Nicki Minaj’s Motherhood PSA Sparks Concern From Fans As Divorce Rumors Run Rampant

Nicki Minaj posted a brief video praising mothers for their hard work while discussing the birth of her son, but her tone has fans worried. The video comes after Minaj seemed to confirm breakup rumors by posting on X (formerly Twitter) “Yes. Single …” Minaj has been married to Kenneth Petty since 2019. Together, the two share one child.

“And then one day, they’re yelling push, and you’re in pain,” she began in the clip. “And then one day, he comes out a beautiful baby boy. To God be the glory. Congratulations to every momma out there. You’re doing a great job. In case no one’s told you that, you’re doing a great job.”

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Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty Attend New York Fashion Week

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 12: Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty attend the Marc Jacobs Fall 2020 runway show during New York Fashion Week on February 12, 2020, in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs)

Fans flocked to X to share supportive messages for Minaj as well as to express their concern. “Whatever you’re going through, the Barbz are here for you,” wrote one fan. “We’ve seen you through the good and bad times and we’ll keep holding you down, you’ll win again and again.” Another added: “This woman is the strongest human I know. She’s been the highest selling female rapper for 2 decades. She’s on a world tour with a sold out show every night, but most of all she’s a mother. God please give Nicki the strength to get through these hard times.” Eventually, “WeLoveYouNicki” began trending on the platform.

Nicki Minaj Vents On Social Media

Check out the posts that have fans concerned on X above. The drama comes as Minaj continues to perform on the Pink Friday 2 World Tour. Her next show is set for Tuesday night in Copenhagen. Be on the lookout for further updates on Nicki Minaj on HotNewHipHop.

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Julia Fox Reveals What She Learned From Kanye West, Labels Their Relationship A “Blessing”

Julia Fox says that her relationship with Kanye West was a “blessing” and explained what she learned from the iconic rapper during a recent interview with The New York Times. She says that he inspired her to take more creative control back from her team and in turn, she says she’s her “own muse” now.

“You know, it was actually a blessing that he came into my life,” Fox said. “He kind of shook up my team in a way where a lot of the creative control was then given back to me. I’d get into fights with my creative team about it and be really upset about it, but then ultimately always concede and just do what they wanted me to do because it was easier than arguing.” From there, she explained how she’s evolved since the relationship. “When he left, it was like, ‘Well, I’m gonna do what I wanna do.’ I kind of felt like, ‘Oh my god, the world is my oyster.’ I’m my own muse,” she said.

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Julia Fox & Kanye West Attend Paris Fashion Week

PARIS, FRANCE – JANUARY 24: Julia Fox and Ye are seen, outside Schiaparelli, during Paris. Fashion Week – Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022, on January 24, 2022, in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Fox previously reflected positively on some aspects of her brief relationship with West during an interview with BBC. She explained: “I chose to turn a blind eye because it was fun, and exciting, and shiny, and you know just new. It felt like a relief in the beginning. ‘Oh finally, someone else can take the reins,’ but I think you know it became unsustainable and that’s why the relationship only lasted a month.”

Julia Fox Reflects On Dating Kanye West

Check out Fox’s latest comments on her relationship with Kanye West above. Be on the lookout for further updates on Julia Fox on HotNewHipHop.

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Yung Miami Opens Up On Relationship With JT, Explains Why They’re Focusing On Solo Music

Yung Miami has finally spoken at length about focusing on solo music following a rumored split from her City Girls partner, JT. Speaking with Complex on Monday, Miami explained that the two rappers were in “different spaces” following the release of their latest album, RAW, but are still on good terms. That album only reached as high as 117 on the US Billboard 200 in October 2023.

“I had to really get back in my bag. People had just been talking to me crazy… So just going through s**t really motivated me to get in the studio and make music,” Miami said. From there, she admitted that RAW “didn’t do too well,” and it inspired her to want to get to work on solo music.

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Yung Miami & JT Perform Together At The Roots Picnic

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – JUNE 04: JT and Yung Miami of City Girls perform during the 2023 The Roots Picnic at The Mann on June 04, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Live Nation Urban)

“I think when the City Girls album [RAW] just dropped, and it didn’t do too well, and we was just trying to do our press run. The whole rollout of the album was just so bad because we was just in two different spaces,” she explained. “We older now, and she [JT] was doing her own thing. She on the West Coast, I’m in Miami. I’m doing my own thing. And I felt like naturally, when she doing her own thing, it just worked for her. And when I’m doing my own thing, it worked for me. But when we get together as a group, it just wasn’t connecting. It just wasn’t working no more.”

Yung Miami and JT got into a heated argument on social media, earlier this year, prompting fans to theorize the City Girls were done. Regardless, they quickly made amends and expressed their love for one another. Addressing the incident with Complex, Miami described it as the result of “sisterhood” and described JT as “family.” Be on the lookout for further updates on Yung Miami on HotNewHipHop.

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Lil Meech Reveals Reason For Summer Walker Breakup

Lil Meech says he and Summer Walker grew apart over the course of their relationship but he’s still got love for her. Appearing on The Og Talk Podcast, Meech discussed his highly publicized relationship with the singer. In doing so, he explained of their split: “It was just, we just grew apart. I still got love for Summer, you know? She’s a good girl. No bad blood, no nothing.”

When RapTV shared a clip of the remarks on Instagram, many fans in the comments section brought up the rumors he was unfaithful in their relationship. “Bruh, but the fact is he cheated on her multiple times,” one user wrote. “Got him going on a bar with two other on a tweet. Got snaps of it it captured on my story. Like dude be real be a gentleman.” Others brought up the viral excuse he had for one instance in which he claimed to have been helping his cousin bring home groceries. “I can’t help my cousin bring in the groceries?” one top comment reads.

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Lil Meech & Summer Walker Attend BET Awards

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 25: (L-R) Lil Meech and Summer Walker attend the BET Awards 2023 at Microsoft Theater on June 25, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET)

Rumors about Meech and Walker beginning to date kicked off back in April 2023. They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the 2023 BET Awards. By August of the same year, cheating accusations began swirling online and the two seemingly split. However, in November, Meech made a remark about his girl being pregnant which many fans took to mean Walker. He later clarified on The Morning Hustle that the comments were taken out of context. “No, I don’t got no baby [on the way],” Meech explained. “…Yeah I was playing on that video… They took a video of me playing around and made it into something. It wasn’t something.”

Lil Meech Discusses Summer Walker Relationship

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A post shared by RapTV (@rap)

Check out Meech’s latest comments on his relationship with Walker above. Be on the lookout for further updates on the two on HotNewHipHop.

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Rod Wave Argues With His Girlfriend Over Cheating Allegations, Teases Break-Up Song

Rod Wave has been through a bit of a tough time recently. Last month he was present for a shooting in Florida that led to his arrest. Though he was released shortly after it took a few days for the entire story to get cleared up. Early reports that he was hit with gun charges turned out to be true, but they were filed in error. The police department later admitted that Wave was charged as if he was a felon when he’s never actually been convicted of a crime.

He was in even more controversy just last week when he was called out online by Ari Lennox. The pair toured together and crowds repeatedly harassed Ari on stage while she was performing as the opening act. She took shots at Rod for not defending her from his crowds like other rappers in similar situations have in the past. Now he’s been caught up in days of drama surrounding the mother of his child after evidence of her allegedly cheating leaked online. Since then the drama has very much been unfolding in the public eye.

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Rod Wave On His Baby Mother Allegedly Cheating

Now video is reportedly making the rounds of Rod arguing with his girlfriend about the incident. It’s unclear why he chose to film it but it took fans behind-the-scenes into some of the details of the couple’s relationship issues. That led to Rod previewing a song he’s been working on addressing the situation. His break-up anthem seems to be addressing the actual issues he’s dealing with as they happen. He hasn’t shared any more details on when the song might arrive since.

What do you think of Rod Wave sharing a preview of his upcoming break-up song while the drama that inspired it is still going on? Are you looking forward to hearing the full song whenever it drops? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Tiffany Haddish Says She Hopes Common & Jennifer Hudson Are Happy Together

Tiffany Haddish says she’s happy for her ex, Common and his new partner, Jennifer Hudson. The comedian discussed the couple during an appearance on the Making Space with Hoda Kotb podcast, earlier this week.

“I love Jennifer. I hope they’re having fun,” she stated on the podcast. As for her and Common’s breakup as a whole, Haddish added: “It’s like, you remember when you was a kid and you’d be on a play date, and y’all like playing, having a good time, and then all of a sudden, y’all like sliding down the slide, and then you turn around and go, ‘Where did they go? Where did they — where’d they go?’ And you see them waving at you and they mama carrying them. And they’re like, ‘Byeee.’ That’s what it was like.”

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Tiffany Haddish & Common Pose Together At The Apollo Theater

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 08: Tiffany Hadish and Common at The Apollo Theater on October 08, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Haddish, who previously suggested that her split from Common wasn’t “mutual,” dated the rapper from 2020-2021. Common and Hudson first sparked dating rumors a year later in 2022. They finally confirmed their relationship during an episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show in January. “This relationship is a happy place for me,” Common said. “For me, it’s one of those things where I found where seeing her happy actually makes me really happy. I’m very grateful. I thank God every day and I’m just letting God guide this relationship.” In 2023, Hadish took a less friendly reaction to the two dating, trolling them on social media. Check out her latest comments on the relationship below.

Tiffany Hadish Promotes Her New Book

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A post shared by Tiffany Haddish (@tiffanyhaddish)

Haddish appeared on the podcast to discuss the release of her new book, I Curse You with Joy. The collection of essays is available now. Be on the lookout for further updates on Tiffany Haddish on HotNewHipHop.

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Katt Williams Slept In Bulletproof Vest While The Illuminati Was “After Him,” Jaguar Wright Alleges

It’s no secret that Katt Williams and his viral Club Shay Shay appearance made a splash in recent months, and the ripple effect of the interview continues to be seen up to this day. Aside from dissing several of his celebrity peers, the comedian shared countless other controversial takes. According to Jaguar Wright, she learned a lot from Williams during their brief relationship over a decade ago. In fact, she says that she wouldn’t be who she is without him.

During a recent interview with RealLyfe Productions, Wright reflected on the transformative relationship, starting with how they first met. She recalls sitting at a club on her 30th birthday when the personality approached her and handed her roughly $20K in cash. “Consider it a down payment on your time,” she remembers him saying.

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Jaguar Wright Reflects On Her Relationship With Katt Williams

“He taught me so much in nine months,” she explained. “Walking away was hard, but it was when the Illuminati first started coming after him, and I left. You know, back in that moment, Katt was still wearing Kevlar to bed… To bed.” Obviously, Wright’s claims are unconfirmed, but they’ve certainly managed to gain the attention of social media users. While some are calling cap on her Illuminati allegations, others think she could be onto something, arguing that she hasn’t “told a lie yet.”

Elsewhere in the world of Katt Williams, the comedian is gearing up to drop even more alleged truths in a stand-up special on Netflix. The special, Woke Foke, is scheduled to come out on May 4. What do you think of Jaguar Wright reflecting on her relationship with Katt Williams? What about her claim that the Illuminati was “after him” so he slept in a bulletproof vest? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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Aoki Lee Simmons’ Instagram Gets Reflective After Vittorio Assaf Fling Ends

With how expensive things are these days, it’s not uncommon to hear men and women expressing sentiments about wanting a sugar daddy or mommy. How serious they are depends on the individual, and while some couldn’t fathom trading their time (or body) in exchange for money, others are keen to have their bills paid and live lavishly on another’s time. This past week there’s been speculation that 21-year-old Aoki Lee Simmons is part of the latter category. She was recently on vacation in the tropics with a man 44 years her senior.

65-year-old Vittorio Assaf and the model have reportedly since gone their separate ways. Simmons hasn’t said too much about the scandal online. Her mother, Kimora Lee, insinuated she was unimpressed with her daughter’s antics. Interestingly, Aoki’s father, Russell Simmons, wasn’t phased by the massive age gap. This is potentially because he and his ex-wife came together under similar circumstances, and calling his offspring out would look hypocritical. As she goes through the motions of allegedly being single again, Simmons has been sharing some reflective thoughts on her Instagram Story.

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Aoki Lee Simmons Finds Solace in Chloe Sevigny’s Words

Aoki Lee Simmons Instagram Story
@aokileesimmons/Instagram Story

Another woman in the public eye, Chloe Sevigny, seems to have summed up how Simmons is feeling beautifully in an old letter she wrote about being a young woman in New York. “I do know for my mom it was very terrifying, but I checked in a lot, and my dad would always remind her that there was more good in the world than bad,” the American Horror Story actress recalled, admitting to experimenting with acid, ecstasy and candyflipping, but “never cocaine.” When sharing the post on her page, the black-haired beauty added, “Her words [are] also mine [at this point].” As DailyMail notes, the black-haired beauty moved to Brooklyn when she was 20 after graduating from Harvard University.

Aoki Lee Simmons has been dealing with internet trolls long before launching her fling with Assaf. For the most part, haters find joy in picking apart the 21-year-old’s body, going so far as to accuse her of being anorexic. As a result, Simmons says she’s losing out on modelling work which has been understandably frustrating. Read how the nepo baby deals with negativity online at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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Larsa Pippen Flexes Toned Bikini Body Following Marcus Jordan Breakup

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan were an odd couple from the very beginning. As many of you already know, Marcus is the son of Michael Jordan. Furthermore, Larsa is the ex-wife of Scottie Pippen. Scottie and Michael no longer like each other, despite winning six NBA titles together on the Chicago Bulls. When you add up this equation, you realize why this relationship was so bizarre. However, there was a moment when it seemed like these two were on their way to getting married.

Recently, they broke things off, and it was made clear that an attempt at reconciliation would not be in the cards. Perhaps their age difference had something to do with it. However, it could have been a myriad of issues. Prior to their breakup, they had gone on a pause that eventually resumed around Valentine’s Day. In the end, however, the relationship was not going anywhere, and they ended things. Now, Larsa is single again, and she is posting freely on social media.

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Larsa Pippen On The Gram

In the Instagram post above, you can see that she delivered a look at her silver bikini. It’s a good look that shows off her toned bikini body. Of course, all of the comments were her friends and fans thirsting over the images. Meanwhile, some expressed how Marcus may be related to the posting of all of this. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Let us know what you think of the Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan breakup, in the comments section down below. Do you think that this relationship was always destined to fail? Do you think they will get back together? Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the entertainment world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite personalities and their upcoming projects.

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Marcus Jordan Accuses Larsa Pippen Of “Rewriting History For Clout” After Breakup

Earlier this month, Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen decided to go their separate ways after over a year of dating. The unfortunate news took fans by surprise, as it was just weeks ago that the former couple was publicly discussing marriage. Despite not revealing specifically what caused the split, it’s been reported that there’s “no chance” of the exes getting back together.

Things have now started to get messy online between the two of them, following Pippen’s claim that a brief break from the relationship offered her the “clarity” she needed to conclude it wasn’t a match. Jordan has a different recollection of events, however, and while he didn’t share many details surrounding the breakup, he was quick to clap back. He took to his Instagram Story earlier this week to respond to reports about Pippen deciding he wasn’t her “guy,” accusing her of making things up.

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Marcus Jordan Claps Back At Larsa Pippen Reports

“I wasn’t born last night. Rewriting history for clout is not cute,” he wrote alongside a scowling emoji. “Funny how ppl change, just to be part of a conversation that’s irrelevant. Why give shorty a heart, when she rather have press. Ooooohhh thats that nerve, lol.” Clearly, this indicates that something happened behind the scenes that prompted the split, and Jordan isn’t happy about whatever it was. Either way, Pippen appears eager to embrace her newly single status. A source recently told Page Six that the personality is “excited to have more fun” following the breakup. “Larsa really just wants to focus on herself,” they also added. “The relationship felt all-consuming.”

“I feel like I have to be true to who I am, what I’m doing and what he’s doing, you know? I want him to be happy,” Pippen also recently stated. “He’s a great guy, but I just don’t feel like it’s for me.” What do you think of Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan going their separate ways? What about Jordan accusing his ex of making things up for clout? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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