Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘MEGAN’ Album to Feature UGK, Victoria Monet & More

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion’s new album, MEGAN, will be released this Friday. Ahead of the release, Hot Girl Meg has released the tracklist, revealing that UGK, GloRilla, Victoria Monet, and more will join her on the 18 tracks. You can see the full tracklist below.

The post Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘MEGAN’ Album to Feature UGK, Victoria Monet & More first appeared on The Source.

The post Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘MEGAN’ Album to Feature UGK, Victoria Monet & More appeared first on The Source.

Victoria Monét’s Hot Streak Is Extending Into The ‘Star Wars’ Universe, As She Will Soon Release A Song For ‘The Acolyte’

Victoria Monét 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
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Victoria Monét won Best New Artist at the 2024 Grammys because Jaguar II was so overwhelmingly dominant that the Recording Academy had no choice but to reward her. It’s not all rainbows for Monét, considering “ongoing health issues” forced her to drop out of a few festivals this summer, but any setback has been overshadowed by piling up consistent wins. While she won’t be able to perform a few festivals in June, she just dropped the Dave Meyers-directed “Alright” video, which honored Janet Jackson and earned over 1.4 million YouTube views in 48 hours. So, Monét’s hot steak forges on.

And on Thursday, June 13, Monét more or less joined the Star Wars universe. Because why not? According to a press release, Monét will sing “an original end-credit song, ‘Power Of Two,’ for the Star Wars series The Acolyte from Lucasfilm.”

“Having my song be a part of the classic Star Wars franchise via The Acolyte is such an honor, and I’m thrilled for everyone to hear it when they see how it ties into the overall storyline!” Monét said in a statement. “D’Mile and I had a great time making the song and hope the world loves it as much as we do.”

The press release additionally relays that “Power Of Two” will be available to stream on all DSPs on Friday, June 14.

The Acolyte premiered on Disney+ on June 4. The fourth episode is due on the streaming service on Tuesday, June 18.

Victoria Monet Draws Comparisons To Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, & Beyonce In “Alright” Music Video

Victoria Monet, veteran R&B singer and songwriter, really put a lot of people on notice after nabbing a massive GRAMMY win. At this year’s award show, the Atlanta, Georgia native took home the hardware for Best R&B Album. Her fifth overall project JAGUAR II, the sequel to the 2020 tape, dropped in late August 2023 and featured quite a few standout tracks. You have the horn backed “On My Mama”, “Smoke” with Lucky Daye, among others. The album won over some very respectable competition as well, including Summer Walker, Babyface, Coco Jones, and Emily King. However, the nominations do not stop there. She is also getting recognized by BET for the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist. With all of this well-deserved success, it seems to be trickling down to other areas of her career. For example, Victoria Monet is getting tons of praise for the music video for “Alright”.

One of the other hits from JAGUAR II, “Alright” has been a winner for Victoria Monet due to its bouncy and intoxicating vibe. Part of the credit goes to KAYTRANADA, who produced the banger. In the visuals, fans have been pointing out that she made some nods to artists like Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, as well as Beyonce. “The ode to Janet’s “Feedback” and “Alright” & Michael’s “Smooth Criminal” was so dope! I love the modern elements!”, one user writes. The inspiration is definitely there, and it is all sold well due to the incredible choreography. The moody tone of the video also complements “Alright”, as well as the album, to a tee. All of these standout qualities are why Monet has the number six video on trending right now.

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Watch Victoria Monet’s “Alright” Music Video

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Victoria Monét Honors Janet Jackson And Puts On A Shimmering Spectacle In Her ‘Alright’ Video

In two months, Victoria Monét will celebrate the one-year anniversary of her debut album Jaguar II. The era attached to that album is far from over as “Alright” was recently enlisted as the fourth single from the album, joining “Smoke,” “Party Girls,” and the Grammy-nominated “On My Mama.” As if that wasn’t enough, Monét has also answered fans’ numerous request for an “Alright” music video. The Kaytranada-produced track finally received the visual treatment in an absolute spectacle that Monét used to honor Janet Jackson with dance moves undeniably inspired by the legendary singer’s 1990s and 2000s era. Look no further than the black-and-white fedora and suit that Monét dons in the visual.

The video was directed by Dave Myers and choreographed by Sean Bankhead who is also responsible for the choreography in Monét’s “On My Mama” video. Aside from the Janet Jackson-inspired moves, Monét is nothing short of dazzling in the “Alright” video. She brings the fire and bears the elements and some skin in the three-minunte performance that should go down as one of the best visuals of the year.

Monét’s video for “Alright” is hopefully a sign of her return to good health after she was forced to cancel multiple festival performances last month. They included Philadelphia’s Roots Picnic and this past weekend’s Governors Ball in New York. “Candidly I have been dealing with some ongoing health issues that have to be addressed right now, but I will be back out there soon, that’s a promise!” Monét said in a statement at the time. “Please know it wasn’t an easy call but it’s definitely for the best. All other shows are still moving forward as planned. See you soon.”

Monét’s next performances will take place at Broccoli City in July and Lollapalooza Chicago, Outside Lands, and Victoria Park London in August.

You can watch the “Alright” video above.

Jaguar II is out now via RCA Records/Lovett Music, Inc. Find out more information here.

Victoria Monét Releases Official Music Video for “Alright”

Victoria Monét Releases Official Music Video for "Alright"

Victoria Monét has released the highly anticipated official music video for her song “Alright” via Lovett Music/RCA Records. Produced by Kaytranada, “Alright” became an instant favorite from Monét’s JAGUAR II album, with fans eagerly awaiting a visual representation of the track. The cinematic and glossy video, directed by the legendary Dave Meyers, features choreography by Sean Bankhead, known for his work on “On My Mama.”

unnamed 1 1
unnamed 1 1

In the video, Monét takes center stage, embodying her inner jaguar while paying homage to iconic 90’s and Y2K pop culture moments. Drawing inspiration from legends like Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson, and Britney Spears, as well as Hype Williams’s film Belly, Monét’s video showcases dynamic dancing, eye-popping cinematography, and fashion styled by the notable Kollin Carter.

“Alright is about liberation and freedom at its core! This video is a visual presentation of that sentiment through freedom of movement and fluidity between masculine and feminine energy. It was an honor to work alongside Dave Meyers and Sean Bankhead and this cast on this visual! What a crazy combo!! Plus, EVERY single person who had their hands on this visual was extremely passionate from inception, and we all worked really hard to bring it to life! They showed up with their A game surpassing what we all imagined. Serious teamwork! We all patiently and meticulously crafted it and are extremely excited to release it into the world! There’s no better month to release this visual than pride month, black music month and the beginning of summer 24! I can’t wait to see where dance artists and the ballroom culture take it.”

– Victoria Monét

unnamed 4
unnamed 4

The “Alright” video highlights Monét’s signature splashy, multi-layered style, marking her bold entry into the pop world. Her performance radiates feminine confidence and a winner’s circle attitude. The video made its global broadcast premiere on MTV Live, MTVU, MTV Biggest Pop, and across MTV’s global network, BET Soul and on the Paramount Times Square billboards.

The post Victoria Monét Releases Official Music Video for “Alright” first appeared on The Source.

The post Victoria Monét Releases Official Music Video for “Alright” appeared first on The Source.

Victoria Monét Is ‘Gutted’ To Cancel Multiple Festival Performances, Including Governors Ball

Heineken House At Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival
Getty Image

Health issues have forced singer Victoria Monét to drop from the lineups of several upcoming festivals in June, including Governors Ball, Blavity, and The Roots Picnic. Monét announced the show cancelations via her Instagram Story, writing, “I am gutted to share that I will no longer be able to perform at Governors Ball (NYC), Roots Picnic (Philadelphia) or Blavity (Nashville) this June.”

“I am so sorry,” she continued. “Candidly I have been dealing with some ongoing health issues that have to be addressed right now, but I will be back out there soon, that’s a promise! Please know it wasn’t an easy call but it’s definitely for the best. All other shows are still moving forward as planned. See you soo.”

The “On My Mama” singer is still billed to appear at festivals including Broccoli City in July and Lollapalooza Chicago, Outside Lands, and Victoria Park London in August.

Earlier this year, Victoria Monét reached the peak of her career so far with a Best New Artist win at the 65th annual Grammy Awards in February. In March, she also won two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding New Artist and Outstanding Album for Jaguar II. With those wins in her back pocket, her latest setback is likely to become nothing more than a set-up for a comeback.

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Battling PCOS

Many celebrities have openly discussed navigating Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This ranges from diagnosis to managing diverse symptoms like lean PCOS without weight gain. This is a hormonal disorder affecting around 1 in 10 women of childbearing age, according to the Office on Women’s Health. Symptoms like irregular menstrual cycles, acne, excess hair growth, weight gain, and fertility issues can vary in severity from subtle signs to severe complications.

Further, PCOS is caused by hormonal imbalances with high androgen (male hormone) levels, insulin resistance, and genetics. It’s also reported that having a family member with PCOS increases one’s risk. Though incurable, symptoms can be managed via medications and lifestyle changes. Celebrities’ candid PCOS stories raise crucial awareness about this widely underdiagnosed yet common condition impacting 8 to 13 percent of reproductive-aged women globally, per the World Health Organization. Open conversations destigmatize PCOS, help others feel understood, and encourage symptom recognition and treatment.

Keke Palmer

After announcing her PCOS diagnosis in 2020, Keke Palmer has openly discussed her journey of coping with the hormonal disorder’s diverse symptoms. These include acne, excessive facial hair, weight fluctuations, irregular periods, and infertility concerns. In a candid interview with Tamron Hall, the actress revealed her severe acne and facial hair prompted her to “zero in” on PCOS as the root cause. She also explained dealing with such symptoms well past puberty despite trying medications like Accutane and dietary changes. Palmer learned PCOS manifests differently for everyone after her sister also struggled with it, especially during pregnancy.

It took examining her family’s history of diabetes and weight issues before the celebrity received her PCOS diagnosis. She says it was delayed for years despite her family’s efforts. Now, she hopes opening up empowers herself and others. She declared on Instagram, “My skin has made me sad many nights but I do not give up on myself … MY ACNE AINT NEVER STOPPED ME.”

Lea Michele

Actress Lea Michele has been candid about her journey with PCOS, opening up about being diagnosed after experiencing severe acne and fluctuating weight. “The minute she looked at me, she was like, ‘Oh, you have PCOS.’ It explained everything,” Michele told of her doctor’s assessment. The Glee star also suffered from “terrible skin” growing up. She revealed she used birth control to help manage it until going off the medication in her late 20s caused a resurgence of acne along with weight gain – classic PCOS symptoms.

Michele also acknowledged she is “very fortunate” that diet changes have allowed her to manage her PCOS. She also added that it isn’t as “intense” as it is in some cases. Yet, Michele shed light on the condition’s brutal potential side effects like cystic acne and significant weight struggles. “There are way more extreme versions of PCOS that women have a lot of difficulty with,” she empathized.

Victoria Monet

Singer Victoria Monét has candidly discussed the challenges of dealing with PCOS, revealing her honest perspective on weight fluctuations. The “We Might Be Falling in Love” artist took to Instagram Stories to share a performance photo, playfully commenting “Welp…I gained a lot of weight and it went a lot of places lol face, arms, tummy and most effectively…datassss.” Monét admitted she often feels “critical and frustrated” by PCOS-related weight gain, but tried to maintain an optimistic outlook, joking “at least now there’s two moons on the stage.”

Despite the lighthearted tone, her openness sheds light on the very real struggle many women face with hormonal conditions like PCOS impacting their bodies in various ways. By embracing her curves with humor, Monét normalizes these experiences while inspiring others to approach their own health journeys with self-compassion.

Victoria Beckham

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 13: Victoria Beckham is seen at the “Today. Show” on October 13, 2022, also in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

While fiercely protective of her privacy, fashion icon Victoria Beckham has candidly discussed her personal battle with PCOS. The former Spice Girl went public with her diagnosis after struggling to conceive her youngest child, Harper Seven, amid irregular periods and infertility challenges. Beckham shed light on the intense pressures of expanding her family while in the spotlight. She admitted to Now magazine, “Every time I go out, someone asks if I’m pregnant.”

Initially deflecting with vague responses, she eventually opted for “brutal honesty” about undergoing fertility treatments due to PCOS. She continued, “I keep that big smile and say something like, ‘Actually, I’m struggling with infertility because of my PCOS, so my husband and I have been through several fertility treatments. No baby yet, but it’ll happen soon!’”

Daisy Ridley

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 13: Daisy Ridley attends the EE British Academy. Film Awards 2022 at Royal Albert Hall on March 13, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)

Actress Daisy Ridley candidly addressed her battle as a celebrity with PCOS on Instagram. She shed light on the condition’s diverse symptoms like the severe acne she struggled with. The Star Wars star revealed she was first diagnosed with endometriosis at 15. She underwent surgery and consultations over eight years as the pelvic pain persisted. When her skin then became “THE WORST” despite trying various treatments, Ridley realized something more was going on. “Finally found out I have polycystic ovaries and that’s why it’s bad.”

Her journey involved cutting out dairy and sugar under a dermatologist’s guidance to manage hormonal acne. Through it all, Ridley advocated for others dealing with any health issues to persist in seeking specialist care, get thorough testing done, and pay close attention to their body’s needs without dismissing potential concerns. “From your head to the tips of your toes we only have one body, let us all make sure ours are working in top condition, and take help if it’s needed,” she empowered followers.

Nikki Bella

celebrities pcos
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 05: Nikki Bella visits SiriusXM at SiriusXM. Studios on December 05, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images)

Former professional wrestler Nikki Bella has been open about her PCOS diagnosis and fears it would impact her ability to conceive. “I go to the doctor, I find out that I have very high testosterone and very low estrogen and I have PCOS. They told me that the day I would want to have babies, I probably would actually need help,” Bella revealed on her Total Bellas podcast. Moreover, doctors advised her to consider egg freezing at age 36 due to PCOS. Bella was resigned to needing fertility assistance until getting unexpectedly pregnant with now-husband Artem Chigvintsev.

“I was in the discussion of freezing my eggs. It was right around Halloween, a day or so after, [and Artem Chigvintsev and I had unprotected sex] because I’m like, ‘I can’t get pregnant. I need help,’” she candidly shared. Despite her PCOS struggles with symptoms like acne, weight fluctuations, and hair loss, leaving her “devastated” about her fertility, Bella defied the odds by giving birth to a son, Matteo, in July 2020 without medical intervention.

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Doja Cat’s Coachella Set Showed What A Headliner Is Supposed To Be

doja cat coachella 2024
Philip Cosores

Thank you for proving me right, Doja Cat. I said you deserved to be headlining Coachella two years ago. This year, you brought a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton to your headlining set. Bless you, you demented genius. You are the best.

The final day of Coachella 2024 was a bit thinner on must-see artists; while there was still plenty to do and see, there was also enough time to wander and explore between the priority sets. So, rather than rushing around from tent to tent and stage to stage, there was time to poke around, try new things, and make a few observations. For instance:

Philip Cosores

Call me biased, but there is no better backing band in music than a churchy-ass Black band. They have the power to uplift pop singers like Reneé Rapp, who we caught in the late afternoon, and to elevate R&B stars like Victoria Monét to transcendent performances. Monét – who also incorporated soul and R&B staples like The Supremes’ “Stop! In The Name Of Love” and Usher’s “There Goes My Baby” and rap breakouts like Sexyy Red’s “Get It Sexyy” into her early evening set – proved every bit to be a star worthy of even better placement upon her inevitable return to Coachella. And speaking of “Get It Sexyy,” while the St. Louis rapper wasn’t on the bill, her presence was felt at practically every DJ set and activation… Sexyy Red is out. Of. Here.

Renee Rapp
Philip Cosores

One place her impact was felt was GV Black’s Party In My Living Room activation. An initiative from Coachella promoters Goldenvoice, GV Black aims to promote equity and inclusion at the festival, living up to all those promises brands made back in 2020. It partnered with Inglewood rapper Thurz and his long-running party promotion to present DJ sets from both unexpected names like “Billie Eilish” rapper Armani Black and local LA mainstay DJ R-Tistic. One of the upsides of Sunday being a bit more laid back was getting to pull up on friends here and spend an hour two-stepping to club faves in a fun atmosphere out of the sun and wind.

It also gave the Uproxx team more time to wander and try new food options. While the team typically has faves that we frequent year after year, there, there are still so many other options that it’s worth trying out something new. This year, it was Big Belly Burger, which offered an Impossible version of its signature smash burger. And hallelujah, we may have found a new favorite. With a unique, light sweetness to its spread, Big Belly may even have overthrown some of our usuals.

J Balvin
Philip Cosores

After a calm and cool set from psychedelic funk rockers Khruangbin, Colombian Latin artist J Balvin put on a stellar show at the main stage, complete with an early appearance by Tainy, a surprisingly on-theme surprise pop-in by Will Smith, and an alien invasion storyline straight out of a 1950s B-movie. (Between Balvin, Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘70s thriller set up on Friday, and Tyler The Creator’s own flying saucer on Saturday, they’ve got one hell of a weekend matinee triple feature.)

Lil Yachty
Philip Cosores

Manwhile, Lil Yachty completely revamped his set from Camp Flog Gnaw in November, tapping into his career beginnings with a big reference to his nickname, Lil Boat, starting the show from the prow of a ship onstage. However, despite what might have been a throwback to his early days, his setlist stuck to the more recent, rock-focused Let’s Start Here and even tapped an indie reference point: multi-instrumentalist Mac DeMarco, who performed two songs, “On The Level” and “Chamber Of Reflection.” Still, Yachty was sure to hit maintstays like “Minnesota” and “Broccoli,” making his set one of the most sastisfying yet.

Now, remember what I said about bands? Doja Cat’s stunning headlining set not only incorporated that signature vamping but took things a step further with a five-part harmony from a South African vocal group, The Joy, paying homage to her roots. Once again, a set was enhanced by understated innovations like a spider cam swooping over the audience and a high-concept, post-apocalyptic sci-fi setup.

Doja Cat
Philip Cosores

While Doja’s set did not incorporate a storyline per se, it did a great job of actualizing the things that have been on her mind lately. The eye-popping visuals addressed the public’s preoccupation with her hair, her tattoos, and her heritage; hence, backup dancers draped in Wookie-like wig costumes, South African vocal groups singing in Zulu, and yes, a massive T-Rex skeleton traipsing along her catwalk, aided by a team of puppeteers.

Doja Cat, like Lana Del Rey, Tyler The Creator, J Balvin, and a slew of other artists to rock the stage, showed the potential still remaining to be wrought from the platform provided by Coachella. What she – and they – demonstrated was that it doesn’t take flashy streaming numbers or worldwide name recognition, so much as the imagination to prove that they belong. There’s a whole generation of new stars waiting to be minted, and Coachella gives them the opportunity to make their case – which Doja Cat did with her signature wit and weirdness.

Kehlani’s Dating History: A Look Back At The Singer’s Romances

Kehlani stands out in the music industry not only for their undeniable talent but also for their candid approach to life and love. With their soulful voice and introspective lyrics, she has secured the love of fans worldwide. Yet, it is not just Kehlani’s music that keeps people talking. It’s also their intriguing dating history that has been the subject of much attention and fascination. From public romances to private affairs, Kehlani’s romances have been notably popular. 

Previously, Kehlani has been in relationships with individuals of various genders, identifying as queer and pansexual. However, in a now-deleted TikTok video she posted in 2021, she openly acknowledged the realization that she identifies as a lesbian. “I’m just gonna fucking say it because everyone keeps bringing it up to me,” she started. “They’re like, ‘Kehlani, what’s new?’ I’m like, ‘I finally know I’m a lesbian.’ Well, it’s fucking true. I am gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.” So from PartyNextDoor to Kiara Russell, let’s take a closer look at all of Kehlani’s romances. 

PartyNextDoor (2013-2016)

kehlani romances
PARTYNEXTDOOR at Billboard Presents The Stage at SXSW held at the The Four Seasons on March 14, 2024 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Karl Walter/Billboard via Getty Images)

Kehlani’s romances have often played out in the public eye. Among their early relationships was the one with fellow singer-songwriter, PartyNextDoor. The two were first linked in 2013 but chose to keep things under wraps. The couple’s relationship was short-lived however, as they reportedly broke up in 2015 before the R&B singer began dating Kyrie Irving. 

In March 2016, PartyNextDoor infamously posted an Instagram photo that seemingly showed him and Kehlani interlocking hands. He captioned it: “After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed.” While it was unknown when the photos were taken, the post ignited rumors that Kehlani was cheating on Irving, and she soon became embroiled in rumors of infidelity. Fortunately, she emerged stronger and more resilient. 

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Kyrie Irving (2016)

kehlani romances
SANTA MONICA, CA – JUNE 16: Professional baskbetball player Kyrie Irving attends the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards at Barker Hangar on June 16, 2018 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Following their relationship with PartyNextDoor, Kehlani found love with NBA star Kyrie Irving. In February 2016, Kehlani revealed to ILY Magazine that they had been friends for some time before their relationship turned romantic. “I think this is the first time that I’ve ever been able to really be myself at all times,” she said. “In the sense of being incredibly goofy with someone and being based on a best friendship.” This relationship was short-lived as well. Irving also emphasized just a month later that he was not dating Kehlani at the time of PartyNextDoor’s post.

Shaina Negrón (2017)

kehlani romances
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 12: SexxyStaceFace, Mapy, Katherine Nunez and Toushai attend “Scream” Advanced Screening Dinner & A Movie Hosted By DJ Suss One on January 12, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Despite the setbacks she faced in past romances, Kehlani remained open to the possibility of finding love again. This time, she found companionship with the talented painter and tattoo artist, Shaina Negrón. The relationship, though mostly private, occasionally emerged into the public eye, notably through Instagram Live and joint appearances at award shows. It is even rumored that Negrón served as the muse behind Kehlani’s “Honey.” While the details about their breakup are vague, Kehlani revealed during a 2018 interview on Nicki Minaj’s podcast, Queen Radio, that they are still friends. “We’ve been just friends since then,” she said. “That relationship actually wasn’t very long, but me and her are super cool now.”

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Javaughn Young-White (2018)

kehlani romances
PASADENA, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 22: (L-R) Jaboukie Young-White and Javaughn Young-White attend the 51st NAACP Image Awards, Presented by BET, at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 22, 2020 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Alongside Kehlani’s pregnancy announcement came news about the romance she shares with guitarist Javaughn Young-White, whom she collaborates with often. During a Queen Radio appearance, when questioned about the father of their child, she provided some context on why Young-White was the perfect partner. “When I found out that I can get a break from touring because I’ve been primarily a touring artist, that’s when I planned for it for this time,” she said.

“It was planned so we had a short time frame of having to actually have sex every day. And we were excited that it didn’t start feeling like a chore,” she continued. “I started dating women before I ever dated men. Then, I was lucky to find a partner who was a bisexual male. And he really understands my queerness and my fluidity, and I really understand his. It’s very awesome to be understood.” Despite their breakup, she revealed to British Vogue in 2020 that she and Young-White maintain a close friendship and continue to co-parent.

YG (2019-2020)

kehlani romances
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 12: YG and Kehlani attend the 5th Annual Diamond Ball benefiting the Clara Lionel Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street on September 12, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/WireImage)

Kehlani and YG’s brief relationship was one of the more memorable romances in both artists’ dating history. Their memorable hand-in-hand entrance at a September 2019 New York Fashion Week show significantly made headlines. However, their whirlwind romance was marked by several breakups. Their final split occurred on Valentine’s Day in 2020, coinciding with the release of their joint track, “Konclusions.” In response, she released “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” which delved into the pain of discovering infidelity after checking YG’s phone. During a May 2020 appearance on The Breakfast Club, she described the song as literal, capturing the breakup “word for word.”

Victoria Monét (2020)

kehlani romances
TOPSHOT – US singer-songwriter Victoria Monet poses in the press room with the Grammys for Best New Artist, Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical and Best R&B Album for “Jaguar II” during the 66th Annual Grammy Awards at the Arena in Los Angeles on February 4, 2024. (Photo by Frederic J. Brown / AFP) (Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

One of Kehlani’s hidden romances was with none other than Victoria Monét. There had been speculation about the two women dating for years, but not until 2023 did Monét confirm that they were an item in 2020. During her appearance on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast High Low, Victoria Monet recounted an anecdote concerning her boyfriend, John Gaines’ lack of jealousy. She stated: “While pregnant, I did a ‘Touch Me’ remix with Kehlani, and the song is about her. We went in the studio, [and] there was no jealousy.” Monét also said that although things between Kehlani and her had ended, they were still friends. 

070 Shake (2021-2022)

kehlani romances
DETROIT, MICHIGAN – OCTOBER 21: (L-R) 070 Shake and Kehlani attend the Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Presentation at Michigan Theater on October 21, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Bottega Veneta)

Rumors about Kehlani’s relationship with 070 Shake began when they were seen getting cozy with each other. The relationship was subsequently confirmed in May 2021. The pair had been friends for six years and took the leap to becoming partners. However, the couple eventually broke up in 2022. Breakup rumors began when fans noticed that they had unfollowed each other on social media and had deleted all their shared photos. To add fuel to the fire and confirm the breakup, the singer posted on Instagram, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Kiara Russell (2022-Present)

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Speculation suggests that Kehlani and Kiara  Russell’s relationship began shortly after the singer’s breakup with 070 Shake. In late 2022, Kehlani introduced their new partner, basketball star Kiara Russell, to the public through a now-deleted TikTok video, showcasing intimate kisses. Confirmation followed as Russell shared a collection of photos on Instagram titled “love n happiness dump,” which featured a moment of her and Kehlani eating together. They’ve been a couple since then. 

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Bryson Tiller Recruited Victoria Monét And Clara La San For His Upcoming Self-Titled Album

bryson tiller

We are just a week out from Bryson Tiller‘s upcoming self-titled fourth studio album. Tonight (March 29), the R&B superstar shared the tracklist for the album.

On the album are collaborations with Victoria Monét and Clara La San, but most of the songs have no features. With a self-titled album, fans are left guessing what the theme could be. But with track titles like “Http://,” “Random Access Memory (RAM),” it appears the album will have a digital theme. Which is fitting, as Tiller hinted that he may begin exploring new avenues.

“I just wanna take a hiatus ’cause my number one passion is video games,” said Tiller in a recent interview with Complex. “I’ve been designing a game for the past three years. I’ve been looking into internships with different companies.”

Tiller’s album was executive produced by himself and Charlie Heat.

You can see the full Bryson Tiller tracklist below.

1. “Http://”
2. “Attention”
3. “Stay Gold”
4. “Persuasion” Feat. Victoria Monét
5. “Ciao!”
6. “Peace Interlude”
7. “Rich Boy”
8. “Random Access Memory (RAM)” Feat. Clara La San
9. “No Thank You”
10. “Find My Way”
11. “Prize”
12. “Waterfalls”
13. “Aeon Lust”
14. “Calypso”
15. “Outside”
16. “Outside”
17. “F4U”
18. “Assume The Position”
19. “Whatever She Wants (Bonus)”

Bryson Tiller is out 4/5 via Trapsoul/RCA Records. Find more information here.