Internet Money Brings Together Roddy Ricch & Kodak Black On “I Remember”

Internet Money enlisted the powerhouse duo of Roddy Ricch and Kodak Black for their first offering of the year, “I Remember.” Taz Taylor teased the single earlier this week before Roddy and Yak’s respective teams confirmed that the two have a monstrous collaboration on the way. Internet Money layer the rumbling 808-heavy production with performances from Roddy and Yak that reflect their come-ups and getting it out of the mud. Internet Money and Taz Taylor truly found a sweet spot for the two artists. 

The elasticity in Roddy’s melodies adds urgency to the harsh realities that he faced in the streets on the Internet Money single. Meanwhile, Kodak Black holds it down with an autotune-laden performance that feels like something out of his back catalog. Produced by Dyryk, DJ Showtime, Nick Mira, Nash, Cxdy, E-Trou, and Taz Taylor, Internet Money brings out the best of the two artists on the record. Surprisingly, this only marks Roddy Ricch and Kodak Black’s second collaboration after previously joining forces with 21 Savage on “Hibachi.

Internet Money Sets The Tone On Roddy Ricch & Kodak Black-Assisted Single

The Taz Taylor-founded collective continues to maintain and raise the high standard it delivered when it was formed in 2015. Over the past few years, Internet Money’s collaborations with the leading figures of the new school, such as Roddy Ricch and Kodak Black, have cemented their sound and birthed some historic moments in rap. “I Remember” in a tone-setting anthem and we’re certainly anticipating that they’ll have the summer on lock, once again.

Last year, Internet Money came through with the six-song EP, We All We Got. The effort brought Internet Money together with a handful of collaborators including Yeat, Lil Tecca, Ken Carson, Lucki, and Lil Yachty. Hopefully, “I Remember” leads the campaign for an official follow-up to 2020’s B4 The Storm. Check their new single above.

Quotable Lyrics
They never know what they worth, I let a ghost on they curb
In the projects, I’m Malcolm X, I’m froze
Keep a few shooters at my shows, some with me, some out the door
Back, pour a face in the Rolls, stay outside, and I ride with big old five,

03 Greedo & Maxo Kream Team Up On “Buss Me A Script”

03 Greedo’s home and he’s wasting no time getting back into the mix. The West Coast rapper returned last week with the release of “Bacc Like I Never Left,” his first post-prison release. Though he didn’t go the “First Day Home” route, his latest single sounded like he didn’t miss a beat during his incarceration. How could he? The rapper continued to keep fans satisfied with a slew of projects including January’s Free 03.

Though 03 Greedo already amassed a massive catalog of unreleased music, he’s back in the booth recording fresh new tracks. After he was granted parole in January, he was released to a halfway house where he was putting in work. “Where I am I just want to see my daughter and record music,” 03 Greedo said in a statement via Instagram “I wish I could have released alot more music while I was away. So, I have this chip on my shoulder to just go record n drop at least 12 tapes before my major album and I honestly just don’t want to talk to alot of people yet. I got a lot I want to clear in my head first.”

03 Greedo & Maxo Kream Make The Cali-Texas Connection On New Collab

It’s been a while since Maxo Kream and 03 Greedo connected on wax but they’re back at it again this week with “Buss Me A Script.” This time, Greedo turns down the auto-tune while flexing his various flows with a touch of urgency to his delivery. 03 Greedo kicks things off, reflecting on his cash flow and celebrating their status. Meanwhile, Maxo Kream’s smooth, laidback flow comes through on the second verse for an incredible pairing.

The latest single from Maxo Kream and 03 Greedo, who previously worked together on “Beg Your Pardon,” is expected to land on Greedo’s upcoming album, Halfway There. The rapper’s upcoming project includes 33 songs in total with features from Ty Dolla $igh, Babyface Ray, and Peewee Longway, among others. It will also include production from Harry Fraud, Lex Luger, and more. Check the new single above.

Quotable Lyrics
If I want you gone, get you killed the same day
Big homie in my zone, they gon’ drill when I say
Spin a opp like a DJ, Kay with the Slay
Kill a cop like Denzel on Training Day

NBA Youngboy & ZAYEL Join Forces On “Members Only”

NBA Youngboy and up-and-coming rapper ZAYEL have a certified heater on their hands with their new collab, “Members Only,” which arrived with a set of visuals where YB debuts his new tattoo. The two rappers collide over smooth, bluesy production for their latest offering, which finds them ruminating about the harsh environments they came up in. ZAYEL takes it back to where it all started when his first starts, sharing details of his school days before eventually, reflecting on the risks that come with the streets. It’s an honest and grim verse, though it’s also an excellent introduction to ZAYEL for those who only introduced themselves to him through his collab with NBA Youngboy.

Still, it’s NBA Youngboy who comes through with an impressive verse for the second half of “Members Only.” This time, NBA Youngboy comes through swinging, reflecting on his own rags-to-riches story on his record with ZAYEL. The rapper’s militant energy shines across through the record. “I can tell you I ain’t the one to f*ck with, this sh*t get bloody, boy/ Rolls Royce, I remember I used to ride around in stolen cars,” he raps on the record. NBA Youngboy precisely lays down what he’s about and everything that made him who he is in a succinct verse. Hopefully, we hear more energy like this from him on his next project.

NBA Youngboy Collides With ZAYEL For Their New Collab

Despite the violent imagery scattered across his verse, NBA Youngboy appears to emphasize his latest mantra about entertainment vs reality on ZAYEL’s “Members Only.” The rapper’s currently gearing up for his upcoming album, Don’t Try This At Home, which he teased during a rare appearance on Rap Radar, where he also described how a lot of rappers aren’t who they appear to be on wax. 

Ahead of his collaboration with ZAYEL, NBA Youngboy formally announced an April 21st release date for his next project. Don’t Try This At Home will reportedly consist of 33 songs in total, though it’s unclear if “Members Only” will appear on the tracklist. Prior to this, NBA Youngboy shared singles like “Next” and “Demon Party” in anticipation of the album. Check the new single above.

Quotable Lyrics
Cop shit, don’t run and tell the Feds, they know I knock shit
Knife on the yard, play, I send a n***a to the shop, bitch
Behind the bars, I shut a nigga down, they know how Top get
Ben, tell a n***a, “Fuck ’em,” once he released, he gon’ get blitzed

Hit-Boy & Nas Trade Bars On “The Tide”

Hit-Boy is less than two days away from the release of his next studio album, and he’s reunited with Nas for his latest release. The King’s Disease collaborators join forces on Hit-Boy’s self-produced single, “The Tide,” which arrived alongside a set of new visuals. HB’s back to chopping up soul samples and fueling up his lyrical bag as he trades bars with the Queensbridge legend for his latest offering from Surf or Drown.

Hit-Boy’s rapping with a chip on his shoulder as he sets the record off. As he reflects on the self-imposed pressure of proving himself on Surf Or Drown, he also details the jarring realities of the documented deaths of artists like Takeoff and PNB Rock. “Imagine seeing Tupac body on IG/ How they did PNB, how they did Takeoff,” he raps in the verse. “Holdin’ ya wrist high these days is a high risk.” Nas echoes this sentiment as he looks back at his success and the jealousy of others that lingered through his circle in his 30+ year career.

Hit-Boy Goes Bar-For-Bar With Nas On “The Tide”

In comparison to “Slipping Into Darkness” ft. The Alchemist, Hit-Boy’s new collaboration with Nas delves deeper into his range as a producer. Though the first half of the record focuses on a classic sound that helped Nas rejuvenate his career with King’s Disease, the latter part finds Nas and Hit-Boy trading bars over a woozy, aquatic soundscape. They delve deeper into the braggadocious bars for the record, merging their undeniable chemistry, once again.

Hit-Boy’s Surf Or Drown arrives on Friday, March 24th with a stacked roster of collaborators. Along with Nas and The Alchemist, HB also links up with the likes of Dom Kennedy, Curren$y, James Fauntleroy, Avelino, and more over the 11-song tracklist. At this point, Hit-Boy’s proven to be a titan of a producer but Surf Or Drown indicates that we should no longer limit him to that title. Check out the new song above.

Quotable Lyrics
Fuck is they sayin’? Shit is outrageous
N***as don’t even get fly as my baby is
This shit is easy, I go the craziest
I go insane, it should be my alias

Travis Scott & The Alchemist Collab Teased On Twitter

A simple Twitter Q&A with one of the funniest and most down-to-earth producers in the game led to some wild speculation. While answering fan questions on the social media platform, The Alchemist hinted at a potential Travis Scott collab. However, if you look at the actual question and response, it’s one interpretation of many. Moreover, a fan asked the legendary producer if he’s produced music for Travis Scott yet. When Al replied with a zipped-up mouth emoji, fans took it to mean that there’s some heat on the way. For what it’s worth, they’ve been pictured together, but it doesn’t look like they’ve released anything official together yet.

Of course, the California beatsmith didn’t answer yes or no, so any possible collaborations are still secret. Also, La Flame would be just another name on Al’s incredibly varied, dense, and impressive list of collaborators. As for the future, he’s gearing up for his next album The Great Escape, a collaboration with Larry June due March 31. Its single “60 Days” actually sees ALC drop some bars of his own, bringing his talents to the mic.

The Alchemist Teases Travis Scott Collab

In fact, it’s a practice he repeated on his Hit-Boy collab “Slipping Into Darkness,” on which they rap over each other’s instrumentals. Even though it’s not the first time he’s done this sort of thing, hearing the Alfredo producer on the mic is always a treat. Given his insane production chops and penchant for woozy sampling and cavernous production, he’d actually fit well with Travis. In addition, it helps that the Houston superstar is one of the more creative artistic directors among his colleagues. As such, any collab of his will likely involve a lot of vision, creativity, and an intoxicating atmosphere for fans.

Meanwhile, the “STARGAZING” MC and producer might be dropping his highly anticipated album UTOPIA this summer. Moreover, Kevin Durant recently revealed that Travis told him the album is “f***ing insane.” Epic Records CEO Sylvia Rhone also recently stated that UTOPIA will likely drop in June of this year. With that anticipation in mind, the thought of a beat from these two sonic wizards has fans foaming at the mouth. Stick around on HNHH to see if it happens, and for the latest on Travis Scott and The Alchemist.


Lil Uzi Seemingly Hints At Playboi Carti Collab: “About 2 Take Over The World”

Two of hip-hop’s most beloved figures (and duos) of the past few years might be making a comeback soon. Moreover, Lil Uzi Vert just posted an Instagram story suggesting that they and Playboi Carti will work together again soon. “Me and my luv about to take over the world,” they wrote on IG, tagging Carti in the post. Furthermore, they also tagged themselves, with each tag corresponding to one of two kids pictured in the post. Between them stands a tall figure with what looks like a goat head, and Uzi included an upside-down cross emoji. Even though they already pushed back against accusations of satanism, that certainly doesn’t make their case any easier to make.

Still, this got fans incredibly excited, especially after the “Just Wanna Rock” star had some loving words for their “Shoota” collaborator during their Rolling Loud L.A. set. Well, they weren’t words, but rather lyrics to an unreleased Uzi song, presumably from the upcoming Pink Tape. “Shout out to Carti,” they rap in the short but electrifying snippet, at least based off the crowd’s reaction. “We don’t talk hardly, but that’s where my heart be.”

Lil Uzi Vert Hints At Playboi Carti Collab On IG

In fact, Carti had a noteworthy Rolling Loud L.A. set of his own, during which he also teased unreleased music. Furthermore, his set began with a track (fans call it “Rockstar”) that could’ve fit snugly on Whole Lotta Red: aggressive, buzzy, and screamed like there’s no tomorrow. As one of the most noteworthy performers of the moment, it seems like every Carti show becomes most people’s highlight at a festival. However, public favor when it comes to Carti is skewed at the moment, given recent revelations concerning his alleged abuse of his girlfriend. As such, his legacy is now an even more complicated one, and his lack of social media presence makes it hard for fans to get assurance that he regrets, didn’t commit, or retroactively condemns his actions.

Meanwhile, Carti did speak on a potential Uzi collab in a XXL interview last year, and even used similar language to Uzi’s IG post. “Uzi is working on mad music right now,” the “Stop Breathing” rapper remarked. “I don’t know if [they’re] serious about a lot of things. But I hope one day we can change the world with that, for sure.” On the other hand, the Philly icon gave an update on The Pink Tape recently to TMZ, saying that sobriety helped them make about 700 songs for the project. With those promises in mind, time will tell if they manifest and if external issues impact their relationship. For when that day comes, stick around on HNHH for the latest on Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti.


Lil Nas X Performs “Down Souf Hoes” Feat. Saucy Santana At Lollapalooza Ahead Of Song’s Debut

Lil Nas X is trending once again, as he hits the stage at Lollapalooza. The outspoken artist is known for putting on high-energy and jaw-dropping shows. Additionally, many are aware of his racy and sometimes controversial approach to his career. Since 2019, Nas has been steadily climbing the ladder of success, constantly bringing something new and interesting to the table during his performances. His set at this weekend’s festival was no different. Currently, fans are going crazy with excitement after he sang an unreleased song featuring Saucy Santana.

Titled “Down Souf Hoes,” the infectious tune brings everything you would expect from this duo. The song is not technically a new one, as Lil Nas X and Santana performed it together in late 2022. Unfortunately, it has yet to become publicly available on any streaming service. After his latest performance, however, listeners are now demanding an actual release of the joint effort ASAP. Their demands may be met this summer, as the Atlanta native has plans to release a new project that will include his work with his contemporary.

Lil Nas X Twerks to “Down Souf Hoes”

Santana, best known for his TikTok favourite, “Material Girl,” first started as a makeup artist for the City Girls, JT and Yung Miami. The same year that Lil Nas X started to blow up, the Connecticut native began his rapping career. His first hit was “Walk ‘Em Like a Dog,” and he has carved out a lane for himself in the industry as an openly LGBT artist. Not many people were surprised when Santana linked up with Nas to create music. Both creatives have a similar style, as well as a shared love for makeup and fashion.

While Lil Nas X hopes to be dropping his new album in the summer, no official release date has been confirmed. However, most people are expecting his sophomore effort (along with the long-awaited “Down Souf Hoes”) to drop during Pride season. Seeing as the MONTERO hitmaker has always been very open about his sexuality in his music, it would make sense for him to wait until June. Check back later for any updates on a potential release date.