Lil Durk Offers Chicago Youth Financial Literacy Classes

Lil Durk may be well known for his brash and aggressive music, but he also has another side. The rapper, along with his Neighborhood Heroes foundation, has helped to provide Chicago youth with financial literacy classes. It’s also been reported other services will provide, like access to therapy resources. A clip recently surfaced online of the rapper hanging out with the kids and taking photos.

Another one of Lil Durk’s charitable endeavors included the creation and development of the Durk Banks Endowment Fund as part of a collaboration with Amazon Music. The Almost Healed rapper donated nearly $350,000 to Howard University in the form of scholarships and grants. Additionally, he awarded two Chicago students $50,000 each to attend the HBCU, as well as $250,000 that will contribute to the university’s GRACE Grant. He and his team also offered select students the opportunity to join his Neighborhood Heroes HBCU College & Career Readiness Cohort Program.

Lil Durk Founded His Neighborhood Heroes Foundation In 2020

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For nearly three years, the Neighborhood Heroes Foundation has worked to “empower and collaborate with everyday Heroes who are taking the lead to make positive change in the lives of those within under-resourced neighborhoods across the nation,” according to its website. Lil Durk founded the nonprofit organization back in 2020. It was created during a key time of civil unrest in the country and George Floyd’s death.

But not everything in the rapper’s life is worth celebrating. Chicago police have opened an investigation into reports of an active shooter at the United Center, where Lil Durk was supposed to perform. Details about the incident are scarce but reportedly, law enforcement responded to multiple calls about a gunman at the venue. Videos posted to social media showed fans fleeing the scene. According to the sources, the gunman opened fire while Durk’s concert was in progress, causing the show to be stopped. As mentioned, very little information about this incident is currently available. The only sources are videos reposted by the likes of No Jumper. Additionally, there are reports that the active shooter designation was false.

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NLE Choppa’s “Dream Court” In Memphis Damaged From Fire

A basketball court that NLE Choppa donated to his community less than two weeks ago went up in flames this weekend, causing significant damage to what the rapper hoped would be a safe space for children. According to Action News 5, Memphis Fire Department arrived at the “Dream Court” at the Raleigh Community Center on Saturday morning. At around 7 a.m., they witnessed the court as fire damaged the state-of-the-art facility that the Cottonwood 2 rapper donated. The MFD believes that an accident involving fireworks caused damage to the court.

The rapper opened the court less than two weeks ago in partnership with Nancy Lieberman Charities. The court opened up at the Raleigh Community Center as Liberman’s latest philanthropic venture. “We get in positions to give back, to be an inspiration, to be motivation for the youth,” said NLE Choppa. He further explained that he wanted to create a place where kids can safely make friends and play basketball.  “We’ll do everything we can as a city to make this right,” said Nick Walker, Memphis Parks director.

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NLE Choppa’s Mom Speaks

Some residents in the area didn’t even have the chance to use the court before it went up in flames. His mom and manager, Angelita Potts, told Fox 13 about the fire and the impact it has on the community. “All types of things run through your mind and it’s like, who in the world would destroy a basketball court that is built for kids,” Potts said. “It’s heartbreaking in general, but it doesn’t make you feel a little better or at ease to know that it wasn’t intentional.”

Despite the unfortunate incident, NLE Choppa already plans to repair the damages and re-open the court, especially as summer vacation approaches. Potts said that the rapper’s working alongside the city council to ensure that kids can play basketball safely. “We’re working with the city and city council to try and see what we can do,” said Potts. “But with him being himself, he’s just thanking God nobody was hurt. It could’ve been worse.” We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates surrounding NLE Choppa’s “Dream Court” in Memphis. 

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Kodak Black Says He Wants To Be More Well-Known As A Philanthropist

Kodak Black recently made some very interesting remarks on Instagram Live about what he wants to be known as. While many know him as one of the cornerstone artists of the SoundCloud rap generation still making huge numbers today, the Florida rapper expressed a desire to create a different public image around him. Moreover, he said that he no longer concerns himself with gangster attitudes and the lifestyle his music uses as subject matter. Rather, he wants to get more recognition as a community leader and family man. Whether the public reciprocates his wishes or not, he’s taken steps towards that goal.

“People care to be a gangsta,” the 25-year-old remarked. “They care for n-ggas looking at them like they some type of gangsta. I don’t give a f**k about that s**t you heard me? I don’t live for that. I’m a philanthropist, a good n***a, righteous, all that. I only worry about being a good son and making sure my mom is proud of me. Making sure my family proud of me.” Given how his recent legal troubles had minimal interference with his live shows, this is certainly a good sign that Kodak Black will have a much different legacy than what many assumed about him.

Kodak Black Wants To Change His Public Image

However, that’s not to say that his past mistakes have no bearing on his public image today. For example, he notably appeared on Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers as a principal narrative voice, complete with his own interlude. As the album tackles themes of generational trauma, personal accountability, and a host of other dense topics, many saw his inclusion as either righteous or dangerous given his history of assault. Furthermore, fans had to decide whether him being on the album was enough to repent, or whether to still demand a true change of heart from the “No Flockin” hitmaker given his initial lackluster apology and the fact he doesn’t address it on the album.

Regardless of that controversy, Yak positively impacted his community and family in many ways. Moreover, he paid rent for 28 families facing eviction last September. “28 Families Was Bout To Get Evicted For Being Behind On Their Rent A Few Months,” he expressed on his IG story. “I Paid What They Owed And Also Paid Their Rents For The Next Few Months So They Good For The Remaining Of The Year.” Amid other charitable works and business endeavors, Kutthroat Bill continued to inspire more positive impacts and attitudes. Now, his own reckoning with his past and his mistakes seems like the next step. Still, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Kodak Black.


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