XXXTENTACION’s Family In Court Awaiting Verdict

XXXTENTACION’s family attended court today (March 13) to await the verdict in the trial concerning his murder. Moreover, closing arguments began recently and it seems like the case is almost coming to a close after some more deliberation. While it’s unclear who exactly is present at court itself, surely many loved ones, whether close to X or just his fans, are waiting with similarly heavy hearts. Furthermore, this trial is starting to wrap up almost five full years after the Florida rapper passed away following an armed robbery outside a motorcycle shop. In the years since his passing, the pain of his loss hasn’t hampered his enduring legacy.

However, an update on the verdict should come sooner rather than later, given that jury deliberation began on Wednesday (March 8). Not only that, but the jury have reportedly deliberated for over 12 hours at this point over the fatal case. In fact, the jury asked the judge to show jurors text message evidence from the suspects’ phones. Specifically, their request relates to codefendants Michael Boatwright and Dedrick Williams. Jurors asked that they review texts, photos, videos, and screenshots shared between the day before the murder and the day of the murder.

XXXTENTACION Verdict Soon To Come, Family Awaits It At Court

Tragically, some of the “Look At Me!” rapper’s family, such as uncle Leonard Kerr, are all too familiar with his death. Kerr was actually with X at the time of the robbery. “We get in the car to drive out,” he recounted on the witness stand. “At the exit, when we pull out, we stop. [XXXTENTACION] looked to the left. I looked to the right. By the time [XXXTENTACION] looked to the left, I see a car coming down the block and blocked the entrance. After the car pulled by the entrance, two persons jump out the side doors. One come on Jahseh side, one come on the side that I’m on.” Later, he went on to describe how the suspects robbed him, he fled, heard gunshots behind him, and called X’s mother after he returned to the scene and found him unresponsive.

Meanwhile, the most recent development before jury deliberation was a newly shared video of the codefendants celebrating after their crimes. Moreover, the suspects allegedly celebrated with the cash that they took from X before taking his life. While this case is nothing if not marred in tragedy and callous cruelty, at least justice might be served soon. Considering that, come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on the XXXTENTACION murder trial.

GloRilla & Finesse2tymes Concert Victim’s Family Plans To Sue

The family of one of the victims of a crowd surge at a GloRilla and Finesse2tymes concert now plans to sue. Moreover, such reports come from TMZ, who spoke to the sister of Brandy Miller, one of the deceased. However, no such statements have been made as of writing this article from other families of those lost. Still, Michelle Miller told the publication that they intend to sue Glo, Finesse, event promoters, and Main Street Armory, the venue in question. In addition, Michelle said that Brandy’s brother was also at the concert and testified that it was chaotic from the jump.

Regardless, Miller was one of three victims of the deadly concert stampede that took place in Rochester. In the aftermath, Michelle expressed that her family is in the process of finding the right attorney to move forward with their case. According to her testimony, they spoke to several lawyers after Brandy was pronounced dead on Monday. Not only that, but they seek someone quite high-profile, as they have “no plans to back down.” Perhaps this legal action will take shape quite quickly considering the tragedy and scale of the incident, and the fact they believe it was easily avoidable.

GloRilla & Finesse2tymes Concert Stampede: Victim’s Family Aims To Sue

Since the concert took place, both Memphis artists expressed heartbreak and devastation about the incident. “I’m just now hearing about what happened wtf,” GloRilla tweeted. “Praying everybody is ok,” and she continued in another tweet the day after. “I am devastated & heartbroken over the tragic deaths that happened after Sunday’s show. My fans mean the world to me. Praying for their families & for a speedy recovery of everyone affected.” On the other hand, Finesse initially caught heat for not acknowledging the deaths of innocent people and instead focusing on people trying to bring him down.

However, he since clarified his stance in a TMZ conversation. “Sometimes when you winning and you done won so fast… so I’m frowned upon,” he said. “But as far as the situation in New York, condolences to the family and the people who was injured. That’s what I wanted to say. I think it was a situation where someone fell, and people started running. Things got out of control and innocent people got hurt.” However, he said that he wasn’t worried about potential lawsuits or being blamed for the incident. Come back to HNHH for the latest updates on this developing story.


Bankroll Freddie’s Alleged Drug Operation Run By Family: Report

Bankroll Freddie’s alleged drug trafficking operation was also reportedly run by members of his family. Moreover, Freddie faces charges of gang violence and drug trafficking and is at the center of an FBI investigation in Arkansas. According to Arkansas Online, the court denied bond to his father Freddie Gladney on Tuesday (February 28). Furthermore, officials allegedly caught him on wiretaps discussing weapons and drugs with three of his sons and arranging contraband sales with his daughter. After this discovery, all family members implicated are codefendants in the case and investigation.

“I do believe in the presumption of innocence,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Volpe expressed about the situation. “But the wire cases really bring a new facet to the analysis and the strength of the case and you really get to hear about what’s going on and understand what’s going on with an individual.” To elaborate, the rapper faced indictment last November on weapons and drug conspiracy charges. Not only that, but the charges came after looking into the activities EBT and Lodi Murder Mobb, two rival street gangs who faced concurrent investigation.

Bankroll Freddie Reportedly In Family Drug Operation

ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 01: Rapper Bankroll Freddie attends 1st Party of The Year at Gold Room on January 1, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Furthermore, additional evidence presented in a hearing showed that Gladney involved several of his offspring, including Bankroll Freddie, in the operation. Also, he dealt large quantities of cocaine and marijuana, and allegedly at one point offered to “cook” crack for a son for $100. Moreover, authorities and spectators alike expect him to be in custody for the foreseeable future. What’s more is that the judge stated that no conditions could prevent Gladney from selling drugs by any means possible. Meanwhile, the rapper is still incarcerated in an Arkansas federal prison. In December of 2022, Judge Volpe ordered him to remain in jail while a trial surfaces.

However, more curiously, Bankroll requested that authorities return the property they seized in his arrest. These include various jewelry items, and the court denied such requests for return. While this seems like a much larger case than originally imagined, the circumstances behind his actions definitely shifted with this revelation. Regardless, come back to HNHH for more updates on this story and the latest on Bankroll Freddie.


Tom Sizemore’s Family Deciding On “End Of Life Matters”

Doctors have reportedly informed Tom Sizemore’s family that there is no hope for recovery after the iconic actor suffered a brain aneurysm on February 18 as the result of a stroke. In turn, the family is considering end-of-life matters for the 61-year-old. Throughout his prolific career, Sizemore played Sgt. Horvath in Saving Private Ryan as well as Michael Cheritto in Heat, and many more roles. Sizemore’s manager, Charles Lago, confirmed the state of his health in a statement to Yahoo Entertainment on Monday.

“Today, doctors informed his family that there is no further hope and have recommended end of life decision,” Lago wrote to the outlet. “The family is now deciding end of life matters and a further statement will be issued on Wednesday. We are asking for privacy for his family during this difficult time and they wish to thank everyone for the hundreds of messages of support, and prayers that have been received. This has been a difficult time for them.”

Tom Sizemore In 2019

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 14: Actor Tom Sizemore attends ‘The App That Stole Christmas’ charity event at TCL Chinese 6 Theatres on December 14, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Sizemore has struggled with substance abuse throughout his life. In 2021, he spoke with Fox News about his journey, admitting that he eventually reached a point where he knew he had to stop. “I’ve been trying to get sober since 1991. It became really big news much later than that, but I was trying to stop. I’ve had a problem for a long time. I had periods, long periods, of sobriety and I would end up relapsing,” he said. Sizemore continued: “I still go to meetings and work my steps, but I had reached a place in my life where I knew I had to stop. I couldn’t be arrogant anymore. If I wanted to reach a nice and pleasant old age, I had to stop. And if I wanted to watch my kids grow up, I needed to reach a place where I knew it was over.”

In addition to Saving Private Ryan and Heat, Sizemore has also appeared in Black Hawk Down, Passenger 57, HeatTrue Romance, Natural Born KillersDevil in a Blue DressThe Relic, and Strange Days, as well as Twin Peaks: The Return. Sizemore is the father of two children, Jagger and Jayden, whom he shares with Janelle McIntire. The two twins were born in 2005.


Coi Leray’s Relationship With Her Dad Benzino

Who is Coi Leray’s Dad? At this point, many people know that it’s culture figure Benzino. “Nepo Baby” is one of the latest Internet terms. It comes from the word “nepotism” which basically means giving family members opportunities over others. So a “Nepo Baby” is someone whose fame can be credited to a family member. Calling Coi Leray a “Nepo Baby” is overall inaccurate. Benzino is not exactly a household name for this generation. But, connections, especially in the music industry, still matter.

Many know Benzino as a co-owner of The Source magazine. This magazine specialized in covering the rap world. There’s no telling how many names Benzino had in his Rolodex because of this. The Source has been active since 1998. They have seen many of the changes that have happened in the rap world. Coi Leray’s music is quite different from what they were covering in 2006. She was still able to secure a feature from one of the biggest figures in the rap world.

Coi Leray’s Relationship with her Dad is Complex

Coi Leray and Benzino do not have a perfect relationship. We can only go off of the things both of them have publicly stated. They have both said negative things about each other. Their relationship dynamics connect to the music but also goes beyond it. We have learned about their dynamic through social media and interviews. Each of them has regularly spoken about the other. Some would say Coi Leray speaking on him is what brought this generation’s attention to him. “That’s why I never mentioned his name coming into this industry cause he can’t get over his past and don’t even realize how much he damaging when he does this stuff.” tweeted Coi.

Around when Coi Leray dropped her debut album Trendsetter, Benzino had something to say. But, it wasn’t positive. “You worried about being called broke on the day of my debut album. You ain’t even text me congratulations, you so bitter and evil. Ima pray for you.” tweeted Coi. This was in reference to the fact Benzino apparently lost The Source when Coi was around nine years old. She stated her family was “broke” once this happened. Benzino had a different perspective.

Benzino Almost Ruined One of Coi Leray’s Biggest Songs to Date

Whenever an up-and-coming artist gets a feature from a seasoned one, it’s a big deal. It can connect generations. It can bring new ears to both parties involved. Coi Leray secured a Nicki Minaj feature for their song “Blick Blick”. Benzino almost ruined this. Benzino spoke about Nicki Minaj’s feature before Nicki herself and Coi did. “She got this song with Nicki Minaj that’s gonna be coming out that’s gonna be crazy.” he said in a room on the app Clubhouse.

Initially, Nicki denied she had a verse. Then, later, it was revealed she wanted to pull the verse from the song. “I just felt bad that she was robbed of telling the world in her own way @ her own time. But that’s water under the bridge now. Good vibes all 2022” said Nicki during a Q&A on Twitter. This is perhaps the biggest example of Benzino impacting Coi Leray’s music. He shared information that she did not want to be revealed yet. Fortunately, he did genuinely apologize for his mistake.

Coi Leray Has Sometimes Defended Benzino

Coi Leray and her Dad Benzino have multiple layers to their relationship. While it is not perfect they are still family. Coi knows his behavior not only affects her but others too. This is mainly other people in the music industry. Coi knows he can be difficult and wants people to understand that. In an interview with Vladtv from August 2020 she said “He’s crazy but he’s smart…he’s a business man…everybody’s not perfect.”

Being aware of how someone’s behavior affects others is a part of being in a relationship with them. Sometimes, a person’s behavior in the public eye is people’s only frame of reference for it. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors. “My dad is a great man,” “And I love him regardless of our differences, he’s still my father and I gotta respect him, right?” she said in an interview with The Breakfast Club. The public has mostly seen negative interactions between them but, of course, these are not the only interactions they have.

Coi Leray seen wearing a blue shirt with a dolphin print, grey shades, a grey mini pleated skirt, white socks and white sneakers before the JW Anderson show during London Fashion Week. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

Coi Leray and Benzino Appear to Have Mended their Relationship

Coi Leray and Benzino are working on their relationship. Since 2022, we have not heard anything about it. This could mean things are being handled away from social media. For the time being, her Dad’s name is not in headlines with hers. Ironically, they were able to work on their relationship because of the situation with the Nicki Minaj feature.

Coi shared that Nicki’s advice helped her strengthen her perspective. “…You have to respect your father…‘Regardless of what you’re going through bro, that’s your dad.” Nicki told Coi. It appears she fully understood this and took it to heart. Growth is important and can truly be beneficial for multiple reasons. Moving forward, people hope Coi and Benzino continue to work on and have a healthy relationship.


Nick Cannon, Father Of 12, Says Any Future Babies Are In God’s Hands

In the final months of 2022, it felt as though a new Nick Cannon baby was being born every week. The 42-year-old welcomed more children last year than some become parents to in a lifetime. Presently, it still remains unclear if he’s done. In the past, he’s sometimes gotten defensive when interviewers ask about the possibility of a vasectomy. In a recent interview, he explained that it’s not up to him if his family continues to expand.

He first became a father back in 2011, during his marriage to R&B legend Mariah Carey. They welcomed twins, Monroe and Moroccan, and currently still share custody, though rumour has it that the vocalist is legally battling with her ex over that. Seeing as he’s fathered 10 more kids in the years since she gave birth, Cannon obviously doesn’t have as much time to spend with his oldest two.

The Cannon Family Tree

The San Diego-born star didn’t expand his clan again until 2017 when Brittany Bell gave birth to a boy named Golden Sagon. Three years later the model gave her co-parent his fourth when Powerful Queen was born in December 2020. After this is when things start to get confusing, as more baby mothers enter the picture. Abby De La Rosa became pregnant next, bringing the second set of Cannon twins into the world in the summer of 2021.

Weeks later, Alyssa Scott’s baby boy, Zen, came into the world. Unfortunately, he made a departure at just five months old following a heartbreaking battle with cancer. By the next summer, it was reported that several more Cannon babies were on the way, including Bre Tiesi’s Legendary Love in June 2022 and LaNisha Cole’s Onyx Ice Cole in September. Additionally, Bell, De La Rose, and Scott all continued their respective families with Cannon from late September to mid-December.

Alexa, Play “God’s Plan”

As mentioned earlier, the multi-talent’s family is a sensitive subject for him, particularly when asked about his future plans for more children. Earlier this week Cannon sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss fatherhood, among other things. “God decides when we’re done, but I believe I definitely got my hands full,” he acknowledged in the interview.

Ever the jokester, the father of 12 then added, “And I’m so focused. I’m locked in. But when I’m 85, you never know. I might [have more].” Would you be opposed to watching Nick Cannon continue to grow his family, or do you think he should focus on fostering the offspring he already has? Sound off in the comments, and check back later for more pop culture news.

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