Lil Nas X’s Dad Snaps On Boosie After His Latest Homophobic Rant

Once again, Baton Rouge rapper Boosie BadAzz has gone off on a homophobic rant regarding Lil Nas X, and once again, Nas’ father has stepped in to check the Southern rapper. After Nas joked during an Instagram Live stream that he had a song with Boosie on the way, the Louisiana rapper jumped into a tirade on Twitter in which he slung slurs and issued some violent invective. However, on Tuesday, Nas’ father Robert Stafford, posted an Instagram story rebuking Boosie, calling him washed up.

“How the hell you’re a gangsta rapper promoting drugs, gun violence, degrading women and getting high every video talking about how you’re for the kids,” Stafford questioned. “Man sit your old looking a*s down. The game has past you. We real bankhead over here. Not like the guy who claims it. CHAMPIONS!” It’s not the first time he jumped in to defend his son; when DaBaby made comments interpreted as homophobic during his Rolling Loud set, Stafford went in on the North Carolina rapper as well.

Meanwhile, Boosie seemed uncowed by the talking-to, sneering via Twitter, “DONT GET MAD AT ME CAUSE YOUR SON CAME OUT LIKE THAT LOL I KNOW IT HURTS.”

Previously, Boosie lashed out at Nas during a live stream after apparently taking Nas’ joke about performing naked literally. “That’s the most disrespectful muthaf*cka in the world,” he said, among a slew of other NSFW and highly offensive comments. After being called out by fans on Twitter, he accepted an invitation to The Breakfast Club, where he doubled down. His fascination with Lil Nas X even prompted a late-night Twitter rant that got him excoriated by fans who think he’s paid just a little too much attention to Nas’ moves someone who disapproves so much.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem like the two are likely to resolve their issues anytime soon, as Boosie seems uninterested in growth and Nas is one of the internet’s most prolific trolls.

Boosie Badazz Goes On A Homophobic Rant Against Lil Nas X After The Singer Joked That They Had A Song Together

For quite some time, Boosie Badazz has been openly homophobic on social media, including recent comments directed at Lil Nas X. The rapper has been critical of the singer on multiple occasions, and the most recent example of it is by far the worst. After Lil Nas X joked that he and Boosie had a collaboration on the way, Boosie delivered a truly unhinged homophobic thread.

“STOP TROLLING ME F***** LOL U A WHOLE B*TCH PLAYING WITH A GANGSTA SMH U CAN KEEP SUCKING D*** N GETTIN F***** N YOUR ASS N PEACE.” He continued, “N #uhateyourself I WOULD TOO IF I WAS YOU LOL NASx IF YOU #commitsuicide YOU WOULD DO THIS WORLD A HUGE FAVOR,” before concluding with, “NOBODY WANTS U HERE.” Boosie continued his rant by using a clip of Stephen A. Smith talking on the ESPN show First Take. He concluded by writing, “#thinkaboutit NOBODY WANTS U HERE” and “STOP PLAYING WITH THE STRAIGHT #F***** LOL.”

Lil Nas X seemed to respond to Boosie’s tweets with a sarcastic post of his own. “I am truly saddened,” he wrote. “I have never been so mortified in my life. I can’t believe disney channel has yet to play halloween town this entire October.”

Boosie Arrested After Concert Brawl


Rapper Boosie Badass has been arrested following a recent fight that broke out during a concert. The rapper was charged with second-degree criminal damage to property, inciting a riot, disorderly conduct property, and criminal trespass. Boosie Faces Charges Post-Concert Fiasco The charges stem from an incident that happened at the October 1st show for “Legends […]

Boosie Badazz Reportedly Faces Inciting A Riot And Destruction Of Property Charges For A Concert Fight

A recent concert in Atlanta has landed Boosie Badazz in some new legal troubles. According to HipHopDX, the rapper was reportedly arrested for inciting a riot and destruction of property following a brawl that occurred at the show. The event was the opening stop for the Legendz Of The Streetz Tour (previously titled Feed The Streetz Tour), which also features appearances from Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, T.I., Yo Gotti, Lil Kim, DJ Drama, and Jeezy. It was at the October 1 show that the brawl broke out during Boosie’s set, and in a video obtained by TMZ, a man left the DJ booth to confront another man. It was then that Boosie began throwing punches.

At around 12:41 am, the Atlanta Police Department was called to the venue for vandalism and upon their arrival, officers were told that Boosie and his crew damaged items that belong to the production company responsible for the tour. The rapper and his entourage were also accused of destroying property owned by the arena. On October 11, more than a week after the incident, the club promoter allegedly pressed charges against the rapper for the incident, after which Boosie turned himself into a Fulton County jail. He posted an unknown amount in bond and was released on October 12.

After the Atlanta brawl, Boosie was removed from the Legendz Of The Streetz Tour and he voiced his frustration about it in a Twitter post. “THIS IS THE MOVE THEY PULLING OFF ON THE TOUR SO U CANT GET REFUNDS,” he wrote. “READ IT CLEAR LOL LIKE PEOPLE GO READ A SIDE DOOR LOL SH*T OUT TO ALL MY BALTIMORE FANS LOVE YALL.”