nine guest spots and a wealth of talented producers, he came through with a versatile, vibrant, often messy, but still compelling project. But that’s what this writer thinks; what about die-hards who have also been waiting on new music from the TDE rapper for years? Well, if Twitter is anything to go by, then he definitely found a big hit with audiences with this new record.

Furthermore, many fans compared the “Love Birds” MC’s Blue Lips to previously beloved LPs in his catalog like Oxymoron and Blank Face. However, it’s not much of a comparison, as he reinvents himself in both measured and aggressive spaces on this new album. What’s more is that ScHoolboy Q’s also been very active on social media, responding to praise for the album and providing some wholesome fan interactions. It goes to show an underrated part of the album rollout experience: artists enjoying the process, their craft, and their results as much as the ears they intended to hit.

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ScHoolboy Q Gets Fans’ Praise For Blue Lips

Meanwhile, this album also wasn’t without its fair share of eyebrow-raising lyrical moments, the biggest of which (at press time) has nothing to do with ScHoolboy Q. Freddie Gibbs reignited his beef with DJ Akademiks with his feature verse on “oHio,” which had a lot of fans joking around online. It’s nowhere near the most standout part of the lyrical content here, but it’s the most headline-inducing detail listeners have noticed so far in the few hours since Blue Lips‘ release. It will be interesting to see what bar-for-bar breakdowns of this record will yield in the coming days and weeks. Check out more reactions to the project down below.

More Fan Reactions

But enough about Twitter fingers; what did you think of Blue Lips? Do you think that Jay-Z had the same to say about the album when he listened to it or must he have some untapped genius beyond our grasp? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep checking in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on ScHoolboy Q.

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Did Joe Budden Or Ja Rule Have The Better “It Up” Song? Fans Debate

Joe Budden and Ja Rule were two big figures in 2000s East Coast hip-hop, and they really represent the era in hindsight. Of course, the latter was certainly more commercially successful than the former, but they still inhabit rap culture today as emblematic rappers of the time. Thanks to a new post on the Joe Budden TV community on social media around Tuesday (February 20), fans of both are now debating which one had the better hit with “It Up” in the title. What wins: Budden’s 2003 cut “Pump It Up” or Rule’s 2001 record “Livin’ It Up”? Moreover, fans seem split on the decision, and there was plenty of appreciation for both.

“Depends on the crowd,” one fan shared in the Joe Budden and Ja Rule debate. “Pump it up hit on the dance floor but any other setting living it up get all ages moving.” “Joe got it on this one (comfortably I might add) but man did Ja have a run,” another conceded. “stop playin on Joe’s name lol. pump it up was/is WAY better,” a user argued, with a big Ja fan adding: “Dawg you must’ve forgot the living it up hook vocals + the beat.” Check out some more reactions and arguments in the comments of the post below.

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Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up” Or Ja Rule’s “Livin’ It Up”? Fans Debate Under Post Below

In other news, Ja Rule recently reflected on how he kind of regrets taking a break from music ahead of his comeback album. “Damn sitting here listening to my new album 12 songs in, it’s making me a lil sad I should’ve never stopped making music. I’m SORRY… #CWWTST.” We wonder if Joe Budden shared this sentiment when it comes to his own career, but considering his wide media success and notoriety these days, it’s probably not such a big regret.

Speaking of which, the former Everyday Struggle host is still going strong with his podcast. On he and his crew’s latest episode, they reviewed Vultures, the first in a supposed series of collaborative albums from Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign. Regardless of that, let us know where you fall on the “Pump It Up” and “Livin’ It Up” debate in the comments section down below. Also, log back into HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Ja Rule and Joe Budden.

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Drake, Nicki Minaj, & Lil Wayne Have Fans Clamoring For Them To Perform At Next Year’s Super Bowl

The Super Bowl LVIII (58) crown was earned by the Kansas City Chiefs over the San Francisco 49ers in just the second overtime game in the history of the NFL. It was a wild ending and someone who added to the excitement around the matchup was USHER. He took on the opportunity that so many artists would take in an instant. It was a terrific performance, even though it has led to some controversy. Hip-hop/R&B artists have been the trend for the Halftime Show, since JAY-Z was given the reigns to select guests in 2019. He has already booked some of the legends, why not get Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne to rock the field at the Super Bowl?

Fans are already chomping at the bit to see this happen. AllHipHop already has collected handfuls of tweets with people demanding/making their calls that Drake, Nicki, and Weezy, will be at Super Bowl LIX (59). There are just a couple of examples below, but here are some others. One person writes, “Drake Wayne and Nicki doing a Super Bowl halftime show would break records.” Someone replied to that message and made a bold statement, “would be the best Halftime Show of all time, they all got so many hits.”

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This Would Be A Halftime Show For The Ages

Part of the reason fans of the sport and hip-hop music are trying to see this happen is because of where the Super Bowl will be. It will be going down in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Caesar’s Superdome. That is where Lil Wayne calls home. Coincidence? We think not. Of course, it also has to do with the number of classic tracks they have together and on their own. So, get on it JAY! We need to see this happen!

What were your thoughts on the fans’ idea to have Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne perform at Super Bowl LIX? Would that wind up being a top-five halftime show of all time? Or, at the very least, would it be the most memorable one for hip-hop/R&B? How would they divide up their songs to fit as many in as possible? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to tell us in the comments below. Additionally, keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on around the world of music.

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Beyonce Goes Country For “Act II” Era, Fans React To Two New Singles

Beyonce’s Act II era is officially on the way, and with two new songs to dive into (“16 CARRIAGES” and “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM”), the BeyHive is buzzing wildly right now. Of course, fans already suspected that she would be going country, but it’s nevertheless very exciting to get confirmation on this and await what’s next. Apparently, from what the Houston superstar indicates on her social media accounts, this second era of RENAISSANCE will land on March 29. It’s unclear, though, if that RENAISSANCE moniker will also apply to this upcoming country album or if she will choose another title for this second phase.

Moreover, die-hards and casuals alike are reacting with a lot of excitement to this on social media, either praising the new tracks, reacting to her Super Bowl participation (and Vegas residency theories), or anticipating what’s to come. One question folks tried to answer online relates to the overlapping theme between these eras. Some fans posit that this is how Beyonce will reclaim historically Black genres: first it was disco and electronic music, and now it’s country, folk, and blues inspirations, most likely. Whether rock and roll is next or something else entirely will comprise Act III, we’ll be very happy with whatever she aims to achieve.

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Fans Reacts To Beyonce’s Country-Themed Act II

Another hot topic around this announcement relates to Jay-Z’s recent speech at the Grammys. During it, he called the Recording Academy out for never giving his wife Album of the Year despite her having the most awards out of any artist. Others like her father also commented on this discrepancy after the viral moment, and it opened up this Grammys conversation once more. Maybe a country album is what will finally nab Beyonce her first award for this category. See more fan reactions below.

More Fan Reactions

Meanwhile, what do you think about this new country era and the new singles, “16 CARRIAGES” and “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM”? Do you think she’ll ever drop the leaked RENAISSANCE visuals that fans have been begging for? Whatever the case, drop your thoughts in the comments section down below. Also, for more news and the latest updates on Beyoncé, come back to HNHH.

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Drake Rocks Curls In New Selfie, Fans Roast & Thirst For Him Online

Drake’s Instagram antics are a part of his brand at this point, whether it’s music video teases or some nice memes. However, we can’t miss how folks often clown him online for fashion choices and other style reasons, whether or not that’s warranted or funny in the first place. On that note, fans are now taking aim at the 6ix God’s recently showcased curls in an IG Story selfie, which sees him do a little duck face for the camera, too. Folks flooded comments sections under posts covering this with cheeky, “zesty” GIFs of him, plus references to other similarly themed jabs at him. “It’s giving Ben Stiller in Zoolander,” one fan expressed, with another adding “21 can you do sum fa meeeee.”

Furthermore, part of this hyper-fixation is just because of how big Drake is as an artist and celebrity. Otherwise, folks wouldn’t care too much to comment on any old selfie from some guy, and they let some of their most critical or bigoted thoughts emerge when it’s about a huge superstar. He doesn’t mind at all, though; after all, he keeps posting things like this all the time. With $1.1 million on the line for the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl today (Sunday, February 11), we’ll see if the ‘Gram contains any fun looks, antics, or comments for the occasion.

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Drake’s Newest Selfie Divides Fans Once Again: See Comments

What’s more is that the Toronto MC also responds to some of this criticism on occasion, as he did recently to folks clowning his on-stage skeleton costume. Fans took note of it as his Big As The What? tour with J. Cole kicked off earlier this year, which kicked off live concerts in 2024 with a massive bang. This continues Drake’s highly successful It’s All A Blur trek with 21 S*vage, and of course, a big stage means a big screen for people to judge your drip on. No matter his style choice, though, he is the master of catching people’s attention for either good or bad reasons.

Meanwhile, with a potential European tour with Travis Scott making rounds in the rumor mill, die-hards hope they can see many more curious fits and looks onstage in many more cities this year. Do you think it’ll pan out? However you may feel, drop your thoughts in the comments section down below. For more news and the latest updates on Drake, stay posted on HNHH.

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Taylor Swift Fans Beg Her Not To Collaborate With F.L.Y. Amid “Swag Surfin’” Trend

If you’re an NFL fan, a Taylor Swift fan, or have been on the Internet at all recently, you’ve probably seen her support her boyfriend Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs on their Super Bowl run. In fact, you probably saw her dance to Fast Like Youngstaz’s (F.L.Y.) 2009 hit with Ea$ton, “Swag Surfin’,” an HBCU and sports staple that sparked debate over who should get credit for its resurgence: its dancers or its creators? “My initial reaction to Taylor Swift swag surfin’ was I thought it was dope,” group member Mook told TMZ. “I automatically knew it was going to be a good look because of who she is, what she’s got going on.

“Our streams across all platforms [are] up 700%,” Mook continued. “Our YouTube numbers went up. We gained 20,000 subscribers in like two weeks. So everything is up. It’s just been a dope thing to watch everything unfold so quickly.” Not only that, but he also suggested this is the biggest moment the song’s ever had in terms of growth, and proposed and endorsed the idea of Taylor Swift remixing it with a rap verse. Some people already don’t like the league pushing her at every chance they get, and this was even more of a red flag for fans.

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Taylor Swift Dances To “Swag Surfin’” + Watch F.L.Y.’s Original Music Video

Moreover, on social media sites like Twitter, folks lamented this prospect, as they see it as appropriation or a cheap way to capitalize on another artist’s work. Some didn’t take it that far, suggesting that it would just be cringe, and a lot of people don’t really care much about it at all. Still, it’s fair to say that making assumptions about Taylor Swift’s malice in terms of her NFL visibility and her participation in these dances is pretty unfair, and frankly unfounded. As unlikely as this remix seems, though, fans are very careful not push this to its limits. You can see these reactions down below.

Fans React

Meanwhile, most folks only like to see Kelce and the superstar singer develop a wholesome bond for a bit. Beyond that, there are as many good reasons as there are bad reasons to be wary of this exposure. But we’ll see if the Super Bowl changes any of that. With that in mind, log back into HNHH for more news on F.L.Y., Taylor Swift, and the NFL.

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Rich The Kid Announces Stacked Forthcoming Album, Garnering These Reactions From Fans

College Park, Georgia rapper Rich The Kid is joining a host of mainstream rappers in dropping a massive album in 2024. Things are trending toward a spring release date for the fourth studio LP is his discography. The name of the project is LIFE’S A GAMBLE. According to HipHopDX, the features list is like the NBA All-Star Game. Names include Kanye West, Travis Barker, Offset, Rob49, among others. But, this is not the only thing Rick The Kid is working on.

He is also reuniting with his Rich Forever gang with Famous Dex and Jay Critch. They will be dropping the fifth entry in the self-titled series. A handful of singles have been released for that project, including “Rich & Reckless,” “Big Dawg,” and more. At the moment, there are no drop dates for either tape However, Rich The Kid’s fans are dying to hear what is to come on LIFE’S A GAMBLE.

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Rich The Kid Has Raised Expectations For Himself

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by The ComeBack Kid 🫡 (@richthekid)

Rich posted a series of images that surround the rollout, including a hilarious short video with a Muppet-like doll of himself. There also appear to be three possible album covers, presumably all shot by Case Meyers. She shot the deluxe LANA artwork for SZA. All of this information has fans chomping at the bit and expecting greatness. One writes, “Its been 3 years I have huge expectations.” Another adds, “Rich remember you promised us a Grammy this year 📍📍 I still have that in mind ✅✅” He knows how to bring a lot of big names to his tapes. Now, it is time for Rich The Kid to put it all together.

What are your thoughts on Rich The Kid revealing a new album? Will LIFE’S A GAMBLE be the best project in his discography, why or why not? Do you think a single will drop in the next week or two? What feature are you most excited about on the record and why? We would like to hear what you have to say about all of this. With that in mind, be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comments section below. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Rich The Kid. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on around the music world.

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