Chris Brown Responds to Anti-Semitic Accusations: ‘Ima Piru’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown was spotted dancing to Ye’s latest single, “Vultures,” which carries a line that some label antisemitic.

On the song, Ye boasts about having sex with a “Jewish B***h,” which Brown turns up to next to the rapper.

With the reactions flying, Chris Brown had a reminder for the Internet: “I’ma a Piru”

“Let me make this perfectly clear before y’all try to use me as a pawn,” Brown wrote. “Ima a Piru, I aint Muslim or Jewish so don’t start no s**t wont be no s**t!!!”

He would double back and confirm he isn’t anti-semitic. “In no way shape or form am I antisemetic!!! Im pro life and I make music for the entire world!!!”

You can see all of Brown’s messages below.

The post Chris Brown Responds to Anti-Semitic Accusations: ‘Ima Piru’ first appeared on The Source.

The post Chris Brown Responds to Anti-Semitic Accusations: ‘Ima Piru’ appeared first on The Source.

Kanye West & Chris Brown Face Backlash For Dancing To ‘Anti-Semitic’ Song

Kanye West, Chris Brown

Kanye West and Chris Brown have sparked controversy as they face criticism for dancing to Ye’s new song, “Vultures,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The song’s lyrics have since been deemed “anti-Semitic,” and the intense backlash on Twitter (X) has intensified the scrutiny surrounding the two artists.


Kanye West and Chris Brown have found themselves in the eye of a storm after being criticized for dancing to a song that contains lyrics labeled as “anti-Semitic.” 

The star artists were seen in a video circulating on social media from November 23, partying in Dubai and enjoying Kanye’s new track “Vultures” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. However, it was Ye’s lyrics that ignited a firestorm, with lines such as:

“How I’m anti-Semitic? I just fu*ked a Jewish b*tch.” 

Kanye & Chris Brown Slammed

The clip showing the Chicago rapper, Chris Breezy, Ty Dolla $ign, and other artists dancing to “Vultures” has sparked outrage among many people. 

One user on Twitter (X), named @TerriShaltiel, referred to Kanye as a “vile, disgusting, racist Jew hater.” Another user, @MohusseinEleven, expressed their disdain for the lyrics, stating, “That anti-Semitic line may just be right there with the worst lines I’ve ever heard.”

Adding to the controversy, one user named @kaejaecamb highlighted Kanye’s lyrics as misogynistic, calling attention to the disrespect shown towards women. They criticized Kanye’s treatment of his wife, stating, “Look at how he makes his wife dress. It’s completely about showing off her body to serve his own ego.”


In response to the backlash,  Brown took to his Instagram story on November 26. He vehemently denied being anti-Semitic and asserted that his music is for the entire world. 

“Ima a Piru, I aint Muslim or Jewish so don’t start no shit won’t be no shit!!!”, Brown wrote, “IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM AM I ANTISEMETIC!!!”. “IM PRO LIFE AND I MAKE MUSIC FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!! So please do not get tricked into thinking I spread hate or am kool with it! This [is] for the millions of young kids that look up to [me] and [might] be confused,” Brown added. 

Neither Kanye nor his representatives have given a comment on the matter. 

Kanye’s ‘Anti-Semitic Past’

Kanye West has a past involving anti-semitic controversy. 

In October 2023, he was accused of “trolling” the Jewish community by filing a trademark for the term “YEWS,” which is a play upon the words “Ye “ and “Jews.” 

The Yeezy mogul has also lost brand deals due to anti-semitic comments. In October 2022, Gap was one of the companies that cut ties with him after an anti-semitic rant on Twitter (X), formerly known as Twitter. 

Along with Gap, Kanye also lost a brand deal with luxury designer French brand, Balenciaga. The ended relationship between the two sides was also due to his anti-semitic rant on social media. 

In addition, a former business partner of Kanye named Alex Klein accused him of anti-semitic abuse back in June. Klein also says that Kanye “praised” Adolf Hitler and called him derogatory names while working with him on his Donda 2 album. 

Slim Thug Faces Backlash

Another rapper who recently came under fire for controversial comments was Houston rapper Slim Thug.  On his Instagram story, he said that sexual assault victims should be given a time frame on when to break their silence, rather than wait years to accuse someone.

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Kanye West & Chris Brown Dancing To “Vultures” Upsets Critics: “Two Most Problematic Rappers”

No matter how much trouble he gets in for sharing his controversial thoughts, Kanye West continues to pen NSFW lyrics about not being anti-Semitic after sleeping with a woman of Jewish descent, despite what labels haters have cast upon him. Now that his first single of the year, “Vultures” with Ty Dolla Sign, Bump J, and Lil Durk, is officially on DSPs, the father of four has been busy overseas celebrating with his wife, Bianca Censori. The couple was seen partying in Dubai along with Chris Brown and other close friends this past week. Currently, one video of Breezy and Yeezy seems to be garnering some seriously negative reactions online.

As Page Six reports, Jewish businesswoman Tanya Zuckerbrot shared a video of the musical duo dancing to “Vultures” on Instagram, questioning why they found so much humour in Ye’s troubling lyrics. “What’s more sickening? The lyrics … Or the fact that both Kanye West and @chrisbrownofficial find it [hilarious]?” she wrote in a post on Saturday (November 25), which has since been flooded with comments from her community, the majority of whom are also condemning the multi-talent’s behaviour.

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Kanye West and Chris Brown Turn Up to His New Single

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tanya Zuckerbrot (@tanyazuckerbrot)

“Let the record industry chew on this. Let them never EVER work again,” one of the most-liked comments on the post declares. “He’s just mad at Jews because Kim’s lawyer is Jewish and he gotta pay $270,000 a month in child support,” another user speculated. “Hey, West, get back on your meds. Nobody cares bout you,” they further taunted the father of four.

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Critics Fuming Over “Anti-Semitic” Lyrics

Those are far from the only outraged replies to Kanye West and Chris Brown’s overseas antics. “Why is he so obsessed with Jewish people?” a viewer pondered. “I know how Taylor Swift must have felt.” Keep scrolling to read more reactions to “Vultures,” and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

Kanye West Comments
Kanye West Comments
Kanye West Comments


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Chris Brown’s “11:11” First Week Sales Predictions

Chris Brown has had a long and extremely successful career, that is no secret. His hits are plentiful and he is a true established veteran in the R&B genre. He is now 11 albums deep which is a feat not many artists can say they have. That project ironically is called 11:11. The original plan for the record was for it to drop on November 11 as well, really committing to the bit. However, it was not much of a surprise when Breezy decided to drop it a day early, which was a Friday.

In hindsight, it was probably the right move, especially with a lot of other major artists dropping on that day. He would be a day behind and some people might not have known that someone had dropped on Saturday. However, Brown’s new album might not have been good enough regardless. As of now, only one track is gaining some traction. That is one of the lead singles, “Sensational,” with Davido and Lojay. Currently, it sits at nearly 10 million streams on Spotify.

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Listen To 11:11 By Chris Brown

Even for some major artists like Brown, hip-hop and R&B tapes have not been performing well this year. That could be for a lot of reasons. But, hopefully, next year will see a bit of a resurgence. Chris is looking at a top 15 debut on the Billboard chart according to HipHopNMore and HitsDailyDouble. For sales, it looks like he will score around $40,000 with 8,000 of those being pure sales.

What are your initial thoughts on Chris Brown’s first-week sales projections? Do you think these numbers are shockingly low, or just right? Which songs from this tape are still in your rotation? We would like to know what you have to say about all of this. With that in mind, be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest breaking news around Chris Brown, as well as everything else going on around the music world.

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Chris Brown Roasts Funny Marco & GloRilla With Special Ed Joke: Watch

When GloRilla heard what Kai Cenat had to say about her “Cha Cha Cha” single earlier this fall, it didn’t take long for the Memphis native to hit the block button on the YouTuber. Though those two seem to have since made amends, we’re curious to see how Glo will react to comments made about her by Chris Brown during a recent interview. The father of three has been doing press for his newly released 11:11 album this week, even sitting down with comedian Funny Marco on his Open Thoughts show for some playful roasting.

At one point during their chat, Brown suggested that perhaps Marco previously attended special education classes with the “F.N.F.” hitmaker. As you may recall, Glo caused rumours of her schooling history to run rampant when she tweeted about being “cool with not having friends” because she “only had five people in [her] class anyway.” The black-haired beauty later addressed the situation in a video, making it known she was lying about the extra small size of her childhood classrooms. Still, that doesn’t mean the “Next To You” hitmaker is willing to let GloRilla forget her joke gone wrong all this time later.

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Chris Brown Pokes Fun at GloRilla’s Special Ed Allegations

“Yeah, ’cause I was smart and helping people around me. There was six of us in a classroom with a dog,” Marco told Brown during their chat in the clip above. “You in GloRilla’s class?” the latter asked without missing a beat. “Actually, me and her probably would’ve been in the same class,” the host responded, failing to take offence to the roast. The pair then exchanged middle and high school class photos, showing how much they’ve glo’d up in the time since.

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Breezy’s Full Interview with Funny Marco

Have you streamed Chris Brown’s new album, 11:11 yet? If yes, tell us your thoughts on the feature-heavy LP in the comments. Afterward, check out the Virginia native’s full conversation with Funny Marco on Open Thoughts above.


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Chris Brown Drops His 11th Album “11:11”

Chris Brown’s career can be defined in many ways, good and bad. We all know that by now. It is the classic question of, “Can you separate the music from the person?” However, there is one thing that is hard to dispute. Breezy has one of the best careers in the R&B genre of all time. That is a very high honor with all of the greats that are going now and the ones that have paved the way.

The Virginia native has just added to his legacy and discography with his 11th studio album, 11:11. This project had a pretty clever and on-the-nose rollout. Originally, Brown was going to drop the project on Saturday, November 11. It is quite rare for big-name artists to do such a thing, which is why it was no surprise he switched it to today.

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Listen To 11:11 By Chris Brown

In addition to that original plan, he was going to shorten the project to a concise 11 tracks. That would have been a massive far cry in comparison to how long his previous efforts have been. So, he made another last-minute call to drop the first 11 tracks at 11 p.m. and then another 11 at 11 a.m. But, the full album came out at the same time at midnight. Three singles were pushed out prior to the album. Those were “Sensational,” “Summer Too Hot,” and “Nightmares.”

What are your initial thoughts on Chris Brown’s brand-new album, 11:11? Where does this project rank within Brown’s discography? Which songs are you enjoying the most right now? We would like to hear what you have to say about all of this. With that in mind, be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comments section below. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest breaking news around Chris Brown, as well as all of the hottest album drops.

11:11 Tracklist:

  1. Angel Numbers / Ten Toes
  2. Sensational (feat. Davido & Lojay)
  3. Press Me
  4. That’s On You (feat. Future)
  5. Feel Something
  6. Best Ever (feat. Maeta)
  7. No One Else (feat. Fridayy)
  8. Shooter
  9. Nightmares (feat. Byron Messia)
  10. Very Special
  11. Messed Up
  12. Midnight Freak
  13. Moonlight
  14. Bouncing / G5
  15. Make Up Your Mind
  16. Stutter
  17. Need A Friend
  18. Summer Too Hot
  19. Feelings Don’t Lie
  20. Red Flags
  21. Closer

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What Is Chris Brown’s Best-Selling Album?

Chris Brown’s ascendancy in the music world seemed predestined. Yet, his sophomore album, Exclusive, cemented his status as an R&B prodigy. The 2007 release was a commercial juggernaut. It boasted a diverse palette of sounds that proved Brown wasn’t just a one-hit-wonder but a versatile artist with staying power. Exclusive further showcased Brown’s vocal and personal maturation, resonating with worldwide audiences. It catapulted the album to impressive sales figures that have yet to be surpassed by his later works. This comprehensive deep dive into Exclusive invites readers to retrace the steps of Brown’s storied journey to fame, illustrating how this pivotal album is a memorable part of the R&B fabric.

Major Hits & Reception

Exclusive was a commercial tour de force, an album that veritably danced through the charts. The infectious lead single “Kiss Kiss,” featuring T-Pain, which claimed the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, bolstered the project. The album itself debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200, a testament to Brown’s growing influence. Subsequent hits like “With You” and “Forever” proved to be fixtures on international charts. “With You” peaked at No. 2 on the Hot 100, and “Forever” crested at No. 2 in several countries, including New Zealand and Ireland.

Exclusive didn’t just revel in the moment—it spent an impressive 95 weeks on the Billboard 200. By March 2011, the RIAA certified it double platinum, signaling over two million units moved in the United States alone. Its reception was equally noteworthy, as critics applauded Brown’s evolution in sound. They also noted the album’s genre-blending compositions that took R&B into a new era.

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Development Of A Chris Brown Classic

When tracing the genesis of Exclusive, we unearth a 17-year-old Chris Brown in the throes of ambition. He was aiming to eclipse the success of his self-titled debut. Brown’s sophomore effort was a melting pot of creative exploration. He collaborated with several industry titans like, Sean Garrett, and Tank. Each veteran lent their distinctive touch to the project.

As for the reception, Exclusive split the critics’ verdict. Some praised Brown for his vocal maturation and the album’s eclectic nature. Others critiqued it for playing it safe, often swaying too close to mainstream R&B and pop prevailing winds. Yet, the public spoke with their wallets, propelling Exclusive into a mainstay within the R&B realm. The album’s ability to resonate with a diverse audience spectrum – from dance clubs to introspective solo listeners – was indeed a coup for Brown, suggesting that despite critical ambivalence, he had struck a chord where it truly counted: with the listeners.

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Impact & Legacy

Exclusive undeniably cemented Chris Brown’s foothold in the music industry as more than a fleeting teenage sensation. Its release heralded the arrival of a versatile artist capable of sculpting his youthful exuberance into a more polished, varied sound. With tracks like “Kiss Kiss” and “With You,” Brown showcased an ability to straddle high-energy dance numbers and tender ballads, proving his mettle as a multi-faceted entertainer.

Commercially, the album’s performance was a testament to his growing influence, achieving multi-platinum status and spawning multiple chart-topping singles. Critically, it opened up conversations about the future trajectory of R&B and Brown’s potential role in it. Over time, Exclusive has been regarded as a formative chapter in Brown’s discography, a project teeming with youthful energy and hints of the experimental drive that would characterize his future works. It is a crucial pivot point where potential began translating into significant cultural impact, influencing a generation of emerging artists who saw in Brown a blueprint for success in the digital age of music.

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Karrueche Tran & Omarion Didn’t Date Due To Chris Brown, B2K Alum Tells Jason Lee

Hollywood may seem like a larger-than-life place to outsiders, but if we’re keeping it real, the dating pool is relatively small. Virtually every celebrity can be connected through a mutual ex or past hookup within their friend groups, though fans rarely get to hear all the juicy tea about failed relationships and short-lived flings straight from the source. Thankfully, Jason Lee’s podcast is here with a new episode to answer some questions about Omarion’s love life – specifically his history with model Karrueche Tran.

As the blogger tells it, he was responsible for trying to set the B2K alum up with Tran. At the time, he brought a group of beautiful young women to the club with him for a night out with Omarion and Chris Brown, and Lee noticed one of his guests was vibing with the former singer. “I thought y’all were gonna be a thing,” he recalls predicting. “Yeah, that’s true,” Jason’s guest agreed before they noted that Rueche was photographed with Breezy not long after.

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Omarion Blames Chris Brown for Preventing Karrueche Tran Relationship

“And you never said anything!” the host called out Omarion. “If I were you I would’ve,” he trailed off before the 38-year-old explained himself. “Come on now! You got to be unbothered,” he yelled, making it clear he doesn’t let the little things in life get him down. Seeing as Karrueche and Brown’s union came to an end in 2015 after a few rocky years of on-again-off-again antics, we can’t help but wonder if Omarion could be her “one that got away.”

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R&B Star’s Full Interview with Jason Lee

Elsewhere in his conversation with Jason Lee, Omarion gets real about his co-parenting relationship with Apryl Jones, as well as the current status of B2K’s relationship. Listen to it all on Spotify above, and let us know which of the Hollywood Unlocked CEO’s most recent guests has been your favourite in the comments.


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Chris Brown Drops One More Track Ahead Of “11:11” With “Nightmares” Featuring Byron Messia

Chirs Brown is one of the most prolific R&B crooners of this generation, if not the most. He drops albums fairly regularly and when he does they are massive listens. For example, his most recent offering, Breezy, was 24 songs and lasted over an hour and 20 minutes. But, it did not stop there.

A deluxe version came out, adding nine more cuts, extending the runtime to almost two hours. Finally, Chris Brown added one more extended edition on November 18 near the holiday season called, BREEZY – It’s Giving Christmas. It brought the final total to 35 songs with a listening experience lasting one hour and 56 minutes. Because of this, fans were saddened by the fact that 11 tracks were originally making the cut.

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Listen To “Nightmares” From Chris Brown And Byron Messia

However, Brown decided to add another 11 songs. We already have some singles out for the project, with “Nightmares” being the most recent. This one features Byron Messia and it has a similar Afrobeat vibe like “Sensational” did. Furthermore, Sean Kingston has a production credit on it as well. Brown could possibly be taking this tape in a different direction based on what we have heard so far.

What are your initial thoughts on this brand-new single from Chris Brown and Byron Messia, “Nightmares?” Is this going to be the best song on 11:11? Are you excited about this new album, or will it be too long like the last few records? We would like to hear what you have to say about all of this. With that in mind, be sure to leave all of your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest breaking news around Chris Brown, as well as all of the hottest song drops.

Quotable Lyrics:

Me brother get tied up in the streets, said them can’t leave out
And if yuh cya bring the Glock ’round, so then them nah leave out (Yeah)
More time alone, soldier nah trust no one
If he ever see the pagan them, him turn evil (Yeah)
Him say, “Me depressed, so Henny my medicine”
It’s just me and my Remington

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