Childish Gambino Seemingly Disses Drake On New Song “Yoshinoya”

Childish Gambino raps on his new album, Bando Stone and the New World. Not as much as you’d think, though. The artist intersperses bars with sonic experiments and electronic flourishes. “Yoshinoya” is a rare exception to this. The track sees Childish Gambino drop aggressive rhymes over a trunk-rattling instrumental from producer Triangle Park. He takes aim at some undisclosed target in his verses, but fans have been quick to point out clues that suggest the target is in plain sight. The theory is that the rapper is the latest to attack Drizzy Drake.

The biggest piece of evidence to suggest that Childish Gambino is targeting Drake is in the first verse. “I put your boy in the seat. You got your biz’ in the streets,” he raps. “I wash my hands when I eat. I never hand her the key.” The use of the moniker the “Boy,” evokes the nickname that Drake has used over the last decade. Genius even posits Gambino’s wording as a means of schooling the 6 God, hence putting him in a seat (the annotation is, notably, unreviewed). The next few lines have also been theorized to be about Drake. “I don’t know no one BD,” he raps. “But they dependent on me.” “BD” is baby daddy, which technically applies to the Toronto rapper. Drake also scored a hit single in 2023 with “Rich Baby Daddy.”

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Childish Gambino And Drake Have Had Issues In The Past

The rest of the song is peppered with slights and comments that could easily apply to Drake. Childish Gambino mentions finding a house “on the app,” which evokes the iconic imagery of Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” diss. The rapper also suggests that his unnamed target has untrustworthy people in his circle. “They plottin’ hard when you slatt,” he spits. “Thеy got a gun in your back. This who you trust when you sleepin’ at night.” There’s even an “AK” bar. “AK not silent like knife,” Childish Gambino raps towards the back end of the verse. The reference applies to a loud firearm, of course, but could just as well apply to DJ Akademiks and the fact that he serves as Drizzy’s mouthpiece.

Childish Gambino and Drake have not had the closest relationship over the years. The latter infamously criticized Gambino’s “This Is America” during a 2018 concert in Chicago. He posted a user comment that read: “The overrated and over awarded hit song ‘This Is America’ was originally a Drake diss record.” It’s also worth noting that fans have compared Childish Gambino’s sound on the new album to Drake. Many social media users have compared Bando Stone and the New World to the 6 God’s recent releases, and there’s definitely similarities. We won’t know if “Yoshinoya” is a diss unless Gambino confirms it, but we know there isn’t love lost between him and Drake.

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Big Sean Fires More Subliminal Shots On His New Single “Yes”

Big Sean has got enemies. His forthcoming album was leaked online by a user claiming to be following Kanye West’s orders. It’s about as dubious and unsubstantiated a claim as one can make, but whatever plausibility it does have stems from the fact that Sean and West are on the outs. The two rappers had a falling out after a decade plus of working together. Big Sean threw subliminal shots at someone thought to be West during a recent freestyle. He seemingly did the same thing on his latest single, “Yes.”

To be clear, Sean Don does not mention any rappers by name. He keeps it vague, so his bars could apply to anybody and everybody. That being said, the specificity of the insults make it seem as though he has a certain person in mind. The second verse on “Yes” sees Big Sean address someone he knew from way back. Someone who, evidently, has been talking bad about the rapper. “Stupid lil’ b*tch want reminisce about some sh*t from way back,” he spits. “N**gas really think they cutthroat ’cause they talkin’ off they necks. Get out your feelings, middle fingers to these n**gas.”

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Big Sean Targets Rappers Talking Reckless About Him

Big Sean closes out the verse by claiming his enemies won’t change him. Regardless of what’s done to him or said about him in public, he vows to remain the same positive person that he’s always been. “They wanna see me turn to the villain,” he adds. “Either way though I’ma kill ’em.” These critiques do apply to Kanye West if they are indeed intended for him. West was the one who put Big Sean on over a decade ago. He’s also, infamously, gone from being a beloved figure in the hip-hop community to being viewed as a villain within popular culture.

There’s also the bar about “talking off they necks.” Kanye West absolutely ruined his relationship with Big Sean when he went on a 2021 episode of Drink Champs. The Chicago artist claimed that signing Big Sean to GOOD Music was the “worst thing” he’d ever done. He lamented helping the rapper, and worried aloud that Sean’s career would be emblazoned on his tombstone. Sean was understandably bothered by these comments, given how close him and West have been over the years. There are likely more subs to come on Sean’s new album. What do you think? Is the rapper shading his old label boss? Or are fans looking too far into his lyrics?

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Big Sean Refuses To Become A Villain On Bouncy New Single “Yes”

Big Sean has an uphill battle. His upcoming album, Better Me Than You, leaked online due to a perceived Kanye West diss. The rapper is moving forward with the official album, and even dropped an August 9th release date. It’s undeniably disappointing for both Sean and his fans to contend with leaks. That being said, the rapper’s music remains strong as ever. Big Sean dropped off the single “Yes” a day after the leak, and it’s proof than his upcoming album may be his best to date.

The production is bouncy in the same vein that previous single “Precision” was. Both songs have a pop friendly veneer that Big Sean mostly avoided on Detroit 2. We’re happy to have it back. “Yes” definitely hits harder than its predecessor, but the chorus, with ad-lib call-and-response, is catchy as hell. Sean is predictably sharp during the verses. He once again addresses his haters, and assures listeners that he will never succumb to the villainous ways of his peers. It’s a sentiment that feels especially relevant in light of the leak. Elsewhere, Sean deploys some clever wordplay. “I’m goin’ 3P wave. I ain’t droppin’ no dime, you boys cheap skates,” he raps. “And I’m stickin’ to the chords, no PGA. H*es plottin’ on me, that’s so cliché.” August 9th can’t come soon enough.

Let us know what you think of this brand-new track, in the comments section down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite artists and their upcoming projects.

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Big Sean Regains Momentum With His New Song

Quotable Lyrics:

I would rather give y’all my soul, I don’t have to sell it
Might take a piss off your rap mouth, Rushmore after I scale it
Blue strips when I do, we f*ckin’ it up like Elvis
No broke talk, gold talk, money talkin’ to me like I don’t need no

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Russ Hypes Up Collab Single With Will Smith Ahead Of Its Release

Russ is a polarizing artist. He talks tough, and makes lots of controversial statements. He also, however, backs up his claims with hard work. Russ went out and carved his own path as an independent artist, and he’s managed to build up a devoted fanbase over the last decade. He’s also gotten a chance to link up with huge names like Big Sean and Ty Dolla Sign. That being said, the collab that Russ announced on July 17 is his most impressive yet. The rapper will be releasing a joint single with none other than Will Smith.

Russ dropped the bombshell on Instagram. He posted a series of photos of him and Will Smith together, along with a detailed caption. The caption, in typical Russ fashion, detailed the significance of getting a chance to work with the Fresh Prince himself. “I did a school project on Big Willie Style when I was in 4th grade. So this is all a trip,” he wrote. “Will is a genius and gettin to talk with him about life and creativity was eye opening.” The rapper also made parallels between the struggles that both him and Smith have had to contend with. “[We] realized how similar our struggles are,” he said. “Which is why the song he sent to me to get on just aligned perfectly with where I’m at.”

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Russ may be prone to hyperbole, but he also admitted to being starstruck by the encounter. He told his followers that he didn’t believe Will Smith actually contacted him at first. “Couple months ago we got an email from Will Smith’s team,” he recalled. “[He was] reaching out about wanting to connect and work on music. 100% thought it was fake.” It wasn’t until Russ hopped on a FaceTime call with Smith that he was convinced. The collab is still untitled, but Russ, Smith, and Smith’s son, Jaden, have already performed the song live.

The ability to rock onstage with one’s idol was something Russ made sure to appreciate. “A song got made and then boom I’m in Madrid performing it with him,” the rapper explained. “In front of 80,000 people at Santiago stadium. Insane.” None of the artists involved with the song have given a proper release date or title. It’s also unclear whether the collab will end up on a Russ album or a prospective Smith release. Either way, fan interest is piqued.

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Childish Gambino, Jorja Smith And Amaarae Make Magic “In The Night”

Childish Gambino has the ambition turned up all the way on his new album. His previous releases honed in on specific styles of his music, but Bando Stone and the New World is a different beast. It’s being sold as a sequel of sorts to Gambino’s equally ambitions and eclectic Because the Internet. The first single off the album, “Lithuania,” suggested that no genre was off the table. The latest Bando Stone single, “In the Night,” confirmed it.

“Lithuania” dabbled in punk and rock sounds. “In the Night,” on the other hand, is a glitchy dance track with elements of dancehall. Childish Gambino starts off subtle, with a smooth cadence and a hypnotic drum pattern. As the song progresses, though, more sonic colors arise. Jorja Smith’s vocals are filtered to suggest an echoed, etherial quality, and it works wonders. She sounds great during the middle portion of the song. Amaarae has the most eccentric delivery of all three artists, especially given the Autotone she applies to her voice. The instrumental undergoes so many changes, though, that by the time it loops back around to Childish Gambino’s heartfelt vocals, you’ll be completely enthralled. “In the Night” is an excellent follow-up, and proof that Gambino is really aiming for something unique.

Let us know what you think of this brand-new track, in the comments section down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite artists and their upcoming projects.

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Childish Gambino Continues To Experiment With New Sounds

Quotable Lyrics:

I had to sneak around (‘Round)
‘Cause he could never know that
I never wanted happiness
I just wanna be with you
Know you drag me down

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Denzel Curry Lets Loose On ASAP Rocky-Assisted Banger “HOODLUMZ”

Denzel Curry has attempted and excelled at so many styles it can be difficult to determine which version of him we’re going to get. The teaser tracks for his upcoming album have been varied in sound and vibe, but “HOODLUMZ,” the album’s latest single, is Zel at his most aggressive. The rapper links up with ASAP Rocky and PlayThatBoiZay for a banger that boils down the aggressive of Raider Klan and ASAP Mob to two electric minutes.

PlayThatBoiZay kicks “the song”HOODLUMZ” off, establishing a frantic rhyme scheme that makes the whole thing feel like half a minute instead of two (complimentary). ASAP Rocky holds down the third and final verse in typically stylish fashion. The beat, with its eerie synths and busy drum pattern, sounds like the sort of thing that would end up on Cozy Tapes, so it’s no surprise that Rocky blends perfectly. That being said, Denzel Curry is the main reason to listen to “HOODLUMZ.” The Florida rapper is sharp as ever with characteristically stellar bars. “Spinnin, now we lay ’em out the top. Capital punishment like we were backed by the government,” he raps. “Boys on my avenue runnin’ it.” The album can’t get here fast enough.

Let us know what you think of this brand-new track, in the comments section down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite artists and their upcoming projects.

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Denzel Curry Demolishes His Latest Posse Cut

Quotable Lyrics:

We made you history, ’cause we rewrote it
Wet up your body, that n**ga eroded
Move with emotion, you left with no motion
If it ain’t opps, what the f*ck am I smokin’?

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Sexyy Red Teases New Song With Dream Collaborator Tyler, The Creator

Sexyy Red is on the rise. The rapper has linked up with some of the biggest names in the genre, including Chief Keef, Nicki Minaj and Drake. These collabs have resulted in crossover smashes, but Sexyy has yet to realize her dream collab. Or should we say, has yet to release it. The rapper was asked which artist she would like to work with if given the chance during Wireless Festival. She not only named the artist, but she told fans that the collab had already taken place.

“I did my dream collab, finally,” Sexyy Red told the Wireless reporter. “Tyler, The Creator.” It’s hard to imagine what a blending of the two rappers’ styles would sound like. That being said, Sexyy Red has made a point of emphasizing her artistry recently. She discussed her process, and the hate that she’s gotten, during an appearance on HBO’s The Shop. It was here that she admitted to having confidence issues. “I [get] nervous meeting people because I’m a shy person,” she explained. “And I [didn’t] know [what] he was going to be like. I don’t [care] what people think about me.”

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Sexyy Red Met Tyler, The Creator At A Drake Concert

Controversy is something that Tyler, The Creator is familiar with. Similar to Sexyy Red, Tyler was subject to criticism and backlash early in his career to his lyrical subject matter. It’s easy to see why Sexyy Red feels such a kinship with the “EARFQUAKE” rapper. Sexyy Red did not reveal when her collaboration with Tyler, The Creator would be released. Both Sexyy and Tyler are coming off recent releases, and Tyler is not expected to drop again until 2025. Hopefully we get the untitled collab sooner rather than later, though.

Sexyy Red and Tyler, The Creator have known each other for a while. The two actually met during Drake’s Los Angeles concert in 2023. Red was the opener, and she got the chance to pose for photos with Tyler after her set. The former posted the photos, as well as a video of her and Tyler hugging, on Twitter. “My dreams came true,” she wrote in the caption. The photos went semi-viral, and the Odd Future rapper poked fun at himself as a result. “Been hiding it but cat is out the bag,” he wrote on Instagram. “I got a bbl this is not photoshop.” The comment proved to be fitting, since Drake would eventually collab with Sexyy Red over the “BBL Drizzy” beat.

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BIGBABYGUCCI Shares The Woozy “Pink Sprite” Ahead Of His Next Album

BIGBABYGUCCI is an artist we have not given a lot of shine to in the past, but “Pink Sprite” is turning us into believers. The man hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, another underrated spot for rap talent. While we are not well-versed in his discography –which traces back to 2016– these last two singles we have checked out are extremely trippy and well-produced. If we had to describe BIGBABYGUCCI’s style, we would say it borrows from the sounds of psychedelic trap, trap, and hints of indie and Southern hip-hop.

“Pink Sprite” features all of those subgenres and they all combine for an enriching experience. The drawn-out synths, addicting skittering drum patterns, and GUCCI’s druggy flows will have you floating into space. This one of many previews of his next album, BABY 5. It will be dropping on August 5, so fans will still have to wait about three more weeks. However, we can feel that it will be worth it in the end. This will be a follow-up to 2023’s When You Go to Sleep and the final tracklist is not official yet. BIGBABYGUCCI has also hinted at the possibility of a tour, so be sure to follow him on social media for any updates. For now, stream one of GUCCI’s favorite tracks from the project, “Pink Sprite”, now.

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Quotable Lyrics:

I put yo’ ho in her place
I just fell in love with the codeine
And I think I just love how it taste (Taste)
Girl, let’s talk what it is that you taking
When it come to yo’ problems, you face them
I told her, “Come meet me on top of this cloud,” we ride this b**** to Jamaica (Ah, a-a-ah)

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JPEGMAFIA Continues To Push Boundaries On The Wild & Trippy “SIN MIEDO”

JPEGMAFIA never rests on his laurels, and it is why he is such a fascinating artist in a genre that can become too one dimensional. This has allowed him to work amongst some the greatest and most unique talents in the game. He has even stepped outside of hip-hop, with one of his most recent experiments being with Raveena on “Junebug”. Speaking of collaborations, the Brooklyn native has been devoting a lot of his time to helping out others like Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign on VULTURES 1, or Danny Brown on SCARING THE H*ES. But, as of a month ago, JPEGMAFIA is getting back to working on his solo catalog, and today that is continuing with “SIN MIEDO”.

This song is looking like the second single for his upcoming and currently unnamed album. “SIN MIEDO” follows up on the chaotic and industrial-sounding “don’t rely on other men”. It was one of the standout tracks of June and “SIN MIEDO” looks like it has a chance to be for July. The Spanish to English translation for this means “no fear” and it is clear that JPEGMAFIA had none of that when creating this off-the-wall record. Like its predecessor, “SIN MIEDO” includes plenty of guitar sections, who are seemingly handled by Alex Goldblatt (BLP KOSHER, 6LACK, Kehlani). Additionally, there is a wild vocal sample from Mr. Mixx’s “Hoochie Mama”. Somehow, but not surprisingly, the mad scientist that is Peggy manages to piece all of these elements together for another thrilling banger.

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Quotable Lyrics:

I do what I do with a vengeance, Pegasus been had style
Shot with class, give me detention
Y’all do a lot for the mention
I spaz in other dimensions
F*** what you got, you another level, my attraction came with a pension

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Grafh Recruits 38 Spesh, Memphis Bleek, Freeway & Peedi Crakk For New Single “Rocafella Chain”

Grafh is currently gearing up to drop his new collaborative album with 38 Spesh, God’s Timing. The project is slated for release on August 2, and fortunately, the Queens rapper recently decided to give fans a taste of what’s to come in the way of a single. On the track, which is titled “Rocafella Chain,” he enlists the help of Memphis Bleek, Freeway, and Peedi Crakk. It features some hard-hitting bars from all of the rappers involved whilst incorporating several nostalgic nods to the iconic label’s heyday. 38 Spesh contributes solid production, creating a track that seamlessly blends both the old and the new.

Listeners are certainly looking forward to hearing what else Grafh and 38 Spesh have up their sleeve on the rest of the album. This is particularly true after they delivered their latest offering, which Grafh describes as “a dynamic and energetic anthem” as well as a “must-listen for any hip-hop aficionado,” per his YouTube page. While God’s Plan is still a couple of weeks away, “Rocafella Chain” is a worthy preview, which will surely keep supporters occupied in the meantime.

What do you think of Grafh’s new track with 38 Spesh, Memphis Bleek, Freeway, and Peedi Crakk? Will you be adding “Rocafella Chain” to your summer playlist? Are you looking forward to hearing Grafh and 38 Spesh’s upcoming collaborative album, God’s Timing, when it finally drops on August 2? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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Grafh & 38 Spesh Prepare To Unleash God’s Plan

Quotable Lyrics:

Rap money come faster than dope money, but slow money is better than no money

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