Charlamagne Tha God Declares Rapsody “The Best Rapper Out”

Rap icon Sister Souljah has spent much of her recent years out of the booth, but her literary efforts have been worthy of praise. Early on in her music career, Souljah collaborated with Public Enemy before adding her name to their permanent roster of members following Professor Griff’s exit. She only released one album, 360 Degrees of Power, but she’s hailed as a legend who deserves the same respect as any artist with an extensive catalog.

Sister Souljah recently visited The Breakfast Club where she spoke about her long-awaited sequel to Coldest Winter Ever titled Life After Death, and she mentioned her nieces having women in Rap that they can look up to, including artists like Young M.A. Charlamagne Tha God stressed that Souljah needed to tap into the stylings of Rapsody. The Eve artist may have been snubbed by the Grammys for her powerful, women-centered album, but Rapsody’s talents cannot be ignored, even if they are by The Recording Academy.

“I think you would really like Rapsody Sister Souljah,” said Charlamagne, adding that Rapsody has read Sister Souljah’s book. “She’s from North Carolina. I think you would really dig it. She’s a huge fan of the Coldest Winter Ever. True lyricist. I think she’s the best rapper out. Period.” Watch Sister Souljah’s interview with The Breakfast Club below and let us know if you agree with Charlamange’s take on Rapsody’s skills.

Soulja Boy Starts Another Feud Between Hip-Hop + WWE

Right around the corner from WrestleMania, rappers and pro wrestlers seem to be beefing every day. Add Soulja Boy to the list alongside Bow Wow, Bad Bunny and Cardi B (you can also throw Shaq in there), after some WWE stars unloaded on Big Soulja for calling wrestling “fake.” Soulja Boy’s Twitter Fingers Set It […]

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SZA Fan Accuses Singer Of Lying About Personal Details, Pulls Receipts

As one of the most beloved singers in the R&B and Hip Hop scene, SZA, for the most part, remains relatively unproblematic. She’s Top Dawg Entertainment’s “love & light” energy, but on Tuesday (March 2), one of SZA’s fans called her out for allegedly spreading a few untruths. Not only did the fan claim that SZA has regularly fibbed throughout her career, but the fan also created a Twitter thread where they detailed several inconsistencies.

SZA, Lies, Fan, Twitter
Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

First, the person brought up SZA recently asking the public for television recommendations because she’s never owned one. The fan posted a photo of SZA sitting in front of a TV. Then, there was the fact that SZA allegedly said she’s “not a cake or pie person” but was enjoying a birthday cake, and the person also mentioned that SZA claimed her freckles were natural but the fan alleges they were “fake” and “badly drawn.”

The fan mentioned SZA’s claims that her hair is real before addressing the rumors about Drake. “Rumors came out that Drake messed with Sza when she was minor,” the person wrote. “She had to come out and clear up some things so people wouldn’t think she was a minor but all this did was reveal she’s been lying about her age. She claimed to be born in 1991 but her EP has her birth year [1989].”

There were also some mentions about SZA’s diet, as the singer stated she can’t go vegan because she’s allergic to “most fruits and vegetables.” SZA also faces accusations that she lied about obtaining a degree in marine biology from an Ivy League school, but the fan wrote SZA “went to Delaware State and flunked out [crying face emoji] she didn’t graduate… Whole time… she was just a stripper studying marine biology in school [crying face emoji].” Check it all out below.

Yaya Bey Stands Tall On Her New Single “fxck it then”

Brooklyn singer and poet Yaya Bey first came to our attention with the release of 2020’s The Madison Tapes, an intimate and relatable body of work broken down into a side-a and side-b. It’s been on steady rotation since its release last June but thankfully, we won’t be waiting a full year to receive its follow-up.

Last week, Yaya Bey released her latest song, “fxck it then” which serves as the lead single off of her forthcoming project, The Things I Can’t Take With Me, due out on April 9th. It’s a jazzy effort, largely due to the infectious horns, and will probably fuel plenty of future Instagram captions to read, “Fuck being good, now I’m a bad bitch.” 

“I wrote fxck it then in 5 minutes. I was so angry. My heartache had finally gotten to that boiling point where it went from sadness to fuck it then. And that feeling sort of carried me out of the grief into a more empowered place,” she said in a statement to HNHH. 

Check her latest single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Nothing you could do to me
That won’t make me rich
I write beautifully
Watch how I flip the script

Westside Boogie’s Confidence Is At An All-Time High On His Freestyle Over CJ’s ‘Whoopty’

We’re still waiting for Westside Boogie’s next album, but at least he’s making it as enjoyable as possible. The rapper has spent much of 2021 blessing listeners with great freestyles. On Wednesday, he returned with another. He chose fellow rapper CJ’s viral track “Whoopty” as the foundation, flinging off lines like, “If you ain’t lеt me hit then you really shouldn’t carе If I get at your friend / The more I get curved, the thicker my skin.”

Westside shared the track on Twitter, hinting that it may be his last for the time being. “Aight this my last week being a hood rat fr,” he wrote in the video’s caption. The latest freestyle is the rapper’s fourth of 2021. He kept things cocky at the start of the year with “Joe Exotic Freestyle,” whose video found him and some friends also adding some more bars to Moneybagg Yo’s track “Said Sum“. He also did one over Tupac Shakur’s “Do For Love.”

Prior to his freestyle run, Westside joined Reason, Joey Badass, Denzel Curry, and Jack Harlow to remix “Extinct” and later connected with Badass again for their collaboration “Outside.”

CJ is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

Mariah Carey Sued By Brother For Defamation Over Tell-All Memoir: Report

A little walk down Memory Lane for her autobiography has caused Mariah Carey to face legal issues. In 2020, Carey released her The Meaning of Mariah Carey bestseller, and prior to it hitting bookshelves, the singer made the press rounds where she spoke extensively about her childhood. Carey spoke about being biracial and how her home environment shaped her identity, and she also dropped a few unbelievable stories regarding her alleged experiences with her estranged siblings. 

On Wednesday (March 3), TMZ reported that Mariah is facing a new lawsuit set by her estranged brother, Morgan Carey, over a passage about him in her book that details an alleged violent encounter between Morgan and their parents. “It took twelve cops to pull my brother and father apart,” the singer wrote in The Meaning of Mariah Carey.

“The big bodies of men, all entangled like a swirling hurricane, crashed loudly into the living room,” she added. “I was a little girl with very few memories of a big brother who protected me. More often, I felt I had to protect myself from him, and sometimes I would find myself protecting my mother from him too.” Another passage reads, “Suddenly there was a loud, sharp noise, like an actual gunshot. My brother had pushed my mother with such force that her body slammed into the wall, making a loud cracking sound.”

Mariah Carey, Alison Carey, Morgan Carey, The MEaning of Mariah Carey, Lawsuit, Defamation
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

Morgan reportedly claims that her depiction of him as a violent person has smeared his name. He stated any fights that he may have had with their father didn’t occur when the singer was a child and Morgan refutes her claim that twelve officers responded to a domestic violence call. He further states that Mariah also mentioned in her book that their mother said, “Morgan is the only one I love,” and added that there are plenty of witnesses who can attest to the “deep affection” that he and his mother have for each other.

It’s unclear how much he seeking in damages, but he’s filed a lawsuit for “defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” Mariah’s estranged sister Alison Carey is also suing the singer for $1.5 million over the autobiography, as well, after the singer stated that Alison attempted to sell her to a pimp when she was a child.


Soulja Boy Gets Active On “Whip It”

It’s been an eventful few days for Soulja Boy. No one really expected that the rapper would be engulfed in some sort of feud with the WWE but still, he found himself at the receiving end of a scathing diss from Randy Orton and others. Soulja Boy insists that he can defeat all of them in the ring and we’re all waiting to see that happen.

Thankfully, the latest in Soulja Boy’s internet antics actually arrived with some new music. The rapper uploaded a brand new banger to Soundcloud called, “Whip It.” It treads familiar ground for any Soulja Boy track, discussing money, drug trafficking, and of course, Dracos. It’s a short record running for 1:40 minutes. Check it out below and off in the comments with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics
Bitch, I’m ready to kick down your door
Boom, boom, n***a, get on the floor
Get the Pontiac lit, n***a I gotta go
Air that bitch out if a n***a want smoke

Renni Rucci Serves Up Another Banger With “Can’t Be”

The ladies that have emerged from the South in the past few years have had a strong grip on the rap game. City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion are running things but Renni Rucci is ready to be the next-up. The South Carolina rapper’s been climbing up the ranks with projects like QuickTape and 2019’s Big Renni.

It seems like a follow-up could be arriving in the months ahead now that she’s blessed us with her first official offering of 2021, “Can’t Be.” Breezy guitar loops and bouncy 808s bring out a laidback, auto-tuned hook out of Renni who reps for the independent ladies out there.

Check out the latest single from Renni Rucci below. How are you feeling about her new single, “Can’t Be?” Sound off in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
You be really trying to wife a b*tch
I be trying to slide down the pipin’ it
Independent, I don’t need no partnership

Solange Was “Fighting For Her Life” Facing Health Issues During “When I Get Home”

Artists uniquely celebrate the anniversaries of their albums, and Solange Knowles has partnered with the Criterion Channel and BlackPlanet to mark two-years since the release of When I Get Home. The 2019 visual album was unlike any other project from the singer’s catalog and recently, Solange reflected on the near-death health struggles she faced while creating the album. It’s been reported that the singer lives with an autoimmune disease, although it hasn’t been specified to the public, and Solange reflected on being “in and out of hospitals” at the time.

“When I first started creating When I Get Home, I was quite literally fighting for my life…in and out of hospitals (s/out park plaza on Binz! 🙂 with depleting health and broken spirits asking God to send me a sign I would not only survive but that if he let me make it out alive, I would step into the light, whatever that meant,” Solange wrote.

“He began speaking to me. Half the time I didn’t know where it was coming from,” she added. “I only knew I had to open the door and honor it. I didn’t see naann a thing I imagined. I didn’t know who I was speaking to on ‘I am a witness.’ When I listen back, I hear a woman who had only an inkling of what the journey entailed, but didn’t have a clue of why or what the journey would look like.”

“I make work to answer questions within me, for survival. Sometimes I am asking myself that same questions many ways. Sometimes it takes me years. I have to honor that time. This Houston ting moves slow y’all.” Check out Solange’s posts, and a few more from fans who shared about the impact of When I Get Home, below.

Kevin Durant Co-Signs Lil Durk’s Handles

If you didn’t know, Lil Durk is nice on the court. Some would regard it as a hidden skill but it’s not that much of a secret in the first place. He’s so nice with it that rumors floated around a few years ago that he signed a 10-day contract with the Chicago Bulls. As exciting as that would’ve been, that never came to be. Still, Durk’s continued to use his free time to shoot some hoops while his rap career has continued to blossom.

Every few months, the Internet discovers a new highlight reel of Durk on the court, showcasing that he’s equally as athletically as he is musically inclined. Most recently, a clip of Lil Durk in an intense game of basketball against Jack Harlow and Russ emerged, proving something that we assumed: Durk is a better ballplayer than most rappers. 

One person that Durk impressed after this clip emerged in Kevin Durant who had high praise for the Chicago rapper. Taking to Twitter, he quoted a tweet including a video of Durk’s game, writing, “Dog really out here lookin like golden state monta…. @lildurk been in that lab.” Durk acknowledged the shout out and retweeted KD’s post.

Back in 2018, Durk previously called out a bunch of rappers, including Tory Lanez, Quavo, and Chris Brown, to face him on the court. In an interview with HNHH, he said that he did hear back from all of them but he did say that he felt Quavo has the strongest game of any rappers who play basketball.

Check out KD’s tweet below.