Cash Cobain Has The Sound Of The Summer

Cash Cobain 'Sound Of The Summer' article
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Everyone wants a piece of Cash Cobain’s sexy drill. The 25-year-old South Bronx rapper and producer’s sound and tag – “and this beat from Cash, not from YouTube” – are inescapable nowadays as the music industry looks to cash in on the wave fans can’t get enough. Fellow Bronx rapper A Boogie With Da Hoodie is one of many who have shared their praises for Cash. “He came up and he made a f*cking sound,” A Boogie said in an interview last month. “He made this sh*t happen, n****s don’t do that. N****s sleep on the craft.” Though that may be true in many cases, people are not sleeping on Cash Cobain. Having the song of the summer is one thing, but Cash Cobain took it a step further by claiming this year’s sound of the summer.

A Boogie’s comments came a month after he and Cash Cobain released their first collaboration, “Body,” a focus record from A Boogie’s latest album Better Off Alone. A week later, Cash produced and featured on Don Toliver’s “Attitude” which also featured a rare guest verse from the legendary Charlie Wilson. Both records were paired with matching visuals to properly spotlight the moments that those songs were meant to create for the respective albums they’re housed on, and it paid off. “Body” and “Attitude” are fan favorites on A Boogie and Don’s latest albums, with Cash being the common factor that’s too successful to ignore.

Music’s biggest stars have taken notice too. Cash’s sound made it to Drake’s 2023 album For All The Dogs as he co-produced the 21 Savage-featured “Calling For You.” J. Cole jumped on the wave this past spring for “Grippy,” a remix of Cash’s “Dunk Contest” that also doubled as Cole’s first recorded verse following his exit from the Kendrick Lamar and Drake rap beef (and probably an attempt to lighten the mood). Cash scored another big production credit with PinkPantheress’ “Nice To Meet You” with Central Cee. More recently, Ice Spice remixed Cash’s “Fisherrr” hit to add to Cash’s list of collaborations in 2024 that includes first-timers like Anycia, Diany Dior, and Bktherula as well as work with longtime collaborators like Vontee The Singer, Chow Lee, and B-Lovee.

The impressive thing about Cash Cobain’s sound is it’s just as effective, and sometimes more effective, with Cash in the driver’s seat. His 2024 year began with “Dunk Contest,” a sprawling account of Cash’s Rolodex of women, their best qualities, and his desires with them. “Fisherrr” with Bay Swag followed and quickly found itself in the song of the summer race. Production from Cash, FckBwoy! & WhoIsJiggiA guides the song as Cash and Bay lament over their luxurious and intimate experiences with their respective women. Cash scored a hat trick for himself last month with the long-awaited release of “Rump Punch,” a more laid-back effort from the Bronx native that’s just as raunchy as anything else you’ll hear from him.

For Cash Cobain’s next act, he’s bringing the entire music industry with him – or so it seems. At the beginning of this month, Cash teased a new record called “Problem.” The song samples Laila!’s viral track “Not My Problem,” and though it seemed like it would be a solo record, it quickly turned into what now appears to be a massive posse cut. As of press time, Lil Yachty, 6lack, Chow Lee, Karrahbooo, Anycia, Kyle Richh, FLEE, Fabolous, YN Jay, Flo Milli, Luh Tyler, and Kaliii have all teased their own guest verses on the song.

After the flurry of “Problem” verses died down, Cash’s manager Glyn Brown seemed to pump the brakes on the upcoming posse cut, writing, “Confused how some ya n****s getting ‘problem’ instrumental but lol ..get ya rocks off.” Though the list of artists on “Problem” may get cut down, the fact that so many recorded a verse to the song less than a week after Cash previewed the record speaks to the power of his sound and the acknowledged impact and love fans have for it. Like I said earlier, everyone wants a piece of sexy drill.

The allure of sexy drill has grown beyond Cash Cobain as artists have found success in the genre without the Bronx native listed as a rapper or producer on the song. Jordan Adetunji went viral with the Prodbyli & VillaBeatz-produced “Kehlani,” a Summer Walker-sampling track that praises a woman for being “bad just like Kehlani.” Kehlani herself eventually caught wind of the song and teased a guest verse for an upcoming remix. Don Toliver has a future hit on his hands with “Glock” which samples Whitney Houston’s “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” thanks to production from PoWR Trav & Tommy Parker. The former producer is also responsible for successful records like Wolfacejoeyy’s “Cake,” R2R Moe’s “Fair2Me,” and Bb Trickz’s “Bambi.”

If you need one sentence to describe Cash Cobain’s approach to both music and life, look no further than a post he shared on X earlier this month. “I hope everybody get drunk tonight and have a good ass time lol,” he wrote. It’s a simple recipe that’s worked wonders for Cash over the last few years, sitting on the opposite end of the spectrum from rap’s overused tough-guy persona. In Cash’s world, it’s best to be laid-back, relaxed, and enjoying the party. Furthermore, he goes out of his way to cater to women with his music, a rarity in rap today. These are the qualities that make Cash Cobain’s sexy drill a sound for all demographics to champion. With a new album on the way, as well as production on upcoming albums by Chow Lee and others, Cash Cobain won’t be fading into the background anytime soon. The party goes on with sexy drill blaring from speakers near and far for a sound that proven it’s here to stay.

Eminem Makes A Great Point On ‘The Death Of Slim Shady’

Eminem Just Made One Of His Greatest Points(1024x450)
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Eminem’s been at this rap thing for a very long time — and unfortunately, over the past few years, he’s started to show his age. While still as technically proficient as ever, the battle rap veteran has also seen his musical output over the last half-decade or so stultify, with only his most loyal fans appreciating his efforts at being “the best rapper” and not making “the best albums,” as he once put it.

And so, his latest, The Death Of Slim Shady, might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is something interesting here. On the album’s opening track, “Renaissance,” Em does something that’s become rare for him, depending on who you ask: He makes a great point. In a diverting excursion “inside the mind of a hater,” the 51-year-old notes, “I don’t see no fans, all I see’s a bunch of complainers.” Over the course of the song, he expands on this concept, illustrating his true worry: That fans caught up in nitpicking their favorite rappers won’t appreciate what they’ve got ’til it’s gone.

Lord knows, rap fans love complaining about a perceived dearth of care and craftsmanship when it comes to the art of rhyme. It seems every decade, there’s a new subgenre of rap to rail against: When I was coming up, it was “ringtone rap.” More recently, “mumble rap” has been the target of so many criticisms, while elders of the rap game, from Kool Moe Dee to Joe Budden, have always decried the rise of each successive wave of youngsters who rejected tradition, rewrote the rules of rhyme, or otherwise broke from established norms of hip-hop.

Yet, while doing so, they seemingly overlook so many of the contemporary rappers who seemingly deliver exactly what they want. When rap critics deplored the culture’s slide into criminality in the ’90s in efforts to feed the hunger for “thug” imagery, so-called “conscious rappers” like Common, De La Soul, and A Tribe Called Quest were ridiculed — if not outright ignored — by the mainstream. When “jiggy rap” ruled the airwaves, B-boy traditionalists like Mos Def and Talib Kweli toiled away on the underground circuit — the same circuit that spawned Eminem himself.

Even Kendrick Lamar, who Em name-checks in his “Renaissance” verse (“‘Kendrick’s album was cool, but it didn’t have any bangers’,” says the mind of the hater), has pointed this out in his own discography. On “Hood Politics,” from his 2015 album To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick raps, “Everybody want to talk about who this and who that / Who the realest and who wack, or who white or who black / Critics want to mention that they miss when hip-hop was rappin’ / Motherf*cker, if you did, then Killer Mike’d be platinum,” acknowledging how the Atlanta rapper’s commercial reception rarely lived up to his critical acclaim.

On “Renaissance,” Em drives the point home, name-checking a slew of other alternative or underground ’90s rap acts, along with some of the better-known ones to illustrate how quickly time sweeps away artifacts that aren’t appreciated enough to be preserved. Wise Intelligent and Cella Dwellas are two acts with impeccable reputations for potent, well-crafted rhymes, but the height of either act’s commercial reception was Cella Dwellas’ 1996 debut Realms ‘n Reality, which only peaked at 160 on the Billboard 200. They haven’t put out anything since. Wise Intelligent’s last album was released in 2018, and truthfully, researching for this piece was my first time hearing about it.

Em also calls out Big Daddy Kane, who was once regarded one of the foremost lyricists in all of hip-hop, a pioneer who helped advance the technique used in rap by light years ahead of where it was when he first debuted in 1986. Yet, by 1994 — less than 10 years later — he was being treated as an also-ran, with the lukewarm reception of his sixth album Daddy’s Home prompting him to take a long break from releasing music. He still raps, making occasional guest appearances on projects from the long (long, long, long) list of rappers he’s inspired — including Little Brother, MF DOOM, Rapsody, The Roots, and more. But he hasn’t made a new album since 1998’s Veteranz’ Day, and he’s largely considered a relic of the Golden Era, not a titan of the culture like proteges Jay-Z, Eminem, and Black Thought.

Uproxx’s Elliott Wilson called 2024 the best year in hip-hop, hands down. Putting A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie at No. 5 on his best albums list and overlooking albums from LA County natives like Schoolboy Q and Vince Staples notwithstanding, I agree. So, apparently, does Eminem, who goes out of his way to give a nod to J. Cole’s Might Delete Later. But with all these great rappers making great albums, rap fans seem caught up in their disappointment about projects they don’t like or that fell short, or in the contextual circumstances of those albums, like dismissing J. Cole for bowing out of the Kendrick Lamar/Drake beef.

Eminem harps on the past on his latest album to warn us what could happen in the future. Rap fans who’ve wanted lyrics to return to the spotlight have had a smorgasbord in 2024, but if they keep overlooking the good, they’ll only be left with the bad. At that point, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

Did Eminem Diss Kendrick Lamar On ‘The Death Of Slim Shady?’

Eminem’s new album, The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce), has only been out for 30 minutes, but it’s already causing controversy — just not in the way you might think. While listening to the album’s first song, “Renaissance,” has lyrics dissing another rapper who is currently riding high on the wave of a recent battle: Kendrick Lamar.

Eminem’s been known for lashing out at his peers on record, and K Dot easily falls into that category. Certainly, Em does name check the younger rapper… But does he actually DISS Kendrick Lamar on The Death Of Slim Shady?

Sorry to those fans who think so, but he’s just mocking the “mind of a hater.” Check out the full sequence below:

Now just travel inside the mind of a hater
‘Cause I don’t see no fans, all I see’s a bunch of complainers
“Kendrick’s album was cool but it didn’t have any bangers”
“Wayne’s album or Ye’s, couldn’t tell you which one was lamer”
“Joyner’s album was corny, Shady’s new shit is way worse”
“Everything is either too tame or there’s too much anger”
“I didn’t like the beat so I hated Might Delete Later
You nerdy pricks would find somethin’ wrong with 36 Chambers

As you can see, the seemingly combative lyric is coming from this imagined hater (some might say straw man) within the context of the lyrics. Maybe all the pugilistsic energy of the election year has fans up in arms, but as it turns out, for once, Em is actually defending the people he’s name checking. He also drops a slew of classic rap acts’ names in the verse, but we’ll have to see how many of his fans actually catch those — y’know since they “don’t really listen to rap, but love Eminem.” Y’all ain’t low.

The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce) is out now via Shady Records/Aftermath/Interscope. You can find more info here.

Trae Tha Truth Hops On A Remix Of The Titular Track By J. Cole

J. Cole’s Might Delete Later project was one the biggest moments in hip-hop this year. It was preceded by several vlogs on the North Carolina rapper’s YouTube of the same name. It surprised many, as no one thought they would culminate into a full collection of tracks. Unfortunately, the collection of B-sides sort of came and went for a lot of people, with the actually deleted “7 Minute Drill” playing a big role. The futile Kendrick Lamar diss track did not come across as authentic and it led to the infamous J. Cole apology at Dreamville Fest. However, it did spawn a few highlights like “Trae Tha Truth in Ibiza” which now has a remix.

Overall, the original song does not have anything to do with the Houston rapper. J. Cole is more so talking about he is fed up with the labels and expectations. The on-brand themes and fantastic lyricism make it a standout and this remix is equally as fulfilling. Trae Tha Truth sticks to the program, as his verse sees him get real about his career and his future plans. Structurally, his portion follows Cole’s second verse and his outro from the original remains the same. You can hear the new version with the link below.

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Listen To “Trae Tha Truth In Ibiza (Remix)” By Trae Tha Truth & J. Cole

Quotable Lyrics:

I just be dealing with life on a level they got to be worth it
I can no longer be at we know that s***’ll be worthless
Wake up and think of my kids I gotta live with the purpose
I’m in the need to eat depending on who going to serve it
Look at myself in the mirror feel like it’s going to be versus
Walk in the room watching these rap n****s grabbing their purses

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Moneybagg Yo Praises J Cole For Writing His Collab Verse At Lightning Speed

J Cole and Moneybagg Yo have a couple of collaborations together, namely their solo track “Say Na” and their YG link-up “Scared Money.” With this collaborative experience in mind, it’s no wonder that the Memphis MC would have some fond memories of his time with the Dreamville boss in the studio. Moreover, he recalled a particularly impressive session with the North Carolina spitter during a recent HipHopDX interview at the 2024 BET Awards’ red carpet in Los Angeles last Sunday (June 30). Specifically, Moneybagg expressed shock and awe at how Cole was able to work so quickly, and how it’s very hard to create these “lightning in a bottle” moments even when you have one of the best rappers of this generation in the booth.

“”J. Cole gave me eight bars ASAP,” Moneybagg Yo remarked concerning their time in the studio. “I’m talking about, like, probably in 15 minutes. We was in there, he done it ASAP. Boom, boom, boom. It was God because he was stopping by, he ain’t know I was at the studio, I ain’t know he was pulling up. And it kind of just happened organically. You can’t ask for those, you can’t pay for those things.”

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Moneybagg Yo Speaks On J Cole’s Record-Time Verse-Writing

Previously, Moneybagg Yo had spoken on how Lil Durk also gave him a “classic” verse in record time. “Dat N***a @lildurk Sent Me A Verse Back In Less Than 20 mins Of Me Sending It To Em Da Night Before I Had To Turn My Project In And Its 1 of Dem Classic Day 1 Smurk Verses,” he wrote on Instagram earlier in the year. “Just Got A Crazyyyyy Feature In I Couldn’t Drop This Project Without. Now Everything Locked In Fasho sho Its Worth Da Wait.”

Of course, the project in question is Moneybagg Yo’s new album SPEAK NOW. Hopefully these fruitful and impressive interactions with both J Cole and Lil Durk continue to inspire him to put in more work with the pen and keep making great music. As fans, we often talk a lot about how our favorite artists captivate, inspire, and enlighten us in their own unique ways. But it’s always all the more special when that passion and craft inspires MCs’ peers above all else.

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J Cole Supported By Trae Tha Truth Over Dropping Out Of Drake & Kendrick’s Beef

Over the last couple of months, J Cole has been laying quite low after dropping out of the Kendrick Lamar beef. People have been commending the German-born MC for his decision to bow out, as most know it is not in his nature to get into beefs. However, there are still quite a few people out there who still lack respect for the “7 Minute Drill” MC. Him and Drake continue to receive criticism for essentially not doing anything of merit since taking their respective L’s. For example, countless jokes circled the internet after his questionable guest performance on Cash Cobain’s “Grippy”.

But there are hip-hop figures out there who are showing J Cole love, and that includes Trae Tha Truth. According to HipHopDX, the Houston, Texas rapper sat down with AllHipHop at the BET Awards this past weekend and showed nothing but compassion for the man. Overall, Trae feels like the media painted Cole in an egregiously negative light for removing himself from what has become an overtly violent beef at times. The smoky-voiced MC sees no issue with the apology as Trae knows that Cole does not move like that.

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Trae Tha Truth Respects Cole For Bowing Out Of The Beef

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by AllHipHop (@allhiphopcom)

“I watch blogs and I watch headlines make it as if he [Cole] was just trying to get away or duck any type of situation. And that wasn’t the case. What people have to realize is that’s just not the type of energy bro got. You know what I’m saying? He focused on him, he focused on his kids and just always stayed in his lane”. Trae elaborated further, “So everybody wanted to see him rumble and not knowing a lot of us came up together. We partners. So, for me, being a real brother to him, you got to respect if somebody like, ‘Man, you know what, bro? I know I’m dope. I’m not questioning myself. I just feel like that’s just not the energy that I’m on’”.

What are your thoughts on Trae Tha Truth backing J Cole’s decision to bow out of the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef? Are you surprised that he feels this way, why or why not? Did it turn out to be the best case scenario after knowing what we know now? We would like to hear what you have to say, so leave your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Trae Tha Truth, J Cole, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.

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J Cole Track “Mama’s Eyes” Leaks Onto The Internet

J Cole has had a very, very peculiar 2024 so far: a beef exit, some divisive features, a new mixtape, and a whole lot of teasing up until the release of his next album, The Fall Off. Fans can’t wait for what’s next, with some just simply hoping for great material and others looking for retribution after the Kendrick Lamar and Drake situation. Moreover, an unreleased track of his titled “Mama’s Eyes” hit SoundCloud recently, and some Internet sleuthing doesn’t reveal much of a breadcrumb trail in its wake. We don’t know if this is an old leak, a new one, or some bizarre A.I. trickery, but nevertheless, it’s a very tender and introspective cut.

“Mama’s Eyes” seems to be a conversation between J. Cole and an old friend of his as the rapper talks about making it out of his old life, dealing with suppressed emotions, and feelings of loneliness in the face of perseverance and self-conscious focus on his craft. As is usual with the Dreamville boss, there are some very sharp and heartfelt bars all throughout. It’s just as humble and aware as many of his fan interactions are, and it’s a uniquely grounded quality that he’s always championed with his music. Hopefully some more heat comes soon.

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J Cole’s “Mama’s Eyes” Leak: Listen

Meanwhile, a recent audio inclusion at Kendrick Lamar’s “The Pop Out” might suggest that he and J. Cole are all cool now following the beef situation. Fans thought that they heard one of Cole’s ad-libs in the background of K.Dot’s “Alright” performance at his Los Angeles Juneteenth concert. Whether this is just a small mistake due to picking the wrong backing track or a deliberate decision might be an unanswered question for the rest of time. But at least it was cool to take note of.

If you’re looking for more after hearing this leak, you will get new J Cole material soon… But it might not sound like “Mama’s Eyes.” For example, he was recently spotted filming a music video with Tee Grizzley in New York City, so they could have some heat on the way. Nevertheless, it’s more likely than not that The Fall Off will be a more lyrically dense and emotively measured LP. We’ll see if this new unreleased record makes that tracklist or if it’s just an old idea.

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Jeremih Essential Songs

Since his debut, Jeremih has been a defining voice in contemporary R&B. With a knack for blending sensuality with mainstream appeal, Jeremih has consistently delivered chart-topping hits that have resounded with a broad audience. His influence on the music industry is marked by a string of successful singles and collaborations that showcase his versatility and enduring appeal.

Over the years, Jeremih has garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. This has helped cement his position as a key figure in modern R&B. From his breakout hit “Birthday Sex” to his numerous high-profile collaborations, Jeremih’s discography is a testament to his adaptability. This exploration of his essential tracks highlights the songs that have defined his career, illustrating why he remains an influential artist in the music industry.

1. “Birthday Sex” (2009)

“Birthday Sex” is the track that catapulted Jeremih into the spotlight. Released in 2009, this debut single quickly became a hit, peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The sultry lyrics and silky production made it a staple on radio stations and playlists. Further, the impact of “Birthday Sex” extended beyond its chart performance. It established Jeremih as a fresh voice in R&B, capable of delivering commercially viable and artistically distinctive hits. The song’s success also helped propel his self-titled debut album to significant acclaim. It marked the beginning of a string of successful releases. “Birthday Sex” remains a defining track in Jeremih’s discography, emblematic of his knack for creating memorable, seductive R&B.

2. “Down On Me” (Feat. 50 Cent) (2010)

Teaming up with 50 Cent, Jeremih released “Down on Me” in 2010. It was a track that firmed his position in mainstream music. Moreover, the song peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Down on Me” highlighted Jeremih’s ability to collaborate seamlessly with hip-hop artists. The collaboration with 50 Cent brought a new level of exposure and credibility to Jeremih’s career. The music video featured innovative visuals and a viral “hologram” performance, further boosting the song’s popularity. “Down on Me” remains a fan favorite.

3. “Don’t Tell ‘Em” (Feat. YG) (2014)

Released in 2014, “Don’t Tell ‘Em” featuring YG became one of Jeremih’s biggest hits. The track’s infectious beat, produced by DJ Mustard, made it an instant club anthem. Peaking at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Don’t Tell ‘Em” was bolstered by its clever interpolation of Snap!’s “Rhythm Is a Dancer.” It further added a nostalgic element to its modern production. “Don’t Tell ‘Em” also received critical acclaim for its production and Jeremih’s smooth vocal delivery. The collaboration with YG brought a hip-hop edge to the track, making it a standout in Jeremih’s catalog and a staple in his live performances.

4. “Planes” (Feat. J. Cole) (2015)

“Planes,” featuring J. Cole, is a testament to Jeremih’s ability to blend sensuality with lyrical depth. Released in 2015, the track features lush production and introspective lyrics that explore themes of desire and escapism. The song went on to amass significant commercial success. It reached the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned a platinum certification. Moreover, “Planes” stands out for its sophisticated production and the chemistry between Jeremih and J. Cole. It emphasizes Jeremih’s talent for creating evocative R&B tracks that balance mainstream appeal with artistic integrity.

5. “Oui” (2015)

“Oui,” released in 2015, is one of Jeremih’s most romantic and well-received songs. The track’s melodic production creates a dreamy atmosphere, making it popular for weddings and special occasions. “Oui” also showcases Jeremih’s ability to craft tender, emotionally resonant songs that connect with listeners on a personal level. Further, the song performed well on the charts, peaking at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its success further solidified Jeremih’s reputation as a versatile artist capable of delivering both club anthems and love ballads.

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Did Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Pop Out’ Concert Have A J. Cole Reference?

kendrick lamar
Getty Image

Kendrick Lamar fans are convinced they found a J. Cole-related Easter egg in their replays of Kendrick’s Pop Out — Ken & Friends concert. You may remember that at the outset of the titanic conflict between Kendrick Lamar and his longtime rival Drake, J. Cole was actually the one who took up the gauntlet thrown down by Ken on “Like That” first. However, Cole bowed out relatively quickly, leaving the other two stars to battle it out over the course of several increasingly vitriolic diss tracks, including the megahit, “Not Like Us.” So…

Did Kendrick Lamar’s Pop Out Concert Have A J. Cole Reference?

According to some fans, yes. During the intro to Kendrick’s 2015 anthem “Alright,” fans swear they noticed an ad-lib that isn’t on the original, meaning that the backing track played during the show was likely taken from “Black Friday,” a double single released by Kendrick and Cole in 2015 on which they rapped on each other’s beats (Ken used Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive track “A Tale Of 2 Citiez.”

Now, as for why Ken’s DJ would throw on that version of the backing track… who knows, really, other than Kendrick and his DJ? Maybe in pulling together the instrumentals for the performance, they dropped the wrong song in the folder. Or perhaps it was a nod and a wink to J. Cole himself, acknowledging him for withdrawing from the fight for his own personal reasons. Honestly, it was such a tiny moment (heck, it took people a week of rewatches to notice it in the first place), maybe it means nothing.

But the way the battle between Drake and Ken played out shows that the Compton native is nothing if not supremely calculating, so there probably is a reason… he’s just not going to tell us about it.

Kendrick Lamar Used J Cole’s Vocals During “Pop Out” Show

Everything Kendrick Lamar does is by design. The rapper already had a reputation for being fastidious, due to his ambitious concept albums. The battle with Drake, however, took things to a new level. Lamar is now hailed as the most dangerous artist on the planet, as evidenced by the legendary “Pop Out” show. Kung Fu Kenny got an entire stadium (basically an entire coast) to sing along to his scathing diss tracks. Hidden amidst all the hatred, though, was a hidden message for the other rapper in the Big Three.

The X (formerly Twitter) account Cole World spotted a crucial detail during Lamar’s performance of “Alright.” The song sounds just like it does on To Pimp a Butterfly, but at the five second mark of the video, the voice of J Cole can be heard. Cole clearly says the word “yeah” before K. Dot digs into the chorus. What does this mean? Well, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole swapped instrumentals back on Back Friday 2015. The former rapped over Cole’s “A Tale of 2 Citiez,” while the latter rapped over “Alright.” Both artists did their thing, even if the general consensus is that Lamar washed his fellow superstar.

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Kendrick Lamar Snuck In J Cole Ad-Libs On “Alright”

It appears as though Kendrick Lamar used ad-libs from J Cole’s version of “Alright” in his recent live performance. It’s a minor detail, but it carries major implications. Lamar challenged both Drake and J Cole’s supremacy on his “Like That” verse. He claimed that neither rapper could hold a candle to him, and Cole even dropped a response, “7 Minute Drill.” The way J Cole handled the aftermath is going to haunt him for the rest of his career, but the bottom line is: he apologized. Lamar and Cole seem cool once more. Lamar collaborators Daylyt and Ab-Soul even appeared on J Cole’s recent album.

Kendrick Lamar has not made any public statements about the Big Three battle. He’s let his music and his live shows do the talking. It’s unlikely he will address his relationship with J Cole directly, but placing his vocals in the mix of his LA-centric “Pop Out” show certainly implies that Lamar is showing love to the Dreamville icon. The decision to do is also another dig against Drake, who spent most of 2023 linking up with Cole on tour and on record. Diabolical.

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