Jeezy Details The Drug Deal Mishap That Changed His Life

Jeezy just announced that he has new material on the way soon and coinciding with the release, he’s seen fit to share some knowledge and perspective from his past. That came through an appearance on Mavericks where he told a story about a time he was manipulated. “My loyalty got me in a lot of trouble. I was going to make this play with my older cousin. He was like, ‘These my people.’ I was like, ‘Let me bring my strap.’ He was like, ‘Nah, you good.’ But it’s big cuz — you trust him like, ‘Iight cool,” his story begins.

He expands on how quickly things fell apart. “We meet these guys in a semi-trailer truck. I give him the money and he gives me this laundry bag, and this laundry bag has the work in it but it’s covered in a blanket. I get back to the house, me and my man start to cut this sh*t open… and it’s sheetrock. This is all my money. I’m broke! I was more hurt than anything because I felt like I had so much respect and admiration for [my cousin].” He concluded the story by explaining how he believed his cousin was in on it the whole time and how it changed him. “So that turned me into a whole ‘nother animal. At first, I wasn’t really thugging; I’m just hustling. Now, I’m thugging.” Check out the full clip below.

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Jeezy’s Lesson Learned

Earlier today, Jeezy took to Instagram to make a major announcement. His first new studio album since 2020 is coming soon. The project is a double album called I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget. Fans won’t have to wait very long at all to hear what he has in store, as the full project is due out this Friday.

Last month, Jeezy was part of an all-star performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards. He performed alongside Lil Jon, Fabolous, and T.I. who were all in attendance to support DJ Drama. What do you think of Jeezy’s story about a drug deal gone wrong that changed him? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Lil Yachty & Lucki Discuss Sobriety And Their Substance Abuse Struggles On “A Safe Place”

Attempting sobriety is hard enough as is, but for those who work or play in environments where substances are readily available, abstaining can feel anything but easy. Time and time again we’ve seen recording artists and entertainers fall victim to the demons of substance abuse, but thankfully, a growing number are choosing to distance themselves from alcohol and drugs. On the latest episode of A Safe Place, hosts Lil Yachty and Mitch discussed this with their guest, Lucki, who confirmed that he’s been clean from some drugs for several months now, though there are still others he’s hoping to conquer.

“I thought I’d never stop popping pills, but I stopped popping pills,” the 27-year-old reflected during their interview. “But lean, though? Pills don’t taste good, lean taste good,” Lucki added, earning a laugh from his friends. “You know I’m 10 months clean?” Yachty asked, surprising some viewers who were under the impression he’s always been sober. “That’s what I’m saying!” the Chicago native congratulated him before confirming he hasn’t popped any pills in eight months.

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Lucki Reflects on Life Without Pills

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“We used to be [wild], gang,” Lucki noted as the trio reflected on times when he would take up to 10 pills in one day. “You gotta do a lot of s**t to forget a lot of s**t,” the lyricist explained the mentality of him and others who indulge in drug use. “In Chicago, ni**as was real trauma zombies,” he told Mitch and Yachty, noting that being exposed to other cities helped him realize that his behaviour wasn’t exactly normal.

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Full Episode of A Safe Place

Check out the full episode of Lucki A Safe Place with Lil Yachty and Mitch above. Do you think the trio brought one of the show’s best episodes to date? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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Fetty Wap Shares New Photos From Jail

Fetty Wap appears to be in good spirits despite his current circumstances. A recent photo circulating on social media captures the “My Way” rapper in a jail setting, wearing an all-blue prison uniform. He can be seen striking a pose alongside fellow inmates. This photo emerges in the wake of his conviction. He was handed a prison sentence for his involvement in drug trafficking activities spanning across the country. He admitted guilt to charges related to conspiring to distribute a substantial quantity of cocaine, a crime that has led to a six-year prison sentence.

Meanwhile, the legal team representing the rapper made efforts to present a more compassionate perspective. They asserted that Fetty Wap’s involvement in criminal activities was primarily a consequence of his substantial financial challenges. They argued that his actions were not driven by personal gain, but rather by a sincere commitment to provide financial support to individuals who depended on him. Remarkably, it’s a stark contrast to the pinnacle of his musical career.

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Fetty Wap Flicks Up

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During a time when he was simultaneously achieving musical glory and dabbling in illicit activities, his chart-topping hit “Trap Queen” showcased his unique blend of singing and rapping. The track soared to the impressive position of No. 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in May 2015, cementing his status as a fast-rising star in the music industry. This huge achievement underscored his undeniable talent and the widespread appeal of his distinctive musical style.

The photograph from jail not only captures Fetty Wap’s resilience but also serves as a poignant reminder of the pitfalls that fame can entail. “He looks good,” one person wrote. “Forgot all about Fetty Wap,” said another. “Nobody looks good posted up in jail,” a different comment read. “They’re all locked up and looking like cages animals. Jail is disgusting. Life is too beautiful for anyone to be locked up like this.” Despite his current confinement, the rapper’s demeanor in the photo suggests a sense of acceptance. Perhaps a testament to his enduring spirit in the face of adversity. This situation points to the broader issue of artists’ responsibilities and the challenges they face in maintaining their artistic integrity while letting go of a former lifestyle. Stay tuned to HNHH for more Fetty Wap updates and music news.

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Juicy J Claims Mac Miller Brought “Every Kind Of Drug You Can Take” To The Studio Prior To His Death

Juicy J says that Mac Miller once brought a “party pack” of tons of different drugs to the studio prior to his death. He reflected on the moment during a recent interview with Allison Kugel. Juicy says he regrets not taking the drugs away from him and being a better influence.

“We was in the recording studio and he had a party pack … it’s like every kind of drug you can take and it’s in a pack or a box or whatever,” Juicy J said. “He pulls out this box and pops a couple of things and he offers me some coke. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have snatched that box. And I know he probably would have tried to fight me, but I would have snatched that box and I would’ve dumped it in the toilet and flushed it.”

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Juicy J Performs At The Mac Miller: A Celebration Of Life Benefit Concert

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 31: Juicy J performs onstage during “Mac Miller: A Celebration Of Life” Concert Benefiting The Launch Of The Mac Miller Circles Fund at The Greek Theatre on October 31, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for LiveNation)

From there, Juicy discussed his broader relationship with the late rapper. “I knew Mac Miller when he was like 17,” he told Kugel. “I threw his 18th birthday party at my studio … He was like a little brother to me. I hated to see him do that. He was around 25 or 26 before he passed, so he a grown-ass man. I seen what he was doing, I didn’t say anything. I just told him, ‘I’m cool, I’m straight. Let’s just finish the music.’ I swear, if I could turn back the hands of time, I would have snatched that box and thrown that box across the street.”

Juicy J Reflects On Mac Miller

Juicy J continued: “And [I should’ve] said, ‘Look, get mad if you want, but I love you, bro. I want to see you alive. Let’s talk. Let me tell you some stories about my drug use. Let me tell you some stories about growing up and Three 6 Mafia and the whole Memphis scene and what I went through and how things can turn up if you do the wrong drug or you overdose or whatever.’ I wish I could, man.” Juicy further reflects on their last moments together in his new memoir, Chronicles of the Juice Man.

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Flavor Flav Marks Sober Milestones From Drugs, Cigarettes & Alcohol

Addiction is a tough beast to beat, but those who see the other side are always there to remind those struggling that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Moreover, the latest figure from the rap world to do so is Flavor Flav, who took to his Instagram account with an important message. Specifically, he celebrated being clean from smoking cigarettes for 3 years, a habit that he said he started when the rap legend was just six years old. In addition, he will soon be three years sober from alcohol and mentioned being over 15 years sober from drugs. It’s been a tough road for the Public Enemy icon, but one that’s clearly taken him to a much better place.

“IMPORTANT!!” Flavor Flav wrote on Instagram. “I’ve changed. Today I am 3 years clean from cigarettes that I started smoking when I was just 6 years old. Soon I’ll be 3 years sober from alcohol. And I’ve been 15+ years sober from drugs. I’m proud to share my sobriety journey and Thankx to my friends and family and those who support me. To everyone out there struggling with addiction, it is a real battle you fight every day.

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Flavor Flav’s Inspirational Post

“But I’m still here and you know what,” Flavor Flav continued. “I DID IT,,, and if I can do it,,, anyone can do it,!!! To every media outlet that tries to capitalize on my goodwill trending topics and bring up my past or old interviews for sensational click bait headlines,,, do better and bring up my future. Allow for people to grow and change in a supportive manner and Don’t let anyone hold you to your past, I wear the clock, my clock goes clockwise not counter clockwise. Look forward not backwards.”

That clock metaphor is actually quite the fitting example for many of his good deeds and charitable efforts these days. While volunteering at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, he stopped by the university to greet students and staff, even gifting the institution one of his famous clock chains. Congrats to Flavor Flav on his journey, and we’re sure that time will likely prove to be on his side. For more news and the latest updates on the New York MC and other hip-hop titans, keep checking in with HNHH.

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DJ Khaled Once Offended J Balvin With Ridiculous Gift

DJ Khaled is known for being one of the most vibrant personalities in the entire hip-hop world. Overall, he has been at it for a very long time. Starting out as a DJ in Miami, Khaled was able to build a ton of connections. Subsequently, he started dropping albums with features from the largest artists in the entire world. Ultimately, he is still a huge name in the industry, and he continues to release projects. Moreover, his list of connections continues to grow and grow and grow.

Recently, DJ Khaled has been spotted alongside J Balvin. Just like Balvin, he has his very own line of Jumpman sneakers. Balvin even recently gifted Khaled with a pair of his new Air Jordan 3s. This was done on the golf course, and it made for a great social media moment. Subsequently, Balvin is speaking about his friendship with Khaled on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. In the clip below, you can see how Khaled actually offended Balvin once with his bizarre Pablo Escobar-themed gift.

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DJ Khaled Tried But Failed

Essentially, DJ Khaled is quite fond of Pablo Escobar, as are many hip-hop artists from the United States. However, J Balvin does not like him at all. Unfortunately, Khaled never got this message and presented Balvin with a bit of a baffling offering. “One day DJ Khaled called me while I was doing an interview,” Balvin explained. “He was like, ‘Wait wait, I got a gift for you!’ He brought a huge picture of Pablo Escobar. I was like, ‘Listen. Take that shit back there because we don’t give a fuck about that guy here!’”

Needless to say, DJ Khaled eventually got the message. For now, it is probably a safe bet for Khaled to stick to sneakers as gifts, at least for the immediate future. As for Balvin, fans are looking forward to those Air Jordan 3s. They look amazing, and will likely be one of the biggest releases of the year. Let us know what you think of Khaled’s faux-pas, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from around the music world.

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Fetty Wap’s Lawyer Speaks On Drug Charges, Says He Was “Desperate” Amid Financial Struggles

In a court filing earlier this week, Fetty Wap’s defense team spoke on the rapper’s motivation leading up to his alleged involvement with a drug ring. They cited his desperation to keep up with the financial obligations of himself and others as the cause for his involvement. The lawyers also went on to say the rapper is apologetic for his crimes, realizing that his actions were a mistake. His charges carry a minimum of five years in prison with a maximum of 40 years.

“What makes this case unusual is Mr. Maxwell’s motivation,” Fetty Wap’s lawyer said. “Personal gain was not his motivation. Rather, he was motivated by his commitment to financially support others. He now realizes that he does not have to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.” The lawyer continued, “Suddenly it felt like life was going in reverse and he became ashamed when he began to struggle to keep up the lifestyle that he created for so many.” He also claimed that “His judgment became impaired. Desperate to keep up with his financial obligations, Mr. Maxwell became involved in the instant offense for a few months in the spring of 2020.”

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Fetty Wap Was “Ashamed Of His Struggle”

Fetty Wap performs at Orpheum Theater on December 28, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images)

Fetty Wap was arrested in October 2021 on federal drug charges. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess and distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine in August. When the rapper was arrested, police recovered a myriad of illegal substances and weapons. This included 16 kilograms of cocaine, 2 kilograms of heroin, and fentanyl pills. Police also seized two 9mm handguns, a rifle, two .45 and .40 caliber pistols, ammunition, and $1.5 million in cash. He was also later labeled by prosecutors as “a kilogram-level redistributor for the trafficking organization.”

In a statement made by Michael J. Driscoll after the rapper’s arrest, he said, “The pipeline of drugs in this investigation ran thousands of miles from the West Coast to the communities here in our area.” He also added that it was “contributing to the addiction and overdose epidemic.”

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