Dr. Dre’s Son On His EDM Career: “I’m Making Moves”

Recently, Dr. Dre’s son Tyler Young and his collaborator RMN sat down for a chat with TMZ, opening up about his journey to becoming an EDM artist. He revealed that although his roots are really planted in hip hop, largely due to his father’s influence, he’s decided to forge his own path outside of the genre. Young then describes being exposed to EDM by a friend as a teenager, saying that the rest was history.

He later went on to pursue EDM as a career option in his late 20s. “And now we’re here,” he explains. “Making moves out in Europe, pushing.” Luckily for Young, his father is in full-support of his career. “He started in EDM to be honest,” he says. “So, he’s skilled in his own right, for sure. But, I’ve kind of just been taking it in my own hands.”

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Tyler Young Speaks On His Music Career

Young says that Dr. Dre is excited about his new EDM venture, but makes it clear that he’s set on creating a path for himself. “All I can do is just push from here,” he also adds. “It may come, it may not. But those perspectives don’t really matter to me, I’m just about the music.” This weekend, Young will be performing his first-ever set in Scotland.

Though Dr. Dre’s son is mixing things up with a career in EDM, the 58-year-old has been calling back to the ’90s lately. Currently, he’s working alongside Snoop Dogg on a follow-up to his 1993 hit debut, Doggystyle. The upcoming LP, Missionary, is set for release sometime this year, though it’s yet to have an official release date. According to The D.O.C., “It sounds like what Snoop’s next record would’ve been like on Death Row, that’s what it sounds like.” What do you think of Dr. Dre’s son venturing into EDM? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Dr. Dre.

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Dallas Austin The Hitmaker: 7 Unforgettable Productions

Dallas Austin is responsible for many hits and classic songs over the decades. The highly successful producer and songwriter’s work also covers a plethora of genres. Since signing a production deal with Motown Records in 1989, he’s been a notable presence behind the scenes. As a rising producer, he struck gold after working on Cooleyhighharmony, the debut album of Boyz II Men.

Dallas Austin has produced and co-written hits for many famous acts. He has collaborated with TLC, Monica, Boyz II Men, Anastacia, and the Sugababes on numerous tracks. In addition to these, he’s the man behind songs like “Trick Me” by Kelis, “Secret” by Madonna, and “Just A Little While” by Janet Jackson.

“Unpretty” – TLC (1999)

TLC and Dallas Austin have worked together on many notable hits. One of these is the staple 1999 anthem, “Unpretty.” The Grammy-nominated track was the second single from the group’s third album, FanMail. “Unpretty” was produced entirely by Austin, and he co-wrote the song with group member, T-Boz. The song originated as a poem T-Boz wrote after she watched an episode of the tabloid talk show, Ricki Lake. Today, “Unpretty” is one of the group’s most iconic singles. The song embodies an important take on self-love and inner insecurities.

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“Motownphilly” – Boyz II Men (1991)

Dallas Austin and Boyz II Men worked on a number of hits together, starting with the iconic group’s debut single, “Motownphilly.” Austin produced the song entirely. However, he co-wrote it with group members Nathan Morris and Shawn Stockman, as well as with New Edition’s Michael Bivins. “Motownphilly” was Boyz II Men’s first musical foray into the world. The timeless song was met with critical acclaim, peaking at the third spot on the Billboard Hot 100.  

“Don’t Let Me Get Me” – Pink (2002)

In February 2002, Pink released “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” an emotional rock song. The track was co-written with Dallas Austin, and is one of four hits the pair have worked on together. Austin also produced the song in its entirety. “Don’t Let Me Get Me” was featured on Pink’s sophomore album, Missundaztood. The track, which featured lyrics centered around low self-esteem, polarized critics upon release. However, the song was a commercial success, peaking at the eighth spot on the Billboard Hot 100. 

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“Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)” – Monica (1995)

Dallas Austin is the sole producer behind many hits, including Monica’s 1995 debut single, “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days).” The song, which featured on her debut album, Miss Thang, became a huge success. “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)” peaked at the second spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Since her debut, Dallas Austin and Monica have collaborated on a number of hits together. These include: “Ain’t Nobody,” “Street Symphony,” and the chart-topping “The Boy Is Mine.”

“Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)” – Blu Cantrell (2001)

“Hit ‘Em Up Style,” also known as ”Oops!,” is one of the most popular songs of 2001. Blu Cantrell’s debut single became an instant radio hit, eventually peaking at the Billboard Hot 100’s penultimate spot. Like many other hits attributed to Dallas Austin, he not only produced the single, but wrote it as well. “Hit ‘Em Up Style” also found moderate success in Europe, as well as Canada and Australia. The song’s lyrics encouraged women to pay back cheating men by ridding them of their finances and properties. 

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“Creep” – TLC (1994)

“Creep” remains one of the biggest hits linked to Dallas Austin. Not only did he produce the song, but he wrote it in its entirety. Austin became a sought-after writer for many women in music, owing his skills to seeing things from their perspective. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned widespread acclaim for its lyrics. Furthermore, the music video for the song has become one of the most popular R&B videos of all time. 

In an interview with Claudia Jordan on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan, Austin recounted how the song came to be. “…when I was writing for a girl, I knew how to write things they wouldn’t necessarily say on their sleeve but how they felt.” he said. “She would say, ‘I cheated on you. I didn’t want to but I just needed some attention. You weren’t there for me so I had to creep… You would have crept out too.” 

“The Boy Is Mine” – Brandy and Monica (1998)

The iconic 1998 single, “The Boy Is Mine,” had all the markings of a sure fire hit. Brandy and Monica, both teen idols at the time of its release, were also rumored to be in a musical rivalry. This undoubtedly fueled the overwhelming success of the song. Darkchild and Brandy co-produced the timeless song alongside Austin. “The Boy Is Mine” was a chart-topper, spending 13 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100. It is one of the biggest hits produced by Dallas Austin, and one of the most successful singles in Billboard history. 


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Producer Claims Kanye West Is Working On A New Album

During a recent AMA on Reddit, producer Orlando “Fya Man” Wilder discussed Kanye West. He previously worked alongside Ye on his 2021 album Donda, writing and producing various tracks. According to Fya Man, Kanye now has some new music on the way. He shared his thoughts on the upcoming tracks, calling them “Old Ye but new with the times.” He even claims that Kanye worked on the new record at his birthday party a couple of months ago.

Ye’s birthday bash in June made headlines for the nude models who were used to display sushi. According to Fya Man, it was a blast. “Music was worked on heavily, and the party was amazing,” the Chicago producer described. He also says that he’s been working with Kanye again lately. Fya Man claims that Ye doesn’t plan bringing back material from Donda 2, which remains unfinished, in the near future.

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Producer Describes Kanye West’s New Music As “Old Ye But New With The Times”

Kanye West Is Working On A New Album, According To Producer
Kanye West is seen in Chelsea on January 05, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

Though the news may be exciting for Kanye’s fanbase, he’s managed to create quite the list of enemies with his controversial behavior. Recently, however, the Chicago-born artist had his Twitter account reinstated. He made his return with a gold check, indicative of a business account. He later wiped his entire account clean, prompting fans to speculate. Some think that the clearing could have been part of some kind of deal with Twitter in order for them to let him have his account back, while others suspect he may be gearing up for a new project. Ye had been booted from the platform last year for Tweeting antisemitic imagery.

As of late, Ye’s recently appeared as a producer on Travis Scott’s new album UTOPIA, which fans anticipated for some time. He was also just spotted with his “wife” Bianca Censori in Italy. According to reports, the artist scouted a fabric store in Prato, seemingly focused on his fashion ventures. It was also recently revealed that Ye’s 2024 presidential campaign had received zero donations as of mid-July. Further, the FBI might be digging into the campaign due to some alleged illegal activity.

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The Alchemist Lists Hit Top 5 Producers Of All Time

The history of rap music can’t be told without the producers. One of those who is among the most influential to that story is legendary beat-maker The Alchemist. The California legend has producer for Mobb Deep, Nas, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Earl Sweatshirt, Freddie Gibbs, and many many more. Now, he’s looked to fellow producers to give them their credit. In a recent interview with Genuis Alchemist talked about five of his favorite producers of all time.

First on the list is fellow veteran DJ Premier who has also worked with dozens of legendary artists in his decades long career. Next is Dr. Dre, The Chronic and N.W.A legend who made rap history with both his production and his rapping. He then of course shouted out his own personal mentor DJ Muggs who is most notably a member of Cypress Hill. He surprised fans by including Main Source member and frequent Nas collaborator Large Professor as the 4th producer on his list. Then he finished it off with Q-Tip. He claimed that the Tribe Called Quest member doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves as a producer.

The Alchemist’s Favorite Producer

After Genius posted the video, The Alchemist took to Twitter to mention someone he forgot. “I forgot to say Madlib. My #1 inspiration,” his tweet read. There’s no doubt that many rap fans both old and new would include Alc himself on their top 5 producers list. His discography goes back decades and spans various generations of rap music’s sound and culture. He also continues to drop new music consistently to this day.

Last month, The Alchemist dropped his new EP Flying High. The project sports features from Earl Sweatshirt, Larry June, Boldy James, Mike, billy woods, and more. Earlier this year The Alchemist dropped an entire new collaborative album with Larry June. His classic collaborative album No Idols with Domo Genesis also finally made its way to streaming. What do you think of The Alchemist’s top 5 producers list? Who else do you think should have been included? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Harry Fraud: The Hip Hop Producer Defining A Generation

Producer Harry Fraud hails from a time we all remember fondly: the mixtape era. If you downloaded a mixtape from websites like DatPiff, you’d likely discover a mixtape that was produced by the iconic producer. “La musica de Harry Fraud,” is often ranked high among producer tags.

Throughout his career, he’s worked with elite MCs and trusted songwriters, from A-list celebrities to prominent underground rappers. He’s racked up collaborative projects with artists like Curren$y, Larry June, Jay Worthy, Smoke DZA and more. Most recently, he teamed up with Valee and Action Bronson for their new collaboration, “Vibrant.” Fraud and Bronson’s collaborative history dates back a decade, working together on projects like 2013’s Saab Stories and more. However, he was first discovered by French Montana, producing his breakout single, “Shot Caller.” His versatility, from soul samples to trap, has allowed him to effortlessly work with a wide-range of collaborators without losing his signature sound.

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Harry Fraud’s Musical Origins Started With His Family

Producer Harry Fraud’s musical origins begin with his parents who performed together in a band. His father played guitar while his mother sang. However, his father was also involved in putting on concerts, which ultimately provided Harry Fraud with access to musical instruments. However, he gravitated towards turntables, later receiving DJ decks as a Christmas present later on.

The following year, he received a sampler for Christmas, albeit one that wasn’t necessarily of quality. Still, it laid the foundation for his future career in music. Eventually, Harry got an MPC and began taking his production series as he built on the fundamentals that he already learned. The famed producer used the resources he had and set out to carve his own lane.

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Harry Always Wanted to Set Himself Apart

These humble origins pushed producer Harry Fraud to stick with unique sounds that resonated with him. Although he came from New York City, the mecca of Hip-Hop, he had no interest in making distinctly regional beats. Instead, he opted to create sounds that felt distinct to his style and influences. He spoke with Life + Times about how French Montana supported him in this endeavor. “He just saw the greater potential in what I was doing,” he explained. French’s faith resulted in the release of “Shot Caller,” a defining moment for both the rapper and the producer that shifted their career trajectory.

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Harry Fraud’s Career Was Built On French Montana Collabs

Producer Harry Fraud’s work with French Montana is pivotal in his catalog, specifically their efforts together prior to “Show Caller.” From songs like “New York Minute,” which opened the gates for Fraud’s high-profile collaborations down the line, to the producer’s role in the Mac & Cheese mixtape series, French Montana and Harry Fraud’s rich collaborative history in the late aughts laid the foundation for their respective ascent in hip-hop in the following decade.

Fraud continued to find success as he expanded his network, closely collaborating with artists like Smoke DZA, Action Bronson, Flatbush ZOMBiES, Dave East, and many more. Artists like French Montana, Action Bronson, Mac Miller, and more were featured on his debut mixtape Adrift which was released through Harry’s label SRFSCHL in 2013. In addition to his close collaborators, he enlisted legends like Bun B, Prodigy, and Sir Michael Rocks.

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Harry Fraud Came from the DatPiff Era

Producer Harry Fraud is known for his work during the mixtape era, specifically as stoner rap began making a resurgence. One of his earliest cult hits was “Ozs and Lbs,” a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang labelmates Chevy Woods and Berner, that appeared on Adrift. Harry paired a guitar with trap drums and other sounds to create a relaxing yet speaker-knocking track.

He continued to work with Wiz and also found success with a very close affiliate of his — Curren$y. From working together on one-off tracks to full length projects, their respective sounds fused together to create beloved anthems among hip-hop fans. Most recently, they collaborated on Vices, released in June 2023. He’s similarly worked closely with Larry June over the years, although they only released one collaborative project together, Keep Going.

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Harry Fraud Paid His Dues

Harry Fraud continues to work as one of French Montana’s most trusted producers. Last year, the two teamed up, once again, for Montega. Fraud’s range and versatility have allowed him to bring out the best of his collaborators over the past decade, forming a bond that extends well into the 2020s with rappers like French Montana and Curren$y. Harry Fraud created a timeless sound that continues to captivate audiences. Those who remember his work from when they were teenagers are still delighted to hear him going strong years later.

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Clip Of Gunna Meeting “fukumean” Producer Dunk Rock Circulates

A clip of Gunna first meeting producer Dunk Rock is circulating the internet. In the clip, the producer is seen holding up a cardboard sign while he waits outside of Gunna’s recording studio. Gunna pulls up to Dunk Rock in his car, chatting with him briefly. Dunk Rock tells him that he produced the melody of his 2020 Wunna track, “COOLER THAN A B*TCH” featuring Roddy Ricch alongside Tre Pounds.

Dunk Rock has now gone on to produce the rapper’s a Gift & a Curse song “fukumean,” the top performing track of the record. Social media users were quick to share their thoughts on the clip. Some users called the clip “motivational,” while others noted that it’s unfortunate he had to go to those lengths to be recognized. Today (July 5), Gunna dropped a new accompanying music video for “fukumean.” In the video, he’s seen partying with several women on a yacht, smoking weed, and rolling in cash. Despite ongoing drama, he appears to be doing well based on the new music video.

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Dunk Rock Holds A Sign Outside Gunna’s Studio

The artist’s recently-released album has been successful so far, selling 83k in its first week. 11 of the album’s songs also landed in the Billboard Hot 100, leading to chatter about the album being a potential contender for Album Of The Year. Gunna recently took to social media to thank his fans for supporting the new LP.

a Gift & a Curse was also released amid allegations that Gunna “snitched” on Young Thug during the YSL RICO trial. The controversy has been discussed by several of Gunna’s peers, including Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Boosie Badazz, and more. Many of his previous collaborators have also labeled Gunna a “rat.” Fans looked forward to gaining some insight on the allegations when Young Thug recently dropped his new album, BUSINESS IS BUSINESS, from prison. The release of Young Thug’s album also started a debate on which artist has the better LP.

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Juice WRLD’s Producer Says He Has Hundreds Of Rock Songs In The Vault

Juice WRLD is one of those artists whose unreleased artists and leaks’ acclaimed status rivals that of his officially released material. What’s more is that what’s left in the Chicago artist’s vault only further shows his versatility, influences, and talents as an artist. Although we unfortunately won’t get to see him curate this material himself, he made a lot of great music on this Earth- even if fans gravitate to their preferred style of his. Moreover, a fan recently mentioned Juice as an artist making true-blue rap and not rock-infused material, and lamenting his loss because of it. Then, his producer Nick Mira responded by stating that he was heavily influenced by- and made plenty of- rock music.

“Music is so trash right now, I miss juice,” the tweet in question began. “Ik he would never follow this punk/rock theme that all these artist are trying to follow now. That era needs to be left alone we want real quality rap music!” While whether you agree with that statement is a different story. Still, naming Juice WRLD as an outsider to rock is a mistake, according to Nick Mira.

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Juice WRLD’s Producer Sets The Record Straight

“Juice was heavily influenced by punk, rock, alternative, emo music,” Mira quote-tweeted on Sunday (July 2) in response. “We breathed it naturally and expressed it in a rap form/pop form. Juice’s music is the epitome of multiple genres forming a unique sound. He has hundreds of rock songs in the vault of all different subgenres.” In addition, even within his rap-centric songs, he pulled in so many different influences across all genres. Whether it’s aesthetically, melodically, or sonically, it’s impossible to box in Juice WRLD’s output.

Meanwhile, there is still plenty of the “Doomsday” artist’s hip-hop music to enjoy that sees the light of day. Fore example, his teased and very anticipated collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Young Thug just officially released, titled “Money.” Of course, there will surely be much more amazing music to come from him. On that note, stay posted on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Juice WRLD.

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7 Influential Hip Hop Producers You Should Know

An instrumental can make or break a song, as rappers heavily rely on producers to craft their sound. Whether it is a sampled loop or an intricately arranged production with live instrumentation, the possibilities of production in hip hop are limitless. Rap music is so varied in this modern age, allowing producers from different backgrounds with various skill sets to showcase their creativity. Today, we have compiled a list of seven influential hip hop producers you should know. 

Mastermind producers like Dr. Dre, Pharrell, and Timbaland have been omitted from this list as they are household names and are only selectively producing in recent times. This list of hip hop producers includes established names actively producing in the 2020’s. Each producer on this list has a signature sound, has worked with a variety of artists, and has a deep discography of instrumentals. You should know these seven influential producers below, listed in no particular order.

The Alchemist

Not many producers are as consistent as The Alchemist. He often works with underground lyricists but has produced for Eminem, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and more. Last year, he notably produced Kendrick Lamar’s “We Cry Together.” The Alchemist’s earliest claim to fame was crafting beats for Mobb Deep and eventually collaborating with both members as solo artists. Frequent collaborators of his include Action Bronson, members of Odd Future, and Griselda. He is also a part of multiple duos, including Step Brothers with Evidence and Gangrene with Oh No. 

The Alchemist is known for his ability to cater to any artist’s sound, but his most acclaimed works feature minimally chopped and looped samples. He has utilized his skills to create an extensive discography of compilations, instrumental albums, soundtracks, EPs, and mostly collaborative albums. His most recent full-length collaborations include projects with Larry June, Roc Marciano, Boldly James, Armand Hammer, and Freddie Gibbs for the Grammy-nominated Alfredo. These albums do not even begin to encompass the high volume of quality work that The Alchemist has released in his career. His influence on hip hop spreads across the mainstream and underground scenes.


Madlib is one of the most influential hip hop producers, known for creating some of the underground’s most iconic albums. He’s teamed up with J Dilla for Champion Sound, an album with Strong Arm Steady, and the legendary Madvillainy with MF DOOM. Madlib is known for his ability to transform obscure samples into imaginative beats. His creativity knows no bounds; he has also released many jazz albums and beat tapes. 

Madlib’s most influential acclaimed works came out in the early 2000s, but he is still actively releasing music. He recently teamed up with Talib Kweli for Liberation 2 and also produced the long-awaited second Black Star album, 2022’s No Fear of Time. Madlib’s most notable contributions to contemporary hip hop include Piñata and Bandana with Freddie Gibbs, now considered classics. He has been highly respected for a while but continues influencing modern hip hop.


Hit-Boy has been producing for over a decade but is finally hitting his stride. His name suits him as he produced many big hits early in his career. Hit-Boy has appeared on landmark releases such as Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, Watch the Throne, Long.Live.A$AP, and Astroworld. The California beatmaker has also produced songs for Beyoncé and Rihanna. While earning many accolades as a newcomer, Hit-Boy built his sound with his label, producing for West Coast acts like Nipsey Hussle and Dom Kennedy. 

It was not until recently that Hit-Boy was given his props as a producer. He has been on a prolific run of collaborative albums with Benny the Butcher, Big Sean, and, most significantly, Nas. Hit-Boy and Nas found their groove with the King’s Disease trilogy and their Magic album. Nas even likened his pairing with Hit-Boy to “Michael and Quincy.” He may have a knack for collaborating, but Hit-Boy also produces his own rap albums as well, releasing multiple solo works this year. His sound is versatile, and he encourages other producers to up their game.

Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin is one of Trap’s most influential producers. He has been involved in some of the most monumental trap anthems and produced crossover pop hits. Metro Boomin has worked closely with Future, 21 Savage, and Migos. He also produced “Heartless” for The Weeknd and “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” for Kanye West. Metro Boomin is one of the most well-known creators of sinister trap beats and has seen recent success with his studio albums. Last year’s Heroes & Villains contained many hits, and most recently, Metro Boomin created the soundtrack for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.


Daringer is the architect of the Buffalo sound. As the primary producer of Griselda, he completely transformed the state of underground hip hop with his signature style. Daringer is known for his slow and simple drum breaks, haunting soul loops, bombastic guitar melodies, and reconfigured jazz samples. He generally works with his Griselda crew of Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, and Benny the Butcher but has recently branched out. Daringer has since worked with the likes of Action Bronson, Evidence, and Your Old Droog.


Kaytranada’s music reaches beyond hip hop, but his signature sound has proven influential in rap music. His music is a fusion between dance, house, R&B, and hip hop. Kaytranada’s distinctive bounce and upbeat tempos lean into pop and R&B, but Kaytranada can adapt to any style. His most recent full-length collaboration with Aminé attests to his ability to fuse genres. Kaytranada has produced both experimental and traditional hip hop styles, working with Mick Jenkins, GoldLink, Talib Kweli, Freddie Gibbs, and Chance the Rapper. Additionally, he handled half of Bishop Nehru’s conceptual Elevators album. Kaytranada’s unique approach to production may be more well-known in the dance and R&B spaces, but his influence on hip hop today should not go unnoticed.


Jae5 started his career primarily producing for J Hus, pioneering the afroswing sound with hit songs like “Did You See” and “Friendly.” Afrobeats has taken over the world, and one of its many subgenres, afroswing, currently dominates the UK charts, thanks to producers like Jae5. Hip hop and pop music have drastically changed due to afrobeats and the UK-influenced afroswing. Derived from afrobeats, dancehall, hip hop, R&B, and grime, afroswing became an influential genre for modern music, and Jae5 was responsible for some of its biggest and best songs. Many of the biggest rappers in the UK, like Skepta, Stormzy, and Dave have embraced their African roots over Jae5 production. He has also produced songs for some of the biggest names in African music, like Burna Boy and Rema.

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Nicki Minaj Gets Lawsuit For Allegedly Stealing “I Lied” Beat

Nicki Minaj’s unfortunate (and recently undeserved, in one case) legal troubles has now extended into the musical realm. Moreover, according to TMZ, a producer sued the rap star for allegedly stealing the beat for a track off of 2014’s The Pinkprint, “I Lied.” Not only that, but sources reportedly close to Nicki stated that she had no hand in the production, which means that Mike Will Made It must address the claims. Of course, he also got a mention on producer Julius Johnson’s lawsuit against the New York native. Both tracks are linked down below if you’re curious enough to determine their similarities for yourself.

Furthermore, Johnson’s story is that he made the beat “onmysleeve” and released it in September of 2011, three years before Nicki Minaj’s “I Lied” came out. In addition, TMZ‘s report using alleged legal documents states more details as to Johnson’s case. For example, he claimed he had the instrumental on a hard drive while attending the Art Institute of Atlanta. Apparently, someone stole the artist’s drive without his permission during a studio session two years later in 2013. It seems like this is the incident that convinced Johnson that this was a steal and not mere coincidence.

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Nicki Minaj & Julius Johnson’s Tracks

Regardless, one of Johnson’s most crucial claims is that associates of Nicki Minaj and Mike Will Made It were at the Institute around the time someone stole the hard drive. However, one question readers may have is why this issue came up almost ten years after Minaj released “I Lied.” Johnson stated that he only came around to listening to it in 2022, and drew the connection right then and there. Now, the producer wants the profits that the other parties made from the song and is reportedly seeking a court order to either force them to take it down or give him credit and royalties for his contributions. In TMZ‘s report, they mention that a representative for the 40-year-old MC had no comment.

Meanwhile, this lawsuit is still in very early stages, so it’s hard to say how it will pan out. In other news, fans hope that Young Thug and Minaj’s back-and-forth online will result in a new collaboration soon. Given her upcoming album, we’re sure to hear more of her music soon. Still, hopefully this dispute concerning her previous material sees a swift and amicable resolution if the allegations are true. For more news and the latest updates on Nicki Minaj, keep checking in with HNHH.

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Drake Paid “Money In The Grave” Producer $20K

Drake’s hit song “Money in the Grave” has not only been a chart-topper but also a costly endeavor. At least, it was when it came to how much he paid the producer of the song. Lil CC, the producer behind the beat, revealed during an interview with Shirley’s Temple that Drake paid her a whopping $20,000 for her work on the track. This generous investment from the rapper not only affirmed Lil CC’s talent but also launched her career to new heights.

Lil CC expressed her gratitude for Drake’s support. She says that the rapper’s belief in her and his support pushed her to work even harder. Additionally, she mentioned being particularly thrilled about the Rick Ross feature on the song. She says that she is a big fan of his music, as well. This collaboration with Drake and Rick Ross opened doors for her to work with with other notable artists, including Lil Wayne. You can check out the interview with Lil CC below.

“Money In The Grave” Was A Hit

“Money in the Grave” was initially released in 2019. It was part of a two-pack of songs that Drake dropped to celebrate the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship. “Money in the Grave” was the second track, following “Omertá.” The song carries a more aggressive tone and includes lyrics about Drake’s success. He references leaving competitors in the dust and even contemplates getting a tattoo that reads “realest n*gga” on his face.

In August 2019, Drake and Rick Ross released the official music video for the track. The visuals showcase Drake dancing in an oil field turned dig site. It includes cameo appearances by Rick Ross. There is also footage of Drake celebrating with the Toronto Raptors’ NBA Finals championship trophy during a live concert. Drake promoted the music video with a casual Instagram post, directing his followers to check it out. The video’s release further solidified the success and popularity of “Money in the Grave.” It appears it was not only a hit for the rapper but also a launching point for Lil CC’s career. Stay tuned to HNHH for the latest updates on all things hip-hop.

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