Ne-Yo Opens Up About His Two Girlfriends & Polyamory

Ne-Yo sparked a lot of conversation up and down the gossip train when he let the world know that he’s in a polyamorous relationship with two girlfriends. Overall, the sentiment seems to be that, while you may agree or disagree with whether or not you’d be in one, they still have every right to develop whatever bond they please as long as it’s respectful, has boundaries, and equitable. On that note, TMZ recently spoke to the R&B singer on Thursday (April 18) at The Grove in Los Angeles, where they ran into him taking a walk with his two female parters holding his hands. They all spoke a little bit about this polyamorous relationship and what his thoughts on polygamy are, which is marriage to multiple spouses at the same time.

Furthermore, Ne-Yo expressed his support for the legal union of multiple partners, but since he doesn’t know if he wants to do so, he won’t advocate for laws to change and reflect this just yet. Still, this seemed to be a factor in his split with Crystal Renay, something that allegedly happened because of his infidelity. Those are just unconfirmed rumors at press time, but clearly something happened along the way that made them go their separate ways. Considering this history, we’ll have to see how this polyamorous relationship works out in the long run.

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Ne-Yo Joined By His Girlfriends As He Speaks On Polygamy Possibility: Watch

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However, we know that Ne-Yo has at least some public support for this bond if he’s ever feeling unseen or ostracized by pop culture. One of these supporters is The Game, who had some lewd but cheeky comments about it on Instagram under a post covering this relationship. “They both look like they say ‘spit in my mouth,’” the rapper shared in the comments section of said post. “I’m here for it [crying face emoji].”

Meanwhile, what do you think about this relationship? What about recent rumors that Renay is already moving onto another man, and how her ex might respond? Whatever the case, drop your thoughts down in the comments section below. Also, for more news and the latest updates on Ne-Yo, check back in with HNHH.

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Kyle Marisa Roth Spoke Cryptically About Jennifer Lopez Before Dying: Video

No matter how much Jennifer Lopez tries to stay out of drama, the fashionista seems to constantly be taking the blame for other people’s struggles. Most recently, the death of a TikToker, Kyle Marisa Roth, is being pinned on the New York native, and the story is interesting albeit sad. As Distractify reports, the content creator lost her life on April 15th after a battle with colon cancer. The official cause of death hasn’t yet come out, though social media is abuzz with allegations pointing fingers at Lopez.

On her TikTok page, Roth shared celebrity gossip content, sometimes posting about “Jenny from the Block.” According to past videos, JLo’s negative reaction to this had a direct impact on her income, particularly after Roth’s account was banned after she used footage from the multi-talent’s film about growing up in the Bronx, The Greatest Love Story Never Told. The late entertainer said that Lopez’s “narcissism single-handedly crushed her small business,” leaving her unable to download or save content that had amassed her billions of views. “JLo has cost me more than four figures of income just for March 2024,” Roth alleged after making a new account.

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Kyle Marisa Roth Succumbs to Colon Cancer Battle, TikTok Condemning Jennifer Lopez Resurfaces

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Losing out on money is hard for anyone, but with Roth’s health condition, it was incredibly detrimental. “If I die of colon cancer, it’s on her,” the blonde creative said online just a week before she passed away. Since Kyle’s death, her mom has shared a statement urging people to be more kind to others. “My message as her mother is TikTok, the toxicity, the mean-spiritedness of what Kyle has faced, what so many people have faced and try to deal with because of that toxic space. I just want people to live their lives with the brightness of Kyle and her beautiful soul and spirit.”

When Jennifer Lopez reconnected with her ex, Ben Affleck, the Hustlers actress likely didn’t expect another former lover, Sean “Diddy” Combs to also resurface in her life. While not in a romantic capacity, JLo’s past with the Bad Boy mogul is in the news once again as the FBI is reportedly considering looking into the infamous 1999 Shyne nightclub shooting. Read all about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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Kim Kardashian Bikini Photos Have Us Pondering Why She’s Diving In Shallow Water

If we’re being honest, there’s nothing revolutionary about a new bikini photo from Kim Kardashian – the socialite did become famous from her sex tape with Ray J, after all. Still, she’s consistently posted her toned swimsuit body over the years and continues to look picture-perfect even into her 40s thanks to her tireless hours spent in the gym. On Wednesday (April 17), Kardashian’s Instagram followers got to swipe through a new photo dump captured on her Turks and Caicos vacation. The post is raising eyebrows, but likely not for reasons you might expect.

Rather than flaunting her bodacious bod on land in a tiny two-piece, the black-haired beauty was enjoying herself in the water, wearing black thong-cut bottoms and a white tank, tied to show her slim waist. In the second photo, Kardashian stands in water that’s only up to her knees but poses as if she’s diving into the shallow pool in front of her. Other images show the reality starlet fully submerged into the blue waves and ringing out her hair. Of course, trolls in the comments can only focus on one thing.

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Kim Kardashian’s Body Card Never Declines

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“Why is she diving in knee-deep water?” one person asked, earning thousands of likes. “Diving into less than 2 feet of water? Mother 😍,” another quipped. Elsewhere, others cracked jokes about the episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, when Kim lost her diamond earring in the ocean and had a meltdown until it was luckily recovered by her little sister, Kylie Jenner.

Perhaps Kim Kardashian’s latest photo dump was a hint that she’s ready to “dive” back into the dating world. After a brief rumoured fling with NFL star Odell Beckham Jr., the mother of four is reportedly single again. Since divorcing Kanye West she also spent seven months romancing Pete Davidson but has yet to find a serious partner worth pursuing in the long-term. Read all about Kardashian’s love life at the link below, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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DDG’s Diamond Tooth Cost $250K, New Dad Blames Boredom For Flashy Purchase

When raising a child in 2024, too many parents find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, having to make major sacrifices in their lives to provide for their children. Such clearly isn’t the case for DDG and Halle Bailey, who’ve been able to spoil their son, Halo, with gifts and experiences people far older than him can only dream of. At the same time, they’re still able to support themselves, with The Little Mermaid actress always keeping her wardrobe and hair on point while DDG enjoys spending his money on jewelry.

Rather than adding to his collection of chains, on Tuesday (April 16), the Michigan-born multi-talent revealed he spent six figures on a new piece for his mouth. “Got bored so I spent a quarter million on a tooth,” DDG wrote on Twitter/X when showing off selfies of his flashy new cap. “Should’ve bought a house or sumn 🤷🏽‍♂️,” he reflected, suggesting that perhaps the purchase was a waste of money.

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DDG Treats Himself to Some Diamonds

Elsewhere on social media, the “Elon Musk” artist is making news for his clever clapback at those criticizing his parenting. “Ni**as watched ‘The Proud Family’ for 10 seasons without seeing Wizard Kelly’s face, but trippin’ ’bout me not showing my son’s face, smh,” DDG reflected. “Now why would I wanna show yo fat face a** my baby?” he asked one hater. “[You] irregular head shaped a** ni**a, mind yo [business] and take that hot ass suede suit off 🤡.”

DDG’s obvious presence in his son’s life has reminded some critics of what Halle Bailey sees in the YouTuber after the previous ups and downs we’ve seen their relationship endure. However, lately, rumours of a breakup have been flying around Halo’s parents after Bailey was spotted at Coachella alone. Elsewhere, they seem to have unfollowed one another on Instagram, only furthering the gossip. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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Yungeen Ace Arrested For Gun Possession, Mugshot Surfaces Online

26-year-old Yungeen Ace is living through what may prove to be one of the most emotionally tumultuous weeks of his life. Shortly after sharing news of his brother’s death on Instagram, XXL reports that Keyanta Bullard was detained by police in Jacksonville in the early hours of Monday (April 15) morning. Documents obtained by the outlet reveal he’s now at Duval County Jail, where he faces charges of possessing a firearm, weapon, or ammunition as a convicted felon. His first court appearance took place on Tuesday afternoon, but at the time of publication, Ace seems to still be in police custody. At this time, other details surrounding the arrest remain unclear.

It’s obvious that the Florida-based artist was already in distress at the time, as he had only recently shared online that his brother died. “D**n big bro, you really f**ked mama up [with this],” Ace wrote on his Story. “Both my 💔💔 gone.” We’re unsure how the rapper’s older sibling lost his life, but his younger brother, Trevon Bullard, was the target of a 2019 drive-by shooting. Ace miraculously managed to survive being shot eight times during that incident, though the younger Bullard didn’t make it out.

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Why Is Yungeen Ace in Police Custody?

All of this trauma is likely hitting the “Shots Fired” rhymer hard, especially considering how proud he felt after unleashing Forgotten Star and a new music video for the aforementioned song. The 15-track featureless LP was Ace’s first release since 2022’s Survivor of the Trenches, which included appearances from SleazyWorld Go, EST Gee, Real Boston Richey, and Rob49.

Yungeen Ace isn’t the only young lyricist we’ve seen land in hot water with the police this month. Just a few days ago, Chicago’s Polo G was arrested after hotel staff allegedly found a gun left behind in his room. Read all about that incident at the link below, and check back in with HNHH later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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Jaden Smith & Justin Bieber’s Hug At Coachella Sparks Intimacy Debate

This year’s Weekend One of Coachella was a pretty interesting one: a great Tyler, The Creator performance, some notable celebrity cameos, and another excuse for casual homophobia to run rampant online. Moreover, this last phenomenon is due to a clip of Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith embracing at the festival. In the video below, you can see the former hug the latter from behind and sway around dancing, and then the Canadian superstar lands a kiss on his friend’s cheek. Of course, this led to a lot of pause-core reactions from users in the comments section below, many of which simply made fun of an innocuous public display of affection.

For example, here are some standouts: “That white n***a in front them looking like he can’t believe his own 2 eyes,” “i don’t care what anybody says i don’t just kiss my boys on the cheek every time i leave,” and “Why everyone moving gay now? Is it the new trend???” Sure, it’s a pretty suggestive and odd interaction, but more so because of the public TMI nature of it, not the act itself. However, others commenting on Jaden Smith’s hug drew a connection to Justin Bieber’s ties to Diddy amid his sex trafficking scandal, which has also elicited a lot of sexuality discussions. “Look what diddy done did to him lmfaooo,” one user wrote.

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Jaden Smith & Justin Bieber’s Viral Coachella Hug: See Comments For Reactions

For those unaware, Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber have a pretty public and tight relationship as friends, going on tour together and performing multiple times across their careers. They’ve never really done much beforehand to elicit this type of reactions from social media users, though. Regardless of the nature of their intimacy or how they view it, it’s also just impossible to make a judgement call on this without knowing these people. Don’t we all know of some weird physical bond between two of our friends that’s hard to explain to others? Maybe we’re just digging the grave further at this point…

Regardless, raising these eyebrows in a way that mostly puts homosexuality down is not the way to speak on what’s simply somewhat cringe-inducing PDA between two pals. Also, they’re both very much taken right now, so maybe that’s what should be at the forefront of reactors’ minds. But what do you think about this whole gossip train? Let us know in the comments and keep checking in with HNHH for more news and updates on Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber.

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Juvenile Dishes On His Culinary Empire, His Favorite Foods and New Orleans Best Local Spots


Juvenile is a bonafide hip-hop legend. Through the timelessness of his classic records, he has helped to cement the legacy of New Orleans’ Cash Money era while enjoying a cross-generational appeal via the magic of social media. Juvenile stays ubiquitous – you cannot go to a major event, a club night or even listen to a new music release without hearing Juvie’s influence or actual music and lyrics.

On his 3rd or 4th wave now, Juvenile’s most recent reinvention outside music revolves around strategic hometown partnerships and products that result from his burgeoning passion for all things culinary, along with his innate entrepreneurial spirit. Current plans beyond his already popular Juvie Juice and savory Cheewee’s snacks include his own coffee, a line of sauces and more varieties of Juvie Juice.

We got the lowdown on everything Juvie has in the pipeline, along with his recommendations for New Orleans hot spots and local gems. Juvie has us covered when it comes to the top crawfish and gumbo in NOLA, what makes Ruth Chris’ in ‘Nawlins like no other, and his personal snack indulgence; pretzels and Snickers mixed.

Whether it’s getting healthy with Caesar Salads and Nature’s Own granola bars, hitting every Benihana possible, playing the “Juvie Card” to get some late-night eggs at Waffle House or polishing off that mini-bar Toblerone, Juvenile is a man who knows exactly what he likes and wants at any given time. And if Juvie tells you that you look like a Toblerone kind of guy, that just means he sees a little bit of himself in you – there may be no better compliment. Join us and get to know the legendary “Ha” emcee, unlike you’ve ever known him before.

Where are you today?

Oh, I’m at my little spot where I make my lamps and stuff in New Orleans.

When you’re on the road doing shows, what’s on your rider as far as food and drinks and snacks?

Most of the time it’s Popeyes Chicken, full service. I got to have the rice, the red beans. I want mild chicken. I’m going to always have my chips, of course, the 400 Degreez Snack Chips. My main thing would be the Popeyes. I got to have the Popeyes.

Is that like a bucket of dark, white, a little bit of everything?

I get mixed. I get it mixed, so it’s a little bit of everything.

When you’re in the studio creating, are there certain foods or snacks or drinks that you need to have in the studio to get in the right mind state?

In the studio, I got to have my D’Usse or some form of cognac. I got to have some cognac in there, and I definitely got to have my Juvie Juice ’cause I’m blending them. We make drinks, we make all kinds of drinks with the Juvie Juice.

What about from a food perspective? Are you ordering takeout?

Usually, when I’m at home, I want crawfish, man. I’m tweaking for some crawfish right now. Most of the time when I go to the studio out of town it would be some form of seafood. So it might be like a grilled fish or something like that, nothing heavy.

How do you like your crawfish prepared?

Oh, they got to come from Cajun’s on Claiborne, on North Claiborne, first of all, ’cause they got a few Cajuns in the city. I got one specifically that I go to, right? My crawfish, they come one way, they hot.

They hot, they real seasoned up. It’s everything. You know what I’m saying? You really got to have a liking for them because they real hot.

So do you like your food spicy in general, or is it just the crawfish?

No, it’s just the crawfish. When we say spicy in New Orleans, we mean spicy, we don’t mean spicy by pepper spicy. We mean a lot of seasoning, like a lot of vegetables and a lot of onions and bell peppers and stuff like that.

It sounds like you have a lot of big meals, but are you much of a snacker? Do you eat chips and cookies and candy and stuff like that?

Yeah, not a lot. I used to. I used to be a Snickers man but now I’m getting up in age, man, I don’t do too much junk (food), like I used to. But if I was to dive into some snacks, I like ice cream sandwiches.

What’s your go-to ice cream sandwich?

Strawberry Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich from, what’s the name of the ice cream place? I can’t think of the name right off the top of my head. I just walk in a damn store every other day and buy something. Why I can’t think of it? I got a big dude in here (who) can’t think of an ice cream place. Baskin? That’s it, Baskin-Robbins. Yeah, Baskin-Robbins.

Do you prefer sweets to chips and savory snacks?

I’m really a potato chip guy. I’ll be eating them Kettle Chips. I get the Kettle Chips from Whole Foods. I like Lay’s Kettle Chips. My brand, I’m a Kettle Chip head, and I’ll try some shit too when it’s Kettle Chips, honestly. I like the crunch.

They got the Zapp’s down in New Orleans.

Yeah. That’s the main reason I like Kettle Chips. I like all the Zapp’s, even though some of them are horrible, but I still eat them.

What’s the worst flavor of Zapp’s?

Probably the crawfish flavor, but I still eat them. If you give me a bag, I’m still going to eat them.

You’re a crawfish guy, how come you don’t like the crawfish chips?

It ain’t the consistency I’m looking for, but I ain’t trying to hear it on Zapp’s either because they got some good chips.

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When you’re on the road and you’re touring, what’s something that you like to have in your room or if there’s something in the mini bar?

I get into the mini bar, I do. You know those Nature’s Own snacks in the green pack? I like those, bro. I ain’t going to lie to you. I like those. I’m hooked on those. If they got those in the hotel room anywhere, usually I’ll eat them. I used to be a Toblerone man. I’m telling you, man, I used to have it bad with that. I had to leave that alone.

A lot of people have that problem.

You look like a Toblerone guy too! Especially in the hotel rooms ’cause they usually always have them in the minibars and stuff. That’s a fact. So after you’re done a show, I know- also, Famous Amos Cookies. I knew I was forgetting something. Famous Amos Cookies, I love those.

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So after you have a show, I know it’s usually probably pretty late at night once you’re done. Do you usually go out to eat afterwards? Are you getting room service?

If I eat it’s going to be Waffle House, probably some eggs, grilled chicken. Whatever’s open 24 hours, usually late, I want eggs. I want some eggs and grilled chicken most of the time.

So you’re not doing room service?

If it’s open, and I can convince them to make what I want. I’m real talkative when I want some food, and I want something, I be, “Hey, this Juvie.” That’s when I start throwing the Juvie card around. “That’s Juvie, y’all. You know this Juvie, right?” “I’m going to tip you real good. Hey, could you get the chef to make me some eggs? You know what I’m saying? Some turkey sausage or something like that, man, just hook me up something special,” ’cause usually, they have pork on the menu for breakfast.

I’m not a pork eater, so I always have to ask these extra questions.

So it sounds like as you’re getting older, you’ve gotten a little bit healthier in your eating habits. You said you go to Whole Foods, you’re eating turkey sausage and it sounds like you might-

Nah, nah, I got to learn how, I’m trying. I’m trying, ’cause look, I got a stomach, bro. I’m trying to learn how.

Besides the granola bars, what’s some other healthy snacks that you like that maybe other people should know about that are trying to get healthier too?

Well, I’m a salad head. But as far as snack wise, healthy snacks, fruits, that’s probably it. I eat a lot of fruits too.

Do you have a favorite fruit? Favorite salad?

My favorite fruit is orange. I love oranges, mandarins or anything like that.

What’s your go-to salad when you’re eating salads or eating healthy?

I’m a Caesar head. I like Caesar. I like Caesar. I can eat it with chicken without chicken, just the Caesar.

So something that’s interesting that’s come up to us is that lot of times nowadays people are trying out new snacks and putting different snacks together. We had somebody that likes to eat Oreos and Doritos together. We had somebody that likes to eat Kool-Aid flavored pickles. I’m curious if there’s anything that you like that other people might think is weird or gross.

Yeah, pretzels and Snickers. I like pretzels with Snickers together. You know, the little Snickers? The little Snickers in the little pack… and pretzels. Try that.

That sounds good, actually.

Try that. Try that, brother.

Then on the flip side, is there anything that you see other people out there eating that you’re like, “That’s nasty?” Or, “Why would you eat that together?”

It’s been some weird stuff, man. I done seen people put peppermints in hot pickles, take a peppermint and stuff it into hot pickles.

I’ve never seen that.

Yeah, man, like, what’s the purpose? Your breath, it’s not going to help. I don’t know, but people have some weird fetish. The weirdest stuff I done seen probably came from pregnant women. I think that was my aunt or somebody was eating pig lips. What they eat it with? Pig lips and potato chips, pig feets and potato chips. You ever had that?


Down here they have pickled pig lips. Pickled pig lips and potato chips.

That sounds like a band name or something. That’s interesting.

Pickled pig lips and potato chips, that’s big down here.

I’ll take your word for it. I might have to try that on my next trip.

So that brings me to New Orleans. You come from somewhere that has a very rich food history, a very rich culinary background. What are some of your favorite restaurants or places that the tourists don’t get to that they should be checking out?

Well, Neyow’s would be one of them, a local spot that a lot of people do come through that know about it, but a lot of the tourists miss it. It’s a spot I eat at on a regular. We got a lot of trucks down here that’s real good.

What are you eating at Neyow’s that’s really good?

I like the gumbo and the fried chicken, but I’ve had the fish, I’ve had the salmon. They got different stuff on their menu, man. They got a big menu. It’s always packed in there, but I don’t know if there’s people from out of town. I think it’s locals.

What’s another local spot that everybody should check out that maybe they don’t know about?

Definitely my guy, Skip, got Chicken & Watermelon. Everybody from out of town comes there. It is right there on Claiborne Street.

So would you say that Neyow’s is the best place to get gumbo or where’s your gumbo spot?

No, I think it’s called Orleans Cafe is another spot that’s in the New Orleans East that all they sell is gumbo, and they sell it by the gallons.

Oh, wow.

People say they have the best gumbo. I’ve had it one time, but I got to have it a couple of times. My taste buds don’t work like that. I got to have it a couple times to say if it’s the best or just have both of them together and compare them. But nah, Neyow’s have some good gumbo.

Then I know you said crawfish is your favorite local dish.

Nah, that’s number one, but we got Ruth’s Chris. Ruth’s Chris is from here. I always tell people from out of town like Ruth’s Chris is different in New Orleans. It’s not like the Ruth’s Chris you go to on the road or something like that.

So what makes it different in New Orleans, if you could explain?

I guess that base of the way they cook the steaks and cook the food and the know-how, you know what I’m saying? New Orleans is the cooking capital, so people in New Orleans tend to do things different, the chefs and all. So the cooks that they have that’s in the Ruth’s Chris down here will be totally different from the ones out of town. Even though they’re cooking the same thing.

When you’ve been on the road touring, are there any cities that you really look forward to ’cause of the food there or restaurants that you like to go to?

I’m big on going to spots that we don’t have here in New Orleans, but most of the time, it’s national spots. We don’t have a Benihana here, and I love Benihana. Every time I go to Dallas or I go to Atlanta or to New York, those are the spots that I look for. But New Orleans people, we so locked in on our food, when we go to another city, we like the people to tell us what’s the best spot and go there. I’ve been to a lot of spots, it’s just hard for me to just pull one out of my hat.

What do you like to order at Benihana, though?

Man, I be ordering damn near everything on the menu. We just order. I go for it. I go for it, man. I like the pageantry and everything, but usually I get the triple, the one with the chicken, the steak and the shrimp. Forgot what they call it. I don’t eat it all, but I just order it like that.

I want to get more into your snacks and products. So I heard that Juvie Juice was inspired by your love for Arnold Palmer. When did you get into the Arnold Palmers, and where did that come from?

I’ve been drinking that since a kid. We always took lemonade and mixed it with tea, and I never knew the name was Arnold Palmer until I got older. So when they started saying Arnold Palmer, especially when you’re going to bars or restaurants and you’re trying to make that order, it’s just easier to say that ’cause they know everybody knows what that is. But yeah, I just love the taste. Seltzer was something that I wasn’t a fan of. I’m not really a big beer drinker either.

So it was something that I had to be convinced to like. So my guy Travis took me over to Urban South and we had a taste test, me, him and my wife.

We went through all these different flavors and stuff like that. I kept telling him, “Ah, this ain’t it. This ain’t it. This don’t taste like Arnold Palmer, I don’t like it.” Eventually, we got to the flavor. We got to the consistency that I like, and shit, right now, it’s doing good. I think a lot of people feel the same way I feel about seltzers. A lot of them are just dry and horrible.

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So how does that feel for you to have something that you loved as a kid and now you have your own version on the market? You’ve been in the hip-hop game, you probably have had every honor and achievement in music, but having that outside of music, how does that feel?

Oh, it’s a good feeling, man. Tomorrow I’m doing a big in-store with Total Wine, Costco’s and Rouses, which is a local grocery store food chain down here, so I’m gradually growing a brand. To see a brand grow from one state to another state — right now, we’re in eight states — and do well and see the fans reaction when they drink it is great. Mmost of the people that come, they really haven’t drank the seltzer a day in their life. They’re getting introduced to something new and they really like it. For me, it’s a new world.

Then can you explain also how the CheeWees partnership came about?

Well, CheeWees is something that I’ve been eating since I was a kid down here. It’s a local company that’s been making these CheeWees before Cheetos. Actually, they sold the machine to Frito-Lay to make the Cheetos brand, so this brand’s been going… Down here, when you say Cheetos, we don’t say it, we say CheeWees. I call Cheetos CheeWees also, so it’s something that stuck with me and I saw an opportunity to have a partnership with somebody local and make a chip of my own, something that I really like, something that I enjoy with my face and my brand on it. I think it’s doing real good, man. The people down here, they love it.

So I have to ask you, what’s next? Because it seems like this food and culinary world is something you’re really embracing.

We got the hot sauce we working on right now. Matter of fact, I’ll show you. I already got some bottled up, but I don’t have the pictures. We working on the artwork right now,

I’ll have to ask them to maybe send me some info on it, and maybe you could send me a bottle when it’s ready. I would love to try it.

Yeah, I can. I got a trunk full of it right now. I got A-1, when I say A-1, I got steak sauce I’m working on. Well, we’ve already finished with the steak sauce, and we’ve already finished with marinades, so I got a list of marinades. I got two more flavors of the Juvie Juice coming out. One is strawberry lemonade, the other one is mango. I’m working on a coffee, which is called The Great Company with my wife.

Oh, man, you got an empire that’s coming.

Yeah, I’m working, bro. I’m working.

One last question. I know you got your own stuff and your own brands going, but if you could own or operate a franchise that exists already, like a restaurant or something like that is already out there, would it be Popeyes or would it be something else?

Man, you hit it on the nose, bro. It would be Popeyes or Chick-fil-A. I love Chick-fil-A. I wish they would open on Sundays, but I understand ’cause from a Chick-fil-A person that loves Chick-fil-A, it hurts me when they close on Sunday ’cause I love my grilled nuggets.

Grilled nuggets is your go-to at Chick-fil-A?

Grilled nuggets, and then we never talked about that yet, I’m a Chick-fil-a man. I got to have my Texas Pete Hot Sauce with my grilled nuggets, my 12 count.

Lizzo’s Summer Body Tips Are Unconventional, But You Might Still Love Them

Lizzo is a woman with incredible vocal and flute-playing abilities, not to mention her radiant confidence. Still, many remain more focused on the multi-talent’s curvaceous body, which she proudly embraces. Unfortunately, no matter how comfortable Lizzo is in her own skin, haters always find something to criticize. Ahead of this year’s Hot Girl Summer, the Detroit native is using social media to make it clear that haters won’t stop her from enjoying the hottest season of the year outside in her Yitty swimwear.

Earlier this week, Lizzo’s Instagram shared a video breaking down three “exercises” that are sure to help you achieve the summer body of your dreams. “Hello? Who is this?” the 35-year-old asks in the video below, pretending to talk into her phone before tossing it in the pool behind her. “Block your ex,” she urged viewers. Next, the plus-sized fashionista wants to make sure we “stay hydrated,” though she might be drinking more wine than water based on her tutorial.

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Lizzo Never Runs Out of Love for Herself or Her Yitty Swimsuits

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A post shared by Lizzo (@lizzobeeating)

“And remember, you can never be too extra,” Lizzo added as her third tip while sitting poolside in a pretty lavender two-piece. “❌❌❌ Cus EVERY DAMN BODY is a Summer Body in @yitty ❌❌❌,” the “Special” singer wrote in her caption. Beneath the post, comments of support for Lizzo’s message are littered between others condemning her for various reasons.

Lizzo’s been under a lot of pressure in 2024, from appealing the lawsuit coming from her former dancers to nearly quitting music due to backlash from trolls online. The lawyer for those suing the “About Damn Time” hitmaker claimed that her emotional outburst is nothing more than a cry for attention, and since then, Lizzo’s confirmed she won’t be walking away from the industry after all. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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Deion Sanders Has Surprising Reaction To Daughter Deiondra’s Pregnancy With Jacquees

Deiondra Sanders and Jacquees announced last month that they are expecting a child, and received a whole lot of well-wishes as a result. While their relationship’s path was quite turbulent, it seems like they’re in a great place right now and ready to move forward with this heartening new chapter in their lives. Moreover, this announcement elicited a lot of different reactions of social media, but a lot of folks were waiting on Deiondra’s father, Deion Sanders, to share his two cents on the matter. In an interview with PEOPLE published Wednesday (April 10), the football and baseball legend shared some surprising thoughts.

First off, he admitted that there’s “not one thing” that excites him about becoming a first-time grandfather soon, and that he’s still letting the news sink in. “I haven’t digested that whole thing yet,” Eli Manning’s co-signee told the publication concerning his daughter’s pregnancy with Jacquees. “I’m proud of my baby that she’s at least waited until her thirties to give me this gift of life.” Also, Deion Sanders revealed that his top priority is to make sure that “she’s straight emotionally and psychologically as well.”

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Deion Sanders At SiriusXM Studios

Deiondra Sanders Pregnant Jacquees Deion Sanders Reaction Pop Culture News
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 13: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) American football coach Deion Sanders visits SiriusXM Studios on March 13, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

When Deiondra shared the news of her pregnancy, she stated that it was “not planned nor expected,” and had the following to say about her relationship with Jacquees. “I’m not having my baby to keep a man. I am having my baby for all the times I was told I wouldn’t be able to.” “God is overly good!” he captioned a post of some sonogram pictures. “Colossal Blessings on the way!! LOOOOOK AT MY BABY!!! 18 weeks and 5 days!!! Lord I thank you!!”

Meanwhile, this follows Deion’s initial reaction to this announcement on social media. “PREACH BABY PREACH, and u having this baby to make me a darn GRANDDADDY even though I’m YOUNG. I Love u baby and I’m glad u said u ain’t having a baby to keep a man. You’ve always had a MAN in your life that u call DADDY. [I] ain’t gon ever ever let u DOWN especially when I’m UP.” For more news and the latest updates on Deion Sanders, his daughter, and Jacquees, keep checking in with HNHH.

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Megan Thee Stallion’s Social Media Boundaries Include Keeping Instagram Off Her Phone, Hot Girl Prefers Pinterest

Megan Thee Stallion spoke in her recent Women’s Health cover issue about how being a dark-skinned Black woman has been extra difficult over the past few years. “I feel like everybody was always used to me being the fun and happy party girl. I watched people build me up, tear me down, and be confused about their expectations of me,” she told the outlet. “As a Black woman, as a darker Black woman, I also feel like people expect me to take the punches, take the beating, take the lashings, and handle it with grace. But I’m human,” Meg reflected. Many readers resonated with her sentiment and were happy to hear the black-haired beauty discuss her relationship with social media at an ADWeek event.

“You know what I really like? Pinterest,” Thee Stallion shared, praising the mood-boarding platform that has minimal interaction with others. While she loves the app, the 29-year-old isn’t ready to give out her handle to the hotties. Still, she did fill us in on what kinds of things she’s been saving to her various boards. “I deleted Instagram and Twitter off my phone. I have TikTok and I have Pinterest,” Megan said. “Pinterest is, like, the best app in my opinion right now because I can curate what I want to see.”

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Megan Thee Stallion Speaks During Social Media Week

“I can literally get on there and see what I want to see. Like, if I want to see puppies all day, that’s what I see. My Pinterest is makeup, puppies, breakfast [laughs], workout videos, booty shorts [laughs]. I see all the content I like to see,” Thee Stalli added.

Megan Thee Stallion might not keep Instagram on her phone regularly, but the Hot Girl Coach still makes sure to connect with her fans by going Live and chatting with them occasionally. Earlier this week she and some friends stepped out for a tipsy sushi dinner, at which time Meg addressed rumours of a nose job and had plenty to say about her “only best friend” not introducing her to the guy she’s been seeing. Read all about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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