Belly Begins His Comeback Season With ‘IYKYK’ And ‘Money On The Table’ Featuring Benny The Butcher

The last few years were quiet ones for New York rapper Belly after he released his Roc Nation debut Immigrant (renamed from Midnight Zone) in 2018. However, while he wasn’t releasing music for the last two years, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t working on it. Today, he made his long-awaited return to the spotlight with two new singles, “Money on the Table” featuring Benny The Butcher and “IYKYK.” Both singles support the upcoming release of Belly’s third studio album See You Next Wednesday.

While the former track finds both Belly and Benny in their typical boastful modes, “IYKYK” is a more vulnerable and introspective song, on which Belly admits to feeling “neurotic” and addresses the pressures of life. The tone’s consistent with his recent social media messaging, with which he shares his struggles with his health, both mental and physical. A press release for the new singles promises that his upcoming album, named in honor of filmmaker John Landis, will contain similar content, while the singles themselves show Belly hasn’t lost a step and remains as lyrically sharp as ever.

That pen game served him well in 2020; he helped co-write his XO Records label boss The Weeknd’s hit single “Blinding Lights,” which spent 56 weeks on the Billboard Top 10 songs chart. Stay tuned for him to complete his comeback with See You Next Wednesday, due later this year on XO/Republic.

Listen to “Money On The Table” and “IYKYK” above.

Fan Pens Heartfelt Thread About Her One Of A Kind Encounter With DMX

Following the frightening news about DMX this past weekend, the beloved Hip-Hop icon reportedly remains on life support while undergoing several tests to determine the extent of his brain function. As the Hip-Hop community waits and hopes for a positive update regarding DMX’s condition, a fan has come forward with a story about DMX that illustrates how much his fans meant to the veteran rapper.

Twitter user Jen Fraser wrote a long Twitter thread that detailed an unbelievable encounter with DMX in first class that led to her and her stepdaughter Mia being invited to DMX’s hotel and being escorted to his show alongside his entourage. According to Complex, Fraser and Mia upgraded to first class last-minute on a flight to San Diego, which is where they ran into DMX and had a genuine encounter discussing everything from Instagram to the Hamilton soundtrack. Throughout the entire experience, DMX also reportedly treated Fraser and Mia to some unreleased cuts, including a song featuring John Legend that DMX had written about his grandmother.

As we continue to pray for DMX, it is definitely heartwarming to hear stories like this about the legendary rapper. Stay tuned for updates as more information is released, and check out Jen Fraser’s full DMX story below.


ScHoolboy Q Has Been Busy In The Studio

It’s feeling like a bit of a drought when it comes to ScHoolboy Q news, though such has become the norm for the entire TDE roster. Yet that hasn’t stopped fans from collectively eyeing the label, eagerly awaiting the slightest tidbit of new information. More often than not, such information arrives through the artists themselves, and today, the elusive Q took it upon himself to share a status update. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

After a fan took a moment to openly ponder just “where the fu*k has ScHoolboy Q been,” a question that has been on many a mind since the announcement-and-indefinite-delay of his CrasH Talk follow-up, Q himself decided to step up and clear the air. “Verdansk & studio,” he replied, alluding to a pair of his favorite past times — recording music and playing Call Of Duty. 

Interestingly enough, Q has been teased his upcoming body of work for a minute now, having initially implied that he’d be delivering it at some point in 2020. Yet save for Reason, who delivered his New Beginnings album (on which Q held it down as a featured artist) TDE was notably quiet. In October, Q did hint at a potential first-quarter release in 2021, though this latest update suggesting he’s still in the studio indicates that we’ll be waiting a little bit longer. While that may be disappointing to some, it’s refreshing to see Q moving at his own pace, especially in an era where records release at a breakneck pace — and occasionally to their detriment.

Here’s to a new project from ScHoolboy Q whenever he deems it ready. May the studio sessions be productive, and the kill-to-death ratio favorable. 

George Floyd Had Deadly Force Wrongfully Used Against Him


The eighth day of the murder trial of innocent Black man George Floyd is underway, and justice may be coming. An expert has spoken on the unnecessary use of force on the North Carolina native. George Floyd Had Deadly Force Wrongfully Used Against Him A Los Angeles Police Department use-of-force expert, Sergeant Jody Stiger, says […]

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NBA YoungBoy Smiles For The Camera In Prison


Louisiana rapper NBA YoungBoy is doing fine behind bars. A picture has emerged of the Top hip-hop star posted up in prison. NBA YoungBoy Smiles For The Camera An image of NBA YoungBoy and fellow jail inmates has gone viral on social media. He’s been behind bars for several weeks now after the FBI took […]

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Tyrese Gibson Defends Paul Pierce After ESPN Firing


Hall of Fame basketball player Paul Pierce has a supporter in singer and Hollywood star Tyrese Gibson. The Fast & Furious actor took to social media to vocalize his support in light of ESPN firing Pierce. Tyrese Gibson Defends Paul Pierce After Firing Gibson says that he’s not falling for any of it. Ty went […]

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R.A. The Rugged Man Snaps On Lil Nas X “MONTERO” Remix

With Lil Nas X’s Satanically-charged single “MONTERO” currently sitting aloft as the biggest song in the world right now, it was only a matter of time before the remixes began pouring in. Tackling the melodic pop-banger is none other than elite lyricist R.A. The Rugged Man, whose pen game stands as sharp as his scathing social commentary. 

Having a field-day with the mass hysteria that rose following the release of “MONTERO’s” visuals and blood-tinged shoes, The Rugged Man dives headlong into the concept as he lets fly rapid-fire bars. “It’s the Satanic panic, playing Dungeons and Dragons,” he spits, alluding to the controversy sparked by the tabletop role-playing game back in the nineteen seventies. “VHS porn form reproductive patterns / like it’s Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven” backward.” 

As the track continues, the depth of his message becomes clear. “What’s worse, Lil Nas X Satanic sneaker, or leaving kids at the church with the Catholic preacher?” he spits. “Pepe Le Pew animated cartoon cock loose, cancel Mr. Potato, he gave head to Dr. Seuss.” Clearly, The Rugged Man has more than a few thoughts on the current state of affairs, reveling in pointing out hypocrisy across all sides of the aisle. Check out his lyrically sharp and deftly delivered “Montero” remix now. 


What’s worse — Lil Nas X Satanic sneaker, or leaving kids at the church with the Catholic preacher?
Pepe Le Pew animated cartoon cock loose
Cancel Mr. Potato, he gave head to Dr. Seuss
That’s the slop I produce, triple fat, rock the goose
Shock Jock house party, guns out, shot the roof
Yes I heard the scream from the blasphemer loudly
Jay-Z rocking that Alastair Crowley

Shelley FKA DRAM Pushes Back Album In Honor Of His Mother’s Passing

Two weeks ago, Shelley (formerly known as DRAM) treated fans with the sultry new single “Cooking With Grease” and announced the release date for his long-awaited follow-up to Big Baby DRAM. Aptly titled Shelley FKA DRAM to signify the change to his stage name, Shelley’s sophomore was set to arrive next weekend on Friday, April 16. However, due to recently revealed personal reasons, Shelley has decided to push the project’s release back a little bit.

According to Shelley’s latest Instagram post, his mother sadly passed away last year, and she apparently played a major role in helping DRAM get the album ready for release. As a result, he has decided to delay the album’s release so that it drops on his late mother’s birthday.  

“As some of you may know my mom passed away last year,” Shelley reveals in the Instagram post below. “Before she passed I played her my upcoming album and I begged her to promise she wouldn’t play it for anyone else.”

“She held her promise and took the music with her beyond this life,” he continues. “Her birthday is April 29th, so I’m pushing my album Shelley FKA DRAM’s release date to April 29th as not only my gift back to her, but my promise to play it for the world.”

In probably one of the most heartfelt reasons that an artist has decided to push an album back, Shelley’s forthcoming sophomore album Shelley FKA DRAM will arrive two weeks later than previously expected on Thursday, April 29, but at least the LVRN artist will be paying his respects to his mother in an incredible way.

MuWop Unveils King Von Collaboration “Don’t Move”

The rap game continues to mourn the death of King Von who was fatally shot in November. The budding rapper was emerging as a new face from the drill scene, even though he grew up alongside artists like Chief Keef and Lil Durk. Von was a new frontrunner leading a new generation of artists from Chicago as their sound became synonymous with Brooklyn and London.

This week, fellow O’Block native MuWop unveiled their long-awaited collaboration, “Don’t Move.” The sounds of drill remain the foundation of the song, even with bits of dancehall weaved into it. The song opens up with a sample of YellowMan’s “Nobody Move Nobody Get Shot” before sliding into the hard-hitting production with menacing bars. “I had to shoot the video without you it hurt me a lot but I still turned up for us Love You and you know I got you,” Wop wrote on Twitter. 

Check the track from MuWop and King Von below.

Quotable Lyrics
We in VIP, thirty deep, bitch, get out my way 
I got this Glock on me, the police come, my shorty take the case
He moved OT, but he not safe 
We heard them sirens, so he gotta wait 
See, he fucked up, now he gotta pay