Chrisean Rock & Blueface Engage In Twitter War Following Lil Baby’s Comments

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are a former couple that is always shrouded in drama. Even now that the two aren’t together anymore, they are still stirring up a whole bunch of headlines. Overall, it has been very difficult for people to understand what’s going on. After all, they are always tweeting at each other or engaging in some kind of social media antic. Although it’s entertaining for some, there are others out there who are absolutely fed up about this situation, and want it to go away.

After weeks of rumors involving rap superstar Lil Baby, the artist finally decided to respond. In a series of tweets, he claimed that he and Chrisean have never hooked up and that he simply had some kind words for her at an event. Subsequently, Chrisean took to Twitter where she unleashed an unholy rant on Blueface. Essentially, she is still very much upset at Blue for posting his child naked. Moreover, she is showing the world that Blueface’s worries about Lil Baby were completely unfounded.

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Chrisean Rock Speaks

“See he finally said it …FACTS TOLD YALLL I BEEN ATTACHED TO HIS NAME BECAUSE MY BABY DADDY INSECURE ASF TOLD YALL .. someone tell blue he can stop trolling me,” Chrisean wrote. “I’m done trolling I just needed lil baby to clear the air cuz my BABY DADDY GAVE ME HELL over a n***a n won’t be believe me about anything . He was to quiet after he said “real shit!” After blue posted he was done being mean to me. N***a fuck me taking it far THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW U AINT THE FATHER . But blueface start saying u was the father just to hurt me. I’m just happy you finally speaking up cuz he won’t let me live after tht day I met you at the party.”

Blueface Responds…Kind Of

Blueface ended up engaging in this one-sided Twitter war, although barely. As you can see below, he told Chrisean that no one wants her, and that Jaidyn is the superior woman. “Don’t nobody want yo snaggle tooth ass on sY iam not yo baby daddy stop talking about me,” he wrote. Needless to say, the drama never stops. Let us know your thoughts on this, in the comments section below.

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Chinese Kitty Denies Jayda Cheaves Shade: “I Don’t Beef Over Clothes”

One of Jayda Cheaves’ vacation looks has sparked a great deal of controversy online. Recently, she shared a photo rocking a black fishnet-inspired top, complete with abundant silver hardware. After her post, Chinese Kitty posted a photo of herself wearing a very similar top, striking a dramatic pose. Fans were also quick to note her shady caption. “Just know the first girl to where this but it’s cute,” she wrote, labeling herself a “Real life #trendsetter.”

Many perceived her post as a dig at Cheaves, with some claiming that their beef could go deeper than clothes. Cheaves shares one child with rapper Lil Baby, who Chinese Kitty was romantically linked to over the summer. Asian Doll even got involved in the drama, claiming that she was actually the first person to wear the look. She shared her own version of the distressed style, but most fans agreed that it was far too different to be be compared. Countless Cheaves supporters have now taken aim at Chinese Kitty, claiming that she’s being a hater for trying to check the mother of one.

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Chinese Kitty Says She’s “Never Been A Hater”

Chinese Kitty has taken to her IG Story again, however, claiming that this whole mess never even involved Cheaves. According to her, she was making a general statement, and never meant any shade towards Lil Baby’s baby mama. “Y’all weird mfs made this about Jayda whole time last week I put the same post up before the girl even wore it,” she wrote. “Stop pushing and creating a false a** narrative over sh*t that’s not even there.” Chinese Kitty went on to claim that she’s “never been a hater” over clothes or “d*ck,” encouraging trolls to get a life.

Despite her most recent statements, it seems social media users are set on believing the shade was directed at Cheaves. What do you think of the recent controversy? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more news.

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Tesehki & Natalie Nunn’s Messy Beef Continues On “Baddies East”: Watch

Every woman who appears on Zeus’ Baddies shows is given her fair 15 minutes of fame – usually for coming to physical blows with another girl. As with most reality shows, some cast members appear in a less flattering light than others. On the latest season of Baddies East, which just began in September, it seems to be Chrisean Rock’s big sister, Tesehki, who’s the bad guy.

Due to her appearances on the “Lit” rapper’s Cr*zy In Love series, viewers are familiar with Tesehki’s typically aggressive nature. Early on in the show, rock let producer Natalie Nunn know that she had her reservations about sharing the spotlight with family, particularly because she was pregnant at the time, and didn’t want to risk a physical altercation harming her baby. Ultimately, though, the sisters saw past their differences and Rock co-signed Tesehki joining her. Unsurprisingly, the siblings appear to be at the centre of most of the drama we’ve seen so far.

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Chrisean Rock’s Sister Calls Natalie Nunn a “Meatball” on Baddies

In a preview released earlier this week, Nunn and Tesehki get into a yelling match before the former kicks the latter off of her show. Prior to Sunday’s (October 1) new episode, another teaser revealed that Rock’s sibling calls the 38-year-old a “meatball a** b**ch” in front of the camera, among other things. “She’s a clown, she’s like, goofy as f**k,” the new Baddie spouted off to her co-stars while riding on the bus.

As Tesehki enjoys her moment in the spotlight thanks to her stint on Baddies East, her little sister has given us an exciting update on Chrisean Jr. in real time. Earlier this weekend, the Baltimore native shared that the weeks-old infant will have hernia surgery in the coming days after her baby daddy, Blueface, traumatically exposed their son’s health issue to the world. Read everything Rock had to say at the link below and check back later for more updates on Natalie Nunn and her Baddies.

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Drake Shares Cryptic Post About “Fake Beef”

Recently, Drake took to his Instagram Story to get something off of his chest. The Canadian-born performer shared an image of the CN Tower in Toronto lit up in red, alongside a cryptic message. “What colour is fake beef,” he began. “Cause that’s what we should turn the CN Tower soon as we land [laughing emoji]. The boy is home in 48 so pop out and show love or close your drapes while we get to it.”

It’s unclear exactly what “fake beef” Drake was referring to in his recent post, but of course, fans are speculating. Some think that he could have been referring to Charlamagne Tha God, Kanye West, or even Bobbi Althoff. Regardless, it’s clear that he’s fed up. Others are noting how the vague reference to drama reminds them of his collaborator Nicki Minaj, who he recently joined forces with again for his upcoming album, For All The Dogs.

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Drake Hints At Fabricated Drama On IG

Though it’s evident that fans won’t be getting a clear answer as to what “fake beef” Drake’s talking about anytime soon, there’s plenty of possibilities. Charlamagne Tha God recently shared his thoughts on Drizzy’s new single with SZA, “Slime You Out,” and it didn’t seem like he was a fan. The personality said that it wasn’t as “hard” as he expected it to be, and claimed that it didn’t get the usual buzz Drake gets with his releases.

Drake later clapped back on his story, calling Charlamagne Tha God a “f**king goof.” Charlamagne then responded to the drama on The Breakfast Club, suggesting that the entire situation was planned. “I told y’all yesterday that Drake and I plan these things every time he drops certain records. He wants me to hate on them because all noise is great noise nowadays,” he explained. “And I told y’all the play but nobody believes me ’cause I’m lying. But you should believe me even when I’m lying.” What “fake beef” do you think Drake was referring to in his recent Instagram Story? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Drake.

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SZA Argues With Fan In IG DMs, Social Media Takes Singer’s Side

SZA’s voice is a force to be reckoned with, but at her core, the Ctrl songbird is a sensitive soul. Like every other artist, she’s subject to near-constant criticism both online and in person. Even with all the feats she’s achieved in her career so far, SZA struggles with insecurity every now and then, which only becomes heightened when she crosses paths with negativity directed toward her. Earlier this week, TikTok user @vadellor shared a video breaking down their experience DMing with the black-haired beauty. While the OP seemed to think their video painted SZA in an unflattering light, it’s actually her who’s feeling the heat for gaslighting the starlet.

“How I live knowing that one of the biggest music artists of the decade personal hate DM’d me for an hour straight,” @vadellor wrote on her screen at the start of the over-three-minute-long post. The creator explained that, while at the SOS Tour, they decided to recreate the “SZA Wack” meme which previously went viral for criticizing the “Slime You Out” collaborators vocals. While the teen thought it was nothing more than a joke, SZA took the photo far more personally. “I don’t think you realize how f**ked up that actually is and how hurtful it was back then and how it RUINED my confidence and desire to perform live,” the 33-year-old vented in her hater’s comments.

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TikToker Facing Backlash for SZA Hate

At this point, @vadellor admitted she was embarassed, and quickly deleted the comment. In her DMs, she found a message from SZA reading, “Not okay.” In response, the TikToker wrote, “Sorry it was just a joke.” A few hours later, the “Drew Barrymore” artist returned with more to say. “Lmao and you kept it up? After I told you how that made me feel as a human being? For laughs? Take care love 🤍. Thank you for coming.”

In true Scorpio fashion, SZA couldn’t leave it at that. Upon realizing that the OP took down her comment, she typed out another paragraph. “Before I block you, I just wanna remind you, Imma PERSON. Like, I have feelings and a life and anxiety like anyone else and it’s really hard to have courage to grt up on stage and even wanna do my job,” she shared.

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More Reactions Pour In

Keep scrolling to see what people are saying about the TikTok creator’s tense interaction with SZA. Do you think the TDE artist is unreasonable for being in her feelings over the “wack” post? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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Nicki Minaj “Uses Men As Crash Dummies,” DJ Vlad Claims

Nicki Minaj has had a lot going on lately. Earlier this week, her husband Kenneth Petty was put on house arrest after he threatened Cardi B’s man, Offset. She then took to Instagram to put her alleged swatter on blast. Fans also suspect that she was insinuating Cardi was behind the whole thing.

Multiple people have since come forward, alleging that Nicki sent people “after them” in the past. As expected, this has sparked quite a bit of controversy. Now, DJ Vlad has taken to Twitter to weigh in. He had some pretty harsh words for the rap diva, and a warning for men pursuing “women like” her.

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DJ Vlad Tells Men To “Avoid Women Like” Nicki Minaj

“Nicki Minaj’s husband is on house arrest for threatening Offset,” he began. “Right after that, she previews a song on IG saying she got killers who will pull up and do what she say. This was the same Nicki who threatened to send her husband to Akademiks’ house for his comments about her. This is the same Nicki who told Meek Mill to have his crew beat up Quentin Miller, which then happened. Have you ever heard a woman scream, ‘my man will f*ck you up!’ over something she started herself? That’s Nicki.”

DJ Vlad continued, “If you want to see how these stories end, check out my interview with Travis Rudolph. After an argument with his girlfriend, she sent her brother and 3 other guys to shoot up his house. One of them ended up dead, another one got shot. Travis was charged with murder – which he luckily beat in trial due to self-defense. To all the men out there, I don’t care how fat her a*s is or how good the sex is. Avoid women like Nicki who use men as crash dummies like the plague. I said what I said.” What do you think of DJ Vlad’s recent Twitter rant? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Nicki Minaj.

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Blueface Returns Home To Jaidyn Alexis, Immediately Torments Her

Blueface has been involved in some wild internet drama over the last few months. Overall, most of this drama has to do with the fact that he and Chrisean Rock are always fighting. Once Chrisean got pregnant, it felt like these fights became more frequent. There was a lot of toxicity going on, and it subsequently led to Blueface getting back together with Jaidyn Alexis. Alexis and Blue have kids together, and the rapper kept on singing her praises. Consequently, Chrisean was rightfully upset, and things escalated.

However, this past week, Jaidyn Alexis was the one going after Blueface. This is because the rapper reunited with Chrisean so that he could see his son. Moreover, Chrisean was in the music video for his new song, “Baby Momma Drama.” Alexis felt kind of betrayed by this, and she unleashed a rant on Twitter that was quite powerful. But now, as is typically the case with Blue, fences have been mended, and he has since reunited with Alexis.

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Blueface & Jaidyn Alexis Together Again

In the video above, posted by The Neighborhood Talk, Blueface can be seen sitting next to Jaidyn Alexis on the couch. Overall, she does not look the least bit pleased that he is with her. However, he continues to taunt her and say that she will never be able to get rid of him. It is that typical toxicity that we have come to expect from Blueface and his partners. Some find this extremely concerning, while others find it to be par for the course with the rapper.

Only time will tell what is in store for Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and Jaidyn Alexis. Chrisean wants them all to co-exist, although no one for sure if that is even possible. No matter what, the California rapper has a serious conundrum on his hands. Let us know what you think of his arrangement, in the comments section below.

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Blueface Taps Chrisean Rock For “Baby Momma Drama” Music Video

Turns out that Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s teased music video landed just as fast as we expected. Moreover, he recently released the visuals for his new track “Baby Momma Drama,” in which he talks about… well, read the title. Specifically, the rapper spits bars about singing both of his kids’ mothers to MILF Music, and the Baddies star inks her contract in the vid. Other than that, it’s the usual sights: hanging out at a gas station, recording in the studio, posted up in the bathroom, and dancing with Chrisean. It’s more of a news item that it is a new release, but with such a wild backstory to their relationship, that will always be the case.

Regardless, the song itself isn’t too bad, albeit not as exciting as Blueface’s previous work that put him on the map. He replaced his offbeat flows and expressive vocal delivery with a more monotone delivery and a common West Coast flair. Furthermore, the beat also exemplifies this with ghostly choral vocal samples and a hard-hitting Cali bounce. “Baby Momma Drama” isn’t on streaming services as of writing this article, so it’s tough to think about the song out of context.

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“Baby Momma Drama” Soundtracks The Reunion Of Blueface & Chirsean Rock

For those unaware, this is the latest chapter in the long, volatile, and always shifting romantic life of the 26-year-old. His other baby momma, Jaidyn Alexis, was furious that Blueface and Chrisean Rock linked back up, as the couple dissed each other online. In addition, just a few weeks ago, Blue and Chrisean were at each other’s throats over the proper care of their newborn son, Chrisean Jr. As such, the main thing that this video proves is that the California MC knows how to make a quick buck off of his life’s gossip.

Meanwhile, we’re sure that this state won’t last long, and that the three will continue to fight and make up over time. After all, we have no reason to believe any different. At the very least, if you want a quick and painless representation of this whole circus, “Baby Momma Drama” is a pretty concise summary. Who would’ve thought? For more news and the latest updates on Blueface and Chrisean Rock, come back to HNHH.

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Chris Brown Shares Telling Message After Selena Gomez VMAs Drama

Let’s be real, what’s an award show without at least a little bit of drama? After a busy NYFW, countless artists and socialites recently made their way to the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Nicki Minaj was notably on hosting duty for the evening. She also debuted a new song from her upcoming Pink Friday 2 album that still has the Barbz talking. Another moment pop culture fanatics are still discussing is Selena Gomez’s apparent reaction to hearing Chris Brown’s name called during the event.

The Wizards of Waverly Place actress looked unimpressed, to say the least, in a circulating video of her face when Breezy’s name was read off on the list of nominees for Best R&B Artist. As HipHopDX reports, Gomez initially tweeted, “Who cares, lol,” when the moment first went viral. Since then, she’s also declared on her Instagram Story that she’ll “never be a meme again.”

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Chris Brown isn’t Phased by What Went Down at the 2023 VMAs

It’s taken a few days for Brown to chime in on the situation. However, his own IG Story lit up with a telling message ahead of the weekend. “I’M THE GOAT and you know it 😏❤,” the father of three wrote over a black screen. He’s not bothered by the situation, no matter how much trolls want to see a feud break out. Even if the singer’s post wasn’t about Gomez directly, at least we know that his confidence is sky-high stepping into R&B season.

Try as she might to stay out of trouble at the VMAs, Selena Gomez unfortunately still landed at the centre of controversy. Regardless of how people feel about her lack of a poker face, the Disney Channel alum is focusing her energy on making new music and growing her Rare Beauty brand. Read more about her latest single, which is reportedly about her ex, The Weeknd, at the link below. Make sure to check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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Blueface Says CPS Came To His House, Chrisean Rock Praises God

Earlier this month, Chrisean Rock finally gave birth to her first son with Blueface. Unfortunately, things between them has gotten rocky, and Blueface has thrown jabs at Chrisean online for her parenting skills. He’s taken issue with her working out after birth, taking photos with fans, and more. He’s even threatened to take custody of the child, and have Jaidyn Alexis care for him instead.

Things heated up recently when it was reported that Child Protective Services (CPS) is investigating Blueface. Apparently, authorities caught a glimpse of he and Jaidyn bringing strippers around their young son, Javaughn. This provided ample fuel to those taking Chrisean’s side in their ongoing beef. The rapper Tweeted Jaidyn’s new music video today, alongside the caption “Cps came to my house.” It’s unclear what kind of consequences he could be facing, however, he doesn’t seem to be too worried. His mother, Karlissa Saffold, took to social media after the news went public, attempting to direct focus back to Chrisean.

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Blueface Under Investigation While Chrisean Is Back At Church

As for the new mom, she’s been under fire recently for bringing Chrisean Jr. to a football event at only a few days old. Many think the child was too young to be out in public, particularly since his celebrity parent is sure to draw attention. Despite criticism, Chrisean told followers that she’d never neglect her child, noting that all he deserves is love and respect. “I know what it felt like having a absent dad or mom,” she wrote.

Lately, Chrisean also looks to be leaning into her faith, recently dropping off a few clips of herself at bible study. In one clip, she’s seen holding the newborn while she discusses how not everybody is able to see her the way God does. She went on to compare the unconditional love she had for Blueface to the unconditional love God has for her. Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Blueface and Chrisean Rock.

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