Bianca Censori’s Outfits During Kanye West Relationship Aren’t Impressing Her Family

The experience of being a newlywed brings with it plenty of butterflies, but when the honeymoon period of a relationship ends, reality can hit both partners pretty quickly. That may be what’s unfolding for Kanye West and Bianca Censori at this time, as the pair are currently spending time on separate continents. Sources have alleged they’re “taking a break” while the father of four pours his energy into music and the architect hangs out in Australia, where she’s kept busy reconnecting with her family.

In recent weeks, blogs have been filled with rumours of Censori’s friends being concerned about her marriage. West has a reputation as a very controlling figure to outsiders. His bride’s loved ones hosted an intervention in hopes of waking her up to this reality earlier this month. Among the things that the multi-talent has notably influenced Bianca is her fashion choices. Since marrying Ye, we’ve seen an almost uncomfortable amount of skin – especially during their time out together in Europe.

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Bianca Censori’s Style Has Shifted Significantly Since Meeting Ye

According to The US Sun, many of these looks left Censori’s family feeling uncomfortable when photos came out online. “There was a point some months ago when Ye and Bianca were going to meet up with her family, but they were not happy with his antics at all,” a source tells the outlet. “Ever since then they’ve made no secret that they think she can do better, and don’t like seeing her in these [wild] outfits on the internet, it makes them uncomfortable.”

Interestingly, the 28-year-old wore a tiny top showing plenty of cleavage during an outing in Melbourne with her sister a few days ago, proving that she’s still comfortable flaunting her figure, even without her husband by her side. While Bianca Censori spends time Down Under getting back in touch with her roots, Kanye West is keeping busy in Saudi Arabia working on new music with Ty Dolla Sign. After some hiccups, the duo finally premiered their new “Vultures” track featuring Lil Durk and Bump J this past weekend. Tap into that at the link below, and let us know if you think Ye and his wife can work through their differences in the comments.

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Is Jamie Foxx Engaged? Actor Planning Alyce Huckstepp Proposal Before Having A Baby, Sources Say

Jamie Foxx spent most of 2023 recovering from a health scare that initially left fans wondering if the actor would survive. Thankfully, the “Gold Digger” hitmaker pulled through, and new reports allege he plans to close out the year with a seriously big bang. According to RadarOnline‘s sources, Foxx might be proposing to his girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp this coming holiday season, and he even sees a baby together in their future cards.

Interestingly, this update comes just months after reports said that the 55-year-old wants to reconcile with his ex, Katie Holmes. Seeing as nothing has transpired there, it’s safe to bet the rumours were untrue. Instead, Foxx is said to be “smitten” and “having fun” with his blonde beauty, though they’re still keeping a future together in mind. They first got together in 2022, and while the multi-talent’s “medical complication” might’ve pushed some women away, it apparently only brought him and Huckstepp closer together.

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Getting On One Knee May Be in Jamie Foxx’s Holiday Plans

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“Jamie did not know if he was going to live, and he truly feels like he’s getting a second chance at life. He wants to make it count,” someone dished to The National Enquirer this week. “He’s totally in love. He’s going to propose soon — probably over the holidays — and knowing Jamie, he’ll make it very romantic,” they further speculated. Foxx is already a father of two daughters, 29-year-old Corinne and 15-year-old Anelise, from past partnerships. He reportedly desires to have a son and would love to have a little one around him and Huckstepp’s home.

For those of you who are more concerned about Jamie Foxx’s return to the big screen than the status of his relationship, you’ll be very happy with a recent update on his career. In the late summer, it was confirmed that the “Blame It” hitmaker currently has eight projects in production, meaning will be seeing plenty of Foxx in no time. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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Jeezy & Jeannie Mai Divorce Due To Disagreements On “Family Values & Expectations”: Report

It’s been several days since news of Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s divorce first broke, but still, the internet has plenty to say about the situation. The mother of one has been under attack for seemingly fetishizing Black men in a resurfaced clip, and social media sleuths haven’t had trouble finding other evidence of trouble brewing for her and her ex. According to Entertainment Tonight, sources have revealed that the reason for the pair’s split has to do with their values.

“They had different views, and each felt like their needs weren’t being completely met,” an insider dished to the outlet, specifically citing “family expectations” as a driving factor in the divorce. Interestingly, an old interview found Mai discussing how she and Jeezy trigger one another, leading some to suggest they could’ve never lasted long-term. “I didn’t notice that I had a hot temper until I got with [him],” the socialite previously shared of her second marriage.

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Jeannie Mai and Jeezy Fell Out of Alignment

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From the sounds of things, the “Holy Ghost” hitmaker and his co-parent mirrored each other in difficult ways and certainly weren’t afraid to call the other out on their toxic behaviour. This obviously sounds like a good thing for anyone naturally inclined to self-reflection and growth but for the average person – especially one with the hectic schedule of a celebrity – it’s not always ideal in a marriage. “He never told me to fix my temper,” the 44-year-old noted, adding that personally strived to heal that part of herself to avoid losing a relationship. Ultimately things didn’t work out in the couple’s favour, but at least they can take any lessons learned into their next endeavours.

Amid news of Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s divorce, more past interviews with The Real host have fans asking if the signs were hiding in plain sight. An astrologer once told Mai that her marriage to the rapper wouldn’t be her last, and time will surely tell how accurate his prediction is. Read more about that at the link below, and let us know who you think she should link up with next in the comments.

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Bianca Censori Is A “Personal Assistant” To Kanye West, Sources Claim

Since Kanye West first introduced the new woman in his life to fans less than a year ago, the couple has sparked plenty of controversy. Initially, Bianca Censori was compared to the rapper’s ex, Kim Kardashian. This was mostly due to her curvaceous figure and long, dark hair. The young woman has undergone some major changes to her appearance since tying the know with Ye. Perhaps the biggest is cutting off her inches in favour of a short, boyish style.

There’s much that remains unknown about Censori and her relationship with Ye. Just a few weeks ago, reports revealed that her Australian family has a serious criminal history and mob ties. Nevertheless, it’s unclear just how close she’s been with them since moving to America. Interestingly, sources who claim to be close to Censori have been expressing worry about her in the media for several weeks now. They’ve been describing the fashionista’s union with West as “so scary” and “isolating.”

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Bianca Censori’s “Brilliant” Mind Not Being Put to Good Use, Insiders Fear

Those reports only continue today (September 18). The US Sun alleges that the 28-year-old’s “brilliant” mind is being rendered useless in her current situation. “Bianca originally took the helm of several of Ye’s real estate projects and helped him spearhead his design ideas,” the source explained. “She’s a brilliant architect and a designer, but she also happens to be really good at communicating with Kanye. She’s been helping him communicate with people who are working with him on various projects, so she’s been relegated to more of a personal assistant role.” Apparently, people in their circle even call her “the Kanye Whisperer.”

It’s obvious that some feel as though Kanye West is the one to blame for Bianca Censori’s outlandish fashion choices as of late. However, even before she exchanged vows with the 46-year-old, the Australian was comfortable showing off her body in front of the camera. In fact, earlier this summer, steamy topless photos from her past modelling days hit the internet and caused a stir. Read more about those at the link below, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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Kim Kardashian’s Desire To Talk To Bianca Censori About Kanye West Refuted

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s past marriage needs no introduction at this point, but people clearly still want to have them linked in any way possible. Moreover, a recent report suggested that the SKIMS mogul actually wanted to talk to the rapper’s new wife, Bianca Censori. Specifically, it alleged that she sought to “talk sense” into Censori before it’s “too late” in relation to the Chicago native’s volatility. However, it seems like this was pure hearsay, although the basis for this conclusion is another unverified report. According to Page Six, Kim actually doesn’t want anything to do with the new couple.

Furthermore, an alleged source reportedly spoke to the publication and said that the reality TV star has “very much moved on” from the whole situation. “She absolutely does not want to talk to her,” the source expressed. “Kim is actually a firm believer in letting people be on their own journey and figure out life. She would never call someone and warn them. Kim only wishes Kanye and Bianca the best.” In addition, the source also shared that Kim Kardashian in only concerned about “matters of co-parenting” their four children.

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Kim Kardashian At Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian Bianca Censori Kanye West Hip Hop News
US socialite Kim Kardashian poses for a photocall at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring-Summer 2024 show as part of the Paris Fashion Week, central Paris, on June 20, 2023. (Photo by STEFANO RELLANDINI / AFP) (Photo by STEFANO RELLANDINI/AFP via Getty Images)

What’s more is that this isn’t the only recent conflicting pair of reports that emerged around Kim’s thoughts on Kanye this week. For example, social media recently went wild after pictures apparently showing Ye and Censori engaging in a sexual act emerged online. One story claimed that Kim Kardashian is incredibly worried and embarrassed about the whole incident. However, other sources reportedly came forward to publications and said that she actually doesn’t care at all. Whether she does or not isn’t really important; after all, it’s an incredibly personal matter that doesn’t change our perception of it.

Meanwhile, as stories about Kanye keep emerging, we’re sure that the media will continue to fixate on this past relationship. Each person needs their time to heal and move away from that phase, for better or worse. With that in mind, we’ll see what else comes out concerning their current status and how they’ll continue raising their children. Check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Kanye West, Bianca Censori, and Kim Kardashian.

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Justin Bieber & Scooter Braun Management Deal Will Continue, Sources Confirm

In the music industry today, it’s rare to see artists find managers that they’re able to work with as they evolve for more than a few years. Of course, there are exceptions like Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun. They’ve been together since the Canadian was just a young boy from Stratford, Ontario sharing singing videos in his living room. Due to his many health struggles, Bieber has taken some time out of the spotlight as of late. On Friday (August 18), reports began circulating via Puck that he and Braun haven’t spoken in several months.

According to the original gossip tip, the “Baby” hitmaker has been shopping around for new management options. Rumour has it that lawyers are even involved. However, just hours after that news hit the net, Entertainment Tonight shared an exclusive report stating that Braun and his client have no bad blood between them. “Justin and Scooter are still working together. Justin is not taking meetings to look for new management. The two recently worked on something together,” multiple people have told the outlet.

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Justin Bieber Not Seeking Out New Manager

It’s unclear exactly what they’re cooking up, but the last time we heard from the vocalist was early on in 2023. At the time, he joined Future to bring back everyone’s favourite R&Bieber vibes on Don Toliver’s Love Sick album. Their joint effort is called “Private Landing,” and has left fans hoping we’ll hear the 29-year-old revisit his Journals era. Months before that, he and the Cactus Jack artist connected on another hit single, “Honest.”

While there have been questions raised about the status of his relationship with one of his longest-standing clients, Scooter Braun’s talent roster definitely isn’t hurting. Apart from having both The Kid LAROI and Ariana Grande under his wing, the industry executive also recently signed rising rap diva Kaliii. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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Jamie Foxx’s Next Mission: Reconcile With Katie Holmes, According To Sources

Though there was no shortage of conflicting reports at first, Jamie Foxx seems to be making a steady recovery from the mysterious medical emergency he suffered during filming earlier this year. He’s been pouring his energy into healing his mind and body since then, and over the past few weeks, we’ve even seen him out and about enjoying some of his favourite activities. Foxx has yet to share specifics on his condition with fans, but according to RadarOnline, the latest regarding the Project Power actor’s love life is that he’s looking to spin the block.

Foxx’s ex, Katie Holmes, has reportedly caught his eye again. They first got together in 2013 after she ended her marriage to Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise. For the next six years, the pair was on-again-off-again, until 2019, when they ultimately called it quits. In the past, Holmes has said that the “Gold Digger” hitmaker’s partying lifestyle is what ended their union. “It has been many years of him stepping out with other women. He’s disrespectful and their lives were different. His partying ways don’t fit with hers as she’s focused on raising her daughter and working,” a source told UsWeekly at the time.

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Jamie Foxx’s Recovery is Pointing Him Toward Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx
Katie Holmes (L) and Jamie Foxx attend the Clive Davis and Recording Academy Pre-GRAMMY Gala on January 27, 2018, in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for NARAS)

It seems that Foxx’s health scare has him re-evaluating the relationships in his life, among other things. “Jamie has dated scores of beautiful women in his life, but none came close to matching what he had with Katie,” one insider dished. “Their chemistry was off the charts. It was a romance born of passion but became so much more. In hindsight, Jamie can’t believe he let her slip through his fingers.”

From the sounds of things, Jamie Foxx is laser-focused on bringing his former lover back into his life at this time. Thankfully the backlash he faced after a recent IG Story scandal has died down enough for him to continue manifesting that, along with a full, healthy recovery. Read more about the mixed reaction to Foxx’s controversy at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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Police Find Bullets At Duane “Keefe D” Davis’ House Amid 2Pac’s Murder Investigation: Report

Las Vegas police reportedly recovered several .40 caliber bullets while executing a search warrant on Duane “Keefe D” Davis’ home in Henderson, Nevada, last week. The search was conducted for a renewed investigation into the murder of 2Pac in 1996. Davis is the uncle of ‘Pac’s alleged killer Orlando Anderson.

According to the Daily Mirror, a Vegas police source says the bullets will undergo forensic testing “to determine if they have any link to the bullets found in 2Pac’s body or on the scene of the homicide.” Detectives have kept clothing and bullets from the scene of the infamous shooting for over 25 years.

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2Pac Backstage In Chicago

CHICAGO – MARCH 1994: Rapper Tupac Shakur poses for photos backstage after his performance at the Regal. Theater in Chicago, Illinois in March 1994. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

“Microfibers or residues from the weapon or the bullet could prove to be a link,” the source added. “There is no information yet on the history of the bullets, how old they are, or their significance. And it will take some time to assess how the bullets play a role in this case.”

The source went on to confirm that police executed the search warrant because “investigators feel they can assemble enough information that could lead to an arrest or indictment.” Despite the possibility, they admitted, “it is a long shot that the bullets will be the ones from 1996.” In addition to the bullets, police seized computers, hard drives, and various photos from the 1990s of possible suspects from Keefe D’s home. Investigators will eventually present their findings to a Las Vegas grand jury to determine whether to pursue an indictment.

As for Anderson’s role in Pac’s death, the accused killer was himself murdered just two years later in 1998. On the night of Pac’s death, Anderson famously got into a fight with him in the lobby of the MGM Grand following the Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson boxing fight. Pac was shot and killed later that night.

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Amanda Bynes’ Life After Psychiatric Hold Is “Sad And Isolated,” Sources Say

It’s been over a month since we reported that Amanda Bynes was released from the hospital following a lengthy psychiatric hold. Prior to checking herself in for help, the Hairspray actress was found wandering naked through downtown Los Angeles while coming out of a psychotic break. Her parents have expressed no plans to reinstate the embattled starlet’s conservatorship, though a new report from TMZ reveals that life since leaving the hospital hasn’t been so cheery for Bynes.

Sources close to the 37-year-old said she’s presently focusing on where she’s going next in life while prioritizing her medical needs. She apparently doesn’t have many people in her life at this time and isn’t putting the same energy into her passions as she was before her incident. Though she no longer acts, Bynes has poured plenty of time into other creative pursuits, such as fashion design and pursuing the art of being a nail technician.

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Amanda Bynes Keeping to Herself While in Recovery

Amanda Bynes signs autographs for fans before the premiere of “Hairspray” on July 18, 2007, at the Charles Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Jeff Snyder/FilmMagic)

Though she’s not quite her normal self again just yet, the California native has been diligent in attending her outpatient appointments. Additionally, she’s been spending time speaking with therapists and staying on top of her medications. It’s certainly sad to hear that Bynes has been mostly alone, but friends are happy to see she hasn’t reunited with her toxic ex, Paul Michael. The pair were planning a wedding, though he wasn’t adequately supporting his partner while she was struggling.

For the time being, the former child star is apparently in frequent contact with her parents and siblings. Despite her rocky relationship with them in the past, they’ve become a strong support system for their daughter as she gets back on her feet following another bout of turmoil. Which of Amanda Bynes’ past works is your favourite? Let us know in the comments, and tap back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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Nelly & Ashanti Are “Very Happy” Together, Sources Say

Nelly and Ashanti are one of rap and R&B’s most enduring pop culture couple obsessions, even ten years after they broke up. However, that seems to have changed over the past few months, as more and more rumors and hints point to the two being back together. Moreover, sources reportedly close to the two recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight and confirmed that they were back together. “Both of them are very happy,” one source said. Another added that the stars are “enjoying their time together.” It’s been clear for a while that the former couple was on consistently good terms, but this is a big update to that amicable relationship.

For those unaware, rumors of their rekindled romance first started floating around in February. Furthermore, the first piece of fan evidence came when eagle-eyed social media users spotted them apparently wearing the same chain in different posts. In fact, it’s very similar to the Cuban link that Nelly took to the Grammys this year, which Ashanti then posted a picture in. Of course, it’s not like the Country Grammar star has a monopoly on that style of jewelry, so it remained just speculation.

Ashanti & Nelly Cause A Chain Reaction Regarding Their Rumored Romance

However, a more suggestive piece of evidence was their intimate performance at a pool party, which saw them get up close and personal. With that steamy video in mind, fans couldn’t imagine it being anything other than a relationship. Still, Ashanti had previously denied that she was getting back together with Nelly in an interview with Andy Cohen following a 2021 concert. “I saw a lot of comments,” the “Body On Me” singer explained. “I mean, my reaction was, ‘wow!’ It was a lot of comments and people wanting that. What I will say is we’re in a better place. We’re cool now. We had some conversations, so it’s cool.”

Meanwhile, the alleged reconciled couple also popped out together during the fight between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis. What’s more is that people spotted them holding hands as they left the premises. No matter what’s going on between the two, it’s safe to say that they know exactly what they’re doing. Maybe it’s just a much closer friendship than social media expects, or they’re just letting people connect the dots for themselves. Regardless, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Ashanti and Nelly.