Blueface Teaches Infant Daughter How Not To Be Like Chrisean Rock: Watch

Seeing Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s names in the headlines comes as no surprise to anyone at this point, especially not when the Crazy In Love co-stars are feuding. As the 23-year-old continues to progress further along in her pregnancy, things appear to be growing tenser in her on-again-off-again relationship, which erupted in online drama earlier this week as Blue criticized Chrisean’s appearance. Thankfully, friends like Yung Miami came through to show her love and remind her of her light, though the online harassment continues to pour in.

“[I don’t] regret anything about myself, so honestly, tryna put me down is a low blow coming for a man that [knows] he loves me,” the “Lit” hitmaker responded to Blueface’s hateful tweets a few days ago. While she’s putting on a brave face, Rock has been candid about the fact that having another abortion is weighing heavily on her mind. It appears the 26-year-old is on board with the decision, as he’s been begging her to go through with it on social media constantly – even going so far as to offer her $100K to undergo the procedure.

Blueface’s Baby Mama Drama

Blueface performs at O2 Academy Brixton on November 20, 2019, in London, England. (Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage)

The Baddies starlet has kept quiet over the past few hours, but we can’t say the same for Blueface, who began trolling Rock on his Instagram Story on Thursday (March 16). In a video, the “Thotiana” artist records his infant daughter bundled up in her carrier, goofing off while sharing advice on how not to follow in the footsteps of his potential second baby mama. “Ok, step one! I’m teaching you this early, ok?” he begins.

“Don’t ever put your hands on no man,” Blueface advises the little one while gently tapping her tiny nose. “A man touch you, you call your daddy! Rule number two, don’t ever have no baby with no man who don’t want the damn baby. Rule number three, if a man cheating on you baby girl… Either deal with it and stay or leave that n*gga! But pick one, ok? Don’t be in the middle like these delusional females.” See the rapper’s interesting parenting tactics below, and read more about his ongoing feud with Chrisean Rock here.

Lessons For the Little One


Blueface’s BM Jaidyn Tweets About Chrisean Rock, Wants Poly Relationship With Rapper

The public is rallying around Chrisean Rock in the thick of the ongoing taunting from Blueface. The couple’s relationship continues to unravel on social media for the world to see, but their popularity is dwindling. What some believed was a toxic yet entertaining relationship is now causing concern. Rock revealed that she’s pregnant with the “Thotiana” rapper’s child, and from the onset, Blueface made it clear he wasn’t interested in the baby. He first alleged that he wasn’t the father, then questioned if she was with child at all. This week, Blue said he may be the dad, but the chaos is tiring the public.

While he was in a relationship with Rock, Blueface also welcomed a second child with Jaidyn Alexis. The pair already shared a son, but it was a surprise that Jaidyn was expecting. Unsurprisingly, Chrisean and Jaidyn don’t get along, and the latter fueled the flame of controversy with her recent tweets. It looks like she’s standing by her man, and she’s even entertaining entering into a polyamorous relationship with the rapper once again.

Blueface Has an Ally In His Ex


People often ask what Jaidyn thinks of the drama, but she tends to keep quiet. However, this latest unraveling caused her to jump into the conversation. “B*tches wouldn’t even last the walk to the clinic in the shoes I had on last year so y’all bffr,” she recently tweeted. She also echoed Blueface’s request for Rock to get an abortion by writing, “Do it please.” Jaidyn added, “Should’ve just took the d*ck and bubble gum when had the chance.” Blueface also offered $100,000 to Chrisean if she went forward with an abortion. Jaidyn wrote, “Gimme da 100k daddy I’ll do the abortion myself 🫡.”

The responses caused the mother of two to face heavy criticism, but Jaidyn was unmoved. She denied being crazy, but admitted she didn’t “give a f*ck.” She said, “Sh*t was sweet when I was pregnant tho right y’all internet ppl should be ashamed of y’all selves honestly.” Meanwhile, Chrisean reacted to Blueface’s insults with a somber, emotional video. The reality star looked defeated and said she was “drained” by the fighting, violence, and infidelity. Check out Jaidyn’s tweets above.

Blueface Questions Chrisean Rock’s Pregnancy: “It’s Haunting Me Fr”

There’s no end to the Blueface and Chrisean Rock saga. As the couple expect their first child together, tensions began flaring more than ever before. This week, specifically, Blue and Rock began throwing shots at each other on social media. Though that’s nothing new, they brought some incredibly personal information to the timeline surrounding their unborn child. Blue’s previously questioned whether the child is his while Chrisean Rock vowed that she would give birth in hopes that a newborn would change her life for the better.

However, it seems like Chrisean Rock’s had a change of mind in recent days. During a live stream, she suggested that she might have an abortion, which Blueface didn’t oppose. The “Thotiana” rapper even went on to offer $100K for her to go through with the procedure. However, Chrisean Rock later clarified that she “only like da beef cuz it’s with my favorite person.” Blueface argued that her tweet basically proved his point that he isn’t the “problem” in their relationship.

Blueface Wonders If Chrisean Rock’s Pregnancy Is A Hoax

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 24: Blueface and Chrisean Rock attend the 2nd annual Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards at The Beverly Hilton on June 24, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images)

Chrisean Rock’s struggles with alcohol and her mental health have been a point of concern for Blueface and its fans. However, since announcing her pregnancy, she has publicly refrained from drinking liquor for the most part. That is until last night, apparently. Blueface retweeted a video of Chrisean Rock at a Miami club where the person filming states, “She’s drunk,” as she stumbles to take a seat. “Is she pregnant or not or is she drinking while pregnant I’m confused now,” Blueface tweeted.

Blueface’s doubts surrounding Chrisean Rock’s pregnancy extend well beyond the recent video. Blueface previously accused Chrisean of sleeping with 10 different men that he felt could also be the father. Though Chrisean denied it, the rapper explained why her pregnancy announcement is now weighing heavily on him. “I’ve only seen her pee on a stick once I tried not to think about it since then but it’s haunting me fr,” he tweeted. At this point, Chrisean Rock hasn’t responded to him on Twitter, likely because they still have each other blocked. We’ll keep you posted on any more update surrounding these two. 

Blueface’s Latest Tweets

Chrisean Rock Is “Drained” By Blueface Drama As Couple Talks Physical Abuse

It feels as if we’ve been in a nonstop cycle of Blueface and Chrisean Rock relationship issues. We haven’t received much new music from the California rapper as of late, but updates about his personal life have been neverending. For years, Blue and Rock have been a concerning couple. The pair have been filmed physically beating on one another on multiple occasions. As if that didn’t already give the public pause, their constant, vicious, public social media arguments have thrust the couple into infamy. Such is the case this week, as Blueface and Chrisean seem to be on the outs once again. Yung Miami expressed her support for the young star amid the drama, but that didn’t stop the “Thotiana” hitmaker from continuing his tirade against his on-again-off-again girlfriend.

This latest wave’s catalyst was Blueface showing off a laundry room covered in dirty clothing. “Look at this sh*t, y’all. I done told this hoe to do the goddamn laundry for about a month now. I tell her, it’s not that hard, baby. Look, if you separate the clothes every day and just do a load a day, it’ll be less work.” He questioned what he was supposed to do with the mess—although he didn’t seem to want to wash anything himself. Elsewhere, he continued to criticize Chrisean, calling her names and repeatedly denying that he is the father of her unborn child. However, admitted there is an eight out of ten chance he is the dad.

Chrisean Rock Reacts To Blueface’s Insults

Rock has made it a habit of ignoring her boyfriend’s rants. Her responses also cause uneasiness, as she often doesn’t acknowledge his remarks and expresses her love. Yet, she changed things up today (March 15) after again finding her name at the center of controversy. Rock responded to the laundry claim, saying she’s “mentally and physically” drained. “Who wants to clean up after a n*gga that beats and cheats on them?” She added she would rather pay someone else to handle those chores because she doesn’t have the mental space to deal with them.

On Twitter, Blueface stated, “Any b*tch out they hands on me getting they ass beat everybody knows that already.” Rock replied, “Nah I just started popping off first cuz I can see it already coming because the first fight was c I wanted to walk away n go upstairs.” She said the argument had to do with Blueface telling her to submit. “N*gga I started thinking I had to be aggressive back so u won’t think u can just b*tch me.” Rock later called him a bully trying to gaslight her into acting out.

It’s unclear where this relationship is headed, but at this rate, it’s going nowhere fast. Rock is moving forward with her pregnancy regardless of Blue asking her to get an abortion. Zeus network has also again found its name in the controversy, as they gave Blueface and Chrisean their own reality series to show off their toxicity. Check out the couple above.

Chrisean Rock Responds After Blueface Offers $100K For Abortion: “U Must Miss Me”

Just when you thought Blueface and Chrisean Rock might call it quits, the couple still seem willing to push through the hardships. While the two have been together for a few years, Chrisean Rock and Blueface became the Internet’s most talked-about couple in the past few months. Their antics, along with their Zeus TV show, Crazy In Love, have been points of concern, especially as many believe that the two have abusive tendencies towards each other. However, with a child on the way, these concerns have grown even larger.

During a live stream, Chrisean Rock suggested that she would get an abortion, which seemed like some sort of attempt at gaining leverage on Blueface. However, the rapper didn’t push back but instead, offered to pay for the procedure. “I got 2 kids an 1 bm for a reason I don’t just have kids with anybody I’m real particular about the women I have children with,” he wrote on Twitter. “I don’t play about my kids an their well being nurture an care rock don’t even take care of me like a women should an I’m a grown man imagine a new born.”

Chrisean Rock Says Blueface Misses Her

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 14: Chrisean Rock and Blueface attend Daniels Leather Fashion Show Blue Moon on September 14, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Chrisean Rock later explained that she “only like da beef cuz it’s with my favorite person.” However, Blueface made it clear that he’s not the only person in the relationship that stirs up trouble. “But I’m the problem right I’m telling y’all she freaked out in the head,” he added. That’s when Chrisean Rock said that Blue is only tweeting about her right now because they’ve been apart for so long.

“No I’m just being honest u gotta miss me we literally tweeting back and forth like hey Daddy wassup. Besides all dat you doing u must miss me u literally typing on your phone to communicate to me,” she wrote. “at dis point I can’t wait to love on u wen I see u.” However, it seems as though that was the final back-and-forth of the night as Chrisean revealed that they finally blocked each other. Check out their back-and-forth below. 

Chrisean’s Tweets

Blueface Reacts After Chrisean Rock Considers An Abortion: “Do It Please”

Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship has been at the center of our timelines since December. The launch of Crazy In Love turned them into a celebrity couple that everyone had a hard time ignoring. However, things took a turn earlier this year when Rock said that she was expecting Blue’s child. Most people would be excited to welcome a child together but Blueface is definitely not most people. In recent times, he’s made it clear that he’d rather be her manager than baby father, though Chrisean’s indicated that Blueface expresses jealousy whenever other men, including his rap peers, appear in her DMs.

Blueface initially dismissed her pregnancy announcement, claiming she slept around with other men throughout their relationship. However, Chrisean Rock explained that she’s had fertility issues because she had abortions while with Blueface. However, medical professionals later chimed in on the matter and claimed that there aren’t any links between abortions and future fertility. Nonetheless, it appears that Chrisean Rock does not want to have Blueface’s child anymore.

Blueface Responds To Chrisean Rock

Between Blueface’s antics and her dwindling excitement surrounding parenthood, Chrisean Rock recently said that she’s considering an abortion. During an Instagram Live, Rock expressed her disappointment in Blueface, who she feels is playing him. “Damn, I might should just kill this baby,” Rock said. Immediately, fans leaped into the comments to show their support while others felt as if this feeling was a sign that she needed to leave Blueface.

Blueface didn’t oppose Chrisean Rock’s suggestion. In fact, he seemed to encourage it. “Do it please,” he wrote on Twitter. “I got 2 kids an 1 bm for a reason I don’t just have kids with anybody,” he continued, adding that Rock “don’t even take care of me like a woman should.” He explained that she’s fought other women on red carpet events while pregnant. “… Clearly not mentally fit to put their pride to the side for the better meant of their child,” he added. “Bitch at the club every night shaking ass pregnant I promise it’s been a no for me,” he continued. Check out all of Blueface’s tweets below.

Blueface Tweets

Jason Lee Claims Coi Leray Was Upset About His Interview With Blueface & Chrisean Rock

It’s Jason Lee with the tea, and he’s spilling about Coi Leray’s alleged reaction to one of his recent interviews. The founder of Hollywood Unlocked has embarked on a new venture with his series, The Jason Lee Show. The first few episodes have caused several viral looks, as he’s sat down with Cardi B, Remy Ma, Blac Chyna, La La Anthony, Lunell, Laverne Cox, and more. However, his chat with Blueface and Chrisean caught Leray’s attention, according to the blogger.

In an interview with Breakbeat Media, Lee recalled being in bed listening to music when Leray’s latest hit “Players” came on. “I said, ‘This is cute.’ I’m not on TikTok, but I f*ck with Coi Leray. I think she’s cute, I think she’s—Coi, you know I love you. I just unfollowed her though; I’ll tell you why.” He also shared that once he told this story, there was a good chance Leray wouldn’t speak with him again.

Jason Lee’s Chat With Blueface & Chrisean Caught Coi’s Attention

“Let me preface this, and this is the part where people struggle with liking me. I love her, I love her movement, I love all her TikTok energy, I love that she stands for body positivity for young women with small bodies. So, I have ‘The Jason Lee Show.’ Cardi B’s the first guest. I’m in my room in New York [and ‘Players’ is on], and I post it. Genuinely, it’s free promo, I don’t ever post sh*t for free. I gotta get paid for everything. I just did it ’cause I liked it. Tagged it, [Coi] reposted it. She followed me, I followed her.”

However, things took a turn when he began teasing his interview with Blueface and Chrisean Rock. “She called me like, ‘I wanna do the show, but that’s not a good look. You big, you influential, you that n*gga. We want to celebrate you. You just had a big interview with Cardi B, and then you interview Blueface and Chrisean?’ I said, Coi, I’m in the business of interviewing people. So, like—and Blueface and Chrisean are gonna do numbers ’cause they’re hot right now.

Coi Leray & Blueface’s Dating Past

Lee may have his ear to the streets, but he missed that brief time in late 2020 when Blue and Leray were spotted around Los Angeles together. In December of that year, TMZ even shared photos of them at a Hollywood eatery, trying to keep away from the cameras as they spent time together. Elsewhere, the pair of rappers even shared a video where it looked as if they were getting close, but things didn’t materialize.

According to Lee, Chrisean said she wanted to beat up Coi Leray. He says Coi “tainted the relationship that you coulda built ’cause you were mad at Blueface and Chrisean for coming on the show.” Check out the clip of Jason Lee above.

Chrisean Rock Considers An Abortion After Latest Spat With Blueface

Chrisean Rock considered getting an abortion during a recent live stream, amid her latest drama with Blueface. Since Rock announced the pregnancy, earlier this year, Blueface and others have cast doubt as to whether she’s actually expecting. Blueface has also demanded a paternity test, suggesting that he’s not the father.

“Damn, I might should just kill this baby,” Rock admitted during the stream. “I pray she gets the strength to leave that boy alone,” one fan commented on a repost from The Neighborhood Talk. Another wrote that Rock and Blueface’s relationship has turned them off of love: “I don’t ever want to even THINK I love somebody this much to live this type of life with a man.”

Chrisean Rock With Blueface

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 24: ChriseanRock and Blueface attend the 2nd annual Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards at The Beverly Hilton on June 24, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images)

Rock’s comments come after Blueface recently suggested she should get an abortion on social media. The rapper shared a video of his baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis, on Instagram with the caption: “This is what it’s supposed to look like when a women tells a man she pregnant. ny other response or question you should abort the baby an treat the next n***a better for the sake of you him an the baby. No man should question the paternity of a child if they do 9x outta 10 the women hasn’t been valuing herself enough which makes them believe theirs a possibility it’s not theirs this is a wholesome beautiful moment that every righteous women deserves fr.”

Blueface and Chrisean Rock currently star in their own reality series, Crazy in Love. Blueface stated that he broke up with Rock during a post, earlier this year, but Rock later downplayed his comments. “[Blueface is] just being a clown,” Rock told Complex at the time. “He’s just mad that I went to Baltimore and didn’t tell him. I said I was in L.A. with my home girl Stunna [Girl] and I wasn’t. I was in Baltimore with my family.” Check out Rock’s latest live stream below.


Yung Miami Supports Chrisean Rock Amid Twitter Beef With Blueface

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are at it again, airing out their drama for the world to see on social media. The couple started this year off on a rocky note, with the 23-year-old announcing that she’s pregnant, and her beau just as quickly denying paternity. In the weeks since then, their on-again-off-again dynamic has continued, leaving fans confused about their official relationship status.

On Sunday (March 12), an intense Twitter spat broke up between the Crazy In Love stars, as Blueface chiefly dissed Rock’s appearance, among other things. “She pregnant, missing a tooth with seven tattoos,” he told his followers this past weekend. “Finna make a fool of herself with the next n*gga. I’m not pregnant at all, finna live my life perfectly fine with the next bitch who gone take me even more serious. It’s really tragic fr.”

Blueface and Chrisean’s Heated Exchange

On her account, the Baltimore native shared some thoughts of her own. “[I don’t] regret anything about myself, so honestly, tryna put me down is a low blow coming for a man that [knows] he loves me,” she responded to the “Thotiana” rapper in one post. “I take you serious,” Rock added in another. “You just hate me [right now]. I don’t need the next n*gga I got myself.”

In another post, Blueface threw more shade at his alleged baby mama, writing, “N*gga don’t care about how no boof bitch feel lmao. Take that take that.” In response to this, Chrisean told the 26-year-old that she wasn’t feeling anything, but rather, is watching him pop off on social media. “Idgaf honestly,” she told followers on Sunday. “Can’t care [too] much, gotta be careful.”

Yung Miami Sends Love to Rock

On Monday (March 13), a celebrity friend of the Baddies cast member, Yung Miami, made sure to show some love to Chrisean Rock. The expecting mother had recently tweeted, “Don’t feel bad for me. Ima shake dis off fr. Plus I’m grown, I did this to myself.” It certainly sounds as though she’s beginning to take accountability for her actions, leaving many fans feeling proud of the “Lit” rapper. When Caresha Brownlee saw her gal pal’s post, she responded, “You’re beautiful and FULL OF LIFE!” earning a retweet. Read more about Blueface and his BM’s drama here, and check back later for more hip-hop news updates.


Chrisean Rock’s Best Instagram Posts

Ever since Chrisean Rock jumped into the spotlight, it’s like she hasn’t left.  Although she is popular for being in a relationship with rapper Blueface, the Baltimore native has her own claim to fame.  Rock is an athlete, reality TV star, and an artist!  It’s easy to depict her as a chaotic public figure, but underneath it all Chrisean is talented!

It seems as if she is on the rise to do many things.  Rock is very popular on social media platforms, especially Instagram.  She has 3 million followers as her IG handle is @chriseanrockbabyy.  It’s easy to hit the follow button when scrolling through her page.  Yes, you will be entertained.  

Here’s the best Instagram posts from Chrisean Rock.  

Intro on Baddies South

Chrisean Rock introduces herself to the world in this post.  She appears on Season 1 of Baddies South on the Zeus Network. Rock calls her fan base “Da Big Babies as Da Big Baby is her nickname and Instagram handle.

In her intro, the Baltimore native reveals she makes music, which is the main reason she makes money, along with just being herself.  Rock has entertained us all the past few years.  She calls herself the Missing tooth bandit as she is known for the gap between her front teeth.  Also, she proclaims herself to be a woman of God as well as a badass.  Rock is aware she never listens which is why she got her nicknames, Rock and da big baby.

She claims to be “a few people in one”. 

Blueface Tooth

Chrisean reveals she went to a dental surgeon to get a new tooth to fill her gap last month.  The video shows before and after videos of Rock.  She credits Dr. Trevor Thomas for the tooth as she tags him as her caption.  You can see Dr. Thomas in the video as well.  Blueface commented, “You look so pretty” under the post.

Weeks later, Rock went back to Dr. Thomas for some more work.  The 22-year-old had Dr. Thomas put a picture of her lover, Blueface, on her new tooth.  With all smiles, she looks into the camera telling the “Thotiana” rapper, she did it all for him.  Before the video ends, she posts a picture with Blueface showing off her tooth.  The LA rapper commented “That’s my lil Roc Roc” underneath her post.  Looks like he approves.

Chrisean Performs in D.C.

It looks like Da Big Babies really go hard for the reality TV star.  Although she is mainly known for her antics and relationship with Blueface, the Baltimore artist is looking to take her music career to the next level.  She performed in  D.C., to which looked like a packed crowd as many held their phones and cameras up to record Rock.

Chrisean posted photos of the night showing her and her team having a good time on stage.  She also posted snaps of her family that enjoyed the show as well last night.  Rock captioned the night feeling the love.

“Prayed for times like dis [emojis] first time performing in front of my family.  Da love was all so real [tear face emoji]”


As you know by now, Chrisean is not going to hold her tongue.  If it’s on her mind, she will say it.  Or, if you ask her a question, she’ll give you an honest answer.  In an interview with The Shade Room, Rock was asked how many times she and Blueface have sex daily.  She responded by saying three or four depending on how tired her man is.  She also said, she “puts him to sleep”, seeming confident in her abilities.  Her caption exudes that confidence as well as she writes, “All thunder storms over here [rain emoji, water emoji]”.

Sold Out Shows

Rock continues to go to cities and sell out shows.  She was in Charlotte, North Carolina over the Summer and Da Big Babies came out.  With phones and cameras out, fans were singing along with Chrisean.  Performing with all smiles, the artist shook hands with fans while on stage.  Blueface was in the corner recording his girlfriend, to which at one point she stared and smiled in his direction. It’s nice to see that her work is paying off.

Baddies Reunion Preview

Chrisean previews a clip of the Baddies South Reunion on the Zeus Network.  In the clip, you can see Rock arguing with a fellow cast member.  The next moment, you see her attacking Persusasion before the video cuts off.  Somebody sure knows how to build up suspense and get people watching.  The post racked up over three million views!

She captioned the post, “Who Else Tuning in This Sunday at the Reunion with…@thezeusnetwork #baddiessouth”.  As I stated before, Chrisean knows how to entertain as fans hit the comments.  One fan stated, “If you weren’t on the show I wouldn’t even be watching”.  While another fan commented, “This the ROCK REUNION YALL[emojis] I’m here for it babygirlll”.

Things Chrisean Said 

As I stated before, the Baltimore artist is not afraid to say what’s on her mind.  Whether in an interview, on social media, or television, Rock has no filter.  And, it’s safe to say, everyone else feels the same.  In a video compilation, which seems to be made by a fan, you can see many of Rock’s thoughts and takes.  She captions the post, “I’m so ghetto [crying laughing emoji]”.  The TV reality star has surely built a fanbase as this is part two of a compilation.

Sista Rock

Before 2023 started, the 22-year-old showed off her diversity.  She posted a snippet of herself singing a new Gospel song she made.  Rock calls the song, “Hallelujah” as she claims it was the first word she ever said.  She has always been a believer of God, so it’s only right that she tries her hand in this genre.  In her most viewed post yet, with over four million views, Chrisean plans to go in the new year on a positive note.

Chrisean is Confident 

Chrisean Rock has plans for her future.  She exudes confidence and believes in her talents.  In another in what looks like a fan compilation video, you can see Rock manifesting her music career and life in general.  The video continues to show her throughout her journey thus far.  It’s good to see that she is hungry to achieve her goals and if no one believes in her, she will.