Method Man Apologized For Disrespecting Destiny’s Child In 2001: ‘Y’all Did Not Deserve That, At All’

Method Man, who recently won an NAACP Image Award for his role on Power Book II: Ghost, stopped by for an interview on the My Expert Opinion podcast with Math Hoffa. During his time there, Method spoke about his past struggles with “low self-esteem” and how it affected his relationships with artists in the music industry. “I didn’t like myself, so I didn’t like anybody f*cking else,” he said. “So that meant anything that would have come in my circumference at that point in time was gonna get it. My family went through a lot with my ass during that era, man.”

He continued, “And I can admit that I did take a lot of my f*cking misery out on them, and they did not deserve it. And I took some of my misery out on people at Def Jam that did not f*cking deserve it.” Meth went on share a story about how he once disrespected Destiny’s Child back in 2001 at Janet Jackson’s MTV Icon special. “We were at Janet Jackson’s Icon and I remember I had just come off stage and where we were sitting, there were nothing but VIPs. We had *NSYNC up here, Destiny’s Child right there, Tommy Lee was over here, [Pamela Anderson],” he said.

Meth went on, “And I see the girls, so I kinda moseyed out of my seat to go over and say what’s up to them. Now, this is still me in my low self-esteem era. But I’m thinking like, comfort zone here, I’m gonna say what’s up to the girls. I love them, I’m just gonna say hi. I go over to say hi to them and when I said hi, they didn’t even turn around and acknowledge me.” He then shared how he reacted after this moment.

“Now, my ass, in my head, with my low self-esteem is like, ‘They just sh*tted on me.’ When in fact, they didn’t even hear me. It was so loud in that motherf*cker. That’s the excuse that I’m giving right now—they didn’t even f*cking hear me. Afterward, Rockwilder, he was gonna do the ‘Bootylicious’ song for them. He comes over, he’s talking to them, he’s like, ‘Oh, you know Red and Meth?’ And they put their hands out to shake, and I kept my hand here and was like, ‘Go ’head with that Hollywood sh*t.’”

Method acknowledged that “neither Kelly, Beyoncé, or Michelle ever did any-f*cking-thing to me,” and then delivered a long-overdue apology for the incident. “I apologize to Beyoncé, I apologize to Kelly Rowland, and Michelle — y’all did not deserve that, at all.”

You can watch Meth detail the whole incident in the video above.

Beyonce’s ‘Break My Soul’ Gets Covered By An Adorable Kid And It’s An Absolute Must-Watch

Beyonce has fans of all ages, races, identities, and really any other characteristic used to label someone. This week’s example of her ubiquity comes in the form of a child singing along to her recent single “Break My Soul.” The young man took a break from his cheese puffs to dance with excitement before requesting his Alexa to turn the music up when the upbeat jam turned on. He then went on to sing along to its chorus, repeating “You won’t break my soul” and adding an emphatic “Everybody.” As the male voice in the background sings “Release your mind, release your job,” it appears the young man is trying to free himself of the shackles of whatever job is weighing him down. The kid gets it.

Beyonce released “Break My Soul” on June 20, coincidentally following Drake’s full dance album Honestly, Nevermind, ahead of her upcoming album Renaissance Part 1 which is set to release on July 29. “Break My Soul” featured contributions from The-Dream, Big Freedia, and her husband Jay-Z. Renaissance will mark Beyonce’s first proper solo album release since 2016’s Lemonade, though she did provide Everything Is Love in 2018 in collaboration with Hov plus Homecoming: The Live Album and The Lion King: The Gift in 2019.

Check out the charming young man’s karaoke performance of “Break My Soul” above.

Beyonce Shares The Regal, Near-Nude ‘Renaissance’ Cover

Even though Beyonce has announced her comeback album, Renaissance, and released its house-influenced first single “Break My Soul,” there were probably at least a few fans who still thought she might be trolling. But no, it’s definitely real. Beyonce herself shared the latest evidence via her little-used social media profiles, dropping the striking cover for the album, which features a near-nude Beyonce sitting astride a crystalline horse glowing with electricity.

The rollout for Renaissance has been a roller coaster of emotions for members of the Beyhive, who got their first inkling of a potential new project early this month when Beyonce wiped her social media. Then, when she updated her official site with a placeholder image for the album, fans wondered whether she was just plotting on another Ivy Park drop, refusing to fully invest lest she dash their hopes with a new collection of sweatpants or something.

But then, she actually announced the album — which appears to be a multi-parter heavy on both dance and country vibes — leading to excitement and relief as the long wait since Lemonade finally appears to be coming to an end. Meanwhile, “Break My Soul” has generated a wave of good vibes, drawing emotional responses from the song’s inspiration Robin S., sampled artist Big Freedia, and writer The-Dream.

It’s just too bad Azealia Banks isn’t too enthused about the mashups with her music the song has inspired. Aside from Banks’ sour grapes, though, the anticipation has been a lot of fun and July 29 can’t get here soon enough. Check out that art above.

Beyonce Stuns Fans With Jaw-Dropping Cover Art For ‘Renaissance’


Beyonce reveals her futuristic album cover and explains her intentions for her seventh studio album. Beyonce took to Instagram to show off her cover art for her upcoming album, Renaissance.  Queen Bey is pictured sitting on a celestial, holographic horse, with thin silver material covering her private parts and her signature long curly honey blonde […]

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Lizzo Does ‘Carpool Karaoke’ To Sing Beyoncé And Reflect On Her Influence: ‘She’s Been My North Star’

Weeks away from her upcoming second major-label album, Special, Lizzo stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden for the show’s “Carpool Karaoke” segment.

Lizzo and Corden kicked off the karaoke session with a performance of her hit single, “Good As Hell,” which was released in 2016 but reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019. Later, the two sang “Juice” from Lizzo’s 2019 major-label debut album, Cuz I Love You. Corden then surprised Lizzo, a well-trained flautist, by pulling out a flute from the back seat. Lizzo, who has been playing flute since she was 12, then shows off her flute skills. Lizzo that she calls her own flute “Sasha Floot,” named after her fellow Houstonian Beyoncé’s alter-ego, Sasha Fierce.

“When I was shy, or when I didn’t think I was cool, and when I was getting picked on, I would listen to Beyoncé in my bedroom, and it would transport me,” Lizzo said. “I would feel something. I would feel like my life is going to be better. There’s hope for me. When I dropped out of college and I was really depressed, I listened to [Beyoncé’s sophomore album] B’day on repeat. I would just sing B’day all the time, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna be a singer, I’m gonna be a singer.’ The way she makes people is how I want to make people feel with music. She’s been my north star.”

The two then sing Beyoncé’s hit single, “Crazy In Love.”

Other high points in the episode include Lizzo previewing the album’s title track, before she revealed that she grew up in The Church Of God In Christ and wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music growing up.

“Would you have been allowed to listen to Lizzo’s music?” asked Corden

“Early on Lizzo, yes,” Lizzo replied. “But when Lizzo started cussing, no. I’ve pissed a few family members off.”

Toward the end of the episode, the two perform Lizzo’s most recent hit single, “About Damn Time.” They are later joined in the park by Jaeden Gomez, who created the song’s TikTok dance, as well as a large group of people, creating a flash mob.

Check out the full segment above.

Special is out 7/15 via Atlantic. Pre-save it here.

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