DJ Scheme Announces New Juice WRLD Song

Juice WRLD left behind an abundance of music. The rapper’s known for his prolificacy in the booth, resulting in vaults worth of music that have surfaced one way or another. Some records leaked to the frustration of his team and family, while others have officially found their way on streaming services. This week, however, one of Juice WRLD’s closest collaborators and friends confirmed that we’ll be getting new music from him immediately.

DJ Scheme hit Twitter this morning where he confirmed that a new single from the Legends Never Die artist will finally hit DSPs. “New Juice tmrw.. [eyes emoji] ok good night,” he wrote on Twitter around 1:17 am EST. Though Lil Bibby or the rest of his team have confirmed the news, it looks like we can have new heat from Juice WRLD to look forward to this week. Perhaps, it’ll be one of the leaks that surfaced online over the past few months.

Juice WRLD’s Final Album Coming Soon

Since Juice WRLD’s passing in 2019, a pair of posthumous albums have dropped. His estate dropped Legends Never Die in 2020, which produced records like “Come & Go” ft Marshmello and “Wishing Well.” Then,  in 2021, his team unveiled Fighting Demons, his second posthumous album. The project included huge collaborations alongside Justin Bieber, Suga of BTS, Polo G, and Trippie Redd. Ultimately, it became a massive commercial success that showcased how big of an artist Juice WRLD would’ve been if he was still alive.

Though fans have been able to enjoy Juice WRLD’s music over the past few years through the release of posthumous albums, Lil Bibby confirmed the next project will be the last. He shared a statement on Twitter in February where he explained that he wanted fans to “celebrate the life of Juice,” rather than mourn his death. “I want everyone that Juice loved while he was here to help celebrate, especially his fans who he loved! You guys have been the best fans an artist can have (Minus the death threats to Bibby),” he wrote. We’ll keep you posted on any updates surrounding his next album. For now, keep your eyes peeled for Juice WRLD’s new single, due out later today (March 22).

Everything We Know About Juice WRLD’s Upcoming Posthumous Album

What do we know about Juice Wrld’s posthumous album? One of the biggest what-ifs in the music industry, Juice Wrld, was a different breed. Jarad Anthony Higgins, or his stage name Juice Wrld was an emo-rapper who just went into the studio and freestyled song after song.

Often using the same instrumental and recording 2-3 different songs from that beat. It has been rumored that Juice has over 2,000 songs in his discography that are still unreleased to this day. Fans hope we get some of those unreleased songs on the new album.

Timeline Of Juice WRLD

Juice, during his life, had recorded and put out two studio albums and one ep. Those would be the “999 EP”, “Goodbye & Good Riddance,” and “Death Race For Love.” 

After his death, Juice was still under contract with the record label Grade A. They had gathered songs that Juice Wrld potentially wanted on an album and created two more albums under his name. These two posthumous albums were called “Legends Never Die” and “Fighting Demons.”

Everything We Know About The Juice Wrld Album “The Party Never Ends”

Being delayed multiple times, the album has been promised to us numerous times. Lil Bibby, who owns Grade A Productions, always promises the fans the album. Many fans dislike Bibby because of these false promises. 

The album was first teased to the fans in July of 2021 by Juice Wrld’s manager Peter Jideonwo. He told the fans that the album would be released that summer and have fewer than five features. 

Jideonwo had this to say on Instagram Live back in 2021, “I can’t guarantee the album will be this month, but pretty soon,” Jideonwo revealed in an Instagram Live. He continued: “‘The Party Never Ends’ is going to be the best album, not only musically but creatively. We got a big collab on the album cover and also the merch. Everything about it is fire. We’re not just doing some basic music… we’re taking our time to craft a classic you’ll talk about for the next ten years.”


Juice Wrld’s estate went on and officially announced the album on July 8, 2021. It was accompanied by a 15-second project trailer on YouTube. 

It was confirmed that this album at the time would be the first part of a trilogy series. Lil Bibby himself revealed this in a June interview with VladTv. 

Months have passed, and we didn’t get many updates until Lil Bibby tweeted, “first part of the album is 90% done, jus waiting on @trvisXX spam him!!”. From there on, we would continue to get tweets from Juice’s circle. Tweets that referenced song lyrics to tweets talking about updates on the album. 

Postponing The Album

Lil Bibby would continue to tweet out more release dates and say they are waiting on people. It was always an excuse, and the album continued to be delayed longer and longer. 

When the documentary was about to be released, Bibby went on Instagram live to explain that he had to postpone the album again. He also wanted to have the documentary of Juice WRLD released with the album. As we can see, the album never dropped.

We would then receive an update that the album would drop in 2022. From there, multiple people would start getting creative with the tracklist and leaking it. The label denied most of the tracklists as false, but many continued to make them. 

On Instagram and Twitter, fans would continue to ask people in Juice’s circle about the album’s release dates. They would also go on to ask them to put out certain songs or suggested songs to be on the tracklist. 

Canceling The Album

April 29, 2022, Lil Bibby tweeted, “no party this year.” This comes from leakers and hackers posting unreleased music on third-party sites. This led to the frustration of Bibby and Grade A, as they wanted to release the album but couldn’t because of the leaks. 

Lil Bibby, Pete Jideonwo, and DJ Scheme would all go on to vent about the frustration of the leakers and blame them and the fans that the album wouldn’t come out because of them. Bibby even threatened to cancel the album because hackers leaked the unreleased music. 

A New Hope

Since then, only a little has been heard about the album and its updates. Nevertheless, on February 4, Bibby posted an update on Instagram. He explained how this would be the last album in the works—changing from the original idea of a trilogy. 

This is what he said on Instagram, “The Last Juice WRLD Album is in the works… We want this album to feel like a Celebration/Party! Let’s celebrate the life of Juice 🙏🏽🎈🕊 No more mourning, I want everyone that Juice loved while he was here to help celebrate, especially his fans who he loved! You guys have been the best fans an artist can have (Minus the death threats to Bibby) 😂🙏🏽❤. I’m not gonna complain but i’ll jus say this is not easy. We miss you, We love you 999 til the world ends 🧃🌍.”

This announcement happened after Juice Wrld’s discography was reportedly sold to Opus Music Group. We don’t know if the Instagram post meant that this would be Juice’s last Grade A album, but many fans hope this will not be the end. 

A New Release Date

Fans were blessed to hear an apparent release date for the album. Of course, we are now past that release date of March 13, but we got another update saying it will be released sometime this year. 

Hopefully, they are finally telling the fans the truth, as all they want is new music from Juice WRLD. So again, hopefully, this will be the last delay for the album, and that we will get it this year. 

How Much Are Rappers Selling Their Catalogs For?

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Juice WRLD’s Albums, Ranked

A generational talent gone way too soon, Juice Wrld was one of the most influential artists to this day. Born December 2, 1998, Jarad Anthony Higgins, better known as Juice Wrld, was a rising star from the Soundcloud era. Starting his musical career in high school, many of his peers persuaded him to rap and freestyle. 

Releasing his first song, “Forever,” on SoundCloud in 2014, Juice Wrld knew he had the talent to continue forward. Furthermore, dropping his first EP, “999,” on June 15, 2017, which included his most streamed song today, “Lucid Dreams.”

Album Rankings

Juice Wrld performs onstage during Made In America – Day 1. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

According to Spotify’s Twitter on April 4, 2022, these would be the rankings based on streams. “Goodbye & Good Riddance” (6.4 B+), “Legends Never Die” (4.2B+), “Death Race For Love” (4.2B+), “Fighting Demons” (1.4B+), and”WRLD ON DRUGS” (1.1B+).

With the news/leaks of his final album, “The Party Never Ends,” potentially dropping this year. Let’s take a look at Juice Wrld’s album catalog and rank them. 

Death Race For Love

A bit of a controversial pick between this album and “Goodbye & Good Riddance,” but in terms of versatility and pure talent, this album is number one. Released on March 8, 2019, this was Juice’s second studio album and the last album to be released during his lifetime.

Freestyling the album in just five days is a skill that not many can achieve. In this album, Juice Wrld speaks about taking drugs and his addictions, as well as talking about relationships and his love and lust. 

An accomplishment in his career as this album was his first to score a No. 1 on the Billboard 200. As well as producing hit songs like “Robbery,” “Empty,” “Fast,” “Make Believe,” etc. The album feels like a journey into the life of Juice Wrld, as the songs reference his lifestyle and his love for his recent girlfriend, Alli Lotti. 

Goodbye & Good Riddance

Arguably one of Juice Wrld’s best albums to many of his fans was also the first album that many of his fans came across. This was Juice’s first studio album, released on May 23, 2018. Featuring 17 songs with just one feature (Lil Uzi Vert), this album is a roller coaster of a journey. Including the use of skits in the album; if you listened to the songs in a specific order, you could see his journey.

In this album, the songs varied between the drug use and addiction he faced, as well as referencing his past relationships and achieving success over time. 

Some of Juice Wrlds most popular songs came off this album, like “All Girls Are The Same,” “Lucid Dreams,” “Lean Wit Me,” “Armed And Dangerous,” and many more. To this day, many will believe this is the number one album to date and is a staple to his music career. 

Fighting Demons

His most recent album to date, “Fighting Demons comes in at number three. Released on December 10, 2021, just two days after the two-year anniversary of his death. The album initially had 18 songs, but after reaching specific goals put out by Grade A, like getting a certain amount of views on YouTube and the community begging for more songs. So on March 18, 2022, five more songs were added to the album. 

Again Juice Wrld referenced his battle with drug addiction and added Eminem and Justin Bieber to the album to talk about their struggles as well. The album also spoke about what the name implies, and that’s the battling of his demons. The album was mainly a catalog of leaks many fans had heard before and where the names or beats were changed but still used the original lyrics.

This album is still new to the list, but it holds a lot of fans’ favorite unreleased songs at the time. Examples would be “Burn,” “Cigarettes,” “Rockstar In His Prime,” “You Wouldn’t Understand,” and probably one of the most favorite songs in the community, “Sometimes.” 

Legends Never Die

This was Juice Wrld’s first posthumous album after his death in December 2019. The album consisted of 22 songs and was realized seven months after his death on July 10, 2020. This album felt like a different vibe from the usual music he created. The album gave more of a poetic side to Juice as well as a melodic side as this album consisted of a lot of vocalizing and singing in a way. 

The album came with a response of positive views, and according to Metacritic, they rated this album a 75/100 based on ten reviews. The difference with this album was that it was also released with many singles. Additionally, that meant we heard a decent amount of songs before the release. 

This album did have some songs played on the radio and made big success on the music charts. Songs like “Righteous,” “Come & Go,” “Tell Me U Luv Me,” and “Smile” made significant impacts. But “Wishing Well” was probably the most influential song on this album as it spoke about his hardships with drugs and needing help. 

Future & Juice Wrld Present… Wrld on Drugs

Not much of an album, but more of a mixtape; this was Juice Wrld’s only published collab “album.” This mixtape was a joint effort between Juice Wrld and Future. Releasing on October 19, 2018, this mixtape can be considered underrated. 

Even though this is a mixtape, this deserves a spot on the list, even if it’s last. The style and charisma Juice had on this album were insane. Mixed with a legend like Future, with his well-known voice and vocals, making this a special mixtape. The chemistry these two had with each other was incredible.

This mixtape barely gets spoken about, but it has made some bangers and has had some decent success. Some songs to look at for would be “Jet Lag,” “Fine China,” “Realer N Realer,” and “7 Am Freestyle.

End Note

Even after the death of Juice Wrld, he continues to push insane numbers and has a very loyal fanbase. Arguably when he features on an album, he puts in some maximum effort and helps push that song to popularity.

We will never know how his full potential, but he will always have a special place in the rap community. 

Why Are Artists Selling Their Catalogs?

Over the past couple of years, the number of artists selling off portions of their publishing catalogs has risen greatly, with artists from classic rockers like Bob Dylan and Sting putting up their legacy hits to hip-hop artists like Future, Iggy Azalea, and Metro Boomin cashing in on more recent material. Even R&B and pop stars stars like John Legend, Justin Bieber, and Justin Timberlake have joined the gold rush, while the estates of both Juice WRLD and Michael Jackson have sold the stars’ catalogs.

So, why are so many artists selling their old music?

Well, it likely comes down to a couple of reasons. The first, and most obvious, is for the cash payout. While publishing is still the most lucrative revenue stream for artists outside of playing live shows and doing brand partnerships, publishing is really only profitable when songs are licensed for use in advertising, film, television, or sampling in other artists’ music. However, there really are only so many opportunities available there, and things like streaming don’t generate the kind of income that actual album sales did back in the day.

As the late David Crosby wrote on Twitter when he sold his catalog, “I can’t work …and streaming stole my record money …I have a family and a mortgage and I have to take care of them so it’s my only option ..I’m sure the others feel the same.” Now that he’s gone, that cash is likely a comfort to his family — and much easier to deal with than administrating his massive catalog. As country star Travis Tritt said when he sold his catalog to Reservoir Media, “The biggest reason for me selling was not to leave a huge headache for my family that would have to try to administrate a catalog. I’d rather leave them cash.”

The other big reason stars might be selling their catalogs has to do with taxes. Because of the way income is taxed from royalties, artists might end up keeping more of their money by selling the publishing rights all at once. Royalty payments are viewed by the IRS as regular income, which could be taxed as high as 37 percent under current tax codes depending on how much those royalties are. However, a catalog sale is taxed as capital gains — which has a much lower max rate of 20 percent.

With the current administration working to close that loophole, many artists and their business managers view it as a limited window of time to take advantage of it, and they are doing so before time runs out. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, it also makes sense because while the long-term realization of the catalogs’ value will likely be many times when artists are being paid for them now, most artists probably won’t see all that potential — even if they aren’t as old as, say, Sting.

Getting a guaranteed eight figures now rather than a possible larger payout some indiscriminate time in the future seems like a pretty good deal. After all, you can’t take it with you and you’d rather be able to enjoy it while you’re young enough to do so. And while there may be some unintended consequences down the road — monopolies are never good — for now, it would appear to be in artists’ best interests to cash out while their hand is hot — because everyone cools off eventually.

For more information, check out The Washington Post‘s coverage.

600 Breezy Claims Juice WRLD’s GF Ally Gave Rapper’s Clothes, Jewelry To New BF

Last December marked the third anniversary since Juice WRLD passed away. In 2019, Hip Hop was shocked to learn that the rapper fell ill after landing at an airport. Speculative reports ran rampant as news sources attempted to get the latest updates. It was sadly learned that Juice died of an overdose, and what led to the incident has been debated since his death. At that time, Juice was dating Ally Lotti, his girlfriend, who he often flaunted on social media. He wrote songs about her and sang to her during his live shows. These days, claims 600 Breezy, Ally may be gifting her new boyfriend with Juice’s items.

600 Breezy sat down for one of VladTV‘s lengthy interviews and spoke about his relationship with Juice. According to Breezy, the public wasn’t aware of how close he and the late rapper were. The conversation drifted to drug abuse, with Breezy revealing that following his girlfriend’s suicide last Fall, he went on a “three, four-month binge.” Vlad brought up Juice’s struggles with addictions.

600 Breezy Talks Friendship with Juice WRLD

“He is one of the biggest artists in the world, but he would have been so much bigger if he was still here,” says Breezy. He recalled sitting on FaceTime with Juice when the late rapper was shopping with Lotti. “Just life and sh*t, ’cause we understood each other. We come from the same thing. So, it’s just like, that sh*t was crazy ’cause it’s not like he purposefully overdosed. He was in a—it was some sh*t goin’ on with the police, and in his mind, it was, ‘I don’t want to get caught with these.’” Breezy added, “Certain decisions that you make, you can’t take back.”

The rapper also mentions he feels back for Juice WRLD’s family. “I be seeing what’s going on with his ex. They claiming she giving up his watches and coats and jackets and sh*t. I’m not just gon’ sit here and say she doin’ that, because I don’t really know what’s going on. Maybe she just buying [her new boyfriend] the same type of sh*t.” Breezy noted that Juice’s fans don’t play regarding his reputation, so they would stay on Ally Lotti’s neck.

Ally Lotti Was Arrested With Her New Boyfriend

Last month, TMZ reported Lotti and her boyfriend Carter Jamison were arrested after leaving a Walmart. They were accused of stealing, and later, narcotics were allegedly found on Lotti when police arrived. Both Lotti and Jamison were placed on probation after receiving a suspended sentence.

Lil Bibby Denies Selling Juice WRLD’s Catalog

Lil Bibby and Juice WRLD fans have a strange relationship. Juice signed to the fellow Chicago native’s label Grade A Productions back in 2017. Under that contract, Juice put out two studio albums before his tragic death in December 2019. Since then, two posthumous Juice records have been released. These include Legends Never Die and Fighting Demons. Additionally, a third one reportedly titled The Party Never Ends should arrive soon.

In the years after Juice’s death, however, his fans have not been fond of how Bibby and Juice’s camp have operated regarding posthumous releases. Along with The Party Never Ends being hit with multiple delays due to leaks, Juice’s cousin Millz had some harsh words for Juice’s ex-girlfriend Ally Lotti, saying she was “controlling and manipulating” him while he was alive. It’s safe to say that those who love Juice need to see a well-executed release of his next project.

Lil Bibby Hasn’t Sold

Among all this dysfunction, reports from Billboard on Feb. 3 claimed that Bibby, Grade A and Juice’s estate had sold most of Juice’s publishing rights to Opus Music Group. They represent reggateon artists like Maluma and Rauw Alejandro. However, on Feb. 6, Bibby took to Twitter to deny these claims. He tweeted: “We sold nothing…” Bibby has not elaborated on this, which makes it hard to believe that Billboard’s reports would be inaccurate. A spokesperson for Opus gave a statement to Billboard at the time the story broke that emphasized how impactful the deal is. “To represent the body of work of Juice Wrld – whose cultural significance and generational influence can’t be overstated – is an honor and a responsibility,” they said.

One day after the Billboard report, Bibby posted on Instagram that “the last Juice WRLD album is in the works,” which could certainly validate Bibby’s claims that he is still in control of Juice’s music. The Party Never Ends will be the first full-length Juice WRLD release since December 2021. It will likely serve as the final official release for the slain rapper. Surely more clarity from Bibby will come regarding who owns his publishing rights. Stay tuned to HNHH for more updates on this developing story.

Juice WRLD’s Catalog Was Reportedly Sold Last Year In A Nine-Figure Deal

Late rapper Juice WRLD‘s music catalog was reportedly sold to Opus Music Group, according to Billboard. A source reported to the magazine that his catalog was sold as part of a nine-figure deal last year. As part of the deal, Opus now owns 90% of Juice WRLD’s interest in master recording income and 90% of his share of publishing ownership.

The acquired catalog includes all Juice’s previously released albums, mixtapes, singles, and EPs, as well as “hundreds” of unreleased songs. Though, his labels, Grade A Productions and Interscope Records still own Juice’s master recordings.

Neither Juice WRLD’s representatives nor Opus Music Group has directly commented on the matter, however, Opus did issue a statement to the magazine.

“To represent the body of work of Juice Wrld – whose cultural significance and generational influence can’t be overstated – is an honor and a responsibility,” said Opus Music Group to Billboard.

Juice WRLD released two albums, 2018’s Goodbye & Good Riddance and 2019’s Death Race To Love before his untimely death, as well as a collaborative album with Future called WRLD On Drugs. Since his death in 2019, two posthumous albums, Legends Never Die and Fighting Demons have been released.

According to Opus’ website, the publishing firm also owns recordings by Maluma and Rauw Alejandro.