Russ Promotes New Short Film, ‘Santiago,’ Set For September Release In Major Theaters


Russ has recently announced the release of his first major short film, titled Santiago. With screenings scheduled in over 80 theaters in the US and limited access in the UK, the New Jersey rapper aims to prove himself as an independent artist.  ‘Santiago’ On September 18, Russ took to social media to announce the exciting […]

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How To Watch Russ’ ‘Santiago’ Short Film

Album release rollouts continue to expand further into film. Visual albums are no longer the big hooray they were just five years ago. Artists such as Travis Scott and Mitski are curating theatrical experiences for their supporters to enjoy. “Put You On Game” rapper Russ is the latest to craft a cinematic picture around his latest work.

On September 45 and 25, Russ’ short film, Santiago, will show at select movie theaters across the US and UK. Here’s how to watch the picture. In a post on Russ’ official Instagram page, he shared the work’s poster listing over 80 theater locations. The 18-minute short will be shown at AMC, Regal, and Odeon facilities.

Santiago’s trailer beautifully depicts the entertainer fighting through different stages of his superstar life. “When you’re chasing the wrong thing, your whole world collapses,” narrates Russ as his song “The Wind” from the album softly plays between his speech. “There comes a time when you have to confront the source of all your darkness… Taking you on a journey to hopefully find the truth.”

The film’s description reads, “This is a snapshot of what was going on internally that inspired this album. I aimed to take viewers into the depths of my soul and mind to help better understand what this album is truly about.”

In the caption of Russ’ social media upload, he revealed his plans to expand its run. “We tried to get other territories of the world, but full transparency, they didn’t believe in the vision and said we have to prove ourselves, so here we go,” wrote Russ.

For those skeptical about the short run time, Russ took to X (formerly Twitter) to let potential viewers know that it’s still a rich story being told.

Watch the full trailer for Santiago, the short film above. For tickets and location information, you can find more information here.

Russ Calls Out Billboard For Allegedly Cheating Him Out Of Thousands Of Sales After Epic Dubai Album Promotion


Russ Diemon recently released his twelfth studio album Santiago while showcasing his creative marketing campaign in Dubai. However, after the album’s successful promotion, the independent rapper took to social media to criticize Billboard for allegedly “cheating” him out of thousands of sales.  An Eye-Catching Promotion Russ, known for his hit song “What They Want,” unveiled […]

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Russ Accused ‘Billboard’ And Luminate Of Wrongfully Excluding First-Week Album Sales For ‘Santiago’

Russ has long been an outspoken advocate for going the independent route in the music business, frequently touting its many advantages over signing to a major label. However, that approach also comes with some drawbacks, forcing Russ to stand up for himself recently with regard to the first-week sales accounting for his recently released album, Santiago.

On Monday, Russ accused Billboard and music data provider Luminate of unfairly discounting several thousand sales for his album, keeping him from a top-ten spot on the Billboard 200 chart. “Billboard & Luminate took away ANOTHER 4,000 of my REAL sales over the weekend making that 10,000 sales total they took away from me while allowing major labels to fake their streams and sales and do monopolistic merch bundles,” he argued, elaborating that “only major labels are allowed to do merch bundles because the only approved vendor is a major label vendor.”

However, he ended his missive on a positive note, reminding followers, “These numbers and charts are made up. The impact however is not. Shoutout to the fans.”

Russ was projected to sell around 52,000 units by Hits Daily Double last week, a particularly robust figure for an independent artist without major label support. This would have seen him slot neatly into the top 10, just behind Taylor Swift and Hozier, and it’s clear Russ considered this a feather in his cap.

Of course, projections are just projections. HitsDD can only work with available data and trends and take an educated guess at where things will end up, so there’s no guarantee that Russ was going to sell 50k, only that it looked like he might. Other albums, like Swift’s Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) or Lover, could have seen big spikes, or Santiago could have lost momentum mid-week. However, he does have a point about counting sales from only specific retail avenues.

Unfortunately, Billboard is between a rock and a hard place there; the publications previously incensed other major artists due to allowing merch bundles at one point — the rule has since been changed, which angered different artists. The truth is, no accounting system would be perfect, because someone would always feel they got “cheated” if they disappointed their own expectations. Meanwhile, Coi Leray seems to have had the best approach recently, dismissing the assumed importance of first-week sales in lieu of enjoying her continued impact and the fact that even without splashy figures, she’s living her dream and touching fans with her art.

Russ Delivers Gets Introspective on New Album ‘SANTIAGO’


With an astounding career stream count surpassing 21 billion, RUSS unveils his deeply intimate and introspective masterpiece, SANTIAGO. The album, released today, elegantly melds his distinctive hip-hop and R&B stylings, inviting listeners on a transformative expedition of self-love and self-discovery. Navigating the challenges of the music industry, Russ preserves his authenticity as an independent artist, employing his unique vision to shape the project’s musical and visual components.

Russ, a driving force behind the album’s strategy and creative direction, financed every facet of the project and its rollout. His unflinching vulnerability allows fans to fully immerse in his artistic universe, a creation he ardently cultivated. This remarkable release marks the inaugural collaboration between Russ and Larry Jackson, alongside the partnership with gamma, heralding a compelling new chapter in the artist’s illustrious career. SANTIAGO is a testament to Russ’ unwavering dedication to his craft and his resolute commitment to staying true to his artistic essence.

SANTIAGO is an album that is loosely inspired by the book ‘“’The Alchemist’”’ by Paulo Coelho,” says Russ. “It’s my journey to self love and self mastery while touching on the obstacles that have provided resistance along the way… Feelings of emptiness, inadequacy, imposter syndrome, anger, issues from my childhood and how they’ve shown up in my adult life, etc. It’s the most vulnerable music I’ve ever made and I had to do a lot of excavations to make it. It was a confronting experience and I hope it resonates with people who are trying to navigate the obstacles on their own journey.”

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The post Russ Delivers Gets Introspective on New Album ‘SANTIAGO’ appeared first on The Source.

Russ Mentored By Dr. Dre In “Dream” Studio Session

Russ has been setting the hip-hop world on fire recently, with his moody raps giving off premiere summer vibes. Now he’s getting in the studio with one of his all-time favorite influences, the one and only Dr. Dre. On his Instagram feed, the “Losin Control” artist showed off a few pictures with him and Dre chopping it up in what Russ is calling a “dream” studio session. Apparently, the Compton-based music producer was coaching the young buck up with his latest tracks.

This was a brief pit stop on a week in the life of Russ. He also went to the famous Gold’s Gym in California, attended Larry Jackson’s wedding, and bore witness to a Timbaland/Swizz Beatz performance at the wedding reception. Plus, Dr. Dre wasn’t the only legend in the studio that day. Jackson himself, Snoop Dogg, and Michael “Harry-O” Harris were in attendance, offering up their takes on the session and where to go with Russ’s upcoming music.

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Russ’s Dream Come True

Seeing as all of these rap icons were going to Jackson’s wedding anyway, the stars literally aligned for Russ to get a once-in-a-lifetime studio session with titans in the hip-hop industry. He’s getting one-offs with plenty of musical talent outside of the studio as well. He was featured on Black Thought and Danger Mouse’s joint album, Cheat Codes, which also had Raekwon and Joey Bada$$. While those latter two are relatively new, the Roots musician and Danger Mouse have been in the game for a minute.

However, that’s what Russ likes about this time in hip-hop history. He can soak up wisdom from the ones who have been in the game for a long time while also collaborating with true peers to create some unique sounds. With his new album, Santiago, dropping soon, it only makes sense to get as many talented ears as possible to listen to the upcoming release and offer guidance. For Russ, having Dre grace him with his presence was enough of a blessing.

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Russ, Dr. Dre, & Snoop Dogg’s Studio Session Was A ‘Dream’ Come True For The Rapper To Which He Considered Himself ‘Blessed’

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were noticeably absent from the 2023 BET Awards’ tribute to 50 years of hip-hop tribute. However, the two rap titans were quite present during a studio session with Russ. The rapper dropped his latest EP, Chomp 2.5, last month, but that didn’t stop him from working on something new. In a new post uploaded to Instagram, the musician revealed that he has something in the works with the genre’s legends.

After sharing the image of the three entertainers’ names on a soundboard, Russ captioned the post, “Man, what a week, LOL the pictures don’t even come close to how insane it was. Blessed.”

Another image from the slideshow depicted Russ in deep conversation with Dr. Dre as Snoop Dogg looks on from afar. Although the recording artist did not outline what the chat entailed, Russ has been outspoken about how he found success without a major label throughout his career. Snoop Dogg has also shared gems with newer artists looking to catch a break in the music industry as an independent act.

Last year, Russ doubled down on his beliefs, saying, “I do think at some point [major labels] will become obsolete, just because the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. You don’t need them; they’re not doing anything for you that you can’t do for yourself,” he said. “I just think that some artists are not very business-minded, and they kinda just want to be the artist, so that’s why they go the label approach so that they have a team that does everything for them.”

Lauren Jauregui Reunites With Ex Ty Dolla Sign & Russ For “Wolves” From Her New EP

41-year-old Ty Dolla Sign and former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui may not have been able to make their romance work, but that’s not stopping them from collaborating musically. The creative couple spent two years together, but ultimately amicably ended their union in 2019. Now, in 2023, they’ve reunited for the black-haired beauty’s new In Between EP alongside Russ on a track called “Wolves.”

“I’ve been runnin’ with the wolves and I made it alright / Searchin’ for my purpose and I’m learnin’ / That we don’t really get a lot of time,” the pop star sings on the opening chorus. Afterward, we hear from Ty Dolla, who vents about the undeniably lonely times that come about when you have no one to turn to. “There comes a time in every man’s life / When he gotta handle shit up on his own / You can’t depend on your friends when you in a tight squeeze / Everybody got problems of they own,” the multi-talent croons.

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Ty Dolla Sign and Russ are “Wolves” on New Lauren Jauregui Collab

For his part, Russ delivers bars in his signature flow, rhyming about dreaming big and trusting his intuition. “Clock tickin’, plot and stop bitchin’ / Lot of fake stars, but I ain’t ’bout to stop wishin’,” the second verse starts. “I’ma just distance me from your existence / Every time my gut talks, I try to just listen.” Of the seven titles on Jauregi’s new EP, “Wolves” is the only one with guest features. The others – including previously released singles “Always Love” and “Trust Issues” find her operating solo.

Check out Ty Dolla $ign’s appearance on “Wolves” with Lauren Jauregui and Russ on YouTube above, or add the joint effort to your playlist on Spotify/Apple Music. Are you a fan of the collaboration? Let us know in the comments, and check back in with HNHH all weekend long for more release recommendations.

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Quotable Lyrics:

I’ve been runnin’ with the wolves and I made it alright
Searchin’ for my purpose and I’m learnin’
That we don’t really get a lot of time
So I’ve got to go and get mine while I’m alive


Who Is BIA? Getting To Know The Hitmaker

Rapper Bia has been making waves since her debut on Oxygen’s Sisterhood of Hip Hop. Since emerging on the scene, the MC has garnered a huge following due to her confident, trap-influenced flow. She has collaborated with big names in the game in her career, including Hip Hop’s leading lady, Nicki Minaj. With a long list of singles, the rapper has made her way onto the charts, starting her reign in Hip Hop. Here’s everything you need to know about the rapper BIA.

Early Life & Career

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 10: Rapper BIA performs onstage during Day 1 of Rolling Loud Los Angeles at NOS Events Center on December 10, 2021 in San Bernardino, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

BIA, real name Bianca Miquela Landrau, is originally from Medford, Massachusetts. The rapper is of Afro-Puerto Rican and Italian descent. The star’s multicultural identity is something that the artist embraces. Growing up, she lived in a household where mixed language was used often. However, the star also had to overcome challenges from her background. This is especially true while growing up in a segregated city.

“It was hard to grow up as a mixed kid because you don’t really have a certain place,” said the rapper in an interview. “I saw the world differently, and it forced me to really know myself through music and to create my own thing.” The artist is proud of her ethnic background and is willing to defend it. She once went after online trolls who questioned the star’s racial identity, saying that she “not Black” in a tweet. “Very aware of my roots guys,” she Bia in a reply to the tweet. “Very proud to be Afrolatina and Italian.”

Having dreams of becoming a rapper, she got her break when Def Jam rapper Fam-lay discovered her on YouTube. This eventually led to Bia being introduced to superproducer Pharrell. Shortly afterward, the rapper starred on the Oxygen reality show, Sisterhood of Hip Hop for two seasons. She would sign her first record deal with the I Am Other music label. This led to the artist getting the chance to collaborate with big names like T.I., Jennifer Hudson, and Usher. At RCA Records, she dropped the singles “Whip It” and “Gucci Comin’ Home.” 


Bia’s catalog not only includes the fan favorites like “Cover Girl” but impressive collaborations that made their marks on the Billboard charts. Bia got her first appearance on the charts when she was featured on J Balvin’s 2016 hit, Safari,” alongside Pharrell Williams and Sky. The single peaked at No. 3 on the US Latin Charts. Bia’s next big collab would be “Best on Earth,” her smash hit collab with rapper-singer Russ. The song peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard US Rhythmic Chart and No. 22 on the US Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs Chart. The song is certified Platinum by the RIAA. 

In 2020, she returned to the charts again, this time with the remix to her single “Whole Lotta Money,” which featured Nicki Minaj. The remix to the Bia single made its way to No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. According to Rolling Stone, the Platinum-selling remix came about after Nicki heard the song and was so impressed she decided to reach out to Bia on her Instagram. The banger was nominated for Song of the Year and Best Collaboration at the 2021 BET Awards. It was also listed at No. 38 on Rolling Stone’s “50 Best Songs of 2021 list.” Already a favorite among fans and critics, the Nicki Minaj collaboration gave even more momentum to the star’s expanding career. 

The rising star’s next single came from the UK drill-influenced collaboration with J. Cole, “London.” The hit 200 single would peak at No. 20 on the US Hot R&B/Hip Hop Chart. “London” reached No. 130 on the Global 200 Chart as well. The music video for “London” also gained the artist a “Best Music Video” nomination at the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards. During her career, Bia has also hopped on the track with artists including Lil Durk, Doja Cat, T-Pain, and 21 Savage. Early in her career, Bia toured with the likes of Pusha T, Ariana Grande, and Don Toliver

What’s Next For Rapper BIA?

Still going strong from the momentum of her previous hits, Bia recently dropped another banger. Earlier this month, Bia released her newest single, “I’m That B**ch,” which features Timbaland. The single samples and takes inspiration from Missy Elliot’s “She’s a b**ch”, originally produced by Timbaland, and debuted at ten on the Billboard 200 chart at the time of its release. “I’m That B**ch is the second single for her long-awaited debut album. Future shows that fans can spot Bia performing this year includes the Metro Metro Festival in Montreal, Canada, later this month. Outside of dropping hits and performing, Bia also has her own line of cosmetics called “Beauty For Certain.”