Wack 100 Says Chrisean Rock Can’t Be Bailed Out of Jail

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Wack 100 is giving some details on Chrisean Rock’s arrest. Stating she has two to three warrants, Wack reveals he cannot bail her out due to the severity of the Oklahoma issue.

“You cannot bail her out,” Wack 100 said. “We don’t need to get her attorney, okay? “That’s the bottom line. That judge is gonna do what that judge is gonna do when she gets back down there.”

You can hear it all from Wack below.

Chrisean Rock was arrested outside a Los Angeles courthouse in San Fernando Valley on an outstanding warrant. Rock was arrested while she had her baby, Chrisean Jr.

Rock was at the courthouse for a court hearing for Blueface when she was met by five waiting LAPD officers. Two female officers searched her before being placed in handcuffs. According to Complex, no update on the child’s status was available.

Rock was arrested on a felony fugitive warrant, also noting additional assault with a deadly weapon charge. The warrant was issued from Oklahoma in association with 2022 charges of marijuana possession with intent to distribute. The location of the weapons charge is not known.

The post Wack 100 Says Chrisean Rock Can’t Be Bailed Out of Jail first appeared on The Source.

The post Wack 100 Says Chrisean Rock Can’t Be Bailed Out of Jail appeared first on The Source.

Chrisean Rock Arrested While Attending Blueface Court Hearing

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. They dated from 2020 to 2023, and welcomed a child after their split. Despite their separation, Chrisean Rock has made a point of supporting Blueface throughout his various legal battles. The “rapper “Thotiana” rapper was arrested for violating his probation back in January, and the subsequent court hearing was held June 10 in a San Fernando Valley courthouse. Things took an unexpected turn, however, when Rock showed up and was promptly arrested.

TMZ reported that Chrisean Rock attended the hearing with her daughter. As soon as she entered the courtroom, however, she was handcuffed by officers and hauled off. The outlet was informed that San Fernando Valley police were waiting for Rock to show up. Officers reportedly escorted Rock’s child away while patting the rapper down to ensure she didn’t have weapons on her person. It was unclear as to why Rock was being arrested, initially. It was later revealed to be tied to a felony fugitive warrant that dates back to 2022.

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Chrisean Rock Was Arrested Over 2022 Charges

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Chrisean Rock is being held without bail. She’s also being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, which stems from the aforementioned 2022 warrant that was sworn out in Oklahoma. The rapper was fully aware that she was being sought out for these charges. Yet, she told IG Live viewers that she had better things to do than turn herself in during a March stream. “I been paying off fees and getting rid of s**t, talking to certain people,” Rock noted. “I have my son. The old me would have just turned myself in and dealt with it. The inside through the outside of the jail. Whatever… Right now, I gotta play it cautious ’cause I don’t plan on being in jail while my son is growing.”

Chrisean Rock is no stranger to legal setbacks. The rapper has been arrested multiple times since 2020. She was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia in May of that year. She was also charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing during a 2022 stop in Arizona.

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DDG Surprise Drops “Top” Featuring Blueface & Swae Lee To YouTube

DDG has been a massive presence on YouTube for quite some time. The video creator is still dropping non-music related material on the platform over on his vlog channel. However, ever since his music career started bubbling in the late 2010’s, early 2020’s, the Pontiac, Michigan native has certainly prioritized that craft. He has a lot of massive tracks and ones that are platinum and gold certified, such as “Moonwalking in Calabasas” and “I’m Geekin”. In addition, he has several projects under his belt, including the It’s Me series, which kicked off in 2022. Due to his rapid growth, DDG has been able to gain a great deal of co-signs. From Gunna to NLE Choppa, BIA, Luh Tyler, Polo G, and Kevin Gates, he is not a YouTuber-rapper anymore. Once again, DDG is back for a new release in 2024 with this one being called “Top” with Blueface and Swae Lee.

This is his third solo and fourth overall offering so far. The first was a feature on the Blueface project Free Blueface. Then, in late February, he dropped “Going To The Top”, which would be followed by “Shoot Up Your Block”. On the latter, produced by Cash Cobain, DDG made a lot of references to the birth of his son with Halle Bailey in a cute and hilarious way. Furthermore, the 26-year-old multi-hyphenate also dropped off “Straight Outta Pontiac” to YouTube. So, this makes “Top” the second to have a limited release. This track was something that was found in the archives 🔥”, according to DDG’s post on IG just moments ago. Go run up the views with the video below.

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Listen To “Top” By DDG, Blueface, & Swae Lee

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Blueface’s Sister Kaliwae Wants All The Smoke With Natalie Nunn In New “Baddies” Preview

Baddies Caribbean made a stop in Barbados for some more antics, and it seems like they wasted no time in throwing punches left and right for some spicy storylines. Moreover, Natalie Nunn and Blueface’s sister Kaliwae traded blows after various verbal insults about looks, age, and the like. As far as what caused this animosity, readers may remember that through previous Zeus Network cast members like Chrisean Rock, his name popped up pretty often in ladies’ disagreements with those associated with him. Of course, we’re sure that things will eventually develop in heated ways without that context in mind, and there will be fresh reasons for scuffles and showdowns.

Elsewhere, it seems like the usual Baddies antics: some more fights here and there between cast members, a dinner gone awry, and easing up on so much tension with even more partying. As usual, Natalie Nunn seems to be at the center of it all, and this is far from the first fight she faced for this Caribbean run so far. As the show goes on, we’ll see more conflicts turn sour, more alliances forged, and a lot of conflicting tales as to what’s really going on. If this is your cup of tea, it seems like it’ll be hot and ready for you for any given episode.

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New Baddies Caribbean Episode Preview: Watch

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Meanwhile, it’s been a long time since the days in which Kaliwae was dissing her brother, and the family dynamic remains quite hectic. Still, there’s been a bit of a downturn when it comes to new updates and such given his current jail stint. As far as other family members to consider like Karlissa Saffold, the antics haven’t been out of the ordinary. A lot of fans hope it stays this way, but we’ll see what that saga holds in the near future.

Perhaps Baddies Caribbean will stay in its own world for now, but we know that at least Natalie Nunn is even bigger than that. After all, she recently caught strays in the rap world from Fivio Foreign, which is definitely one of the oddest crossovers of the year so far. We’ll see whether more of those are in the chamber for the year. If not, we’re sure these scuffles will keep us entertained.

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Chrisean Rock Plays In First Football Game

It appears that Chrisean Rock has been keeping quiet during Blueface’s imprisonment for a good reason. Chrisean recently disclosed that she no longer smokes or drinks and that she now works out regularly. Her life has changed as a result of her football playing. Her renewed attention appears to be focused on her plans to play in an upcoming football league. She’ll become a force on the gridiron in no time, judging by her devotion to her training and the accuracy of her routines. Finally, Chrisean Rock made her football debut, and it went pretty well.

Just a few months have passed since Chrisean was served with a lawsuit for allegedly hitting James Wright last year. She responded pretty casually to the accusations. Looking at her recent statements, it seems that people have been skeptical about her claims that her behavior has truly changed for the better. But for the time being, it appears that she has finally heeded some wise counsel and committed herself fully to parenting and self-care. It’s a fresh start for fans, but Chrisean has to be aware that some people are observing and waiting for her to make a mistake. Her football obsession might be the best thing for her. 

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Chrisean Rock Made Her Football Debut

Chrisean Rock made her football debut last night, and it went pretty well. Rock appeared to be playing running back and had a few highlights in her first official game. In the first clip, she runs over a defender before being tackled by the gang for a good gain. Chrisean made sure to tell fans that she had given up smoking and drinking specifically for football, and it looked like it paid off. Fans have been critical of Rock, saying she should have given up all of her vices while pregnant with her new child. 

Regarding Blueface and Chrisean as a pair, their relationship is up for interpretation. Blueface is currently incarcerated. Hopefully, there will be less drama concerning these two in the future for the sake of their child. Chrisean Rocks’ football career looks promising and positive. Overall, the more positivity for Chrisean, the better. 

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Jaidyn Alexis Kids: How Many Kids Does Blueface’s BM Have?

Jaidyn Alexis’s kids are one of the reasons the social media influencer continues to get up daily and keep grinding. Despite having a strong presence in the public eye, Jaidyn is mostly known for her relationship with rapper Blueface. Jaidyn and Blueface’s relationship was topsy-turvy at best. The former lovebirds navigated several ups and downs that eventually culminated in them going their separate ways. During the pair’s relationship, they dominated headlines for all the wrong reasons. However, despite the negativity, Jaidyn and Blueface’s relationship led to the birth of two adorable humans, Javaughn and Journey. Let’s meet Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis’s kids.

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Javaughn, 7

Jaidyn and Blueface welcomed their first child and son, Javaughn J. Porter, on April 29, 2017. Blueface greatly adores Javaughn and dotes over him often, even including his firstborn in the music video for “Dead Locs.” Additionally, Blueface has Javaughn’s name tattooed on his right forearm and never shies from professing his love for him. Jaidyn also dotes on her son, but she and Blueface seem to take Javaughn’s privacy seriously. Javaughn’s parents rarely post him on social media and don’t share many details about him. Due to this lack of privacy, not much is known about Javaughn’s hobbies, education, and preferences.

Journey, 1

Journey, the second of Jaidyn Alexis’s kids, was born on Aug. 5, 2022. Jaidyn carried her fans along during her pregnancy journey ahead of her daughter’s birth. The 25-year-old female rapper took to social media to share how she broke the news of her second pregnancy to Blueface. The video showed Jaidyn surprising Blueface during a family mini-vacation in Miami. She then gave him a wrapped box that contained her positive pregnancy test. An overjoyed Blueface jumped in excitement and hugged Alexis immediately after. The former lovebirds also celebrated Journey’s baby shower amid their relationship struggles at the time.

After Journey’s birth, Jaidyn shared a picture of her newborn daughter’s foot on Instagram and introduced her to the world. Like Javaughn, Journey’s parents keep the details of their daughter’s personal life private. However, they have shared several videos and pictures of Journey on social media. Such media have let fans see the adorable toddler’s infectious laughter and cuteness. It is also hard not to see Journey’s striking resemblance to her mother, Jaidyn.

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Do Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis Have Other Kids With Different Partners?

Jaidyn Alexis’s only kids are those she shares with Blueface. However, Blueface shares a son with Chrisean Rock. Amid his relationship troubles with Jaidyn, Blueface had an affair with Chrisean. She welcomed their son, Chrisean Jr. on September 3, 2023. Much to many fans’ bewilderment, Chrisean streamed her son’s birth on Instagram Live. However, Blueface wasn’t present for his son’s birth and reportedly didn’t sign the birth certificate. In another twist, Blueface took to X on Dec. 9, 2023, to claim that he did a secret DNA test that allegedly proved he was not the father of Chrisean’s son.

What Is the Status of Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface’s Relationship?

Despite sharing two children, Jaidyn and Blueface are no longer in a relationship. Jaidyn confirmed this in an interview on New Year’s Eve. When asked what her New Year’s resolution for 2024 was, Jaidyn said, “To be a bigger and better woman than I was before and to be a good mother.” Later in the interview, Jaidyn, who got engaged to Blueface in 2023, confirmed that she was single and focused on “getting this money.” Though Jaidyn and Blueface are no longer a couple, they continue to co-parent their kids and work professionally. Meanwhile, Jaidyn Alexis’s kids remain her priority, and she will surely do everything to ensure they are okay. Hopefully, the rapper will achieve her New Year’s resolution and become all she wants to be.

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Chrisean Rock Kids: Does The Viral Star Have Any Children?

Chrisean Rock is best known for her relationship with Blueface, which ultimately began following her appearance on Blue Girls Club, a reality show that debuted on the rapper’s OnlyFans page during the pandemic. It led to her prominent role on Baddies for three seasons, as well as its spin-off show, Crazy In Love with Blueface. Their tumultuous relationship left fans concerned for her well-being due to their unhinged public behavior. Amid the toxicity of her and Blue’s relationship, Chrisean got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Chrisean Rock welcomed her one and only child with Blueface on September 3, 2023. The birth streamed on Instagram Live to over 300,000 viewers, though the “Thotiana” rapper was not present. Chrisean later stated that she chose to have her baby in her hometown of Baltimore. It was later revealed that Blueface didn’t even sign the birth certificate. Nonetheless, Chrisean expressed gratitude for the birth of her son.

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Meet Chrisean Jr.

Shortly after her son’s birth, Chrisean Rock shared an image of him on social media. “One day old … Heaven sent you healthy and so handsome beyond grateful,” the Zeus star, 23, shared alongside a sweet snap of her son on Tuesday, September 5. “My baby boy so blessed. Thank you Jesus @chriseanmalone.jr.” 

Though she and Blueface were not together at the time of Chrisean Jr.’s birth, the two reconciled after Blueface was locked up for violating his probation in January. His release date is reportedly July 2, 2024. Chrisean Rock opted to pass her own name to her firstborn likely because of Blue’s absence and inconsistency. “Let’s welcome my Baby boy Chrisean Malone, named after his mommy,” the Blue Girls Club alum announced. 

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Blueface: Disappointed Or Not?

In Dec. 2023, Blueface claimed to have taken a DNA test that allegedly proved he is not the father of Chrisean Jr. The domestic drama continued to fuel when Chrisean and Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of Blueface’s first child, linked up and together trashed Blue’s home live on Instagram. This came after Blueface accused Chrisean of leaving their son with a friend while she visited another man.

Grandpa Feels A Connection

In January 2024, Blueface’s dad (Jonathan Porter Sr.) shared a heartwarming video after meeting his grandson. Chrisean Rock went live on social media to share her happiness about her son meeting his grandpa for the first time. However, she also conveyed her confusion over Blue’s denial of fatherhood.

“Junior saw his grandad for the first time the other day,” she shared. Despite the positive occasion, she expressed concern about Blueface. “[My son] is being mistreated by his own father, I wonder what God got in store for a [guy] like that.” Chrisean has denied the accusations that she cheated with other men and said she had only been with Blueface before her pregnancy.

Since Blueface’s incarceration, not much has been mentioned about the paternity of Chrisean Jr. She and the baby did accompany Blue to jail when he turned himself in on Jan. 12. Weeks later, she shared selfie images that showed her standing behind a moving truck. She captioned the photo, “Moving back with my baby daddddy,” along with several smiling face emojis. In follow-up photos, men are seen removing her items from the truck.

A Happy Family Again?

The weird change in location came just three months after Chrisean Rock purchased a $2.6 million home in Los Angeles. Within days, Chrisean got her latest infamous face tattoo of Blueface, as confirmed by TMZ as the real deal. In early March, the young mom posted on Instagram, “We waiting for Daddy.” Hopefully being back under the roof with Blueface will be a healthy vibe this time around for Chrisean and Chrisean Jr.


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Blueface’s Dad Using Chrisean Rock For Clout, His Mother Karlissa Saffold Thinks

Karlissa Saffold is always the first in line to defend her son Blueface and speak on his legal situations, his relationship trouble, and a whole lot more. In fact, it’s basically a prerequisite of her Instagram Live sessions, and to no one’s surprise, she used her most recent one to comment on his ex or current girlfriend; it’s all a bit too weird and back-and-forth to call right now. Regardless, Saffold claimed that the California rapper’s father is using Chrisean Rock for clout. For those unaware, he’s apparently living with his son’s volatile partner (and their child together, Chrisean Jr.) and staying together for the time being.

“That man literally sat in my face and told me he couldn’t stand that girl,” Blueface’s mother began. “She was going to take his son down. That’s why he up over there now. Tell the lady the truth. You don’t like her, you don’t like what she stand for. Tell her what you told me and Jaidyn when we went over there. Stop faking and stop lying before I start posting your real-a** text messages letting her know how you really feel about her, why you really up over there.

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Bleuface’s Mom Thinks His Dad Is Clout-Chasing With Chrisean Rock

“It’s just becoming a nuisance,” Blueface’s mom continued. “Now, if you wanted some clout, you could’ve just asked for it. I would’ve just gave you some. You ain’t seen them other daughters of yours or them other grandkids of yours in a month, a year, or Sundays ’cause you don’t give a f**k about them ’cause they ain’t got no clout, and they ain’t got no money. Who have a whole daughter and don’t f**k with that grandbaby, but you over there with Riri messing with her? Good job, Chrisean, not giving him no clout, girl, ’cause as soon as you give it to him, he gon’ rob your s**t just like he did his own son. Good job not posting his page and giving him what he want.

“‘Cause I ain’t posting it neither, I would’ve just gave you the s**t,” Karlissa Saffold concluded. “When my son graduated high school, he was on my husband’s -– my husband’s. Make sure y’all get this now. Because if I got to go pull the records, I will. On my husband’s medical and dental insurance. Now why the f**k are you anywhere near anybody asking for anything if my husband, that you say is getting ready to leave me, had your child on medical and dental? Paying for your son’s medical and dental.” For more news and the latest updates on Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and their families, check back in with HNHH.

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Blueface’s Mom Addresses Domestic Assault Allegations, Says He Never Planned To Get Serious With Chrisean Rock Or Jaidyn Alexis

Blueface’s mother Karlissa Saffold recently spoke on his volatile relationships with Jaidyn Alexis and Chrisean Rock, his alleged and documented domestic abuse as dealer and receiver, and his supposedly non-committed intentions with these partners. “John not about to put his hands on no female, on no woman, unless you hit him to the point where he have to,” she began on Instagram Live. “We all watched that, y’all gon’ play dumb ’til kingdom come. That we watched Rock damn near beat his a** on the street corner before he returned fire. We gon’ find out, we gon’ find out.

“‘Cause John got some females he done dealt with for a long time that ain’t never put their hands on him, and he ain’t never put his hands on them,” Karlissa Saffold continued concerning Blueface. “You got some women out here that love the man more than they love themselves. They’ll just swing on a man until he have to defend himself. Why would you do that? He ain’t tell not one of y’all he wanted to be with y’all.

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Blueface’s Mom Speaks On His Relationships & Domestic Abuse: Watch

“If we go Google right now, did John say he wanted to be with Chrisean, it’s gon’ pop up from day one that he said no,” Blueface’s mother claimed. “It’s gon’ pop up that he told Jaidyn, ‘I’m not ready to be serious.’ Ever since he was 16 years old. ‘I like you a lot, but I’m not ready to be serious.’ So when a man tell y’all that, when a man tell y’all that, take that with a grain of salt! He don’t like you like that, he not ready for that. He may not be ready for that.

“Hell, his daddy ain’t even ready for that,” she concluded. “My husband said he wasn’t ready. He knew he wasn’t ready ’til he was almost 40. Some men just ain’t ready! That’s what it is. You have to respect that. You can’t beat him up to do it, you can’t punch him to do it, you can’t get mad at him to do it, you can’t make no man be ready until he ready.” For more news and the latest updates on the world around and adjacent to Blueface, stay posted on HNHH.

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Blueface Gets Into Altercation While In L.A. County Jail

blueface baby

According to his manager Wack 100, L.A. rapper Blueface reportedly got into a fight this weekend while serving time in the Los Angeles County Jail. Wack took to social media to speak on the scuffle, giving a brief description as to what happened to the troubled rapper.

“He had a little fight. That’s it. Just let her [Blueface’s mother] know. She flipped out, started hollerin’ and screamin’. Maybe that’s some mama s***. I don’t know,” said Wack 100. Wack went on to explain, “But all I told her is, he had a little fight. A little scuffle. That’s it. We all know Blueface know how to fight. Right?”

It was previously reported that Blueface was moved from general population to administrative segregation a couple of months ago, where he would reside in a single-person cell. Blueface is currently serving time for a probation violation and will be behind bars until his next trial date.

The post Blueface Gets Into Altercation While In L.A. County Jail first appeared on The Source.

The post Blueface Gets Into Altercation While In L.A. County Jail appeared first on The Source.