Latto Claims She Has No Interest In A Rap Battle With Ice Spice, And Her Reasoning Might Be A Bit Of Shade

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Uproxx cover star Latto has put everything on the floor when it comes to her foe Ice Spice. Anytime a subliminal was sent her way, the “Big Mama” rapper has stayed true to her motto, “Get in the booth, b*tch.”

However, when asked by Billboard if she would take on Ice Spice in a rap battle, Latto politely declined. This is quite ironic coming from the forthcoming season two judge on Netflix’s rap competition show, Rhythm + Flow. But in today’s (July 19) interview, Latto explained why.

“If I was to do [a battle], it would have to be with somebody I feel like I’mma go tit-for-tat with,” she said. “I really don’t mean it as shade. Would she even want to do that?”

Although Latto says she didn’t intend for the response to be shade, it can certainly be perceived that way. Latto doesn’t have any interest in a full on battle, but she isn’t above responding with a track.

At the top of the year, Ice Spice dropped “Think U The Sh*t (Fart)” a direct jab at Latto. Following the bathroom-centered bars, Latto responded with “Sunday Service.” In the official video, Latto reportedly even visited Ice Spice’s childhood neighborhood to film parts of the visual.

Ice Spice’s Full ‘Y2K!’ Tracklist Features Travis Scott, Gunna, And Of Course, ‘(Fart)’

Ice Spice Wireless Festival 2024
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We’re coming up on Ice Spice season, as her upcoming album Y2K! is only two New Music Fridays away with its July 26 release date. Ahead of then, Ice has given a better idea of what the project will look like by unveiling the tracklist.

The album’s collaborations are “Oh Shh…” with Travis Scott, “B*tch I’m Packin’” with Gunna, and “Did It First” with Central Cee. The latter has been at the forefront recently, as Ice and Cee dropped the track last week alongside a video. Beyond that, we’ve also heard “Think U The Sh*t (Fart),” “Gimmie A Light,” and “Phat Butt.” All in all, Ice is going with a tight tracklist here, keeping the album at ten songs.

During the lead-up to the album, Ice Spice has kept busy. She performed at the 2024 BET Awards, she was a highlight at Coachella, and she landed a movie role alongside Denzel Washington.

Check out the full Y2K! tracklist below.

Ice Spice’s Y2K! Tracklist

1. “Phat Butt”
2. “Oh Shh…” with Travis Scott
3. “Popa”
4. “Bitch I’m Packin’” with Gunna
5. “Plenty Sun”
6. “Did It First” with Central Cee
7. “BB Belt”
8. “Think U The Shit (Fart)”
9. “Gimmie A Light”
10. “TTYL”

Y2K! is out 7/26 via 10K Projects/Capitol Records. Find more information here.

Ice Spice’s Weight Loss Has Fans Divided

Overall, Ice Spice is quite the polarizing figure in hip-hop. This attitude among staunch fanatics of the genre began when she dropped “Munch (Feelin’ U)” in the summer of 2022. A lot of listeners were quick to dismiss her for her lack lyrical content and overall talent. Generally speaking, the consensus was that her physical attributes were carrying her, and a lot still feel that way. However, the New York native has proven the haters time and time again with hits galore past the aforementioned single. She is also seemingly at every music festival these days and pretty soon she will be releasing Y2K!, her debut studio album.

But if there is one thing that comes with the fame and popularity is that criticism will continue to follow just like it does when you are starting out. In the case of Ice Spice, it yet again has to deal with her appearance. Since coming into the game, the “Phat Butt” rapper has steadily lost weight and a lot of fans have been showing support. “Ice Spice look good thick and skinny, only a certain demographic gets mad when someone loses weight lol not everyone cares abt a fat a**”, one user wrote on X. “Idc what anyone says, Ice Spice’s weight loss looks good on her”, another added.

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If Ice Spice Is Happy With Her Weight That’s All That Matters

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However, there is still a large portion of outsiders that are turned off and nit picking it, sadly. “She looked better before…”, someone bluntly states in the comments section of a HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED post about Spice’s weight. “Stop lying we like the before”, another boldy claims. “We want thick spiceeeee 🍗”, someone else champions. Thankfully, there are some voices of reason on this post. “She is a performer she probably needed to be more fit to be a better performer and breathing control”. “I don’t recall her asking for y’all big backed opinions about her body”.

What are your thoughts on a fair number if people being so up in arms about Ice Spice’s weight loss? Why do you think we tend to give our unwarranted opinion on other people’s bodies? Are you still excited for her upcoming debut album, Y2K!? We would like to hear what you have to say, so leave your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Ice Spice. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the pop culture world.

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Cash Cobain Has The Sound Of The Summer

Cash Cobain 'Sound Of The Summer' article
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Everyone wants a piece of Cash Cobain’s sexy drill. The 25-year-old South Bronx rapper and producer’s sound and tag – “and this beat from Cash, not from YouTube” – are inescapable nowadays as the music industry looks to cash in on the wave fans can’t get enough. Fellow Bronx rapper A Boogie With Da Hoodie is one of many who have shared their praises for Cash. “He came up and he made a f*cking sound,” A Boogie said in an interview last month. “He made this sh*t happen, n****s don’t do that. N****s sleep on the craft.” Though that may be true in many cases, people are not sleeping on Cash Cobain. Having the song of the summer is one thing, but Cash Cobain took it a step further by claiming this year’s sound of the summer.

A Boogie’s comments came a month after he and Cash Cobain released their first collaboration, “Body,” a focus record from A Boogie’s latest album Better Off Alone. A week later, Cash produced and featured on Don Toliver’s “Attitude” which also featured a rare guest verse from the legendary Charlie Wilson. Both records were paired with matching visuals to properly spotlight the moments that those songs were meant to create for the respective albums they’re housed on, and it paid off. “Body” and “Attitude” are fan favorites on A Boogie and Don’s latest albums, with Cash being the common factor that’s too successful to ignore.

Music’s biggest stars have taken notice too. Cash’s sound made it to Drake’s 2023 album For All The Dogs as he co-produced the 21 Savage-featured “Calling For You.” J. Cole jumped on the wave this past spring for “Grippy,” a remix of Cash’s “Dunk Contest” that also doubled as Cole’s first recorded verse following his exit from the Kendrick Lamar and Drake rap beef (and probably an attempt to lighten the mood). Cash scored another big production credit with PinkPantheress’ “Nice To Meet You” with Central Cee. More recently, Ice Spice remixed Cash’s “Fisherrr” hit to add to Cash’s list of collaborations in 2024 that includes first-timers like Anycia, Diany Dior, and Bktherula as well as work with longtime collaborators like Vontee The Singer, Chow Lee, and B-Lovee.

The impressive thing about Cash Cobain’s sound is it’s just as effective, and sometimes more effective, with Cash in the driver’s seat. His 2024 year began with “Dunk Contest,” a sprawling account of Cash’s Rolodex of women, their best qualities, and his desires with them. “Fisherrr” with Bay Swag followed and quickly found itself in the song of the summer race. Production from Cash, FckBwoy! & WhoIsJiggiA guides the song as Cash and Bay lament over their luxurious and intimate experiences with their respective women. Cash scored a hat trick for himself last month with the long-awaited release of “Rump Punch,” a more laid-back effort from the Bronx native that’s just as raunchy as anything else you’ll hear from him.

For Cash Cobain’s next act, he’s bringing the entire music industry with him – or so it seems. At the beginning of this month, Cash teased a new record called “Problem.” The song samples Laila!’s viral track “Not My Problem,” and though it seemed like it would be a solo record, it quickly turned into what now appears to be a massive posse cut. As of press time, Lil Yachty, 6lack, Chow Lee, Karrahbooo, Anycia, Kyle Richh, FLEE, Fabolous, YN Jay, Flo Milli, Luh Tyler, and Kaliii have all teased their own guest verses on the song.

After the flurry of “Problem” verses died down, Cash’s manager Glyn Brown seemed to pump the brakes on the upcoming posse cut, writing, “Confused how some ya n****s getting ‘problem’ instrumental but lol ..get ya rocks off.” Though the list of artists on “Problem” may get cut down, the fact that so many recorded a verse to the song less than a week after Cash previewed the record speaks to the power of his sound and the acknowledged impact and love fans have for it. Like I said earlier, everyone wants a piece of sexy drill.

The allure of sexy drill has grown beyond Cash Cobain as artists have found success in the genre without the Bronx native listed as a rapper or producer on the song. Jordan Adetunji went viral with the Prodbyli & VillaBeatz-produced “Kehlani,” a Summer Walker-sampling track that praises a woman for being “bad just like Kehlani.” Kehlani herself eventually caught wind of the song and teased a guest verse for an upcoming remix. Don Toliver has a future hit on his hands with “Glock” which samples Whitney Houston’s “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” thanks to production from PoWR Trav & Tommy Parker. The former producer is also responsible for successful records like Wolfacejoeyy’s “Cake,” R2R Moe’s “Fair2Me,” and Bb Trickz’s “Bambi.”

If you need one sentence to describe Cash Cobain’s approach to both music and life, look no further than a post he shared on X earlier this month. “I hope everybody get drunk tonight and have a good ass time lol,” he wrote. It’s a simple recipe that’s worked wonders for Cash over the last few years, sitting on the opposite end of the spectrum from rap’s overused tough-guy persona. In Cash’s world, it’s best to be laid-back, relaxed, and enjoying the party. Furthermore, he goes out of his way to cater to women with his music, a rarity in rap today. These are the qualities that make Cash Cobain’s sexy drill a sound for all demographics to champion. With a new album on the way, as well as production on upcoming albums by Chow Lee and others, Cash Cobain won’t be fading into the background anytime soon. The party goes on with sexy drill blaring from speakers near and far for a sound that proven it’s here to stay.

Ice Spice Seemingly Responds To Central Cee’s Ex-Girlfriend Call Out Of The Rappers’ Rumored Romance

Ice Spice Central Cee Did It First video screenshot 2024

Apparently, Ice Spice and Central Cee’s plan to ride off into the lover’s sunset hasn’t been smooth sailing for everyone involved. The “Did It First” collaborators’ rumored romance is currently under fire. But it appears Ice Spice wants all the smoke.

Yesterday (July 12), Central Cee’s ex-girlfriend and media personality, Madeline Argy, slammed the pair’s coupling while alleging it is all a part of a “marketing scheme.” Argy posted a photo of herself surrounded by guns in her Instagram Stories, captioned: “Me rn.”

Madeline Argy Instagram Stories 07122024 Ice Spice shade

Today (July 13), Ice Spice took to her official X (formerly Twitter) to seeming issue a subtle response of her own. “Ain’t trippin da grip in my purse,” she captioned a photo of her and Central Cee.

Yesterday, in a series of video posted on TikTok, Madeline Argy outlined when she learned that her former boo, Central Cee and Ice Spice were supposedly an item.

According to Madeline Argy, after she learned Central Cee sent Ice Spice his personal vehicle as transport to the studio, she didn’t know where they stood. “I was with you guys knees deep in that comment section asking if we were still together,” she said. “I tried to have a conversation with him, but all he kept saying was, ‘Alright.’”

She then accused Central Cee after using their couple’s trip to further fuel his “marketing scheme” as a way to roll out his collaboration with Ice Spice.

Watch Madeline Argy videos below.

Ice Spice Drops New Video “Did It First” With Central Cee

unnamed 61

GRAMMY®-nominated rapper and pop culture sensation Ice Spice teams up with chart-topping UK rapper Central Cee on the explosive new single “Did It First.” Demonstrating what Pitchfork hailed as a “diabolical knack for hooks,” she declares, “If he cheating, I’m doing him worse / No uno, I hit the reverse/ I ain’t trippin’, the grip in my purse / I don’t care, cuz he did it first.” On his verse, Central Cee does his best to conceal his infidelities but admits, “If I went court for all the times I got caught / I’d have about 16 felons.”

ce and Central Cee began teasing the single earlier this week, stirring up speculation and amassing over 42 million views on TikTok plus 10,500+ creates with the official sound. “Did It First” is from Ice Spice’s debut album, Y2K! — due out July 26 via 10K Projects/Capitol Records. The project also includes recent hits “Think U The Shit (Fart),” “Gimmie A Light” and “Phat Butt,” which People praised as “braggadocious.” She recently performed “Think U The Shit (Fart)” at the BET Awards ‘24.

After the first leg of her European festival performances – including Wireless Festival in London today July 12 – Ice Spice will bring the Y2K! WORLD TOUR to North America, beginning with a July 30 show at The Anthem in Washington, DC. The headline run will also include two shows at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York City (August 6 & 7) and an evening at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles (August 19).

The post Ice Spice Drops New Video “Did It First” With Central Cee first appeared on The Source.

The post Ice Spice Drops New Video “Did It First” With Central Cee appeared first on The Source.

Ice Spice Gets Mad, Then Gets Even With ‘Did It First’ Featuring Central Cee

Half UK drill, half Jersey club, Ice Spice’s new song is 100 percent her own. The Bronx baddie brings her drill sound full-circle with “Did It First,” teaming up with UK sensation Central Cee (sorry, shippers) to assert her trendsetter status. Over a propulsive, percussive beat, the two rappers trade verses detailing their anti-romantic shenanigans, which are best summed up in the hook. “If he’s cheatin’, I’m doin’ him worse,” Ice asserts. “No UNO, I hit the reverse / I ain’t trippin’, the grip in my purse / I don’t care, ’cause he did it first.”

“Did It First” is the latest single from Ice Spice’s upcoming debut album, Y2K!, which she first began teasing late last year. After dropping the Latto diss track, “Think U The Sh*t (Fart),” she revealed the album’s title in January, she said the album was complete in March, then followed up with “Gimmie A Light” in May.

So far, the only part of the album’s rollout that hasn’t worked was the reveal of the cover art, which fans questioned due to the placement of the title on a trash can. Still, Ice Spice shrugged off the bad vibes, then dropped a new single, “Phat Butt,” which helped her keep the attention firmly where it belongs — on the music.

You can watch the “Did It First” video above.

Y2K! will be out on July 26 via 10K Projects and Capitol Records.

Ice Spice And Central Cee Skate On Addictive New Single “Did It First”

Ice Spice busts out the Ice Spice flow on every song. It’s what she does best, and what fans want to hear. The most interesting element of her album rollout, however, has been the different instrumentals that she’s hopped on. “Phat Butt” had a rattling trap beat, while “Gimme a Light” dabbled in dancehall. “Did It First” is another change of pace, and it might be her most effective yet. The instrumental, with its stuttering drums, is right in line with the “sexy trap” that producers like Cash Cobain have popularized. It’s the looping vocal sample, however, that gives “Did It First” a distinct Y2K vibe.

“Did It First” sounds like a pop-ified version of aughts hyperdub. It sounds pretentious to describe on these terms, sure, but there’s something undeniably retro about the song that plays to its benefit. Yes, Ice Spice is using the Ice Spice flow, and unsurprisingly, it sounds good. She’s trash talking her haters, and describing the ways in which she’s going to disrespect them. Spice then passes the mantle off to Central Cee, who manages to ride the beat in a complimentary yet distinct manner. Cee is blowing up stateside, so linking up with him was a cagey decision. That’s not to say the results are fun. These two have chemistry, as evidenced by Y2K-drenched music video. Hopefully the rest of the album follows suit.

Let us know what you think of this brand-new track, in the comments section down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will continue to keep you informed on all of your favorite artists and their upcoming projects.

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Ice Spice And Central Cee Get Flirty On “Did It First”

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m a baddie, he f*ck with my tats (Like)
Big boobs and it come with the jatt
Say he don’t want me, I know he a cap
If he’s cheatin’, then I’m cheatin’ back

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Ice Spice References Viral NSFW Lyric From GloRilla’s “TGIF” In Revealing Twitter Post

Ice Spice and GloRilla have been going hit for hit in 2024 since the beginning of the year. The latter has the slight edge on the former because the Memphis rapper put out her mixtape, Ehhthang Ehhthang. That also holds some extra major tracks such as “Wanna Be” “No Bih”, and more. Fans might also side with Big Glo in this comparison, as a lot of people seem to be quickly turning on the “Munch” artist. However, we feel they could be knotted up once the New York drill musician drops off her debut album, Y2K!

It will be on streaming platforms in a couple of more weeks, with July 26 being the big day. It is indeed an important release for Ice Spice, especially because of the added pressure from listeners and even her competition such as Latto. Thankfully, the “boys a liar” hitmaker still has a lot of support from the ladies surrounding her, with GloRilla being one that seemingly has no animosity toward her. Spice confirms that they are cool with one another after a very suggestive post on X (formerly Twitter).

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Ice Spice Was On Her GloRilla Energy With This Tweet

GloRilla has another banger on her hands currently with “TGIF” thanks to her memorable performance and a trunk-knocking beat. A lot of the lyrics have also been going quite viral, like this one, “Crop top with some bikers shorts, I’m showin’ off my moose knuckle (Woo) / I’m feelin’ good today (Yeah)“. If you need help understanding, “moose knuckle” is way of referring to a woman’s privates and the outline it creates when wearing tight clothing. Well, Ice Spice was also “feelin’ good today“, as she showed off the goods in a pink bodysuit before working out. We wonder how Central Cee feels about this?

What are your thoughts on Ice Spice alluding to the NSFW lyrics in GloRilla’s “TGIF” single on Twitter? Is this one of the wildest images a rapper has shared this year so far? Do you think these two should collaborate? Where do you rank the Memphis MC’s track in terms of major hits in 2024? We would like to hear what you have to say, so leave your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Ice Spice and GloRilla. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.

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Trolls Booed Ice Spice And Taylor Swift’s Collaboration At Rolling Loud, So The Rapper Graciously Clapped Back

Ice Spice Roskilde Festival 2024
Getty Image

You thought the crowd was feeling you? Well, Ice Spice surely hoped so. The “Gimme A Light” rapper’s Y2K! World Tour is off to a rough start.

During Open’er Festival, fans grew concerned about Ice Spice’s wellbeing after she seemed disassociated onstage. Today (July 7) the recording artist came face-to-face with a sea of trolls at Rolling Loud Europe. As Ice Spice performed “Karma (Remix),” her collaboration with Taylor Swift, the Austrian audience began to boo.

Initial, Ice Spice seemed confused by the reaction (especially considering Swift’s global reach). But, shortly after the audience flashed a few thumbs down motions toward her, Ice Spice responded by blowing a kiss.

Users online applauded Ice Spice’s action while clowning the overwhelmingly male perpetrators.

“Men used to go war, and now they show up to Ice Spice sets and hate on a woman 1,000,000 times out of their league,” wrote one user.

“Imagine going to an Ice Spice set, then booing Taylor Swift when their collab plays. What losers,” penned another.

“TayBlessings for Ice,” chimed another.

“Love her. Men are f*cking weird,” added another.

Taylor Swift and Ice Spice’s friendship has continued to blossom since their song. They were even spotted together at Super Bowl 2024. Based on Ice Spice’s defense of Swift, they will remain strong.