Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Album Received The Ultimate Tribute From The NY Liberty’s Mascot Ellie The Elephant

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Athletes around the world have massive fan bases. Similar to the players, there are several beloved sports team mascots with followings of their own. The New York Liberty’s Ellie The Elephant has become the WNBA’s latest breakout star.

Yesterday (June 22), Big Ellie’s Halftime performance showcased that and more. The show was dedicated to Pride Month, and also paid tribute Beyoncé. The ever so fabulous mascot blended a medley of the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer’s record-setting, Grammy Award-winning album, Renaissance.

It was clear Ellie received the silver dress code notice, as the sassy elephant was rolled onto center court dressed in a mockup of Beyoncé’s tour look. With her own Renaissance World Tour dancers, Ellie slayed the mashup of “Move” featuring Grace Jones and Nina Sky’s “Move Ya Body” with hints of “Formation.”

Users online raved about the Halftime performance. Many even joked that a floral arrangement from Beyoncé would arrive at the arena soon. Ellie welcomed the idea, writing, “If this happened, tears just might fall 😭🫶🐘.”

Ellie’s Beyhive-certified tribute stated well before see hit the Barclays Center’s floor. In a clip shared to Ellie’s official X (formerly Twitter) profile she is seen Sasha Fiercly stomping across the Snipes pre-game carpet in another Beyoncé-inspired outfit with a hand fan made up of the Renaissance cover art.

Those flowers from Bey are currently en route.

Sexyy Red Recreated The Infamous Clinton–Lewinsky Scandal For Her Latest Video Teaser

sexyy red
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Given the upcoming presidential election, politics are on the top of most Americans minds and the includes Sexyy Red. The “U My Everything” rapper has gone on the record to share her support for former President Donald Trump (then seemingly walked it back).

But it appears for her forthcoming music video, Sexyy Red pulled inspiration from another politician. Yesterday (June 21), she took her official X (formerly Twitter) page to post a Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky-inspired teaser for the next In Sexyy We Trust visual.

In the clip, Sexyy Red put her own spin on the infamous sexual contact scandal that rocked the 1990s. “I’m doin dis for our ancestors 😂,” she wrote.

Despite the mock Oval Office setup, the faux presidential seals plastered everywhere, and a framed photograph of Clinton on a nearby table, some users online weren’t able to catch the references.

“Who da hell is this,” wrote one user.

Others slammed Sexyy Red for claiming her actions in honor of Black suffrage. “You’re moving us backwards, Ms. Redd,” penned one user.

Monica Lewinsky hasn’t issued a response yet. However, this isn’t her first time being referenced by a musician—most notably on Beyoncé’s song “Partition.” Lewinsky responded then, and she likely will respond now.

Sean Paul Claims Chance Encounter Led To Classic Beyonce Collab

2003 was a breakthrough year for both Sean Paul and Beyonce. Both artists landed their first number one singles, and then they linked up for the joint number one, “Baby Boy.” It was an inspired blend of pop and dancehall, but the origins of the sang actually date back several years. Sean Paul talked about the hit single during a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter. He revealed that his friendship with Queen Bey started during her days in Destiny’s Child.

Sean Paul told the outlet that he got a chance to meet Beyonce during the late 1990s. “She opened on a show here in Jamaica with Destiny’s Child,” he recalled. “They only had one song, and I was on that same show. That’s where we all met.” The two artists had similar tastes in music, but Sean Paul was pleasantly surprised when Beyonce reached out for a collab on her debut solo album. “Knowing she called me back a couple of years later for her first solo project was awesome,” he admitted. Paul wrote the bulk of “Baby Boy” with Beyonce, and praised the singer for embracing dancehall sounds.

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Sean Paul Praised Beyonce’s Musical Ambition

Sean Paul told THR that hip-hop artists were always interested in dancehall, but was impressed that a pop star like Beyonce would take a chance on such a different sound. “At the time, people were hollering at me to do collabs,” the reggae artist noted. “I was working with Busta Rhymes, I was doing stuff with Clipse and Blu Cantrell—and all of those things were very dope but they were more Hip-Hop oriented. This was such a big artist, and she was stepping out on her own.” Beyonce’s instincts proved dead on. “Baby Boy” was a smash hit that topped the Billboard Hot 100 for nine consecutive weeks. It would be Beyonce’s biggest hit until 2007, and Paul’s biggest hit ever.

Eclecticism is part of Beyonce’s image in 2024. She’s dabbled in dance, country, and just about every genre you can name. Still, she holds a special place in her heart for dancehall. She based much of her classic 2018 performance at Coachella on dancehall and Jamaican culture. She covered the standard “Still in Love with You Boy” by Marcia Aiken, and performed “Baby Boy” before a screaming audience. Paul is still extremely proud of the song. “It made sense to me,” he concluded. “And it made history for both of us.”

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Tony Hale Joked That His Appearance In Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Commercial Earned Him Some ‘Cool Dad’ Points

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Tony Hale has had a mighty successful acting career. In fact, the actor stars in Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2, which is currently showing in theaters. However, none of this has quite impressed Hale’s daughter.

Yesterday (June 14), during an appearance on The Talk, Hale confessed that he found a way to earn some cool points with the help of Beyoncé.

To help kick off the Cowboy Carter rollout, the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer partnered with Verizon, for an internet-breaking Super Bowl LVIII commercial.

When asked by host Sheryl Underwood about keeping the secret from his certified Beyhive member daughter, Hale shared how hard it was. “So [when] I got this gig, I was like, ‘This is so cool,’” he said. “But I had to sign [some paperwork] so I couldn’t say anything. But my daughter had just been to Beyoncé’s [Renaissance] concert. Usually is super bored by what I do. She doesn’t care, and I had that [one thing] and I couldn’t say it. So she had to wait to see it on the Super Bowl.”

He then went on to reveal the exchange they had after the commercial aired. “I was out of town, unfortunately,” he said. “But she texted me and was like, ‘Dad?’ So I texted her an emoji of a bee. And I was like, ‘Yeah. I got it.’”

Watch the full clip below.

Is Beyoncé Announcing Her ‘Cowboy Carter’ Tour Soon?

beyonce February 15, 2024
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Beyoncé released Cowboy Carter in late March. The triumphant album is among Uproxx’s “Best Albums Of 2024 So Far,” so it’s somehow easy to forget that Beyoncé spent last year conducting the world-beating Renaissance World Tour, which resulted in Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé and a reported $579 million gross. Perhaps because Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour was such a spectacular success, the Beyhive needs to know whether to plan for another tour in support of Cowboy Carter.

Is Beyoncé Announcing Her Cowboy Carter Tour Soon?

The short answer is that Beyoncé has not announced a tour in support of Cowboy Carter, and if there is a tour to announce, we will know when Beyoncé is ready for us to know.

But the rumor mill will always churn regardless, and rumors are hot that Beyoncé will announce a tour soon. It’s mostly reckless speculation, as tends to be the case with fan activity online. Earlier this month, Live Nation posted about a “big announcement coming tomorrow,” and people assumed that it would concern a Beyoncé Cowboy Carter Las Vegas residency because the Instagram photo involved a cowboy hat, but it turned out to be about Lainey Wilson. So, yeah, take the below posts with the biggest possible grain of salt.

Miley Cyrus Explains Why She’s ‘Not Very Active’ With Friendships In The Music Industry (But Beyoncé Is An Exception)

Miley Cyrus Grammys 2024
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Miley Cyrus has a famous father and an even more famous godmother, and strangers are constantly prodding for information about her relationships with Billy Ray Cyrus or Dolly Parton.

In the fifth-season premiere of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, out now on Netflix, Letterman asked Cyrus about her famous friends. Specifically, he asked, “That night at the [2024] Grammys, it seemed like an enormous celebration of women in music. Are you friends with all of those women?”

Cyrus candidly responded, “I am not very active, I would say, or very a part of my community of other artists and entertainers and celebrities. It just doesn’t feel like my people when I’m in that room. But there are certain artists, like Beyoncé, who — like us — we’ve known each other for a long time.”

The multi-platinum-certified singer continued, “When I was probably 15, I performed with Beyoncé. I was sandwiched between, you know, Rihanna and the Queen Bey, and they’re fully grown up, gorgeous, probably similar to my age now. Towering over me, completely stunning. I am super small, have acne, have braces on the back of my teeth, and I’m standing next to Mariah Carey, who is dripping in diamonds. Beyoncé was so kind to me, and now, just from seeing her, I’ve created a relationship — maybe a bit more in-depth. […] The kindness and the consistency is everything, so I’m a part of my community in that way, but again, it’s all quality, not quantity. I’m not very active in that.”

Letterman’s reference to the 2024 Grammys concerned Cyrus’ first-ever Grammy wins (Record Of The Year and Best Pop Solo Performance), thanks for “Flowers,” which was the root of her show-stopping performance.

Beyoncé welcomed Cyrus as a featured artist on her Cowboy Carter album, and “II Most Wanted” stands to be nominated for Record Of The Year at the 2025 Grammys.

“I wrote that song, like, two and a half years ago,” Cyrus recently told W. “My mom would always go, ‘I love that song so much.’ So when Beyoncé reached out to me about music, I thought of it right away because it really encompasses our relationship. I told her, ‘We don’t have to get ­country; we are country. We’ve been country.’ I said, ‘You know, between you being from Texas and me being from Tennessee, so much of us is going to be in this song.’ Getting to write a song, not just sing, for Beyoncé was a dream come true.”

The Best Songs Of 2024 So Far

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The first six months of 2024 have given us so much music that it’s felt overwhelming. It’s a double-edged sword we’ve been tasked to master, especially in today’s streaming era – so much music at our disposal, and so much listening to do. Still, whether you’ve effortlessly breezed through the large pile of releases in 2024 or continue to push a good pile of it aside like that annoying pile of laundry on your bed, there’s no doubt that you have a favorite from the year.

Maybe it comes from Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s exciting and rapid-fire rap beef that pit two of the genre’s best in a dual unlike any other. It could also come from the many other hip-hop offerings from the year. You could also pick from the stellar pop selections from the likes of Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Sabrina Carpenter, and others. Country music offered plenty to love thanks to outputs by Beyoncé, Shaboozey, Zach Bryan, and others. Like I said, there’s plenty to pick from.

Thankfully for you all, it’s not your job to sift through that pile of releases. However, it is our job! So here are the best songs of 2024 so far, picked by the Uproxx staff.

Beyoncé — “II Hands II Heaven”

Ahead of the release of her eighth studio album, Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé declared “This ain’t a Country album. This is a Beyoncé album.” The foundation of Bey’s music has always been love, and on Cowboy Carter’s turning point, “II Hands II Heaven,” the biggest musician in the world finds herself at ease, next to the one she loves most. Lyrically, “II Hands II Heaven” is instantly one of Bey’s more vulnerable deep cuts, but sonically, the song encapsulates the feeling of driving down a Texas road, hands in the air, with the love of your life by your side. – Alex Gonzalez

Future & Metro Boomin — “Like That”/Kendrick Lamar — “Not Like Us”

With just 16 bars on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That”, Kendrick Lamar kicked off what became one of the biggest rap beefs in history. Six weeks later, Lamar accepted and celebrated his win on “Not Like Us.” The two records bookend Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s rapid-fire war of words that ended with Lamar embracing his “boogeyman” persona, notching two additional No. 1 singles to his catalog, and proving that hip-hop’s crown was always positioned on the head of King Kunta himself. “Like That” and “Not Like Us” are also important timestamps for an exciting period in hip-hop – one that the genre was in search of for the better part of a year – and a testament on how to finish what you start. – Wongo Okon

GloRilla — “Yeah Glo!” & Rapsody “3:AM”

Oh what, you thought I was going to just pick ONE? To represent the BEST song of the year so far in hip-hop? Oh naw, baby. You see, hip-hop is many things to many people, and that’s why I have to present both — to represent the dichotomy, to highlight how that dichotomy is a sham, and to allow for all the space between these two tracks to symbolize just how much room there is in this genre for everything. (Also, the one thing for sure in 2024 is: Women run hip-hop. Tell Joe Budden to stuff it.) GloRilla‘s “Yeah Glo!” is an inescapable anthem, a club banger of the most perfect proportions to get hips shaking, hands flying, and voices raised. “3:AM” is a tender reflection on interpersonal relationships, an introvert’s weekend playlist staple. And yet, the two women who made these songs share more in common than conflict (Rapsody turned up to Glo’s track at a private dinner in LA attended by Uproxx, while Glo has her share of emotive, romantically-invested tracks on Ehhthang Ehhthang), and these songs are complements and foils to each other, presenting two sides of the same coin. – Aaron Williams

Lay Bankz — “Tell Ur Girlfriend”

Since music’s inception, every generation has crowned one track the greatest tale of forbidden love. For Generation Z, Lay Bankz’s hip-rocking smash single, “Tell Ur Girlfriend,” could very well be the anthem to snatch the top spot. If you are going to sing about something morally deemed off limits, then why not backdrop it against the infectious sound of a good Philly and Jersey Club mashup. Something so bad shouldn’t sound so good, but it just does, and the melodic rap delivery is the cherry on top. – Flisadam Pointer

RM — “Come Back To Me”

BTS’ brand is built on tightly constructed and radio-appeasing pop music (that’s ultimately catchy and a hell of a time, by the way). When the group’s members veer off to tackle a solo endeavor, though, the mission statement is markedly different. RM’s new solo album Right Place, Wrong Person cohesively and impactfully touches on a number of different styles and moods. A clear highlight is the album-closing “Come Back To Me,” which is downright John Mayer-y over the course of a warm 6 minutes. It’s not BTS, but it’s still smooth like butter. – Derrick Rossignol

Sabrina Carpenter — “Espresso”

Adele sang Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso” while getting into bed, and Carpenter’s charm struck again when she responded by posting on X (formerly Twitter), “All I read was Adele thinks about me in bed.” Adele is not alone in her inability to get this year’s snappiest pop hook (“That’s that me espresso”) out of her head, and Barry Keoghan’s schoolboy giddiness during Carpenter’s alluring Coachella 2024 set speaks to the validity of the song’s lyrics. “Nonsense” walked so “Espresso” could sprint to No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Carpenter’s long-brewing pop star coronation. – Megan Armstrong

Taylor Swift — “The Black Dog”

The Tortured Poets Department is long. 31-songs-over-122-minutes long. But to dismiss Taylor Swift’s 11th studio album as “too long” means you’re going to miss some gems. “The Black Dog” doesn’t arrive until track 17, but it’s a heartbreaking summation of everything that made Swift the preeminent songwriter of her generation. It’s specific (listening to The Starting Line) yet universal (anger and sorrow over the end of a relationship) with a cathartic bridge. Or in Swiftie terms: it should have been The Tortured Poets Department’s track 5. – Josh Kurp

Waxahatchee — “Right Back To It”

Tigers Blood is another product of Katie Crutchfield’s union with Saint Cloud producer Brad Cook, who helped the singer-songwriter assemble a supporting cast that includes MJ Lenderman, Spencer Tweedy, and Phil Cook. Lenderman is prominently featured on the instant-classic single “Right Back To It,” lending his laconic drawl to Crutchfield’s impossibly wistful cry of a voice. It’s the kind of song you know you’ll want to play again immediately within the first 60 seconds, and again and again after that. – Steven Hyden

Zach Bryan – “Pink Skies”

“I write and record music reckless and fast,” Zach Bryan tweeted a few weeks back, alluding to yet another new collection of work set to drop any day now. This prefaced “Pink Skies,” his latest top 10 hit and another example of Bryan’s seemingly endless well for timeless songwriting. Bryan writes the kind of songs that feel like they have been in your blood for a lifetime, instantly nostalgic for the kind of music you’d hear your parents dancing to after you went to bed. They’re the kind of songs that sound best in a truck or a garage or a campground or, as is the case these days, in a basketball arena or on a football field. They hug the middle ground between specificity and generality, where you never question their meaning to Zach even as you impart your own experiences on them. In short, “Pink Skies” is another high point for what’s been several years of high points. As reckless and fast as he keeps wanting to bring these songs, we’ll be there as long as they stay this good. – Philip Cosores

7 Songs Drake Wrote For Other Artists

Drake is known for his chart-topping hits and distinctive musical style. The Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter has shown his ability to blend introspective lyrics with catchy melodies, making him a sought-after collaborator in the music industry. However, his talent transcends his own performances; Drake is also a prolific songwriter, and has song credits on several other artists’ work. Despite rumors and accusations that Drake hires ghostwriters, the rapper has proven himself by crafting songs for a variety of other artists. Most recently, his reference track for Lil Wayne’s 2010 track “I’m Single” surfaced online. Here are seven songs that Drake wrote for other artists.

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7. “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” – Alicia Keys (2009)

Released in 2009, “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” is one of Alicia Keys’ most soulful ballads. The song delves into themes of love and vulnerability, and Drake has credits on the song as one of its co-writers. Upon release, fans immediately believed the song was about Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s relationship. The track also became a hit, reaching number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earning widespread acclaim. 

A year after its release, Nicki Minaj dropped the bomb that the song was written about her. About two weeks later, Drake also confirmed it. Speaking to BET, he confessed that he had written it based on a conversation he had with Nicki. He stated: “It is [about Minaj], I’m not gonna lie. The concept came from a conversation that we had, or conversations we have. I wrote it based off two things: number one, based off that, and then two, based on Alicia and Swizz and their situation and it just seemed fitting. It was like the perfect concept.”

6. “I Been That Girl” – Melanie Fiona (2012)

Long before the fame and fortune, Drake was still killing it in the songwriting game. While he was still in Toronto, he was a part of a group called The Renaissance. After the group disbanded, Drake co-wrote “I Been That Girl” for his former Renaissance bandmate, Melanie Fiona. While the song was never released as a single, it was included on Fiona’s second album The MF Life, which also featured collaborations with T-Pain, John Legend, Nas, and J. Cole.

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5. “Fall For Your Type” – Jamie Foxx Ft. Drake (2010)

“Fall For Your Type” is a heartfelt R&B track performed by Jamie Foxx, released in 2010. While the track was originally intended for Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later, it did not make it on the album. Upon hearing the song for the first time, Jamie Foxx reportedly fell in love with it and subsequently decided to re-record it. Moreover, he ultimately included it on his fourth studio album, Best Night Of My Life. Beyond song credits, Drake also appears as a featured artist. “Fall For Your Type” became quite popular, even reaching number one on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart.

4 “R.I.P.” – Rita Ora Ft. Tinie Tempah (2012)

Rita Ora’s “R.I.P.,” from her 2012 album Ora was a hit, and Drake shares song credits on the track. “R.I.P.”’s success helped Rita Ora establish herself as a rising star in the music industry, peaking at number one on the UK Singles Chart. Furthermore, the song blends elements from Drake’s “I’m Ready For You,” and the Chase & Status remix of Nneka’s “Heartbreak.” Drake had originally written “I’m Ready For You” for Rihanna, but the singer passed on it. 

3. “I’m Single” – Lil Wayne (2009)

Drake has a long-standing collaborative relationship with Lil Wayne, and “I’m Single” is evidently a prime example of their synergy. Co-written by Drake, the track was featured on Lil Wayne’s 2009 mixtape No Ceilings. Although the remix featuring Drake was set to be on Wayne’s album I Am Not a Human Being, it was later re-released. Several years later, on June 6, 2024, a reference track for “I’m Single” was released. 

2. “Mine” – Beyoncé Ft. Drake (2013)

Mine,” a track from Beyoncé’s acclaimed self-titled 2013 album, showcases a fusion of R&B and Hip Hop. Both Drake and Beyoncé share song credits, and the former is also a featured artist. “Mine” was a standout track on the album, addressing themes of motherhood and marriage with poignant clarity. The song also featured Drake’s distinct lyrical style, blending it with Beyoncé’s powerful voice.

1. “30 Hours” – Kanye West Ft. Andre 3000 (2016)

Despite their rocky relationship, Drake and Ye are longtime collaborators, and have song credits on multiple joints together. Evidently, their musical chemistry is undeniably strong. Drake co-wrote two songs “30 Hours” and “Facts” on Ye’s seventh album Life of Pablo. “30 Hours” features samples from Arthur Russell’s 1986 track “Answers Me,” and the drumbeat from Isaac Hayes’ 1973 single “Joy,” both of which are also credited on the track. 


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Is Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter Tour’ A Las Vegas Residency?

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Beyoncé nearly caused the world to stop yet again. This time, it isn’t the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer’s doing.

Today (June 2), Live Nation resparked rumors that Beyoncé will hit the road soon. Following the release of her latest album, Cowboy Carter (Renaissance Act II), fans began to prepare their Western outfit for a potential world tour.

Based on a post from the event promotion company, their efforts weren’t in vain. Continue below for more information.

Is Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter Tour’ A Las Vegas Residency?

On June 2, Live Nation took to their Las Vegas division’s official Instagram page to tease that a good ole rodeo would be headed to Sin City. “Vegas, hold your horses…wild horses, that is! Big announcement coming tomorrow,” wrote the company.

Immediately after the teaser was shared, the Beyhive swung into full action. Many jumped for joy at the thought of Beyoncé in Las Vegas (specifically The Sphere).

However, after the superfans did a bit more digging, their hopes were shattered when others claimed that the silhouette in the image might actually be Lainey Wilson.

A post the day prior showed on the company’s main page of Wilson’s Country’s Cool Again Tour seemingly confirmed users’ theory.

It doesn’t seem that there is any truth to the Beyoncé Las Vegas residency rumor. But don’t give up hope completely. Back in March, The-Dream hinted that a Cowboy Carter Tour was certainly in the works.

How To Buy Beyoncé’s Official ‘Cowboy Carter’ Vinyl

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Yee-haw. Beyoncé’s album Cowboy Carter broke boundaries and set records when it was released, but when fans noticed that some of the songs were different from the streaming version of the album on the vinyl they’d pre-ordered, they certainly felt a way about it. But now, the vinyl is being reissued with the completed tracklist and is now available for pre-order. You can visit Beyoncé’s official shop to see the options available. Black, blue, red, and white variants are available and will come with two vinyl discs, a 40-page booklet featuring exclusive images, and a collectable 24×36″ poster. The default official vinyl version is $59.98.

When the initial versions of the vinyl rolled off the presses, they were allegedly missing five songs: “Ya Ya,” “Spaghettii,” “The Linda Martell Show,” “Oh Louisiana,” and “Flamenco.” However, on the new pressings, all five songs are present on the tracklist, which means that fans pre-ordering the vinyl now will get the complete album. The missing tracks were explained by fans as the result of Beyoncé still working on the album in the months leading up to its release, well after an initial version had already been submitted to manufacturers. Her last-minute tinkering may have generated some discrepancies, but since the album is already available digitally, fans could simply stream the album in full until now. Whatever wizardry it took to get the massive album onto the format may result in a new set of differences, but for now, we can look forward to the release.