Rick Ross Seemingly Upset After Not Being Allowed Inside Buckingham Palace

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is pretty used to being able to get in to wherever he wants, but on a recent trip to London, the “Biggest Bawse” says he was denied entry into Buckingham Palace.

“Alright so y’all saw me go to Buckingham Palace,” Rozay said on his Instagram Story. “I pulled the homie to the side and told him you know, who I was, the Biggest Bawse. And for one of the first times in a long time that didn’t get me in. It didn’t get me through the gates.”

However, all was forgiven after the guard that denied him entry pointed him in the direction of a local food spot. “I didn’t get to sit at the table,” Ross said, “but what he did do was refer me to a spot and they said they’d be waiting on me and I can pick the lobster I wanted to eat so I forgave him.”

Ross didn’t say why he was denied entry into the palace. Buckingham Palace actually offers tours of the grounds every year for 10 weeks from late July to early October. Tickets are only £30 for adults and £15 for children.

Last week Ross was interviewed on the Beyond The Chair podcast where he spoke about how he has never had a bad music contract.

“You gotta realize when you a young artist I’m sure after you become successful whatever you look back on you will consider it a bad contract,” Ross said

He continued: “Have I ever been taken advantage of? No. Have I ever been robbed? No. Have I ever had to sue someone I was in business with musically? No.”

“It was just the way I moved I guess. Whoever I was in the contract with we always had an open phone conversation, so if there was anything that was a problem I presented it and just explain it to me. If it’s respectable I’m gonna respect it because I always felt like any contract I signed whatever couple years it was I could work myself out of this.”

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Rick Ross Spoke On His Bedroom Kinks From Eating Ass And Piss Play To Anita Baker And Weed

There are a lot of topics one could ask Rick Ross about in an interview. The man is one of the most successful rappers and record execs in hip-hop, who also happens to have a taste for outlandish things like amateur lumberjacking and gifting his son a Wingstop franchise. There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the polarizing hip-hop star, so why not ask him if he enjoys eating ass? Wait, hold up…full stop. That’s right folks, that’s where the hosts of the Beyond The Chair podcast went and Ross (who is starting his own podcast himself) didn’t hold back on his answer.

“Nah, I don’t really have no taste for ass,” Ross said. “I know what I like and I usually avoid the ass… I’m just letting you know, that ain’t a Rozay thing right there.” But it didn’t stop there.

When one of the hosts tries to get Ross to acquiesce by suggesting that, “I don’t like it but I’m gonna respect it?” Ross took the opportunity to talk about another kink that he might have an… errr, taste for. “That’s cool too but I want you to respect getting peed on from the neck down,” he replied. “And if I splash your face?” This could’ve taken an even wilder turn, but then Ross revealed how he’s not really into bondage and S&M, but prefers to go a different route in the sack:

“Chicks done asked me, ‘You ever watched 50 Shades of Grey?’ Nah baby, I ain’t watching 50 Shades. Nah, nah, nah… We ain’t gonna watch that,” he said. “I’mma have the weed lit, that goddamn Anita Baker gonna be playing and I may tug on that ponytail a little bit. And if your eyelashes end up on the marble floors, that’s cool too.”

Watch the full episode of the Beyond the Chair podcast with Rick Ross below, with the referenced portion of the conversation beginning at the 25 minute mark.


Gillie Da Kid Goes Off On Rick Ross In New Rant

Gillie the Kid

Gillie Da Kid responds to Rick Ross saying that he’s getting his own and gives an explanation on how the feud began. Gillie Da Kid continues to beef with Rick Ross and tells the MMG boss to leave him alone. “Listen, man, I’m only going to tell you this one time Ross you better stop […]

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Gillie Da Kid Says Rick Ross Signed Meek Mill To A “1914 Slave Deal” And Still Owes Him Money

gillie da kid

The beef between Gillie Da Kid and Rick Ross reignited last week when the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game host called out Ross on a recent episode of the podcast, bringing up Ross’s past as a correctional officer and new interest in buying cattle. Gillie still harbored ill feelings towards Ross after the Richer Than I Have Ever Been artist called him a fraud in Instagram comments back in May.

Ross recently responded to Gillie on Instagram, saying that he spends more on cattle than Gillie does on his wife and children.

“Fellas, fellas… let me give you the real game,” Ross said while walking around his mansion barefoot in a robe. “When I spend more money on my cow than you do on your wife and kids every month, you should take notes.”

Now, Gillie has taken to Instagram to take the beef even further. In a 3 minute video posted to Instagram, Gillie sent another scathing diss to Rozay, calling him out for not minding his business, his questionable “U.O.E.N.O.” lyric that got him dropped from Reebok, and the “slave deal” he signed Meek Mill to.

“That’s ya problem, ya always minding n****s’ business. You was mindin’ Birdman’s business some years back when you was running around talking about, ‘Give Khaled the money you owe him!’” Gillie said.

“You give Meek the money you owe him, n***a,” he said. “You got him in a 1914 slave deal. A Harriet Tubman joint that he signed when he was 19 and now he’s 35. Why you ain’t renegotiate with a real n***a?” Gillie went on to commend Meek for his ability to overcome the supposedly bad contract. “Thank God he’s f**kin’ with them white boys. He’d f**k around, be broke, busted, and disgusted f**kin’ with you. But he’s a hell of a businessman, though,” he continued. “Salute to you, Meek.”

You can check out the entire response below.

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Rick Ross Announces His Upcoming Podcast

Rick Ross

Rick Ross announced to the world he’s coming with a podcast in response to Gillie Da Kid comments. Rick announced on Instagram that he will be creating a podcast soon and fans for suggestions on what he should call it: “So guys I woke up and had a beautiful idea a boss idea.” Rozay continued:  […]

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Rick Ross Is Starting A Podcast And Asks Fans To Help Name It

These days it seems like everyone either has a podcast or will have a podcast soon — especially rappers. Whether it’s viewed as a post-rap career pivot or simply another revenue stream to tap into, it seems more and more recording artists are following Joe Budden and NORE into the podcasting game. While some, like Nicki Minaj and Fat Joe use their platforms to discuss whatever’s on their minds at the time, others such as Uproxx’s own Talib Kweli or Open Mike Eagle, bring on special guests to discuss their careers and current hot topics online.

The next rapper to join the trend will apparently be Rick Ross, who woke up with the idea on his mind, sharing his plans with his 15.5 million followers on Instagram via an Instagram Story. Strutting around his massive mansion in a Versace bathrobe, Ross said, “I woke up, just had a beautiful idea. A boss idea. I’m a start a podcast. Deadass serious.” After chuckling a bit, he offered fans a chance to participate in the process by suggesting names for the show. “If I decide to use your name, guess what. I’m a bless you with the holy trinity.” Unfortunately, rather than a percentage of future royalties or anything like that, the “trinity” turned out to be a quartet of bottles of Ross’ various liquors: sparkling win Luc Belaire, Villon Liqueur, Bumbu Rum, and the elaborately named gin, McQueen And The Violet Fog. I’d say, if you win, do a little negotiation — or hang onto those bottles in case they’re worth money someday.

Gillie Da Kid Claps Back At Rick Ross After Being Called A Fraud, “Why The F*ck Would You Buy A Cow?”

gillie da kid

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast co-host Gillie Da Kid sent shots to Rick Ross after the Richer Than I’ve Ever Been artist called him a “fraud.”

The beef stems from an incident in May where Young Money CEO Mack Maine called out Gillie for falsifying a story about Lil Wayne being “shook” when he saw Gillie at an event at Jackson State University. Mack also claimed that Gillie was lying about having ghostwritten for Wayne on Tha Carter 1. Rick Ross commented on Mack Maine’s post, calling Gillie a “fraud.”

Gillie obviously holds some resentment towards Ross, as he brought up the beef n a recent episode of the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast.

Around the 1:24:52 mark of the podcast, Gillie sneaked dissed Ross and clowned him for buying cattle for his Promised Land estate. “It’s old n*ggas, they don’t hear the roar of the crowd no more, and they still think the world gon’ come back. So, they be on Instagram and they be on social media doing dumb sh*t. ‘I just bought a cow.’ And all this dumb sh*t. F*ck would you buy a cow for?”

Gillie then looked into the camera and continued to go off on the Miami-bred MC, bringing up his past as a correctional officer.

“You knew I was gon’ bake you, n*gga,” Gillie said. “I seen you in those comments. You knew I was gon’ bake your goofy ass. Yeah, f*ck wrong with you? Don’t ever comment on nothing about me, n*gga. When you used to be a CO, n*gga. When you used to lock n*ggas like Wallo in the cell.”

“F*ck these old n*ggas,” Gillie added. “They mad at me ’cause I tell ’em f*ck ’em. All you n*ggas p*ssy. You ain’t gon’ do nothing.”

And if you didn’t think Gillie was talking about Ross, he then took to DJ Akademiks Instagram comments to clarify that he was indeed talking about Ross.

“This ain’t no fuckin sneak diss. I’m talkin to Ross he should of never been in Mack Maine comments callin me a fraud .”

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