Stormy Daniels’ Secret Marriage To Porn Star Barrett Blade Comes To Light

Stormy Daniels’ name has markedly been in the headlines as of late, mostly related to her former relationship with Donald Trump. For several years, the Manhattan District Attorney has been investigating the former president for allegedly giving the adult film star hush money to keep her quiet about their promiscuous past during his campaign. On Saturday (March 18), the politician made it well-known via his Truth Social platform that he expects to be arrested this coming Tuesday, though he’s maintaining his innocence.

As the surprising news began circulating on social media, Daniels took advantage of an opportunity to shade the New Yorker. “Trump hit that 🤣🤣🤣,” one person wrote in response to a since-deleted video quote-tweeted by the blonde beauty earlier this weekend. To this, she chiefly clapped back, “‘Hit’ is very generous. I’d say more like a pathetic thump, but whatevs.”

Stormy Daniels Shades Trump

While her past with The Celebrity Apprentice star is still very much at the forefront of the public’s mind, Daniels has made it obvious that she’s moved on in her own romantic life. As DailyMail reports, she and fellow porn star Barrett Blade secretly tied the knot last December, 25 years after crossing paths in a bar. They’ve reportedly been friends for the better part of the last two and a half decades, but recently made the decision to turn their relationship into a romantic one.

The 44-year-old is currently directing Lawless, an adult film, alongside her new man. Daniels allegedly packed up her life in Texas to relocate to Blade’s Floridian horse farm, where they’ve been sharing plenty of sneak previews of their upcoming project. “This man has been my ride or die for almost 25 years,” she wrote in the caption of a recent Instagram upload. “BTS photo from the set of ‘Lawless,’ written/directed by me and shot by the sexiest cinematographer I know @barrettblade777.”

Secret Wedding Ceremony

On his own account, Barrett Blade shared an intimate portrait of him and his wife, telling followers that he loves the way she looks at him. The passion in her eyes is evident, and fans can’t wait to see what kind of movie magic they have in store with Lawless. Keep scrolling for more sweet photos of Stormy Daniels and her new husband together, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


Larsa Pippen Would Change Last Name If She Married Marcus Jordan

Now that their relationship is out in the open, Larsa Pippen can’t avoid questions about her romance with Marcus Jordan. The 48-year-old Real Housewives of Miami star was catapulted into controversy after she shared that she sparked a love affair with Michael Jordan’s 32-year-old son. This undoubtedly caused a stir, considering Larsa was once married to Michael’s former Chicago Bulls teammate, Scottie Pippen, and shares four children with him. Scottie and Michael have been at odds for decades, and there is no love lost between the two.

Larsa initially denied dating Marcus, especially as their 16-year age difference came under criticism. However, the pair have grown more comfortable with sharing their love with the public. They’ve appeared in videos showing off their secret handshake and are often captured by hounding paparazzi following them at every turn. Recently, Larsa appeared on the reunion special for Real Housewives of Miami, and she was in the hot seat as she was questioned about her romance.

Larsa Pippen Dodges Uncomfortable Questions

Although she’s become laxer about speaking about her new romance, Larsa seemed squeamish by this particular line of questioning. Someone wanted to know if she would hyphenate her name if she and Marcus were married. “I would definitely change my last name for whomever I married, that’s for sure,” she answered. Yet, she wasn’t as open when inquiring minds asked about Michael Jordan. They wanted to know if she ever spent time with Michael while married to Scottie.

“I mean, I don’t really want to talk about — I want to talk about Marcus and I. I feel like I’m comfortable talking about Marcus and I,” she said. Larsa touched on the topic when she and Marcus visited Way Up with Angela Yee. “We actually met at a party four years ago. And I feel like a lot of people want to like, spin things. Like, ‘Oh, they’ve known each other their whole life!’ I’m like, ‘By the way, we did not.’” She claimed she and Marcus didn’t interact during Scottie and Michael’s glory days. “We missed that era.” Check the couple out above.

Seth Rogen Says He’s More Successful Because He Doesn’t Have Kids

As Hollywood debates nepotism babies receiving insider benefits, Seth Rogen made it clear that he and his wife, Lauren, do not plan on having children. The couple first met in 2004 and, after a seven-year courtship, tied the knot. Their relationship isn’t just romantic; the Rogens have worked together on several projects, including Superbad. A clip of Seth’s interview on Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett has gone viral, where he speaks about how not having children has enriched his life.

It’s easy to come across parents who say that their children are the highlights of their lives. However, the Rogens purposefully decided against expanding their family. Additionally, the actor said being without kids has helped his success. “There’s a whole huge thing I’m not doing,” he stated with a laugh. “Which is raising children.”

Seth Rogen Desired A Childfree Life

US-Canadian actor Seth Rogen and his wife actress Lauren Miller rrive for the 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Century City, California, on February 26, 2023. (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP) (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

“Some people want kids, some people don’t want kids,” said Rogen. He noted that in observing people in his life, they didn’t even think about whether or not they actually wanted kids before being confronted with parenthood. “Honestly, you just are told, ‘You go through life, you get married, you have kids. That’s what happens.’ And me and my wife, neither of us were like that.”

He added, “Honestly, the older we get, the more happy and reaffirmed we are with our choice.” Rogen and Lauren enjoy being in the “prime” of their lives, prosperous and free to do as they please. “And we can just do that, and we don’t have to have a child,” he further shared. “Which the world does not need right now. So, yeah, we’re very happy with our choice to not have kids.”

An Unproblematic Couple Who Have Lasted For Decades

Seth and Lauren Rogen aren’t the pair to go viral, but these comments put their marriage at the forefront. PEOPLE revisited an interview they did with the Rogens last month, where they spoke about the longevity of their relationship. Both noted that they don’t look to have conflict with one another, and they make it a priority to put their love and relationship first.


Mo’Nique’s Open Marriage: Actress Explains Decision To Stop Being Non-Monogamous

Mo’Nique, the Oscar-winning comedian and actress, reveals that she and her husband have ceased their open marriage. In a recent interview, the Maryland native goes into detail about her thoughts on the arrangement now compared to years ago. The couple once agreed that sleeping with others would not impact their marriage. This was the case for some time, but as they both grew older, Mo’Nique began to change her mind. Still, her reasons do not appear to be out of jealousy, or regret.

It is not uncommon for long-term couples to explore the possibility of an open relationship. However, it’s also not uncommon for people to change their minds after opening their love lives. In the case of Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks, their age was one of the biggest factors. The actress states in her interview that “Life began to happen.” As the two grew older, their relationship grew stronger. As a result, they now have a bond that neither wants to risk by adding someone else to the mix.

Mo’Nique Grew Out Of Her Open Marriage

Actress Mo’Nique and Sidney Hicks attend Outfest Fusion’s LGBT People Of Color Film Festival’s opening night screening of “Blackbird” hosted at the Egyptian Theatre on March 14, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jennifer Lourie/FilmMagic)

Open marriages are still a controversial subject. However, Mo’Nique is not a stranger to controversy in the entertainment world, as well as being honest about her life. The couple has been married since 2006, making their marriage over 15 years old. A lot can happen and change within that time. “He loved me at my worst,” she shared in her recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I didn’t want to sacrifice that for just a lay. So I grew out of that.” Now, the couple is stronger than ever despite who else may have been involved.

While a lot of couples are growing apart from each other, it’s good to see a couple grow closer together. Not every open marriage ends poorly, and their relationship has been a testament to that. Sidney Hicks has stated in the past that their open arrangement would never phase his love for her. The two are incredibly close and have known each other for a long time. The idea to open their relationship was Mo’Nique’s at the time, but so was the decision to close it off. Check back later for more pop culture news updates.


Yung Miami Explains Not Wanting Marriage, City Girls Preview New Music At Rolling Loud

The Rolling Loud California festivities have nearly wrapped for another season, but there’s still plenty to discuss regarding the countless performances. Some of Saturday’s biggest sets came from Rubi Rose, Duke Deuce, Curren$y, Young Nudy, Chief Keef, and Kevin Gates. The name attendees were most excited to see return to the stage, however, was Travis Scott, whose set ultimately only lasted about 30 minutes.

La Flame’s show may have been a flop, but thankfully, Lil Wayne saved the evening by bringing out Nicki Minaj, who reminded everyone in the vicinity exactly why she’s the Queen of Rap. Earlier in the day, several other female artists impressed, including Mellow Rackz, and BIA, who debuted her new “SIXTEEN” single. Additionally, the City Girls put in work, letting us know that their next project will be seriously hot.

City Girls Crush Their Rolling Loud Set

On Saturday (March 4) evening, Yung Miami and JT entertained thousands of fans in person and at home on the Rolling Loud stage. Both rap divas had their curves on full display in coordinated, feather-clad blue and yellow outfits, which complimented their music’s fun, confident vibe. They pulled out plenty of fan favourites from their discography, and also surprised the crowd while teasing new music.

While the City Girls grooved and rapped along to the bass-heavy beat for “Piñata,” their dancers markedly moved their behinds with the music. Though they didn’t know the few bars yesterday, they’re sure to be stuck in fans’ heads after listening to the teaser on repeat. It remains unclear when we’ll be hearing Caresha and her partner in rhyme’s catchy song, but fingers crossed that it lands before summer to help set the mood.

Yung Miami Isn’t Feeling Marriage

Elsewhere in the news, the REVOLT podcast host is making headlines for expressing her views on marriage. “I don’t want to get married cos I feel like men are not faithful,” she said during a recent Instagram Live session. “I take everything personal, I will never forget. If my husband cheats on me, Imma kill him.” As you may know, Yung Miami spends plenty of her free time with Diddy, though they both make it well-known that they’re still single. Read more about their unique relationship dynamics here, and check back later for more pop culture news.